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Open file (481.93 KB 863x841 1676388899158654.png)
Asbury University Revival Anonymous 02/18/2023 (Sat) 04:42:15 ID: e1cf69 No.23758
>Asbury University has become the sight of a revival gathering, with students and staff engaging in continual worship and prayer on campus over the past few days. >What began as part of a scheduled chapel service on Wednesday morning at Hughes Auditorium in Wilmore, Kentucky, has since transformed into a constant impromptu gathering. >Alexandra Presta, a senior at the university who is also the executive editor for the campus newspaper The Collegian, has witnessed the revival and reported on it. >Presta told The Christian Post on Friday morning that after the chapel service concluded on Wednesday, “roughly 30 students kept going.” They've been joined by others since then. >The chapel service featured a sermon by speaker Zach Meerkreebs based on Romans 12 and the topic of “love in action,” Presta told CP. >“I had left for a few minutes but then felt called to return. Since then, it hasn't stopped. It's been a mix of worship, testimony, prayer, confession, silence,” she explained, calling it “a full experience of the Holy Spirit.” >Presta estimated that as many as 1,000 people have come to the revival gathering since it started, noting that while “some have come and gone,” there are others who “have slept on the floor and continued to praise God nonstop.” https://www.christianpost.com/news/asbury-university-senior-revival-is-a-humbling-before-the-lord.html
>>23758 Interesting. I grew up near there. There was a famous revival of the past right there that led to the founding of Asbury, IIRC.
>>23758 "Revival" is one of those words used in a peculiar way by modern Christians. I tried finding scripture describing what we mean by "revival", but could not find anything plainly on-point. There's Pentecost, obviously, but is that what this is?
>>23762 Josiah's reign is an example of revival; a social restoration of faith
>>23758 this sounds based, also "love in action" sounds like a good sermon. Any vids of it?
>>23766 Apparently this is the sermon and service which started it: https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=VGvvGbgUmMU
>>23767 Link broke
>>23777 Not hard to find. An inspired sermon, comfy. We'll see more of these. We are truly witnessing times of intense spiritual wonders. I often thank the Lord for keeping me alive in such a decisive age.
I have been watching videos of this since OP posted and I'm not too sure what to make of it. While I shudder at the possibility of opposing the Spirit (Acts 5:34-39), I have to wonder if this is really His work. It's less than impossible to peer into men's hearts via video footage. Putting aside what may be actually happening there, what we are shown is a lot of people attending and singing but not much else. We're supposed to judge a thing according to its fruits but we're not shown that. We are told that there have been many new converts and people breaking addictions but I was unable to find any testimonies from such people. If anyone knows of any, please post them. Likewise, I haven't found much from the existing Christian either about greater devotion or repentance. Everyone is so sure that the Holy Spirit is at work but nobody seems to know what He is doing. I think the best moment was when a reporter asked someone what he was hoping for when he goes home. How is this going to change him. The guy did give a decent but pretty vague answer. I've seen people referencing Joel 2:28. If that's the case, where are these prophecies, vision and dreams? And where are their signs so we know what they report is truly from God? There have been a few people expressing reserve about the event but they miss the mark. One guy in particular warned against it because Asbury isn't a Baptist university and they use non KJV translations. The real problem is that (again just from the perception given by what we've seen) this reduces Christianity to a set of feelings. Because that's really most of what people are reporting. It says that the essence of the faith is in participating in mass movements. It also implies that (1) the Spirit is poured out locally in special events like this and (2) we don't already have the Spirit since Pentecost. What I mean by that is seen in the people who reported coming because they wanted to experience the Spirit. If they're Christians, the Spirit should already be with them. They should know that. They can experience the Spirit every day. What I'm guessing they really wanted was a dramatic religious experience. It's a kind of Pentecostalism where the person expects dramatic, and above all visible, things as the markers of God's action in the world instead of the subtle and time-consuming work God does on our souls. I won't say any more about that lest this become a slapfight thread. I had agonised over whether I should make this post at all and what the point of it should be. I feel no desire to "bash" this event or the people who went any more than I feel a desire to join in on the bandwagon. In the end, I'm posting because no one else has and somebody has to be the one to say this.
>>23785 Points conceded. I'd just point out that revivals are nothing new to this town. In fact the one in the 70's arguably was the one that kicked off the Jesus Movement, and so was quite impactful. https://www.asbury.edu/academics/resources/library/archives/history/revivals/#1970revival
>>23786 There's been a wave of criticism online since I made that post. There have also been people saying if you criticise it, you're not a real Christian. It's shaping up to be one of those things again. This talk of revival is timely though since it's the start of Lent. This is the season for revival.
>>23758 I just hope they follow through and really change their lives for Christ. We have to many cultural Christians as is rn
>>23791 where did you made it? if i were you i wouldnt be too worried for criticism there is nothing wrong with speaking up your mind, its a thing necessary for the church to thing "wow the apostle peter its acting strange when the hebrews are around, better i pray and wait for him to change that"
>tfw no revival gf >tfw im an incel
>>23785 > movement led by an unrepentant open homosexual.... doubt its a work of the spirit
>>23807 lmao just lmao >>23806 Where in the bible is this "incel" concept?
