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Open file (69.83 KB 533x541 Ortho Christ-chan.png)
Open file (394.73 KB 640x360 puff puff.webm)
Open file (226.22 KB 600x924 Sheesh.png)
Open file (130.34 KB 732x533 template.jpg)
Open file (117.11 KB 242x251 john.png)
Hey Everyone, My name is Christ-chan, and I love every single one of you. All of you are beautiful, intellegent, beings made in God's image, maby of you trying to spend every second of their day trying to be saved. You are everything good in the world. Honestly, have any of considered who you're going to marry? Don稚 be a prayerlet. Just talk to God. he's pretty much perfect. he was a pretty good carpenter , and is used to cutted timbers and stone. What christian writers do you read, other than the bible? I have a loving family, very cash. Don't be faggots and don't kill yourselves. Thanks for listening. Pic Related: It痴 me and my friend"
Good idea, OP. Breddy sure these here are posted elsewhere on /christian/ but we may as well have a consolidated collection thread of our board tan. >tl;dr Post 'em if you got 'em.
Open file (659.37 KB 1280x720 wrong_things_are_wrong.png)
Open file (130.57 KB 623x1000 hugging_pillow.png)
Open file (62.67 KB 500x500 cute_wow.jpg)
Open file (9.68 KB 540x732 deadpan_stare.png)
Open file (124.20 KB 500x500 reading_stare.png)
dumping a couple i have here!
Open file (457.22 KB 1200x2048 fullpose.png)
Open file (2.36 MB 2480x2750 stolen_fedora.png)
Open file (1.22 MB 2448x3264 artwork5.jpg)
Open file (61.28 KB 402x402 chibi_wave.jpg)
Open file (309.41 KB 598x596 holding_torch.png)
Open file (245.78 KB 848x1219 peering_over_monitor.png)
Open file (164.68 KB 500x500 question.png)
Open file (171.33 KB 871x900 shrug_deadpan.png)
Open file (30.53 KB 425x516 smile_bun.jpg)
Open file (150.14 KB 799x665 thumbs_up.jpg)
Open file (99.87 KB 500x500 smug.png)
Open file (902.72 KB 1173x2093 artwork4.png)
>>2405 .... and that's about all i feel comfortable dumping before i get called a faggot for accidentally posting a duplicate! (i know i posted a similar pic to >>2390 in >>2403 but imo it's a much better version). enjoy anons!
>>2391 >3rd pic That one character who apparently only has 2 drawings of her in existence
>>2407 She's Christ-chan's new friend so she's just getting settled in here >>2397 >>2396 >Orthodox Christ-chan This looks like it took a very long time to make
>>2408 >New friend That picture is years old.
Thanks Anon! That really helps out. I'll plan to post any other Christ-chan's I discover here as well. Cheers.
Open file (795.71 KB 1267x1600 christ chan giggle laugh.png)
Nice idol.
>>2438 Nice meme.
Open file (93.36 KB 900x675 stares_in_latin.jpg)
Open file (58.95 KB 782x790 wave_young.png)
Open file (104.08 KB 500x355 tip_harder_faggot.png)
Open file (138.58 KB 601x439 smile.png)
>>2438 cope and maybe repent a little, anon
>>2438 Shes just cute, shes not taking the place of God or causing us to disobey him.
Wasn't she the oc of some weird mexican grifter though?
>>2390 I have married this waifu
>>2498 Who? her?= > >>2398 >>2391 >>2407
>>2533 No, Christ-chan
>>2438 Imageboards are an idol.
>>2578 If handled wrongly, yes.
Open file (60.98 KB 500x375 whorehey.jpg)
>>2585 >wrongly
Open file (342.54 KB 457x640 mal1.png)
Open file (343.47 KB 469x640 mal2.png)
Open file (426.77 KB 465x640 mal3.png)
>>2498 do you mean maldraw? he was malaysian, christ chan wasnt his OC he just used her for the main character of his shitty comic
Open file (51.22 KB 529x529 first_appearance.jpg)
>>2608 can confirm. see pic related for one of christ-chan's very first appearances (sorry just have the raw image file, not thread itself), long before maldraw co-opted her. i don't remember the exact years but i remember seeing the maldraw comics LONG after christ-chan was created. also people calling things an idol in this thread really don't have a clue of what it means.
