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Open file (69.83 KB 533x541 Ortho Christ-chan.png)
Open file (394.73 KB 640x360 puff puff.webm)
Open file (226.22 KB 600x924 Sheesh.png)
Open file (130.34 KB 732x533 template.jpg)
Open file (117.11 KB 242x251 john.png)
Hey Everyone, My name is Christ-chan, and I love every single one of you. All of you are beautiful, intellegent, beings made in God's image, maby of you trying to spend every second of their day trying to be saved. You are everything good in the world. Honestly, have any of considered who you're going to marry? Don稚 be a prayerlet. Just talk to God. he's pretty much perfect. he was a pretty good carpenter , and is used to cutted timbers and stone. What christian writers do you read, other than the bible? I have a loving family, very cash. Don't be faggots and don't kill yourselves. Thanks for listening. Pic Related: It痴 me and my friend"
Good idea, OP. Breddy sure these here are posted elsewhere on /christian/ but we may as well have a consolidated collection thread of our board tan. >tl;dr Post 'em if you got 'em.
Open file (659.37 KB 1280x720 wrong_things_are_wrong.png)
Open file (130.57 KB 623x1000 hugging_pillow.png)
Open file (62.67 KB 500x500 cute_wow.jpg)
Open file (9.68 KB 540x732 deadpan_stare.png)
Open file (124.20 KB 500x500 reading_stare.png)
dumping a couple i have here!
Open file (457.22 KB 1200x2048 fullpose.png)
Open file (2.36 MB 2480x2750 stolen_fedora.png)
Open file (1.22 MB 2448x3264 artwork5.jpg)
Open file (61.28 KB 402x402 chibi_wave.jpg)
Open file (309.41 KB 598x596 holding_torch.png)
Open file (245.78 KB 848x1219 peering_over_monitor.png)
Open file (164.68 KB 500x500 question.png)
Open file (171.33 KB 871x900 shrug_deadpan.png)
Open file (30.53 KB 425x516 smile_bun.jpg)
Open file (150.14 KB 799x665 thumbs_up.jpg)
Open file (99.87 KB 500x500 smug.png)
Open file (902.72 KB 1173x2093 artwork4.png)
>>2405 .... and that's about all i feel comfortable dumping before i get called a faggot for accidentally posting a duplicate! (i know i posted a similar pic to >>2390 in >>2403 but imo it's a much better version). enjoy anons!
>>2391 >3rd pic That one character who apparently only has 2 drawings of her in existence
>>2407 She's Christ-chan's new friend so she's just getting settled in here >>2397 >>2396 >Orthodox Christ-chan This looks like it took a very long time to make
>>2408 >New friend That picture is years old.
Thanks Anon! That really helps out. I'll plan to post any other Christ-chan's I discover here as well. Cheers.
Open file (795.71 KB 1267x1600 christ chan giggle laugh.png)
Nice idol.
>>2438 Nice meme.
Open file (93.36 KB 900x675 stares_in_latin.jpg)
Open file (58.95 KB 782x790 wave_young.png)
Open file (104.08 KB 500x355 tip_harder_faggot.png)
Open file (138.58 KB 601x439 smile.png)
>>2438 cope and maybe repent a little, anon
>>2438 Shes just cute, shes not taking the place of God or causing us to disobey him.
Wasn't she the oc of some weird mexican grifter though?
>>2390 I have married this waifu
>>2498 Who? her?= > >>2398 >>2391 >>2407
>>2533 No, Christ-chan
>>2438 Imageboards are an idol.
>>2578 If handled wrongly, yes.
Open file (60.98 KB 500x375 whorehey.jpg)
>>2585 >wrongly
Open file (342.54 KB 457x640 mal1.png)
Open file (343.47 KB 469x640 mal2.png)
Open file (426.77 KB 465x640 mal3.png)
>>2498 do you mean maldraw? he was malaysian, christ chan wasnt his OC he just used her for the main character of his shitty comic
Open file (51.22 KB 529x529 first_appearance.jpg)
>>2608 can confirm. see pic related for one of christ-chan's very first appearances (sorry just have the raw image file, not thread itself), long before maldraw co-opted her. i don't remember the exact years but i remember seeing the maldraw comics LONG after christ-chan was created. also people calling things an idol in this thread really don't have a clue of what it means.
>>2608 lol I remember that guy. Nobody really liked him on 8/christian/. I wonder what happened to the guy though?
women don't have souls. don't ever post any woman or waste your time with any of them. Also, all those crosses and clothing is idolatry.
Ecclesia was the original Christ-chan.
>>3036 (And don't forget her evil twin sister Synagoga)
>>3035 Mary, Mother of God.
>>3035 of course women have souls, but how is clothing idolatry?
In response to recent postings:
Open file (1.15 MB 1040x826 deus_vult.png)
Open file (169.49 KB 486x512 deus_vult2.png)
Open file (821.73 KB 1275x1639 yum.png)
Open file (26.65 KB 400x400 laugh2.jpg)
Open file (258.88 KB 350x622 nodding.gif)
>>3035 don't post any man either, cause you can't spell woman without man, also what are you, a faggot? why are you posting men??? sussy
>>3114 This has a lot of meme potential. Can you make more edits like that? Like Asian, Slav, Arab, etc?
>>3167 They're not mine originally but I can try. Can't be that hard.
Open file (601.80 KB 1050x1574 arab.png)
Open file (534.51 KB 1050x1574 asia.png)
Open file (586.41 KB 1050x1574 amer.png)
Open file (646.10 KB 1050x1574 euro.png)
>>3167 >>3185 I hope they're good.

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