Open file (52.00 KB 475x356 internet_lies.jpg)
>>23807 The only evidence I'm aware of for this is a post from some anti-christ on Twitter.
Open file (243.20 KB 1920x1200 1596473294256.png)
>>23818 i havent really looked into it that much. i dont really pay attention to the charismatics. but this is what my pastor said so ill ask him for a source tomorrow at church.
Open file (95.45 KB 1024x446 Revival_cancelled.png)
>>23824 I was more optimistic at the outset but apparently the university has a history of having "revivals," they also canned it after two weeks (apparently the Holy Spirit operates on the timetables of men), and while the denomination that hosted the service seems to be conservative I'm not sure if there's any special insight in them that is fruitful to Christians with this whole event. The pastor was affiliated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance church which has some questionable theology and connections with false shepherds in the past like David Berg and Ravi Zacharias. Even if people have had "life-changing" experiences at the event that isn't proof that the Holy Spirit was among them unless it is evidenced by the bearing of fruits, because without that it might as well be as life-changing as a two-week rave.
>>23808 the fact it isnt in the bible doesnt change the fact there are millions of men that died without ever touching a female even when they wanted
Open file (83.46 KB 450x452 1938toloto01.jpg)
>>23840 Based we would be in paradise right now if Adam didn't fall for Eve's stupidity.
>>23825 They've been talking about shutting it down for days but it really seems to have happened now at least judging from the lack of new footage. They were supposed to have opened several other centres during the event but I never heard anything about them and don't know if they're still open. I also heard it suggested that they were merely moving everyone outside. Not sure. >>23807 Who is/was leading it? Nowhere has anyone been identified as a leader or organiser of it as far as I can tell. That's the primary reason I'm sceptical this is true. I found someone pointing to the dean of the chapel retweeting a gay person. That same person is also a Judaiser since he observes the sabbath on Friday night (and was very proud to point this out to everyone right at the beginning too). So I don't really put much stock in his opinion. I also found someone else who showed some footage with a guy barely in frame in the background and said, "I bet that man is gay." He then dug up his social media which revealed a post to the effect that non-whites, women and gays had been on stage leading the music the whole time. This may be what your pastor is referring to. Now it could be that this claim by the gay is false and he's trying to generate some virtue signalling points out of nothing. That's possible and it happens. Alternatively, some or even all of the people on stage could have been in those categories. I assume it was probably a few people he knew that were up there The point is that's different from them leading or organising the revival as a whole. It's a question over the ambiguity in the word "leading." In any case, the revival wasn't started by people playing music, it was reportedly started by a bunch of people praying after a service and then someone shared their testimony and it snowballed from there. I didn't see any indications of a pro-sodomy agenda in any of the footage I watched whether that be paraphernalia or anything anyone said. I think it's just that guy trying to virtue signal. I've already expressed my doubts about the whole thing in this thread but, now everyone is jumping on the criticism bandwagon, I find most of it to be superficial bickering. Not really getting at the heart of it. For example, most arguing against this revival accept the premise of revivalism. It's basically over at this point unless something else happens. Everyone who went and liked it has presumably gone home content so there's nothing new to see. Critics will dogpile a dead horse for the next week or two before everyone forgets it ever happened. Next news cycle. The sum of my view on the matter is this: If it was from God, may He bring more lost sheep to His fold. If it was from the devil, may God use the enemy's weapon against him to bring more lost sheep to His fold.
>>23868 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’ Matthew 7:21-23
>>23871 Damn that hits hard
>>23871 that is for me, the video maker or for the people of asbury?
>>23883 The queers of Asbury
>>23884 >>23868 If they actually pray to Jesus He would give them the grace of repentance and healing. But they are probably praying to what they want Jesus to be, some hippie idol.
>>23785 In situations where people put on airs and become dramatic, I do find that there are tiny minorities of genuine hearts in those groups every time; a little light in a dark room makes a huge difference kind of thing. The popular approbation and grandstanding is tiresome on the whole though, but I hate being a negative nancy every time something potentially encouraging happens. It all seems like this revival stuff boils down to boomer pride and pretensions. I find myself pleasantly surprised however with the fruitfulness and levelheadedness I find even if it is only crumbs, but a little manna makes a lot of bread.
>>23825 I'm from Bongistan Every institution hates God. We all sit here in envy and covetousness of your American excess two-week raves. It's proof that you believe in at least something even if that something is facile, and proof that the university is in no position to ban it like they would do immediately if it were occuring over here.
>>26283 Thanks for the daily reminder, Bong-fren. I actually grew up near that area. It has a long religious tradition. Quakers, Mennonites, Amish. Asbury is a pretty small, ostensibly Christian university. While this event was clearly squelched by (((TPTB))) during Current Year, the great revival that occurred there before during The Jesus Movement had a lasting impact not only on the general region, but also for the entire US nation. In some ways it changed history.
Open file (1.18 MB 720x576 Jesus with Apu.png)
>>23841 Chad >>26283 I'll be praying for you brother >>26285 Based

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