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/christian/ is being claimed Anonymous Root 11/18/2022 (Fri) 05:39:42 No.21208
A claim has been requested for /christian/ at >>>/meta/15940 and since this board's owner is inactive, it is being considered. An email has been sent to the current board owner. If you are the board owner, please post in this sticky with your capcode confirming as to whether you would like to retain ownership or allow the board to be transferred to the new owner. If there is no response for one week, the board will be transferred to the new owner. --- update: The previous BO saysh has now willingly passed the BO role over to christianjanny, who is now the new BO of /christian/ (>>21282, >>21288, >>21295). >=== -add 'update' notification
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>>21208 Cringe. I nominate christianjanny for new BO.
Emailed saysh yesterday and he still hasn't replied. Going to make a counterclaim on the basis that I don't know who that anon is and what his intentions are, and given how much hate this board has on the webring I'd rather not find out until it's too late.
Posting with trip so people know it's me on other boards
>>21236 >and given how much hate this board has on the webring I realize you're probably relatively new here. But for those of us who've been here since the Watkins debacle, it's not the webring that hates us, but the leadership/(((funders))) of bl*cked.gov, and other troons across the Internet. Trivial attacks by various stripes of shitposters are irrelevant and easily dealt with. The BO or vols OTOH, can be far more insidious. I appologize for not taking the primary role here myself; I have much on my plate is my only plea. >I'd rather not find out until it's too late. I've found that the Admins of Anoncafe are eventually reasonable. Rejection of the above Acid/Cakefat/et al webring abuse of us all, for example.
>>21243 Where is the BO?
>>21246 I have no idea personally. Haven't spoken with him since I vol'd here a while back.
sorry ive been gone a few days i dont mind giving the BO over to someone but id rather it be someone i can trust more like christianjanny whos moderated the board quite well for the past few months
>>21276 Gone for what!? You don't even have an excuse? Gosh I wonder how you people work jobs. "it's just an imageboard." It's a Christian imageboard apparently, in other words it's part of the most important thing in your life, you're in charge of it. This should be a devotion work from you. Tens of people. If you have other devotions then that's fine, but have some professionalism, say something, but instead nothing and this that which is suppose to honour Christ is treated as a bit of straw really. You don't mind giving BO to someone else? Why are you BO in the first place then? Make your decision and give it away then. All you people leave vomit on the ground and show up late to work, a circus not a church. You cares who you trust, you've already shown your lack of competence and disdain and uncare for things of God unless a greater devotion has taken you and even then you lack responsibility and planning. "I'll give up board owner sure." Don't become board owner in the first place, and you're coming here being gone for a few days? What is this spirit in the world that makes people think leadership is a basic ability. You shouldn't even need "volunteers" and "janitors". You people are outta your minds. This little dumb website is just a microcosm for a real issue.
Open file (1.47 MB 500x375 1599178681176.gif)
>>21277 And you know what else. This is a platform. That's the upsetting thing. I don't care if it's only tens of people. This is a platform, you know how many people don't get to have a platform? You know how hard it is to have one for Christ? How many people try to have podcasts and youtube videos and different outreaches or even try to make Christian assemblies and groups and they can't get any attention whatsoever, and people who can't get any platform. You have one and you treat it with disrespect you treat it like it's nothing. When many people would use this board to genuinely make disciples and see people come to faith and glorify God and Jesus not Christ-chan. So that is actually upsetting. And I don't mean to be rude to anyone or nothing. Saying as I feel as I ought.
>>21276 Hey there, I'm your other vol. Good hearing from you, hope you're alright BO. I'd approve of this decision for christianjanny as well FWIW. He's been a good volunteer IMO. Cheers.
>>21276 If you want to transfer ownership to someone else, go to /christian/'s board management page, then the "Transfer Board" panel at the bottom right, type in the username of the user you want to transfer ownership to, and click the Transfer Board button. Once we see that ownership has been transferred and that the new owner is active, we'll consider the present claim invalid.
