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Open file (103.79 KB 736x751 CBReb4rWwAAFSkE.jpg)
The Present World is (Not) Saved Anonymous 01/12/2022 (Wed) 15:06:41 No.2807
1: Those who are not under the covenant of grace are under the covenant of law. 2: The present world is evidently under the dominion of Pharisaic Jewish law. Conclusion: Despite what those that dwell within it might think, the vast majority of the world is Not saved, which is demonstrated in its yoke to the law.
>>2807 Explain how point 2 is so.
>2: The present world is evidently under the dominion of Pharisaic Jewish law. The world would ironically be a better place if this was true, but instead we live under the dominion of Satanic pagan occultists and Saturn worshipers who want to become 'gods' themselves.
>>2810 >implying they arnt the same
>>2814 If what you mean by 'Pharisaic Jewish law' is the law of modern Christ-hating Talmudists, then you are correct.
>>2814 Did you miss the Kabbalah thread, anon?
>>2810 The Elite don't really care that much about Saturn in their daily lives, they do know however that the coming age is ruled by him.
>>2941 Or so they think.
>>2810 this. Atleast the Pharisees hated gays even if they were hypocrites and shit stains.
>>2941 off topic but i do wonder what the motive for the 'Elites' as we call them is for following satan? i wonder what lies he told them, if he promised them something like eternal life or if he just told them it that obeying him was best for the world
>>2957 Satan probably just promises again what he promised Adam and Eve in the garden, i.e. if they rebel against God they can become ‘gods’ themselves, ruling over the world and reshaping it in their own image according to their will. Immortality and other things are of course naturally included. The classic gnostic twisting of the story of the Garden is almost surely a part too, that Satan was trying to liberate humanity from the tyranny of God. Power, wealth, immortality, godhood—these all drive the elite
>>2957 The elite don't "believe in Satan" iirc, but they believe YHWH and Satan to be collaborators or even one and the same. They worship other deities for personal fortune however.

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