>>2608 lol I remember that guy. Nobody really liked him on 8/christian/. I wonder what happened to the guy though?
women don't have souls. don't ever post any woman or waste your time with any of them. Also, all those crosses and clothing is idolatry.
Ecclesia was the original Christ-chan.
>>3036 (And don't forget her evil twin sister Synagoga)
>>3035 Mary, Mother of God.
>>3035 of course women have souls, but how is clothing idolatry?
In response to recent postings:
Open file (1.15 MB 1040x826 deus_vult.png)
Open file (169.49 KB 486x512 deus_vult2.png)
Open file (821.73 KB 1275x1639 yum.png)
Open file (26.65 KB 400x400 laugh2.jpg)
Open file (258.88 KB 350x622 nodding.gif)
>>3035 don't post any man either, cause you can't spell woman without man, also what are you, a faggot? why are you posting men??? sussy
>>3114 This has a lot of meme potential. Can you make more edits like that? Like Asian, Slav, Arab, etc?
>>3167 They're not mine originally but I can try. Can't be that hard.
Open file (601.80 KB 1050x1574 arab.png)
Open file (534.51 KB 1050x1574 asia.png)
Open file (586.41 KB 1050x1574 amer.png)
Open file (646.10 KB 1050x1574 euro.png)
>>3167 >>3185 I hope they're good.
Open file (682.27 KB 895x1335 Christ-chan pointing.png)
Good day Anons, I requested a neat commision.
>>3495 you should get your money back. Its also a sin to lust after another anon's waifu
>>3495 cute
>>3513 why its cute
>>2390 she should be middle eastern jew-lookin'
>>3520 That's my waifu.
>>3495 Good day to you too Anon. A Cute It's nice to have OC here, and such good quality stuff too. Thanks for sharing her with us!
>>3541 Not really
Open file (534.04 KB 1050x1574 arab.png)
>>3541 I fixed the hair
Personally, I find these obnoxious, perhaps its that these images often have idolatry in them, but I always see people posting these pics to "show they're Christian" and often posting nonsense that isn't in the Bible or they're just making Christians look like fools. >>3541 Backwardization.
>>3617 Thought I don't see the idolatry, I get where you're coming from.
Open file (475.91 KB 680x451 04e.png)
anyone have that picture of christ-chan teaching math, it was a fking awesome pic, but i can't find it
Wasn't Chris chan a bit chubbier?
>>3706 She must be fasting
>>3706 I don't think so
oh no
Broke global rule: Do not post adult content on SFW boards.
>>3763 god will punish you
>>3763 Good global rule. Will filter out chuds.
>>3770 But hopefully not Chudians.
Requesting Christina-chan wearing a veil. Thanks in advance
>>3823 Do you possibly mean this one?
>>3825 I love my waifu very much
>>3825 I like it. Can you make one with Christina-chan wearing her green dress and a white veil
>>3839 Oh I didn't make that. I can't draw without a reference anyway.
>>3842 But you can draw?
>>2408 >This looks like it took a very long time to make It only took an after noon.
>>3844 I suppose given enough time but I don't know how to convert sketches into digital art.
Does anyone have that hilariously cheesy furry christ-chan?
>>4225 I'd much rather see her in a wedding dress.
Open file (429.53 KB 1051x1575 christchanmissal.png)
Open file (448.28 KB 1051x1575 christchansamissal.png)
>>3114 I made the black Christ-chan edit over a year ago and never expected to see it actually resurface anywhere else. Made a couple versions with missals that I think I've also seen once or twice get posted.
>>4240 How do you like the other skin color edits I made of her?
>>4241 I like them. I'm happy that my edit inspired more.
