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Open file (74.60 KB 750x1000 wojak smoking.jpg)
Anonymous 01/06/2022 (Thu) 17:54:08 No.2560
This WILL seem(and is,maybe)weird but its the kind of stuff I cant post in any discord or forum and only on an anonymous I.B. Im a man but lately i kinda want to be a femboy or pretty boy because i feel it's a form of ultimate beauty, a kind of almost supernatural beauty that trascends men and women. and i'll be super popular with girls. But I also think instead of being a thinspo femboy i should try to become a more hyper masculine,growing more muscles, a full beard, trying to increase T trough natural foods,etc. what am I to do? seriously sirs,please help a man out
There is such a thing as masculine beauty without becoming a sexless, Godless androgyne, anon. It's also healthier for you.
>>2561 but, how? 85% of male models,singers,teen idols etc,are pretty boys,beardless, fem,etc. and full beard,warrior skull etc,are intimidating but not attractive for girls. Dunno what to do. I even have muscle but girls like thinspos.
>>2563 >85% of male models,singers,teen idols etc,are pretty boys,beardless, fem,etc. Do you realize that these figures are artificially propped up by anti-Christian Jews and Freemasons to control the population and make the ideal males more like females? (Docile, weak, fragile, feminine). They want to abolish gender and turn humanity into a sexless golem. A consumer product.
>>2560 Stop watching whatever weird porn you've been looking up and stop watching the gay bullshit Netflix, Hulu, etc. puts out. Turn off the toxic music that the entertainment industry churns out each day. All of this stuff is designed to corrupt and ruin you. This anon >>2577 is 100% right about who produces this content. Stop feeding your mind poison.
>>2560 >>2563 I'm not very good at giving advice. But you should definitely stop chasing girls and changing yourself just to please them.
>>2936 This. Change yourself for the Lord. You might not even want the attention that follows.
>>2935 this
>>2560 do you still watch porn OP? how much time do you spend on your PC everyday? what kind of food do you consume? best advice is to detox from propaganda, that and to stop focusing on girls so much, the drive for poonani is natural but you shouldnt let it consume you
Whatever dude. You will start balding soon like all of us anyways. But the chicks you attract as a femboy will probably be kpoop stans, catfishing autistic men or some other cancer.
>>2560 Post your faminine benis, we'll see if you're a cute femboy
I pray ceaslessly for God to take the femboys away and give us more tomboys.
>>3298 impeccably based brother
>>3299 >namefagging >even ironically

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