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2D masturbation in Orthodoxy Anonymous 01/07/2022 (Fri) 04:22:27 No.2596
Hey there, I'm an /a/non, remembered you from the /christmas/ crossover and I need help. This is my first time here. I've been seriously looking into converting to Orthodox Christianity. I've been learning the saints, practices, and have even begun crossing myself at times and praying the Jesus Prayer. Was going to ask a priest about joining the Church this weekend. But then it hit me. I remember from my youth that masturbation is considered a sin, isn't it? It didn't cross my mind before because it's a part of my life and a big part of otaku culture, looking at 2D lewds. I've been searching the internet about this topic and I'd like to ask a priest about it, but I'm not sure he'd understand. The only place I know of that might is you guys. I don't look at traditional porn, so I'm not objectifying any person, and I never felt any bit of guilt about what I'm doing. Otaku culture cultivates sharing openly your fetishes, and it's a bonding thing among us. "I like girls with ponytails, I like short hair, childhood friends, vanilla love stories, etc." It's always seemed real pure to me, especially the touching love stories in doujin. It makes me feel like maybe I might have such a marital relationship in the future, as unlikely as it may be. I am against non-marital sex, personally, even without religion. I just don't understand what I'm doing wrong, or if I am. It can be a big nonstarter for me and a lot of people. I don't even think I'll ever be married either. If I am, it'll be providence and I don't mind giving up on masturbation as long as I can explore sexual activities with her. Is Orthodoxy against anything but missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation? I can't find a definitive answer. Sometimes I can get into harder stuff, but I feel guilty for those and naturally scale it back at those times. But mostly it's a cultural thing and is a warm-hearted and liberating feeling for bonding with myself. I've been praying about it, and thought to come here. Please help me, I'm confused about the Orthodox position on these things. And another thing. What is the Orthodox position on fantasies, not sexual fantasies, but fantasies about being in that wonderful 2D world where people are so nice, or being in a SF story or witnessing giant monsters fight? Isn't that just the same kind of inward passion as masturbating to a cute girl's love story?
>>2596 Welcome home, weeaboo. Talk to the priest. The embarassment and shame here serves the same role as confession: don't do it. When you keep track of your every sin and have to tell a man you respect, the shame of disappointing him is an echo of the shame we should feel before God. Of course, it is painful, and it should be. Being ashamed of your sins, hating them, is on the road to absolution. If you will forgive my presumption...it is not that you think that the priest will not understand, but that you think he will give you the answer that you don't want to hear. It's a very modern interpretation that pornography is bad because it objectifies women. The creation of pornography is evil because it incites lust and was created with that intent. The consumption of pornography is evil because it incites lust and was consumed with that intent. Note that you needn't be looking at pornography to sin; if you look at office ladies or animals with that same intent and result, you are in sin. To my knowledge, Orthodoxy does not follow the meme of consensual sex in the missionary position for the purpose of procreation, you sick fuck. Hopefully an orthanon can answer that. My take, however, is that yes: sex is the conjunction of two metaphysical entities, not just two physical ones. This is why it is only licit in marriage, where the two are already one and remain so after the conjugal act. The purpose of sex is the creation of offspring, with motherhood and fatherhood being two of the highest spiritual duties in the cosmos, and children being the true union of the two - products of the metaphysical family, not just the two individuals. Without children, it is merely seeking dopamine highs for no other reason than hedonism. You could as well smoke cigarettes or eat sugar. That is not the appropriate use for such a mystical, transcendent, beautiful act. Fantasies of a wholesome sort are good. Again, the intent of the consumption matters. Watching Guts kill demons is good for you if it inspires you to heroism. If it inspires you to bloodily dismember people you don't like, then it is bad. If Sket Dance makes you look more fondly on people, then it's good. If it makes you angry at high-schoolers, then it's still good because high-schoolers are awful bad. Passion is not a bad thing in itself. Christ had passion. John the Baptist had passion. El Cid and Don John of Austria were passionate. So were the Pharisees, Lenin, John Madden, and Richard Stallman. Passion is merely intensity. Passion for good things is good. Passion for bad things is bad. Passion for sportball and software are stupid fine, I guess. If you have a firm and clear moral compass, then you will be able to separate the good from the bad. It is when you take your conception of goodness from your consumed media that it becomes unwholesome and best avoided. Go to the priest, my friend. He should be able to give you more personal and educated insight than myself, so long as he isn't a degenerate.

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