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John 3:16 KJV: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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"slave morality" and "master morality" Anonymous 02/07/2023 (Tue) 10:47:59 ID: 6a95a6 No.23646
Sometimes Christianity is described by its enemies as "slave morality" often with the intent to compare it to supposedly other "master moralities" but christianity is not "slave morality" and it's much rather "servant morality" we christians are the servants of God God, the most high being in all existence, greater than the universe itself, the creator of the universe and everything that exist we christians serve directly the most sublime and without peer, and to God alone goes our ultimate loyalty and faith, compared to which any earthly authority is inferior to the authority of God neither are we slaves of God, because God in its grace allows us to decide freely about our life and it is in our God given freedom, that we are thankful and honored to be able to serve God God is the only true master any person claiming to be a master without respect to the ultimate master that is God, is fooling themselves
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>>23648 found the coping atheist from leftypol glory to god
>>23646 >>23646 nietzsche was more of aphorist than a metaphysician akin to the sophists of old, the whole orientation of existentialism is to bypass dialectic and offer a psychological appeasement to the feeling of existential angst which appeals to the will through aesthetic pastiches rather than the intellect. Existentialism is the self-immolation of philosophy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XShzDpWoi_M&ab_channel=ArtinSalimi of course people will have a knee jerk reaction to marxism, which actually owes its genesis to Christianity and is in fact christianity temporalised, i do not mean as a political ideology but as a mode of analysis, it is a great fiction that marx and engels set out a programme of action to bring about its realisation and so the crimes of self appointed revolutionaries cannot be ascribed to them neither must we accept all that they said. Communism ( I do not mean its vulgar materialist conception) is indeed the ideal of christianity as to poltical and economic orientation and verses can be brought forth in its support we see it prefigured in the book of acts, in cathodoxy monasticism is upheld as the blessed ideal and indeed it came about once the religion became mainstream during the constantinian era, the church could no longer address itself to an elect who served god above all human respectability as a illegitimate and slandered sect, and indeed among protestants it was prefigured in the muntzer rebellion who wished to hold all things in common. Other than christian and religious philosophers of other traditions, the great critics of nietzsche are the marxists who see him as a literary exponent and defender of the bourgeosie who were becoming defaced and in a contradictory position in society losing their raison de'tre due to the dissolution of the of the ancien regime and its stability introducing a dynamism which would later come back to haunt with the fiction of society being founded on pure reason which has no coercion and mutual agreement except with the compliment of revelation now divorced from its static foundation in dogma and finding themselves confronted with a growing proletariat as the bourgeois revolutions slowly reached equilibrium. So finding themselves in a irrational situation where their existence as a class becomes increasingly superfluous they attack the very principle of reason itself, indeed we see this strand of thought brought to an extreme in the post-modernism of late capitalism which lends it service to the elite, not out of their ideological commitment but out of pragmatic considerations in regard to class consciousness when confronting with the cultural logic of postmodernism a man breaks his mind when he peers upon what is unintelligible as a zen monk recites koans whether by word or letter which are phrases which at first glance seemingly intelligible are on examination illogical and meaningless of which the goal is to break down the discursive reasoning of the proselyte and to cease his striving which is the goal of the cultural logic of postmodernism which is to deface the masses and chip away at their being through daily the psyops of which they are exposed foremost in the media of which the elite own almost as rule but seeps into every medium until it becomes the logic of the very ambience we breath until man cannot follow any principle with surety except the love of money which the lord said is the root of all evil. Christ said that we will be tested as fire and our good fruits will be refined like gold in a furnance, satan as he is the god of this world and has influence over its nations which is demonstrated thru his temptation of christ worldly lordship over the nations and pauls counsel that we fight against evil in high places, naturally, satan inverts the lords metallurgic parable desiring to sifts us like wheat and those not found to be built upon a sure foundation of which consists all that is good in the soul of man, satan seeks to obfuscate as indeed the author of confusion his weapon of choice which either overwhelms and results in despair or dulls the intellect and to enslave it to the lower soul of consists the senses and the vegetative aspect of which man shares in common with the beasts, the proliferation of vice makes the masses easier to subdue and the solution all the more unattractive. Herein lies the philistinism of the masses and the glorification of science which does not rise above the senses and whom constitute a priestly caste, man now no longer defers to the magisterium or canon of the scriptures but the scientific consensus and their opinions formed through the astroturfing of mass media and enforced through peer pressure and as a coward finds solace in a brigand rather than honourable combat so too does the feeble mindeed find solace in the common opinion as all higher principle being pull underneath him all is left is