>>21281 Do any of you actually care about Jesus? Is he the first thought? This is a real question. The name Jesus isn't mentioned a single time in this thread aside from me. Is this his board or is it your board where you guys come here to have fun and play pretend owner and volunteer with your little titles? Do you take any responsibility? Have you stated any ideas, "/christian/ is being claimed!" Who cares!? This is a stickied thread? You waste everyone's time with this? How many people run this board and you waste this much time, you guys don't even seem to have a form of proper communication. The Good News is not in a single one of your now four stickied threads you know that. You should all be ashamed of running this board, genuinely when you got a 170+ reply thread for Christ-chan. But you hang around and think it's all funny and good. People wonder why there's churches that are so bad and you go there and the sermon is all about self-love and accepting yourself and no repentance, no judgement, it's because of this. You look at it objectively, if indeed you're born again, then you see the problems clearly, and the solutions are not difficult. They're just uncomfortable because instead we can all say we're all great and so important and fantastic job everybody. Jesus is worth more than the pathetic effort you guys have put in, to me anyways, to you maybe not, God's people and the Lord are not so important and this is another dumb 4chan board. So if you want a clear indication; if you're going to have something in front of everyone's face, and again, MOSTLY unsaved people are looking at this board probably 90% at least, you don't even have any resources for them, they look at a bunch of trash, an anime idol mockery of Christ and then they go down to the threads one of them posted by YOU GUYS literally promoting denomination waste of time garbage. I can't express it enough, the Master and the Master's manual aren't even there. Love is not there, there is no love, hardly even empty words but we love by our deeds (I John 3:18). I am an unsaved person I come to this board and I could spend days here and I still wouldn't know how to go to Heaven, I don't think anyone would have told me to read the Bible and where to start, I don't even know what the Bible is, does God love me I don't know that either, I don't even know that I need to be forgiven. I know Christianity is probably a religion to you, I don't want to be mean but that's how I feel, I can't make you repent or anyone here. I respect that you guys have done a bit religiously. I think you should take this board seriously. Have you talked to christianjanny? What do you mean he's been a good volunteer, what is that it? Next ordained overseer? How long is this cycle of nonsense going to go on. I don't know that christianjanny has made a statement of faith that he understands the scripture, he could be a perfectly fine person, the question is who should be in charge of a Christian "community" of sorts whatever you want to call it. This bares the Christian name. Luke says the disciples were called christians. Paul and Peter say more than once who should be shepherd and overseer of communities yet those passages aren't brought up in this decision they seem to be of little importance compared to being a good volunteer in your opinion. And I point this out because you're a deacon, so you've also taken responsibility for something related to Christ. But the whole thing seems very unthought through, especially I don't know that you have prayed about a new board owner, who again should be a shepherd but you treat this like wordly junk. You got christians in name only and even non-christians running and telling how to run. This board should be a light that makes exposure of all others clear, it should be a different board. I like that people seek God and don't want to masturbate and some other things, I post things here, of course I don't need to mention all that. People would come out of the woodworks to defend the Mormon church afterall, but I will criticize it and its falseness. What do you consider? What I have said, please do consider and pray for guidance, sounds to me like you guys are just doing whatever you want when you have taken a massive responsibility in representing the Lord. The prophets are going out whom the Lord did not send (Jeremiah 14:14) and the priests are ruling by their own means (Jeremiah 5:31). Again, the word pray not so far brought up, seems like the only thing important for this decision is what God wants and God is engaged in these things unless you don't have the Spirit, not claiming that I'm just saying, Christ lives in us and is the reason and cause of all decisions I would hope.
>>21284 >going around judging others' faith Do you?
>>21285 I suggest reading my post and responding to what I said next time. It will make things better.
