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Open file (7.85 KB 346x146 2007-12-21-1.jpg)
What race was Jesus Christ? Anonymous 11/16/2020 (Mon) 03:42:25 No.275
More importantly, does it matter?
Middle-Eastern. Not unless you're an idiot.
>>276 >Middle-Eastern Arabs back then didn't exist and many of those territories still had caucasians (actual traders from the caucasus mountain range) but there were also ancient greeks, ancient romans, probably some persians or derivatives, definitely many phoenicians. >does it matter? Not really unless you want to give more meaning to his samaritan teachings, but then again i think they weren't that different from other people in the region other than their believes.
He was a dirty fucking JEW
>>278 Begone, nosey children of satan
Well, there's no doubt Biblically-speaking that He was descended from the line of King David. Just reading the Gospel of Luke makes that quite evident, and it's also in accord with many prophetic statements about Him in the Old Testament. But there's certainly something deeper and more mysterious than just the typical notion of race entails. For example, there are Christophanies in the OT mentioned that occurred before Abraham even existed, and certainly numerous ones before Kind David did. Cf. Genesis & Job for example. Further, as the transcendental and eternal Son of God, what race is that? When the Godhead held it's eternal council to arrange for the salvation of Man and the ultimate destruction of Satan all in the same plan, what 'race' was Jesus then OP?
>>280 >ones before King David did. *
The Bible makes it clear that he was an ordinary-looking, uninteresting man. The new renders you see today are most likely what he looked like: a typical man of middle-eastern descent But none of it matters anyways, he could be Inuit and he'd still be the Son of God.
>>282 >The new renders you see today are most likely what he looked like Good goy
Open file (189.32 KB 496x640 09196027542799.png)
Could be greek, could be jew. Probably jew.
Open file (50.17 KB 1533x824 christcucks jews.png)
>>279 >Satan I don't speak Hebrew, sorry
Integral Part of The Problem "Ever notice the similarity between the tenets of Christianity and those of Marxism? They both negate race and private property; they indulge in brainwash, treason, subversion and have resorted to torture and war to get where they want to go. Supposedly a movement for the poor, the hierarchy of both is filthy rich. The Pope and the International have a lot in common with regard to questionable national loyalties and I wonder how the Church would fare against a 'House Un-American Activities Commitee'-style investigation. The bulk of the Communist world is non-White as is the majority of those professing the Christian religion. The liberals and Marxists would have you mix with Negroes on earth while the Christians would have you mixed with them for the rest of eternity. (That would be my own idea of hell!)"
>>282 (((The new renders)))
Open file (12.79 KB 543x357 ClipboardImage.png)
>>307 Jew-Worshipers are the dumbest people on the planet >LOOK AT THIS DRAWING FROM THE 1860s!!! >THE TITLE SAYS IT'S REAL AND AUTHENTIC
>>308 Why does it matter so much to them which color of skin jesus had, he was literally some revolutionary upstart who rebelled against the jews from nazareth who happened to spawn another cult of personality desert religion which literature (correct me if im wrong) literally got POZzed and co-opted by Jews including defanged torah kikery in there lol. So If the tome tells us a true story and not a fable that's the only reason Jesus was based, at least to me.
>>309 Except Christianity is a religion of "equality", it's a slave religion designed to bring the strong down and raise up the trash of society.
Open file (1.22 MB 1613x1290 jesus paul christians.jpg)
>>309 >Why does it matter so much to them which color of skin jesus had They know that Whites would start to realize how alien Christianity truly is if they saw that their Messiah (Hebrew word lol) was actually some short brown dude. I can't blame them for attempting some mental gymnastics. Even they don't want to believe it deep down. >He was literally some revolutionary upstart who rebelled against the jews from nazareth In a way, yes. It was largely a Jewish slap-fight. Pontius Pilate, one of the only White men in the whole book, seemed quite amused at the proceedings. Know though that almost every example of Jesus being "based" is framed in the context of Jesus fulfilling Jewish prophecies, not because he was actually based: >>>/fascist/14341. Though, Jesus' teachings were pozzed from the get-go. He aligned the most with Jewish sects such as the Essenes in Qumran. They were rather ascetic, and believed Temple Judaism was corrupt and that their community was the true Temple. Jesus introduced little to nothing new, and it was (((Paul of Tarsus))), the zealous Jew trained under the Rabbi Gamaliel, who truly began to (((globalize))) this one Jewish sect.
