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John 3:16 KJV: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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Christian Cartoon/Media Thread Anonymous 12/11/2023 (Mon) 01:22:01 ID: dab5ea No.26087
Doing research for a project and am traveling across the internet to discuss the Christian cartoons and or media people grew up on. Born in 2000, I was raised on Vegetales and hand me down 1980s-early 90s vhs tapes like Donut Man, Bible Man, Commander Kellie, Davie and Goliath, and Psalty. Watched whatever was on TBN Saturday morning inbetween Kids WB and 4Kids TV, but when I got older I watched TBN less and less as most nineties/early aughts Christian cartoons are just a couple episodes and then they rerun it ad nauseum while secular toons had seasonal progression or frequent new shows coming out. Many people in my church life my age are born again Christians or straight up never heard of anything outside of Vegetales and I was surprised when my former youth pastor who was an 80s kid had zero knowledge of Christian media before the years he started ministering Honestly, in some of my research, a lot of this stuff was just Christian record store distributed or broadcast on local channels. Some of them are sincere >Vegetales and Adventures in Odyssey But most are very subdued, bland, or straight up just vague educational programming just rerunninng on a Christian network
This thread doesn't have to only center around cartoons/children's programming either. That's just my only frame of reference. I actually avoid live action Christian stuff cuz it's either God's Not Dead 8 or a Hallmark original movie but they pray at the end. And without turning into a rant, I saw the Jeremy Camp biopic at a church young adults group event 3 years back and felt so much disgust with how it depicted the story in a hacky way. The most recent Christan film I saw isn't objectively faith based, it's just a historical drama exploring Jesuit faith with Martin Scorsese's Silence (2016). Besides that, I saw 1 clip from the Chosen with Christ talking to Nicodemus and I was impressed, but I've stumbled on some of the other Angel Studio media and wasn't really impressed. Live action Christian media in the US has this cynical marketing stink to it, like ya gotta advertise to a specific demographic that it can't have any uniqueness whatsover
I'm pretty sure that the old episodes of VeggieTales that my family had on DVD were the only explicitly Christian media that I grew up with (not counting maybe one episode of 3-2-1 Penguins! or the LarryBoy cartoon episodes). My family wasn't even that religious, so I'm pretty sure it was mostly just seen by our parents as a more wholesome show to entertain us children than whatever was on television. It at the very least gave me a passing familiarity with a handful of Old Testament events.
Open file (93.06 KB 500x357 what you have done.png)
Veggietales (the old ones) will always be the best Christian media, since it found a way to blend Christian ideas with humor for all ages, good storytelling, and amusing characters. The new ones just look scary, maybe it has to do with a bigger budget and dipping more into uncanny valley, but any of them through the mid-2000s will always be good. >>26088 The biggest problem with Christian movies/cinema is that the only people that are going to go see them are Bible beaters and people who already believe in Christ. No non-Christian is going to go see a movie where they're preached at for 90 minutes. There are many ways to spread the Gospel, but I don't see theater as one of them. Not to mention that from a filmmaking POV they're not very well made either, incredibly cliche and predictable with bad acting and arguments that never paint the full picture. Thinking specifically of God's Not Dead, the whole movie shows the professor as this comic book-tier villain who abuses his position as a professor to attack other student's personal beliefs which is against the academic code of pretty much every university in the country and something not even the most militant atheist professors would do. The only reason he converts in the end is because he gets hit by a car, making it seem more like he confessed out of fear than he did genuine belief. I like Kevin Sorbo but the movies are so pretentious, one-sided, and echo chamber-y that they're unwatchable.
Open file (1020.38 KB 1200x627 vegetales1.png)
Open file (456.25 KB 1920x1080 vegetales2.jpg)
>>26091 >The new ones just look scary, maybe it has to do with a bigger budget and dipping more into uncanny valley, Dunno if you're talking about the mid 2010s Netflix series, or the new stuff that just ended. Personally I feel like Vegetales' run post 2011 has been a pendulum swing, as making a project without big investors means going on a roller coaster. So they had to make "in the house" a show about vague educational values and not the gospel. Wikipedia says the creators haven't been in control since 2004 and stopped being involved altogether in 2021. So there's a reason for the oddness
>>26113 I remember watching the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything movie and being surprised there wasn't a single mention of God or really any moral lesson, just a generic kids action movie. Felt really weird to me that Christianiy wasn't in it at all.
>>26117 Supposedly they thought that the explicit Christian content of the Jonah movie limited the film's market. Ironically, Jonah was the more successful film of the two by a considerable margin.
Open file (55.46 KB 640x480 sddefault.jpg)
OP again, I saw this video on /v/ a few months ago and just remembered it. Not really a fan of it, since it feels more like anger towards specific denominations and America in general. But there are some points I do agree with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COiNrIM9KVE thoughts?
Open file (818.28 KB 932x535 scrooge_2022.png)
About good christian medias today I suggest Scrooge 2022 It's not the Muppets or the 80s version but really had a real and faithful understanding of the story Here you can tell Scrooge would have all the reasons to hate Christmas as a day, being the day of great losses and personal tragedies But with love and faith from the 3 Spirits and his surviving family he manages to realize life is a blessing and grace and shouldn't be wasted

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