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John 3:16 KJV: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Regarding the Shutdown christianjanny Board owner 01/11/2024 (Thu) 22:03:19 ID: bee5a4 No.26309
If you are not already aware, anon.cafe is being shut down on March 15. >>>/meta/16466 Allow me to be as clear as possible: This is NOT the end of /christian/. We have endured shutdowns and deplatforming in the past, and although the board has changed hands many times and lost a lot of users (especially after 8chan went down for good), there are still quite a few users here, and I would hate to lose them again. I would like to keep the community here as long as possible, and from that point transition to the new board. However, I lack the time, experience, and patience to maintain my own imageboard, With that being said, I have made a request on zzzchan.xyz to have /christian/ created. Although it is most likely not necessary, you may add your two cents for why you would like /christian/ added to the site. You may view my post here: https://zzzchan.xyz/meta/thread/137.html#4570 If/When the board is created, I will post more instructions here for how I would like this transition to go. But for now, remain calm, do not panic, and continue posting as usual. We have plenty of time, and I am making sure this transition goes as smoothly as possible.
>>26309 As /christian/ , maybe you anons can also help out with trying to find homes for the other Cafe boards too? Please help. >>>/shelter/4994
Damn, said to see this place go. I really enjoyed this site, especially /Christian/. Thats depressing.
>>26309 What about 8chan.se/christian/ ? I think it's even claimable.
Hi, board owner. Please, can you see to it that our new home would allow posting text and files from behind Tor? INB4 muh vandalism, even YouTube chats are full of trolls. To compromise our opsec on such pretext would only alienate our good brothers, precisely the kind of user that keeps trolls and vandals away. If it would even be up for discussion, do you have an opinion on Endchan? Thank you for your ministry and God bless you.
>>26312 That's why I'm doing this early so we have everything in order beforehand. >>26314 ZZZ does allow torposting. Endchan I have only been to a handful of times and was not very impressed with the software.
Open file (22.61 KB 400x300 F-bLq3uagAASdor.jpeg)
Disappointing news, but /christian/ has weathered similar storms before. In the meantime, we should try to make sure that this board as it currently exists is archived on archive.is (this includes not only making sure the current threads are archived up to their most recent posts, but also archiving each individual image so that they're viewable in sizes larger than their thumbnails). I have already done this with some of the older threads in the current catalog, but it would be nice to have some other people doing this.
>>26319 I was going to do something similar but also wait as we got closer to the shutdown date so that new posts would be included as well. The idea in my head was to lock every thread a few days beforehand, archive them, and then transition to the new board.
>>26319 Some of the threads should be archived already but not the images. Also I'd say it's best to archive both on archive.is and archive.org as we don't know the service longevity of either.
>>26319 Aye, there are a few translations of the Majority Text New Testament by itself out there, like the Eastern/Greek Orthodox Bible: New Testament (EOB): https://www.amazon.com/EOB-Orthodox-Testament-Patriarchal-extensive/dp/148191765X But complete Bible translations that have both the Old and New Testaments together, with the NT based on the Majority Text, are few and far between. Until this MSB was announced, the WEB was the only Bible translation like this. So it's really exciting that for those who prefer the Majority Text, they not only have a highly literal translation in the vein of the NKJV and NASB to use (i.e. the WEB,) but they now also have an NIV/CSB equivalent based on the Majority Text now (i.e. the MSB.)
>>26322 >Some of the threads should be archived already but not the images I think at least all the threads that are few months old or more have at least one archived copy, though some of them probably need to be archived again to save some of the most recent posts. Archiving the images is a much more deliberate act than simply archiving the threads so it's seldom done. >Also I'd say it's best to archive both on archive.is and archive.org as we don't know the service longevity of either In principle I agree, though that takes twice as much time and effort. This is yet another reason why it's a good idea to have more than one person doing this.