>>311 >>310 Thanks anons
Open file (971.65 KB 2000x1000 armored-christ-image.png)
Open file (162.94 KB 350x465 optimus-christ.png)
>>311 >>309 >>310 Ur all wrong Jesus was a robot the whole time. And yes there is a christian cult ficused around transformers.
Open file (48.42 KB 850x400 justin martyr race.jpg)
>>312 Glad to help.
>>314 Megatron was right Gas the bots race war now.
>>316 >Would Megatron supersede Hitler if he was real? (Specifically G1 cartoon Megatron) >Despite being dead for almost a century Adolf Hitler and the movement he lead he still talked about and discussed as if he were alive. Some have nicknamed this the Hitler industrial complex. This phenomenon specifically took shape during the 80's. After many movies and documentaries Hitler went from just another dictator to histories biggest baddie. However would this same phenomenon would have occurred in a universe where during the 1980's humanity not only discovered alien life but outright got involved in a civil war between two factions of the same species. Think about it though he probably didn't amass the same kill count as Hitler since the Autobots kept getting in the way, Megatron did have a handful of success such as all the time his forces occupied major American cities, humiliated the militaries of Earth and let's not forget got Cybertron in Earths orbit. All this in addition to the fact that he did conqueror an entire planet could of diverged the medias attention from the historical crimes committed by the Nazis to the current crimes committed by the Decepticons. So perhaps instead of political ideologues and edgy teens branding people they don't like as literally Hitler, they'd brand them as literally Megatron. Also just imagine the debates on whether or not the Decepticons are left or right.
Jesus was a Semitic man, who probably looked like a mix of Jewish and Assyrian. it doesn't really matter, especially not if you believe in the egalitarian doctrines of Christianity, which explicitly reject the various tribal/national differences between us. also, every culture depicts Jesus as one of their own.
Open file (14.41 KB 221x228 Tax-free Jesus.jpg)
>>334 >every culture depicts Jesus as one of their own Jesus is depicted as a mildly pale caucasoid in every latin american society even in the "almost" pure blooded tribal towns who rule themselves, one exception is the socially resentful african descended people who cast The Man as a negro with straight hair. The natives could've very easily painted him as a young, powerful tribal leader who behaved as a peaceful sage/medicine man who knew how to avoid conflict rather than an antique-era desert miracle man yet they still highly respect the original story... at least the non-U.S.-based tribes.
>>378 >Doxcord spam
>>275 He is Aryan, Jesus was an Aryan of Jewish faith, put there to be tested by the Gods to see if he was worthy, if we were worthy would he fall to the corruption of the jew, or righteously break free from their grasp, and broke free he did. Hitler was the second coming and we rejected him once again.
jesus probably looked like a generic med, i'd say swarthy but med looking. the middle east was still not bedouin'd and hadn't racemixed with niggers yet. you can see quite a few people in syria/lebanon who have this phoenician complexion which is quite white looking
>More importantly, does it matter? Yes! If he were Vietnamese then I wouldn't care if he were the son of God or not!
>More importantly, does it matter? The son of god would not be Vietnamese
>>458 >"Out there to be tested by the Gods" >Gods lmao what? Jesus is the human incarnation of God. wtf are you going on about
>>577 Why did Jesus talk in third person and pray to Himself? He was was His son, not an avatar.
>>310 >Giving to the poor? Sounds pretty heckin cringe, not based and aestheticpilled at all. Let me go back to jaching it and making shitty MS paint comics to spam boards with.
>>579 He prayed to God the Father. He is God but not the Father. He is the image of the person of the Father (Heb. 1:3). Seriously, just googling the Trinity would answer alot of unitarian/muslim objections to it.

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