Open file (834.87 KB 1365x733 cc99.png)
Open file (274.69 KB 881x1100 cc117.png)
Open file (376.66 KB 900x900 cc118.png)
Open file (620.57 KB 859x900 cc126.png)
Moar! Moar!
Open file (181.95 KB 431x473 desu vult.png)
Can someone get a drawing of her trying to lift the Ark of the Covenant with oven mitts on.
In fact can someone get a series of images of her involved in Biblical events in a comical light hearted way. Slipping on banana peels playing kazoos in Pilate's ear, I don't know. When you get a chance go commission your favourite deviantart dragon OC artists to do that.
Open file (122.02 KB 1000x966 welcome.jpg)
>>5420 Why is she standing next to white supremacist?
>>5422 I stole her from the 9chan's new /religion/ board
>>3035 >three other people replied to this bait.
>>2390 Anon that first image inspires lust in me.
>>5447 Hey, sometimes it's fun to bite.
>>5449 I suggest you hide the thread if a regular image of a women inspires lust, and see this website https://easypeasymethod.org/
>>5449 Can you distinguish between attraction and lust anon? Or do you deny that God commanded man to be "fruitful and multiply"? The difference is where your heart lies. Does your heart simply seek the immediate fulfillment of the desires of the flesh? Or is your heart after the genuine happiness that can be found in marriage, the raising of children, and a long life with the person of your affection, 'for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish till death do us part?' It is knowing the greater goal, that you subsume the base desire. For God has a plan for humanity entirely, not in part. It is in vain to deny desire for the sakes of man's glory alone, but it is worthwhile to deny desire if you know of God's greater glory to come.
>>5449 W*men must be stopped!
>>5449 Brother become muslim! All women hide their sinful faces!
>>5493 >Can you distinguish between attraction and lust anon?multiply"? "In sin I was conceived." "To look upon a woman with lust is to commit adulatory with her in your heart."
Open file (781.75 KB 2048x2048 christchanwall.jpg)
>no christchan wall art dafug? fixed
>>5509 >In sin I was conceived Yes, as per the original sin. >To look upon a woman with lust is to commit adultery with her in your heart Yes, and you shan't look upon women in lust, but as persons. It doesn't say, not to look upon women. You don't look upon your mother or your sister with lust. This is what the Lord meant. Lust is a function of one's own heart. That the OP looks upon the image of Christ-chan and conceives her in lust, is the fault of his present will to overcome the natural passions, which he can achieve by meditating on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. If he looks upon conservatively dressed Christ-chan in lust, how can he defeat the temptation of harlots? If he knows what is virtuous for himself, he will work to win the battle for his heart over the seductions of sin.
>>5530 >That the OP looks upon the image of Christ-chan and conceives her in lust, That was me not the OP. >If he looks upon conservatively dressed Christ-chan in lust, how can he defeat the temptation of harlots? Well the reason for the lust is that she is conservatively dressed. It means that she is likely a good person and woman rather than a harlot.
>>5521 LOL. Saved, thanks Anon! :^)
>>5546 >Well the reason for the lust is that she is conservatively dressed. It means that she is likely a good person and woman rather than a harlot. Not him, but I get that. But is 'Lust' the proper word here? 'Earnest desire' maybe? Is it lust for a man to desire his wife sexually? I'm not delusional, and I understand that a waifu don't real. I also realize that waifuism is to a large extent a pathology suffered by a greater or lesser degree by us autists. I don't really have a good answer here for you Anon. But given current year degeneracy, and the ongoing and utter destruction of wholesome womanhood by the Globohomo Big-Tech/Gov, it's an entirely understandable psychological reaction. I know I save all these Christ-chans and have a special folder for her. TBH I'm pretty sure only God Himself can redeem the current situation created by Satan and his globalist jews, the other globalists, and their entire cabal of willing golems. God preserve and redeem us all. Which He will, ultimately! :^)
>>5556 I suppose you could argue it is not lust, earnest desire is a decent way to look at it now that I think about it. I think I was condemning it as lust so I could reject it and get away from the fact of how hard it is to find a good woman.
