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John 3:16 KJV: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Open file (575.69 KB 862x485 ClipboardImage.png)
The Gay Question Anonymous 01/11/2023 (Wed) 11:28:58 No.23315
How do you convince people that homosexuality is wrong? While other areas of the LGBTAIP++ are more easier to argue against i.e trannies as long as you're not talking to someone 'woke', but homosexuality is widely accepted not just by those people but by most people in general. It seems obvious to me that it's a mental disorder at best, but it evidently isn't for everyone. This isn't just about convincing them that the gay community is bad, but that homosexuality itself is bad. Any sane person would agree that kids dancing half naked in a crowd of adults dressed in sexual attire who are raining money on said kid is obviously wrong, but most wouldn't be convinced homosexuality itself is bad. How do you change their minds?
You mean wrong from a religious perspective? I had friends who were gay. I wasn't particularly religious at the time. They all died young of aids. Young men tend to be particularly promiscuous. One gay friend said he had sodomy with over a thousand different men. Even if AIDS doesn't get you, there are all kinds of health problems with sodomy: antibiotic resistant STDs, kidney infections, anal prolapse, anal tearing... whole long list of diseases and complications. If I was to try (and like I said, all the gay people I knew died, mostly of aids and complications of aids) I'd point out how dangerous it is, explain that being same sex attracted is a cross we must bear and point to the scripture on how we all get a cross, point to the old testament quotes on Sodomy and the Punishment and explain that was to prevent the spread of STDs that killed entire families and that it was really out of God's love for those who would otherwise restrain themselves. And just being homosexual isn't the problem. That's the temptation, the cross. Just like being heterosexual can be a cross if it's inordinately strong.
>>23315 All sex outside of marriage ordained of God between man and woman is an affront to our purpose. It's only because we've allowed our society to regress in its standards that the world at large and mainstream liberal churches cannot face down homosexuality. The road to homosexual relationships being normalized starts with adultery, allowing martial vows to be broken; then fornication, the acceptance of heterosexual relationships for pleasure outside of marriage; then masturbation, engagement in sexual desire without any regard for its end in driving the reproduction of mankind. When you put those three deviations together: that marital vows are meaningless, that any sexual relationship between consenting adults is permissible, and that sexual acts for immediate gratification are desirable, what is the product? Gay marriage. Without going further into rungs 4 and 5 of this ladder into destruction, let us return to the truth - only one set of relations bears the fruit of children, of the satisfaction of parenthood, and of the responsible commitment of the kindred souls of men and women until the death annuls their bond - and it to this which God our heavenly father gives His recognition and blessing. Amen.
I get it, Bros. Still, how do you preach this to potential converts? I see that getting them to agree on piecemeal elements of these truths caould work in the long run. Monogamy today, the threat of STIs another day, hedonism yet another and so on.
>>23463 Honestly, i dont know. I have demonstrated to people that the 'science' related to sodomy defense is all phony, that its a choice, an ugly playing with intestines choice, but people dont budge. Its like arguments dont matter. The cultural hold on the people is too strong. I think they have to convert first, then they are open to truth. While in a prodigal state, people are blinded. You can still try the science route. Like using the biggest and most recent study on the matter that used half a million genetic profiles and found no gay gene: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-019-02585-6 Even if the gay gestapo forced these scientists to say that there MAY be a genetic component. Its just a lie to save face, they found nothing.
Open file (411.88 KB 706x717 1672528665471.png)
Open file (307.17 KB 1078x2244 1672528619786.jpg)
Open file (570.86 KB 669x638 1672529836933.png)
>>23465 They used the idea of a gay gene to get acceptance even though the science behind it was bunk. In all likelihood it is probably the result of hormonal disruption due to environmental pollutants. We have had these vast shifts in cultural attitudes to celebrate things which the vast majority of society neither desires nor derives any joy in entertaining.
>>23470 >pics very nice, although i worry that the amount of damage they may have done to their balls may be too late by that point
>>23465 Even if a Gay Gene were to be found, that would only mean that the theological truth of homosexuality-as-a-cross would be hard-coded into some people's genes. So what? There are so many terrible inclinations built into peoples' genes that it all goes to show that we are fallen, and even if we accept the free gift of the Lord, we still tend to whore after every sin. That is one of my problems with 'imparted righteousness', 'once saved, always saved' and other Protestant errors, though I sympathise strongly with them at this point. I don't want to start another interdenominational flame war, just to insist on this one takeaway. In our corrupt state we walk almost innertially toward sin, and only the continued mercy of the Spirit of the Lord (for which we have to pray all the time) can give us strength to reject the seduction and the lies of the Principalities.
