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Open file (49.70 KB 367x487 leninist pooe.jpg)
is this true?were there pro-soviet christians? Anonymous 12/30/2021 (Thu) 22:36:44 No.2309
"Starets and martyr Vladimir Lenin. The cult of Lenin as a holy starets is characteristic of the bezpopovcy, the Old Believers who deny the orthodox clergy, who since the 17th centuy were persecuted by Tsarist power. The victory of the Soviet revolution finally ended the reign of the Tsar – and the enemy of my enemy is my friend. This icon was photographed in a church in the Komi Autonomous Republic in the mid-1990s."
>The cult of Lenin as a holy starets is characteristic of the bezpopovcy, the Old Believers who deny the orthodox clergy > the Old Believers who deny the orthodox clergy Of course they do
>>2309 There are also Christians forced to worship Xi in China. It is a corruption.
I'm sure there were but that didn't stop socialist countries them from bringing down churches.
Nevermind that Lenin was the biggest blasphemy to happen to Russia since the worst days of Peter the Great. And to think that I pitied them. https://iupress.org/9780253341280/red-priests/ This book may be of interest with regard to the Reds within the Orthodox Church.
>>2317 Picture for those who want to find it another way.
>>2309 Soviets === pure evil Communism === pure evil Jesus === pure good Easy to learn OP As for Lenin, most people that knew him really didn't like him. Wether it be other soviets or people who visited the country he ruled with an iron fist. He gave off a sadistic and evil vibe when people saw him. Almost like a demonic imp.
>>2336 Lenin and his version of Marxist theory make a great deal more sense once you know that his brother was executed for terrorism. The system he made was never intended to work long-term. It was merely the infernal vengeance of a cruel man.
>>2344 Dostoevsky predicted that power-mad freaks like Lenin would come along. Read his book ‘Devils’ where he warns against leftists and atheists >According to Richard Pevear, Dostoevsky even presaged the appearance of Lenin himself with his description of the final reader at the ill-fated literary gala: "a man of about forty, bald front and back, with a grayish little beard, who...keeps raising his fist over his head and bringing it down as if crushing some adversary to dust
Marxism is Christianity stripped off of its weed-induced schizo stories.
>>2552 >weed Where? When? How?
>>2552 Marxism is literally an inversion of Christianity, imagine believing this nonsense.
>>2576 The religion of envy. Really, though, where would the Prophets acquire cannabis? Why would people fight and voluntarily die for visions no more interesting than those out of Delphi? It doesn't make sense on its face.
>>2552 0/10 post try harder
Does anyone have a good source or three for crimes against Christians done by Lenin's Bolsheviks?

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