I had a dream that a women dressed up ad Christ-chan for me, it was very pleasant.
>>5625 Careful it might be a succubus.
>>5661 Especially with that nip demon fox on the loose.
>>5661 Careful this poster might be a succubus.
>>5692 Careful, I might be a succubus
>>5661 >>5662 >>5692 >>5695 I bought a book on occultist satanism and burned it the day it arrived and that night i had a nightmare.
>>5698 Why did you buy a book on occultist satanism?
>>5704 Even though i am a Christian, i want to be able to see the hidden evil of this world, i want to be able to recognize magic when it's practiced in front of us by the satanic elite. Most of it was just lies like saying Satan is the real God, but what i want to know is the magical spell casting part of the practices. I also want to be familiar with non-christian spiritualism to be able to show it for the satanism that it is to it's practitioners.
>>5698 >>5706 weirdo
>>5506 how is a face "sinful"? >>5422 >Why is she standing next to white supremacist? no that's just a Slav Pagan women
>>5730 There is a whole unseen satanic side to our material world, to discover it is sublime.
>>5731 Something as simple as the white of the eyes can be used to transmit psychological subliminal sex messages. http://whale.to/c/sub.html
Open file (231.72 KB 2400x3300 The Devils Chess.jpg)
>>5706 the elites dont cast magic, theyre pawns who manipulate others with power into doing what satan wants
>>2392 is Assad based? who is that?
>>5749 Yes, the ruler of Syria. Under his family, Christians could attend Easter services safely within his country.
Open file (119.10 KB 576x720 sigil magic.jpeg)
>>5754 thats based
>>5791 im sure
Open file (29.78 KB 271x406 911.jpeg)
>>5804 911 itself was a global ritual.
>>5809 if it was the most dangerous book in the world then i probably wouldnt be able to find it on Amazon
>>5812 You can find Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto on Amazon, despite being considered dangerous books.
>>5814 Anon, those aren't the books which call themselves that on the front cover.
>>5814 neither of those are dangerous books
>>5819 What do you mean by that? >>5820 lol, what do you consider a dangerous book then tough guy.
>>5823 >what do you consider a dangerous book then something that you cant easily find, typically something that encourages violence against the Regime. I would consider the Bible a dangerous book too although most people dont read it enough to understand why.
>>5824 its a nuanced issue
>>5824 Why do you believe the Bible encourages violence against the Regime? Sure there is some resistance to authority not of God but it also says to be law abiding. I would agree that the bible is a dangerous book but why do you think so?
>>5922 I mean the Bible has a pretty radical anti-authority message times
>>5928 That doesn’t encourage violence necessarily
>>5931 A lot of stuff in the Old testament can be read such
>>5922 Revelations 18: Then I heard another voice from heaven say: “Come out of her, My people, so that you will not share in her sins or contract any of her plagues. For her sins are piled up to heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities. Give back to her as she has done to others; pay her back double for what she has done; mix her a double portion in her own cup. As much as she has glorified herself and lived in luxury, give her the same measure of torment and grief. In her heart she says, ‘I sit as queen; I am not a widow and will never see grief.’ Therefore her plagues will come in one day— death and grief and famine— and she will be consumed by fire, for mighty is the Lord God who judges her.” these are God's words
>>5939 The OT is read in light of the New.
>>5812 >if it was the most dangerous book in the world then i probably wouldnt be able to find it on Amazon That's just marketing jargo anon >>5743 >Something as simple as the white of the eyes can be used to transmit psychological subliminal sex messages. Interesting. Yeah women do that sort of stuff sometimes
>>5996 >That's just marketing jargo anon possibly but i think the point still stands, personally (by my own metrics) i wouldnt consider it a dangerous book because it doesnt expose the System of Control but ...
>>6016 You can find the Bible on Amazon as well.