>>23474 >Even if a Gay Gene were to be found, that would only mean that the theological truth of homosexuality-as-a-cross would be hard-coded into some people's genes. So what? There are so many terrible inclinations built into peoples' genes that it all goes to show that we are fallen, and even if we accept the free gift of the Lord, we still tend to whore after every sin. Most people don't know their theology and fall prey to naturalistic and humanistic arguments. "There are animals that show gay behavior" (even though they are the exception and exclusive homosexuality is particular to humans) or "the existence of a gay gene means God made me gay" (showing an ignorance of the doctrine of original / ancestral sin and its consequences on human existence). This attitude derives from Enlightenment philosophy and its casting of base human nature as being innately good, which it appropriated from the Christian account of creation while dismissing the core truths of the faith. When secular science rewrote the account of human origins into the theory of evolution that innate good aspect was cast on to primitive societies, apes, animals, etc. This regressive speculation fails to generate any productive insight on what it means to be human and on the ultimate end of humanity in its denial that man was specifically created in the image of God, with authority over all other creatures and a unique connection with his Creator (which was severed by the introduction of sin, but is restored by the atoning sacrifice of the Son and the grace of the Spirit). The poorly catechized and the aberrant, operating on secular attitudes, circulate confused notions of virtue in life of the flesh and that loving God and Christ is a free will decision of the individual conscience and not a normative obligation, mashed with bits and pieces of dogmatic theology to arrive at distorted ideas of "God is love, and love is love, so God approves of gay marriage", antinomian formulations of "Free Grace" (that is actually what you describe in the latter part of your post), and universalism.
>>23474 Yeah. Behaviors that can stem from genetics, injuries, and other factors outside a person's immediate control, but it doesn't mean those behaviors are healthy or good whether or not the person can be blamed for them
>>23315 i almost groomed myself when i was younger, my generation will serve satan gladly if asked directly
Change their mind with the testimony of scripture. If they reject its authority then what we have is a worldview issue and we should proceed by attacking their worldview directly.
>>23491 >we should proceed by attacking their worldview directly. then they attack you physically LMAO
Open file (481.61 KB 640x310 videoplayback.mp4)
>>23492 >And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.
>>23494 When I slay the enemies of Christ I have no fear for I know God is a merciful and just God.
>>23495 >slay Do not do that
>>23498 only when necessary
>>23499 The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church. We were commanded not to fight back when we are persecuted for Christ's name so that our suffering will magnify the gospel. It id always necessary not to defend yourself from persecution, instead you should sing the praises of God.
>>23500 Christ literally says otherwise Luke 22:36
>>23502 >Then Jesus said to him, “Put your sword back into its place. For all who take the sword will perish by the sword.
You don't actually need to change anyone's mind. It's an intergroup competition that you are part of. You should abandon the stubborn losers and move on.
>>23463 If they don't accept common sense and hard evidence, then they have already adopted a slave mentality towards the ruling class that wants them to swallow the gay cake. Help them help themselves and they will find the way.
Open file (73.33 KB 256x144 images.mp4)
>>23503 You forgot the part where Peter interfered with God's plan and attacked an innocent guy who hadn't attacked him.
>>23507 They were arresting an innocent man, they werent really innocent.
>>23507 >>23513 Let's also not forget who that innocent man was
>>23513 Jesus gave himself up, Peter had no reason to attack. >>23515 Christ the Saviour who willingly gave Himself up to save the world? Peter attacking the guard was misplaced and interfered with God's plan. There's no way around this because otherwise you'd have to say that one part of the Bible is wrong.
>How do you convince people that homosexuality is wrong? >>23463 Tell them what faggots actually do. One covers his gentiles in feces, the other has his sphincter so damaged he literally can't keep himself from shitting himself for life. Neither is a proper treatment for a temple. If you saw someone deliberately break a gift you gave them, or cover it in shit (and it wasn't a toilet/dog poop scooper/etc.) you wouldn't want to give them gifts again. I'm not convinced Romans 1:26 actually means lesbians. If it were truly "obvious", the pre-modern commentaries would all agree, but said commentaries are all over the place on it. If they agree on any meaning, it's general lack of chastity/hypersexuality (which is clearly identified as bad elsewhere). Heinrich Meyer's 1858 commentary is the only one I'm aware of that definitively says it means lesbian. If two women being married civically is enough to stop it from being unchaste is unclear. >>23317 >carry cross means burden The bit on carrying cross means marching toward your death for Him, carrying the method of your own execution. The cross wasn't a symbol of Christ till centuries later. The more applicable phrase here is πειρασμόν (peirasmon), which means trial and temptation (but the limits of English mean it gets translated as just one most of the time), and the importance of resisting/overcoming it is repeatedly mentioned.
You literally show them the churches stance on homosexuality https://www.holy-trinity.org/morality/homosexuality.html And if they handwave that they are just the type of person to ignore anything they don't like.
Open file (273.67 KB 700x700 slave.jpg)
>>23536 just show the verses in the Bible discussing the issue. If they bring up some bs about that "being the old covenant" then show them the verse in Matthew 5 where Jesus says not a word from the "Law" shall be disobeyed till the end of time, then ask them which part of the Law Christ was referring to. Couldnt have been sacrificial law, couldnt have been customary law, that only leaves moral law.
>>23538 There are also at least two NT verses regarding the utter end of unrepentant sodomites anon. According to some Christian traditions, it's one of only 4 sins that cries out to Heaven.
Open file (93.26 KB 685x335 NRSV_updated.jpg)
>>23539 Liberal churches also change the verses in their translations to justify their promotion of sin when the underlying Greek word literally means "man-bedders".
>>23315 >How do you convince people that homosexuality is wrong? There's no need to "convince" anyone. The scripture is plain, they just don't care about God or His laws (first five books called the law, specifically) or Christ and His message (e.g. Mt 5:17) and therefore they're not worth your time. Period. /thread
>>23538 >it posts this image on a website that hosts porn the irony
>>23561 gay >>23562 very original

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