Open file (2.97 MB 1280x720 Love Your Enemies.mp4)
I have put in a counter-claim. https://zzzchan.xyz/meta/thread/137.html#4581
Open file (15.66 KB 251x249 lil grafix kot.jpg)
>>26309 >>26312 Endchan's /christian/ board is still open btw. Endchan also allows TORposting (up to board mods to allow it) so it's something to consider. https://endchan.gg/christian/ >>26318 >ZZZ does allow torposting. Endchan I have only been to a handful of times and was not very impressed with the software. It's not perfect but it's still a good option. It's also good in case this request your request on zzzchan doesn't work out. The board is already up, so you just need to repost all the content from here to there. You can go on the /operate/ board on End and just ask for anything you need added extra to the board >>26325 >I have put in a counter-claim. That seems like a touchy subject. I'll just leave this as a new bunker option for the board and let you decide what's next /christian/
>>26335 Are u a troll? I couldn't have be nicer to this board when I posted this >>26333 I haven't posted here for a while and didn't want the board to go away after the site goes down this would be the 4th time I've seen a /christian/ board go ded with no bunker to end up in. That's the only reason I posted that. Jeez
>>26336 >I haven't posted here for a while and didn't want the board to go away after the site goes down NTA. I think if you read through the abusive, manipulative, and outright deceptive posts made on the general /shelter/ thread rn (>>>/shelter/4994), you'll understand the response. While most of the abuse is clearly originating from 8chan.moe's shills, it's easy to see any suggestion as being deceptive. I'd say just let the /christian/ BO make the migration choice and complete the move, then present your suggestions for various bunker options after that time. Hope that helps Anon.
>>26320 In addition to archiving, are you planning to migrate the threads/posts to the new board, BO? There are various means as possible ways to doing so.
Open file (914.50 KB 2280x1350 op6d.jpg)
>>26310 >>26314 >>26320 Gentlemen, God be with you. I am an Orthodox small business owner with a server available. I'm not the most cyber guy, but my Godson who helped me set up the server is better at it than I ever will be. I am a long time lurker since the 8chan days. However, I know that in this time of increasing persecution, its dangerous to talk about The Lord's work unencrypted and unobfuscated. Dear board owner, if you have an email address you would like to give me to see about the logistics of moving /christian/ to its own instance, I would love to turn His talent into ten. If you're uncomfortable putting it in clear text, please use the following public key to encrypt it with: -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- mQENBFmPPtcBCADjgSt4evZtyq8pecVfqgcQrq+IAjE422APkQ6De1z3QT3DXokn tF3znfu/PTZTeoeN+/yUMnEM6nJ/6z2cMX/KKbG/7/aiVBzSXZMtNj6C1MnoBxvl DAHmlN6i4ejHpmL5S7N3sZkctJe5ziZnoh/kF4eeghdo7CmbEHraM7EjzqAapAw+ L19F4qb+G3IxNi/6zTYFxvdzDnU9/UWfeF7XEw69ThKOFRmZSHrOp52YE9ukpgrw UVMP/1uH+zaNFphWdO44s0NtSMxTbJJeeevRRTjM2sLpWlk3SFofdt4Oxql9yBNg E6QwCBCBBZYgHjgy7A+4v+6WJctIyFX06V/NABEBAAG0PXRoZWFscGhhbWFuY2Vy QHByb3Rvbm1haWwuY29tIDx0aGVhbHBoYW1hbmNlckBwcm90b25tYWlsLmNvbT6J ATUEEAEIACkFAlmPPtgGCwkHCAMCCRBh2ZFVOWMJyAQVCAoCAxYCAQIZAQIbAwIe AQAAg50H/RNgCAWYES7+7uFtKU2v/lf0UOmviX7fdTXpbpC4zcNKvF1LwKhPmIG1 vCu5bIQ3W+ThSdXmUf3544aWUmYla8G6N6Hgf+1xrXVmChVM4iRV1RkAwFgs9Qqr UoTEoPw7+1T47yLKPMHz56FKhlfc2f5rXGDj4PKp4GQQmtcHPF+aKS+7CLd41pZi VQcpp4NZW46NDvPu9tHJh7YPftaI8mJH2wA+DuKH8A+JlDzI4C620VYrvF+FMzWT +4ikvgmi2+Mb25tRo0roueP2XOgTtCGBvBnVOX74V+gDCWrsL1b5uY9yoyReRJtB yI6kQynvNqv+ik5ZGMnNuNLZ6QqDLue5AQ0EWY8+1wEIANcrsLgx/KqkJ6hK/zJ1 gqZu36tDoAu4zR7UlV1e4sM7X8tJQxbASl/N7c4ibt4WcRJRrUyIWCGg/KJ2dNms +4PBPGEAqx+2g+/aSRWWSB06NUhbyWhhEHQXVaX8N8t1Q57LZkS8+P3DTMyXooAa sG60M5HbNDYFFhsgGVJwtQtZQz85E5f9sve/SAOhhbtyZUhdimY+cuymYcaxMQ2E