>>6017 most people dont even read their Bibles they just flip to whatever page the pastor tells them, other than Holy Law and Salvation tho the only dangerous thing in the Bible is the phrase in Revelations 18 where God commands his people to "pay Babylon back her double", but how many Christians have ever read and properly understood that?
>>6024 Probably not very many, however you can still find dangerous books on Amazon regardless.
>>6070 i guess it all really just depends on what you consider dangerous. My views differ from most people when it comes to that
>>5824 Why does "dangerous" have to mean "encourages violence against the regime?" I would say that encouraging violence is low on the list of dangerous things to our regimes. Higher than that would be attempting to persuade people to changing their thinking and even higher than that would be presenting solutions to problems that the regime doesn't want solved. For this reason I believe that Christianity is dangerous to worldly regimes but not because it encourages violence. On the other end, tranny propaganda is dangerous for people but it also doesn't necessarily call for violence either.
>>6097 its a nuanced issue thats hard to explain. When i say "violence against the Regime" i really mean "violence against the System" which is the Regimes means of controlling the population. In my opinion that is what theyre most afraid of because without the System they lose their ability to control the masses. I would consider True Christianity dangerous to the Regime tho, since the end goal of True Christianity is rebellion against sin and its worldly forces but sadly most Christians have been indoctrinated and tricked into believing lies. Few if any pastors teach True Christianity anymore, im sure thats by design.
>>6114 I understand that. The regime is the greater system of control not whoever happens to be in office at any particular time. My question was not about the target of violence but why "dangerous" must involve violence at all. I want to give an example. Imagine if most people stopped being afraid of getting sick and stopped being afraid of what the government will do to them if they don't comply. That particular aspect of the system would die. Imagine if there was a popular movement to not take on personal debt. How damaging would that be to the regime? Wouldn't this be more dangerous to them than simple acts of violence? I think Christianity is dangerous without even trying to be. Not because we set ourselves up against them but because they set themselves up against God. >Few if any pastors teach True Christianity anymore Can you explain more about what you mean by this?
>>6143 youve made a good point, "violence" is a broad word i tend to use but really any action taken against the System is negative for the Regime even non-violent stuff. I should have mentioned that earlier. >Few if any pastors teach True Christianity anymore >Can you explain more about what you mean by this? Most pastors nowadays are split between two sects, theyre either "liberal Christians" or they only focus on the Gospel and neglect many other important aspects of the Bible such as the Law, etc. In other words, most pastors focus too much on certain aspects of the Bible and not on the Bible as a whole or twist the Bible to fit a political narrative rather than adapting their politics around the Bible instead. granted im speaking from my experience with Protestant churches since i live in the South and we have alot of them, im not too familiar with the current state of the other denominations.
>>5814 White Identity by Jared Taylor isn't on there.
>>6211 Thanks for mentioning it Anon, didn't know about it. Looking through it now. Cheers.
>>7801 smh
>>7804 >are you in a complete point of no return. Most likely >it means you failed I'm definitely a failed male >or your wife is a whore she doesn't have to be a whore or a slut, i could simply have regular intercourse with a normal woman while projecting my sick fantasy on her. still i would not mind marrying a used Blacked roastie whore, or trying sloppy seconds
>>7811 I've fapped to things I'm not proud of, even blacked. All I can say is pray for forgiveness and strength to turn away from it.
Found this Christ chan on /v/. I thought it was pretty apropos.
>>7749 >>7800 >>7801 >>7811 >>7814 >Religious exposure may trigger psychotic episodes in those who are vulnerable to them, because religion usually requires a believer to suspend their usual idea of what is possible and impossible.
You despise us and laugh at us, maybe pity or hate even. We may be a bit off the earth indeed, we may be not so well off, but the one who truly deserves to be laughed at is you. Your kind does not believe in "things that do not exist" even when they happen to unfold right in front of your eyes. And that's not your fault or merit either, because you are made to be like that, a blind and ignorant infidel. And that "cultural/gnostic/etc" baggage/bait you are swinging around will become irrelevant and rot to death at the last days too.
