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John 3:16 KJV: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Anonymous 12/23/2022 (Fri) 05:47:15 ID: b6345f No.22521
I was looking for a charity that helps the poor yet doesn't support abortion. It seems the three "Catholic" charities; Catholic Charities USA, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and the Catholic Health Association supported legislation back in 2009 that would fund abortion. This is against the Catholic faith on two levels: #1 abortion, #2 socialism. And Peter's Pense - I'm still disappointed yet not at all surprised that Bergoglio (Who some believe to be the current Pope Francis) gave Peter's Pence to homosexual/transsexual prostitutes who were lacking in income because of the Covid shutdowns. While searching non-Catholic religious charities that are more Catholic than Pope Frank, I ran across this story Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed this week that her “Jewish brothers and sisters” believe killing unborn babies in abortions is a religious sacrament “according to their faith.” Incredible! She talking about sacrificing babies to Moloch. Is it really part of the Jewish religion, or is she lacking in understanding in a major way? *https://www.lifenews.com/2022/12/22/aoc-claims-abortion-is-a-religious-sacrament/
Is the Salvation Army rid of it's wrongful hate of white people and Christians that the "woke" Salvation Army International Social Justice Commission believes? They were very helpful to my older brother a long time ago at a time when the Catholic Charities wouldn't help. So much for being an alter boy, eh? OTOH, I don't want to support an organization that is racist and blames Christians for racism. (The irony is not lost on me). I'm thinking I should pay back for the kindness the did for my older brother. IF the SA has reformed, I think I shall make a monthly gift to them. Wish I could find the Church created by Christ. Then I'd donate to their seminary. So far, I got nuthin'.
>>22521 >I was looking for a charity that helps the poor yet doesn't support abortion. The Dream Center in Los Angeles qualifies on both counts, especially the first one.
>>22525 It's 14 F here and I worry about the poor man who sleeps at the door of the pawn shop. I want to help him, but not give him money that he'll spend on drugs. God please help those who sleep on the streets.
>>22526 Amen.
>>22521 >This >Again Tl;Dr, reform (liberal) Jews were trying to say abortion is apart of their religion because they believe in liberalism and other ideas that would support abortion. It's complicated so I recommend just looking up reform Judaism, they basically believe that the Torah can mean whatever you want it to and are also incredibly liberal.
>>22533 >Catholicism isn't strictly anti-socialism, where do you think liberation theology came from? Several papal encyclicals condemned "communism" (note: every single "Communist state" e.g. China and the Soviet Union were Socialist) There was Pope Pius IX "Quanta Cura" 1864 ''... For, teaching and professing that most deadly error of communism and socialism, they assert that "domestic society or the family borrows the whole reason for its existance from the civil law alone; and, hence, all rights of parents over their children, especially the right of caring for their instruction and education, eminate from and depend wholly on the civil law." Pope Pius IX goes on to say commies are deceitful and they work towards depravity. Pope Leo XIII Quod apostolici muneris 1878 also condemned socialism as evil. Thus, Liberation theology is heresy to the Church. Those who practice it are not Catholic. You can't say that "Priests" who practice the wickedness of liberation theology are "Catholic" any more than you can say that the Catholic Monk Martin Luther was Catholic. The faith of the Catholic Church is found in the Bible and the teachings of the popes, not in the acts of faithless commies pretending to be Priests of God. (See first picture and the blasphemy of Begoglio) Again, Socialism is taking the government gun to rob the worker to give to the poor (and to finance the government gun). Christ wanted us to give freely and didn't advocate banditry under color of godless civil law invented by the Synagogue of Satan. >Anyways, no, abortion is not really a Jewish sacrament Good to hear. So, she's just wrong. Yet, we have Leviticus 18:21 where they are told to not give their children to Moloch. Seems to have been a problem for thousands of years. >It genuinely feels like you only made this thread to spread antisemitism If you're Christian, you reject the murder of Christ with their lies and deceit, the wicked Talmud that replaced the Torah, and believe the truth of the Christian Bible including Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. The Council of Basel taught us to live apart from the Jews. We disobeyed, and now our children are their debt slaves, they spread porn and wickedness (all the top porn companies are owned by Jews) and the whole country is given to sodomy and lies. I'm not particularly anti-semitic, but I'm not going to stupidly chant that they're just like Christians. That's a bald faced lie.
Open file (998.27 KB 3072x1728 100_0063.JPG)
>>22534 >This.... again. Studying the Synagogue of Satan is not high on my priority. I'm trying to sort out the things I know about the Christian faith that are true (Bible + True Popes), from that which is not true (Apparitions, AntiChrists and personal revelations) I did attend a seminar on different translations of the Talmud once in Uni. (it was on-line) Seemed to study the fine points - were Germans pigs, or Piggish? They had insults and hate for everyone not Jewish. Real eye opener. I had read translations of parts of the Talmud and was told that they were Christian lies. Then here I was at a seminar for Jews, and it turns out that the translations were all true.
