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John 3:16 KJV: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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How did you guys quit your vices (porn, alcohol, drugs, etc) Anonymous 01/16/2023 (Mon) 23:33:16 ID: 32d661 No.23460
I'm just curious to hear your guys story, how and what did God do and give you to finally defeats your bad habits and the such (I don't have any files really so here's a random image)
>>23460 I havent
>>23460 When I came back to Christ after about 15ish years of apostasy, a bunch of my vices pretty much got taken away right off the bat, or very shortly after my return to Christ (i.e. threw out my pagan idols and paraphernalia; got rid of movies and music that was blatantly depraved; disposed of all my pirated material whether physical or digital; deleted all of my porn, stopped liking or watching vulgar tv shows and youtube channels; watching gory horror films that I used to love felt like being waterboarded; been clean off of drugs for about 7ish years now; etc.) However, other vices in my life have been more stubborn and have taken a lot more work (i.e. I still struggle with porn; spending too much time on the internet; too much time on secular distractions; greedy and covetous to buy stuff for myself; etc.) Some things God will deliver you from right off the bat, other things will be much more of a perpetual battle against the flesh, ala Romans 7:15-25. Sanctification is an ongoing process. I started out with getting rid of music in my life that was the worst of the worst. Now I'd say that roughly 95% of the secular music I used to surround myself with is gone out of my life. I've been told several times that the Christian walk is a marathon, not a sprint. So some aspects of your life will require patience, while other more serious things will be a concerted effort on your part.
>>23460 God guided me always in the right direction. I am fundamentally broken mentally and he hardened my character, principles and outlook in life through humility and temperance, out of those restulted faith and love. It took me almost a year of detaching from my ego and spiteful old self before I was manifested properly. Then I developed my bad habits again, way worse than before. I recommend once you are on the path of detachment and divine union not to throw everything away whatever reason you give yourself. Stay always hopeful, do not hate yourself, do not be afraid, know your position among everybody, only fear God, do the best to your ability and be loving to everybody. Strengthen your heart, but do not let it harden, lest it becomes cold.
>>23464 Very good post Anon. I concur.
>>23460 i havent, but how many here just said, get them out of your life and out of your MIND! even when it is about thinking how bad it is "wow porn is so bad i will def not watch porn ever like lmao!" this is one of the ways you will surely fall, renew your mind and your thinking love you brother
What got me going was setting a specific goal for myself to abstain from something for a set time period (in the case of nofap, three weeks) and then keeping that momentum going by breaking a new personal record every day (I've gone 4/5/6 weeks without nutting, might as well keep going). Now at over a year + one month of nofap and I don't think I could ever bring myself to whack it again, the shame would be too much to overcome.
>>23473 >>23469 >>23466 >>23464 I want to thank you all for your stories/input, I hope the Lord continues to guide us all in striving to live a life that is gratifying to him. Please if at all possible get more anon's here so that they can share their stories and the such.
>>23464 >disposed of all my pirated material whether physical or digital What. Literally why.
>>23480 the bible says that not financially supporting jewish media corporations is a sin
I prayed for help to be rid of porn and masturbation, and one day the Holy Spirit helped me resolve to stop. Let your shame be more powerful than your lust. I feel so much better spiritually now that I've overcome my worst sin
>>23486 shame comes from satan
>>23460 they are all temptations of Satan. They destroy you, which is what Satan wants.
>>23480 I wonder the same thing, I don't see how piracy is a sin at all. Software should be free when it comes to evil corporations.
>>23633 for one theres the principle of Deuteronomy 25:4 also though, when it comes to free software, you're usually the product. not the software. especially when we're talking about evil mega corps.
>>23633 Not that anon but I feel that a lot of the stuff that I would have to pirate I don't actually need or want and there are free / libre open-source alternatives for the stuff that I actually need to be productive.
>>23469 This is one of the most salient pieces of advice I've seen on this board. You really do have to give yourself a sort of 'factory reset.' If every path you take leads you to the same place, it's time to move. Change your brain, become a new person to friends and family. You are in control over yourself and your identity, don't let your old self hold you back from becoming new with God. That's what I'm trying to do now. If rebuilding yourself is what it takes to keep these things out of your mind, do it. Sexual sin is always regarded as particularly damaging and you are encouraged to not walk, or turn away from it, but FLEE from it.
>>23633 Software should be free, but it isn't, by law, and we should obey those laws, arbitrary as they are. One sin does not beget another

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