>>7814 Acid what are you doing here?
Sharing personal experiences and support is good and all, but there are better threads for this. https://anon.cafe/christian/res/7348.html https://anon.cafe/christian/res/1789.html
Open file (27.50 KB 360x400 takeyourmeds.jpg)
>>7834 Go to talk to a therapist anon.
>>7853 you're pathetic
>>7857 *your
>>7853 Maybe I do, because my stomach ulcer just got bad. As for why I wrote it that way, it's because I spoke to a likely hostile entity. You're right, that's not how a faithful should think and behave...
>>7863 Aloe vera juice worked for my stomach ulcers.
>>7836 Sorry I don't know who that is.
Where can i find more Christ-chan?
>>7882 Don't know. But if you find some, drop them here.
>>7882 >>7885 https://ourobooru.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=christina&pid=0 Warning: some pictures depict indecent exposure and activities
>>8098 On any booru there is rating:safe option which allows you to hide NSFW content: https://ourobooru.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=christina+rating%3Asafe
>>8100 Does it let you turn off ads. I could use adblock but apparently using extensions makes it easier to track you over tor
>>8100 >>8098 I'm surprised they don't have the tasteful lewds of just her at the beach with a one piece swim suit, but have a bunch of other more explicit lewds. Part of the charm of Christian women is that they aren't suppose to be whores but i guess that doesn't apply to 2d objects where they're whores to everyone.
which branch of the Baptist church is Christchan apart of?
>>8866 Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona
Can someone do a picture of her giving someone a Bible thumping.
>>8880 I can tell it's a real church because their youtube channel has been terminated for violating the terms of service.
Open file (440.94 KB 540x360 bible god.mp4)
Open file (871.26 KB 540x360 bible god 2.mp4)
>>8905 Rip in piece Anderson
>>8941 That's an interesting kind of heretics
>wears a cross Crosses are idolatry, into the trash it goes!
>>8941 holy cannoli, i knew this guy was stupid, but i didn't know he was this stupid.
>>8987 >blacked.booru.org lol nooooooo thank you.
>>8942 >>9114 What did he do wrong?
>>9138 he killed millions
>>9138 he's saying, or at the very least insinuating, that the Bible itself is God, which is of course heretical and nonsensical, all because he doesn't understand what the verse he's talking about is referring to Jesus as the Logos, which is translated into Word in certain Bible versions.
>>8941 Real protestant moment right there.
Open file (189.48 KB 1200x1129 1650691908215.jpg)
>>9288 Joan of Arc?
Open file (271.50 KB 600x338 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9140 To save billions
Open file (82.26 KB 1024x512 EtBpIQyXEAUhg_6.jpg)
>>9319 It's idolatry bud
>>9485 I have a feeling i know what your answer will be, but according to who?
Open file (85.91 KB 1080x1311 FR4VR1RXwAEH1lf.jpeg)
>>7810 Why does the antichrist hate milk?
>>11012 because he wants you to consume aspartame and corn syrup
>>11025 Why does he want that?
>>11061 because he wants you fat and gay
Open file (10.36 KB 1266x104 church.png)
You guys should start posting the male version. women don't have souls, and shouldn't have any authority over men. God said that. women should never teach or even leave the house of her owner(husband).
Open file (164.36 KB 526x677 picebob9tod51.jpg)
>>11080 Chris chan mele version
>>11080 You're a heretic.
>>11175 Phones and computers don't have souls. they are just temptations. which means they are from satan. no one should post images on the internet or engage with it in any way. goodbye bros.
>>11175 There is a woman living inside you right now.
Bump for Christ-chan.
>>11080 Women have souls, but they shouldn't usurp the man's authority neither in marriage nor in the churches. That said, the man has no right to ask of his wife anything that goes against God's will and there's much more to this that would show wives aren't being wronged in any way, but I don't really feel like typing it all out and getting scripture references and everything. I don't think there are many married people on imageboards anyway
Open file (43.94 KB 600x600 lgbtq.jpg)

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