>>22539 Talmud is a catalogue of rabbinical discussions. It's inevitable that you'll find hate in it, especially considering the climate between Jews and Christians of that time. Anyways, I don't know of any charities that you could use. Most I wouldn't even trust, if you can try donating your time or helping out a poor friend or neighbor. Bring them some food or supplies or help them with anything they need help with.
Open file (112.92 KB 856x397 jewish transgenderism.jpg)
Open file (190.68 KB 917x586 1645974194209.jpg)
Open file (202.89 KB 984x1222 1663881992893.jpg)
Open file (242.93 KB 1488x1536 1667607538794575.jpg)
>>22521 >>22539 >Is it really part of the Jewish religion, or is she lacking in understanding in a major way? It's complicated. At least in the modern jews, it's not much about being pro abortion, but more about being pro-egoism and anti-life.
>>22521 It wasnt a missunderstandment from her part. In this latest roevwade debacle, many jewish organizations put forth that abortion was a jewish value. Its true or not depending of the judaism we are talking about. If we mean the OT worship of God, its obviously false, but this religion doesnt exist anymore, God made sure of it by destroying the temple. If we mean the current Christ rejecting jews, then yes, everything anti Christ seems to be a value to them.
>>22566 most simple way to put it is that its about liberalism. Reform Jews have engrained liberalism and its virtues into their religion. So thats where it comes from
The question of how to help the homeless The Salvation Army seemed to have recanted their hate of white people and Christians, and they did help my brother. But they've only edited their website, no telling if they're teaching the homeless that whites and Christians are racist. Still mulling over Union Gospel Mission (UGM) in the Idaho, Oregon and Washington area of the US; that is, the Continental United States of America Northwest, sometimes called the Pacific Northwest, which makes no sense at all since we're not in Kamchatka. Seems more Christian than the Catholic charities that have ties to Planned Parenthood. After seeing money donated to Catholic (novus ordo) charities go to homosexual prostitutes, helping people including illegal aliens, drug smugglers and those who work illegally in the US, taking jobs from other people, not donating to them anymore. The question of Abortion being part of the Jewish religion This is the issue I stumbled upon while researching the abortion issue. The only scripture about this I know of is Leviticus 18:21, which tells the Jews to stop killing their babies for Moloch. >>22566 >>22569 These two posts are enlightening. So, AOC wasn't completely wrong, she was basing her claims on pro-Abortion Jewish groups. I thought it was a thing from the wicked Talmud. Oh wait, it is, and Jews put their wicked Talmud above the Law of God as given to Moses in the Torah: "Of course, the Torah is pro-life, as Deuteronomy 30:19 supports choosing life; we also value life over nearly all values. Yet, even the most important of Torah laws are trumped by even the slightest concern of danger to life. For example, Talmud Yoma 82a rules that danger to life supersedes Yom Kippur, Shabbat and other mitzvos, besides the three cardinal sins." https://tjpnews.com/understanding-abortion-in-the-torah-and-talmud/ Oh well.
>>22521 Reminder that Planned Parenthood was founded by a eugenicist so they want poor people to abort to eliminate undesirables from the gene pool. Either you stand for God or you stand for Satan and his perversions.
>>22575 Yeah.... it's all pretty outrageous but getting off topic... Consider that if Sanger had her way, Obama would never have been born - her goal was to abort him. Wicked evil exists in this world.
>>22573 >These two posts are enlightening. So, AOC wasn't completely wrong, she was basing her claims on >pro-Abortion Jewish groups. >I thought it was a thing from the wicked Talmud. >Oh wait, it is, and Jews put their wicked Talmud above the Law of God as given to Moses in the Torah: abortion is not supported by the Talmud. Its supported by Reform Jews whose logic relies so heavily on twisting the Torah that it can hardly even be considered Judaism. Orthodox Jews think abortion is an abomination. Talmud is just a collection of old rabbinical discussions. Think of Reform Jews like Liberal Christians, just a little different.
>>22534 Whatever reason that horse-faced bartender says is a lie. Their real reason is they want more goyim dead. It's easier to control a deliberately dumbed-down, sex-addicted populace that can't even take responsibility for the consequences of their actions like intercourse. They literally started putting fluoride in the water after WWII because they learned it was used in camps to sedate prisoners. They spray the air with aluminum, barium, and strontium. They patent aluminum-resistant seeds. Whatever 99.999...9% of politicians do or say, it's in service of satan. Just boil it all down to that; satan wants to kill, so they want to kill and they want to go after the most vulnerable, a baby in his mother's womb, where the baby should be the safest.
Open file (58.43 KB 411x331 Cup Sip.jpg)
>>22526 >I want to help him, but not give him money that he'll spend on drugs. I have the same thought often when thinking of the homeless of my city. It would be optimal to help them and take no credit, but it seems more elusive from my perspective than I think it should be.
>>22643 >>22539 that would make sense if they were trying to say it for everyone, but for libjews abortion is a right for jews for shitty revisionisms
>>22526 Donate to the local homeless shelter. I don't think they have an agenda.

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