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John 3:16 KJV: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Open file (533.94 KB 1080x1202 the_chosen_box_office.jpg)
The Chosen Anonymous 02/26/2023 (Sun) 01:28:47 ID: c45893 No.23835
>the Christian board >there has never been a thread about The Chosen Is it the greatest piece of Christian media since The Passion of the Christ or is it Mormon subversion? Should we stream it?
The creator is friends with mormons https://archive.ph/91aON not i big deal right but there is a quote of the book of mormon in Season 3 https://archive.ph/Y7AmM
>>23835 not a tv board >>23836 reformed mormons are alright, they believe in the trinity
>>23835 my parents and family are obsessed with this show. I want nothing to do with it. It seems like modernist fanfiction to me. I also remember hearing back when it was first being made that the guy in charge of it was getting his sources from all over Christianity to incorporate as many views a possible into it, which is whatever, but one of those sources were jewish rabbis. Sorry but thats like consulting a Buddhist on the idiosyncrasies of Scientology. I am uninterested in anything that has had jewish taint on it
>>23888 Digits confirm, mein F├╝hrer. In some ways -- while strict Biblical accuracy can theoretically be maintained -- it's pretty much impossible to faithfully recreate the actuality of the Messiah's Earthly ministry. No one here today was there, plain and simple. And even if they were, it's still just one perspective (truthful though it be), and therefore limited for such a broad set of events surrounding Jesus Christ. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit can step in to cover for our honest efforts at understanding and bring the truth of the Gospel alive in every heart that actually wants to hear. Maybe these directors are simply trying to establish the Jewish cultural idioms etc Anon? Regardless, we can all be thankful that the world is under a new covenant, and no longer subject to Jewish whims and abuses of God's intentional words, straining out a gnat and swallowing a camel and so forth.
>>23892 > No one here today was there, plain and simple well my issue with it is that from what little ive seen, it really feels like they wrote everything as if everyone surrounding Jesus was like a retard midwit millennial wrapped up in their own emotions. The way the men and the women interact as well is very modernist in its framing it seems. Women talk to men like they are equals to them, that wasnt even an idea at the time. I just hate the implicit modernization of sensibilities in these things, it makes for everything being really gay and forced "relatable" which is why my family likes it so much. Its like peasant philosophy
Open file (444.53 KB 1249x1878 Jesus revolution.jpg)
It's a good movie about the "Jesus movement" that transformed the hippie movement into a Christian movement.
>>23913 Is that how all these gay Christians came about? Kinda funny how I've been calling them hippie Christians then.
>>23916 They shouldn't make their sin into their identity, but it's better that they're Christian and aware that what they're doing is wrong than just being a rebellious gay. It's not the healthy but the sick who needs a physician.
>>23916 it's not. 'christian gays' started with liberalism. the jesus people movement was an evangelical (and to mainline christians 'fundamentalist') movement that did not accept worldly hippie practices like recreational drug usage & sinful sexual perversions
Cool image, Op.

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