But none of the fake christians who run this board will not do anything, I say that with sadness. They will not fix this board they will not make it a place for people to come to faith and be born again, learning and believing the Good News but instead just to make cultural warriors (at best). And you know everything I've said is the truth those who actually know the truth, which is few and most have given up on visiting here because why bother, this board is a sham. They will be childish as they have shown themselves to be, irresponsible. Yes I know where I am, yes I'm aware many of them probably are actual children... still, I've given the suggestion to make this board actually useable and to give the Gospel to people give resources to people rather than what they currently want to use it for which is to promote their false assembly, The Bible says there's another Jesus and he's clearly seen in this board. They can be offended all they wish, but what I said is perfectly true, this board should be cleaned up immediately, but they won't do it. Why? I'll be very blunt I don't believe they have any idea who God is, who Jesus is. I mean clearly four sickies and there's no indication that they know anything other than chan culture nonsense, so I'm left with that. Do the people in charge of /christian/ need to be witnessed to? Serious question. I need greater discipleship, I can't be a pastor, that's fine. And if they are capable of running a "church of anon.cafe" (their own words) then why are they doing such a poor job, to a point where this place would not be even mildly acceptable as a real assembly, at all. Not evangelistic either, this board is hideous, it's ugly. Not totally unredeemable, I'm not saying it's evil, I'm giving my suggestions that anyone in charge here should seriously gird up their loins. Obviously I would delete everything on this board and start over. Do I have to mention it again!!? There's a 170+ thread for Christ-chan stickied. There's not a single Gospel presentation sitckied or anything of the kind, Jesus is not mentioned in the sickies once, God is mentioned one time in praise made a bit hollow by the fact that it is followed by nonsense. So is that so hard to get rid of the terrible clutter. What do you want me to say about that. This is 1 Corinthians 11 level stuff, your meetings do more harm than good, should I praise you for this? No he won't says Paul. There's people who come here to argue about denominations. Obviously from the look of it no one comes here anymore, but they used to come here for that. Waste of time that thankfully those people have moved on from. Though I wonder if they've actually just moved away rather than towards God. Is my question going to be answered, is any statement I've made going to be addressed, will you stop wasting space with Christ-chan and put a thread with anything actually useful like ccel.org, earlynewtestament.com, faithcomesbyhearing.com, holylandphotos.org, blueletterbible.org, the list goes on. But more importantly explain the BASICS to people who come and see, well the devil doesn't want people to know the truth and so the beast will use this board to keep people stupid and ignorant about Christ and salvation, just keep looking at the cultural junk that's all it's about, that's why only a place like this will be attacked by satan. Again bluntly, I really fail to see how a born again christian could have any leadership role in a board that looks like this, and I think anyone would have to agree on that. People backslide, but maybe it's time to stop turn and change it and get serious in the word. But that said, it's still a futaba imageboard it's still not designed for proper human communication. But info it can do, but even the info side of things this board not only fails it falls off a cliff. And I only say this because I can, if you don't want me to say this you can tell me to leave, ban me, whatever. And you don't have to address anything I've said here either or about the profanity and poor janitorial skills. If I'm serving someone and someone says "you're going a poor job, you're a maid?" I understand that is hurtful at times but they are probably usually right, I do do a poor job but I accept what they've said and hopefully repent and change and of course. If you are offended by correction God might just stop correcting you. And that terrifies me certainly, I want to be corrected and rebuked all the time, I want God to correct my life, always. They've made some effort to make the board "nicer" or "high-quality" but it's like they don't really get it. They seem to think they're in charge of just another fun 4chan board. Look at what the owner of this board said: "in regards to banning slurs and such i support free speech id agree most posts that use nigger are usually low quality posts but i dont think people should be banned categorically for using it" NOTHING to do with the Bible, which speaks against the sin of profanity blasphemy evil communication! Colossians 3:8, Ephesians 5:4 James 3:10 just to name a few. "free speech" these people are not christians they are culture al and political and academic christians, calling people niggers in my "church" board is fine? Why am I even bothering, any real christian come by will know what I'm talking about but I'm literally talking to atheists about topics they don't even care about or understand because they don't love Jesus they love their made-up religion. Your speech is not free friend, that is not what the Bible teaches, you have to watch your mouth. Now if you don't want this to a christian assembly and don't want to support christian ideas, that is fine. But I'm just saying my opinions as I am allowed.