NgEoK3ENNmGF/0BTohRvEgZQhf4rVe5dl02VgVSebpwF6qQ6iKQr3CvKWdQNxGu9 8bRYpnoRsFLD9/TtbHgv0KOrin2+sPIlHdR5oPpGs8oRLzPfre853D9FJqHLos8d K70AEQEAAYkBHwQYAQgAEwUCWY8+2AkQYdmRVTljCcgCGwwAANKyB/oCjHjsSemU rwv8tpkPVVyShO6RjMGOw/4myX/yHuaN05tYSRwtl4ytCLUvPkEu4fi+Uxu8hLXw HieULu0HmtrxBn+Fd9oCkU/bj9pTKVDfT8r4RsblmqMfV1RqJdAKhNozCpKdhgc6 QWeIQE0Hkrm/zeZNH62QzTWZKEezcw6uZsSUy5KBpAIbiUgUCZsYWqde/js1dKTZ OiE8asBnf85YC8k/O7xt3APgNY0H8aG7iTUdIm5k3U/xdYurFQu+2h+Tb9YXpONR 69u5I8hUQZ2tHfGoXr8XJdwE7PRtljmybFVoy61hsnytvT1UEQKgQzwsObPInuY0 0pR0ImkMo86a =o4Tu -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----
After talking with Sturgeon a bit over at zzz, it would seem that he does not have the migration pipeline implemented that Trashchan does, meaning we'd have to make the board from scratch if we migrated there. I'd rather not be a burden to him when Trash's admin has already migrated most boards here with no issue, so now I am leaning towards migrating to Trashchan. I have made a formal request on their /meta board, but If there are any objections to us moving there please let me know and I will consider them.
Open file (62.67 KB 529x478 gibe katze.png)
>>26338 Oh wow. I didn't know about that. I was just suggesting a possible place >>26333 the board can go to just in case. >Hope that helps Anon. Yes it does. Thank u anon
>>26346 Hey big guy, I'm >>26342. I emailed you about starting from scratch. The earlier you tell make your decision the more time I will have to accommodate.
>>26346 >meaning we'd have to make the board from scratch if we migrated there Whats wrong with that? At least we'd feel inspired to post more. I'd rather go to a more established site like zzz, I've never heard of the other one and it looks pretty dead, who knows how long it'll be around.
So Trashchan has effectively declined to migrate the board over as they're afraid we would bring too much drama to the site. While I don't like their decision I respect and understand it. I am talking with Sturgeon over at zzz again, as Trash's admin mentioned that he (Sturgeon) may be willing to migrate us over. >>26342 >>26349 I respectfully decline your offer to host us.
I fail to see how a Christian board would bring "drama" anywhere, but I don't expect we'll have much sympathy from those types. I hope zzzchan will accept us. At worst there's endchan. The important thing is that we have a neutral /Christian somewhere in this den of sin.
>>26357 >I fail to see how a Christian board would bring "drama" anywhere, This. When this board isn't dead or being subject to trolls it literally just brought Christmas cheer
Open file (273.89 KB 492x900 1699061297751016.png)
>>26356 That's dissappointing, but I guess unsurprising. BTW, have you considered making a request with Junkuchan, BO? My instinct is that he's technically-competent, and may be open to the idea of junkuchan.xyz/christian/ . Godspeed, christianjanny.
>>26359 > https://junkuchan.org/ * Oops. Wrong TLD.
Open file (230.19 KB 601x473 Bloomer Wojak.png)
>>26325 Is this Aramaic? My brain actually did a reflex because it felt like I was actually in Israel in 27-30 AD hearing Jesus speak wow
Open file (114.71 KB 680x521 Apu Question Mark.png)
>>26403 Hey does the Christian board already exist on zzzchan? When I search for a /christian/ board on there it redirects to here.
Whoops I didn't mean to reply to myself lol
Did we figure out where we are going yet??
>>26416 Sturgeon will be migrating us over to zzz before the shutdown, hopefully before the end of February.
>>26417 Excellent news, BO. If I can do anything to help please let me know. Cheers.
>>26417 did the board get migrated yet?
>>26458 Not yet, Sturgeon is still working on it.
Guess I'll see you lot over on zzz, I am getting too old for all this site changing , miss the good old days when it was just 2, 4, and 8chan and the government wasnt trying to shut everything down

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