the instinct of safety, and the cult of the body and sport of which the fathers where not lacking against their admonishments against the shows of the pagans which instils blood-lust, division and inflames the bestial nature of man. Passion being the sole reason for union between man and women, ones wealth and appearance being the sole marker of status and favour all greater pursuits done for the approval of man or out of subjective taste rather than it being good for its own sake or gods glory and honour. The focus upon science is also encouraged by the elites as it offers greater horizons and proliferation of commodification and the intelligibility of nature appeals to the self preservation of man and technology increases our bind to the system which does not exist for our common good but for the oligarchy, indeed the common good cannot except in appearance until the dissolution of money and private property (not personal property), which is not only the source of of avarice but envy which is often levied by the proponents of the antichrist system and since all vices feed into eachother, so likewise as long as this continues to be a source of vice, it would not be a far fetch to see within money a prefigurement of the beast's mark. Satan is indeed the god of this world and all who follow him must not follow him explicitly, as no ideology has coercion lest it appeal to heaven or to earth and the seductiveness of postmodernism apart from its Machiavellian usefulness is its permissiveness to do as thou wilt which is the lie of Satan and not 'I in them and You in Me' which Wisdom spoke man to man to his disciples. Where god falls on deaf ears where man and society no longer receives its teleology from god which even the pagans strove to mimic through the providence of the god which retained the logoi spermatikoi of the primordial revelation and the laws of Noah, but through confused symbols as brought about in the aftermath of babel in the 'confusion of tongues' expressed through mythologies mutually uintelligible as is one language to another and indeed language is nothing but a system of symbols and even if symbols be diverse can reflect one truth as by translation. it is how the ancient philosophers could speak of logos albeit as the 'unknown god' as the name above all names they were yet to know and is likewise known among the Chinese as the dao which is used as an apt translation of Christ's designation as Logos in the translation of the scriptures and likewise rta in hinduism, maat in egyptian paganism. Indeed Philosophy has its origin in making the various myths intelligible and explicit which would become Theology and also creation would be its subject which would later become the purview of science, the method of inquiry in its own right would become philosophy proper. God had not abandoned the pagans indeed the law being ascribe in their hearts and the laws of noah, his identity exchanged at babel for another. Premodern civilisations strove unwittingly to follow his covenant as it was after their hearts, preserved under the accretions of their traditions and conducive to good order, and not outwardly as circumcision, the nations who lost their knowledge of logos and sense of morality God had commanded the Israelites to destroy as error has no rights. it was left to the vain conceit of the Jews to formulate their disdain of goyim which appeals to the ego rather than the nature of god which had crept in through the traditions of the elders indeed God had rebuked them for their traditions of man lest the religion degenerate, we already see the sadducees denying key tenets of the tradition. The pagan religions were not immune and the daimon which animated socrates was the restoration of piety and a corrective to idolatry and excessive sensualism of the greeks, indeed the pagans except for the most degenerate did not commit idolatry, that is ascribing created things the same ontological status as God but was akin to iconography and likewise polytheism was the confusion of angelic beings with the one true god and the various names of god being ascribed as separate Gods rather as personification of cosmic principles or moral stories with symbolical and ethical meanings rather than ontological. This perennial trajectory or temptation of man after the fall is why God warns against it, even if it be valid, it is illicit due to the fallen nature of man which tends to perversion. Indeed, this is how the pagans of old were saved, as christ did not reveal as christ but rather as a cosmic principle with various names ascribed to this invoked with the intention of it being the highest ontoloigcal status in the chain of being. The Logos and Christ by privilege of the hypostatic union being indivisible and not two christ so likewise by the special privilege of the incarnation and in purview of the atonement on his descent into hades the virtuous pagans along with the patriarchs were released from hades so likewise the nations which retained their conception of God intact and strove to do the law written on there hearts through the operation of their conscience and externalised to them through their culture of which religion is the hinge being saved by faith alone through Christ alone as Logos not because of whatever superstitions they may have been mired in.
Slave morality and master morality are concepts that have to do with Nietzsche's 'will to power'. The former term just means morality, and the latter really means autotheism. Most of the edgy morons you'll find using the terms online have no idea what these words mean, they're just using slave morality as an insult
>>23646 Nietzsche's slave and master moralities are perceived as such because the former, typically Christianity, must derive its laws, reason, and actions from a greater power. His internalization of these will them be in the context of himself as being owned. Master morality is autotheism, the concept of oneself being the ultimate arbiter of morality and deriving actions from himself as conscious choices to later internalize into his own image. To Nietzsche, a slave follows while a master agrees.

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