alright ive decided to step down as BO, after seeing how christianjanny handles the board i think he'll make a better BO than me. i apologise for the scandal to the board i hope you all give your trust and prayers to our new BO God bless >>21277 i am not a priest, im just some guy, i never saw BO as a platform, my job was to moderate. you can criticise me for not doing that well enough but the rest of this is a bit much i think all the moderators on the board are Christian
>>21287 All right, your rebuke is well-considered Anon. I'll make some selective replies, and speaking merely for myself and my own perspective. >...and this is another dumb 4chan board. Indeed. And that simple fact colors everything else I may say, so let that establish your initial conditions in your consideration of such. This board is a place that at least reaches out to some of the most rebellious, slothful, indigent, angry, lustful, immature, and outcast members of any society, namely Anon. Your writing makes it perfectly clear you're not from around here, friend. And that's fine, I'm not suggesting you leave or anything presumptuous like that. But the simple fact is you don't fit in here yet. If we adopted your approach to the letter (Killing Christ-chan, pretending all true-habeeber Christians were Catholics-only, super srsbzns censorship no exceptions!111), then this would quickly become a weird and dead board (I mean, weirder & moar deded than now, heh. :^). Please forgive me if I presume too much, Anon. >Do any of you actually care about Jesus? Is he the first thought? This is a real question. Yes, certainly. I've been a participant on and off in this board for 3+ years now. I've frequently discussed the simple need for the Risen Christ Jesus by everyman, including every Anon here. >The name Jesus isn't mentioned a single time in this thread Simply b/c the Lord Jesus Christ isn't the proper topic ITT. Anoncafe Admins are alerting the entire /christian/-community there's about to be a leadership change soon if current BO doesn't show his face. Appropriately, that's the topic ITT. >play pretend owner and volunteer with your little titles? LOL. Fair enough, I suppose. But if you knew how things work on the Internet, then you'd know the 4 of us are simply following well-established protocols that have been in effect for 15+ years. The wee """titles""" are there simply for full-disclosure for the entire board (indeed the entire site). >I can't express it enough, the Master and the Master's manual aren't even there. Fair argument. Had I accepted the role of BO here in years past, I probably would have created at least one Bible + Salvation sticky here to the best of my ability, Anon. >an anime idol mockery of Christ I get that in your world it may seem such, but I'd suggest you pray & seek the Holy Spirit's guidance on your viewpoint towards Christ-chan. She's probably one of the single-most wholesome inputs Anon may have into his life r/n. She certainly inspires practically every incipient & long-term waifuist towards trad righteousness and the dream of a wonderful, Godly marriage. She inspires all of us towards Jesus Christ and His will in our lives IMO. Again, you 'had to be there'; you haven't, obvs. >Next ordained overseer? How long is this cycle of nonsense going to go on. Lol. As long as Anoncafe stands? :^) Just how these things work in this world friend. >I know Christianity is probably a religion to you I can't speak for others ofc, but I'm a devoted follower of Jesus Christ, and I don't hide or restrain that proclamation to others, AFK or otherwise. >especially I don't know that you have prayed about a new board owner I have indeed prayed about that exact topic. I might ask: have you done the same unselfishly? :^) >it should be a different board Indeed. In fact, I would say in large part it already is. >Love is not there, there is no love Again, you're plainly not from around here. So-called sh*tposting is very common phenomenon. Add into that mix of /b/-tards and troons, actual CIA Glown*ggers, and you're going to wind up with quite a circus. Not making excuses for evildoers Anon, simply pointing out a couple of realities about IBs you may be misunderstanding. >sounds to me like you guys are just doing whatever you want when you have taken a massive responsibility in representing the Lord. >And I point this out because you're a deacon, so you've also taken responsibility for something related to Christ. Sober & stern rebukes, and ones I took seriously long ago. I'm in the postion I'm in here ATM, simply to try to reign in the spate of troonage the haters were getting away with a while back. It's worked AFAICT. >Christ lives in us and is the reason and cause of all decisions I would hope. As would I. I would simply point out that may take surprising non-"""religious""" forms at times, as God reaches down to us all in his vast grace & mercy to reach us all where we are. Not saying men can readily stay in their sins if they are become born-again. But this simple fact is plain: Men take a bath because they are dirty. He came to heal the sick, not the whole. The sinners, not the righteous. Please accept our apologies friend, no offense is intended. Your inputs are appreciated! :^) >=== -add missing crosslink
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>>21288 God bless you BO, thanks for the decision and the heads-up as well. Please be here for the /christmas/ event! :^)
>>21288 You've done nothing but give BO to another fake Christian. So long as this board looks fake, I'll say it's run by fakes especially when they post opinions so gravely in error. I have no interest in putting you down, this isn't about you or anyone, but you guys are the ones in charge, I don't care who is in charge. I'm telling you the errors that you should fix.
>>21289 I don't respond to greentext nonsense and besides you don't seem to be addressing what I'm actually trying to get across, which is kind of the problem with greentext. You should be able to reply to what I actually say, not pick out random half sentences and partial paragraphs and the rest. It's very strange to do that and it doesn't go anywhere because you're always going to miss the big picture when you can't read a whole post and respond in whole. I want simple fixes, I want these horrible stickies gone and a Gospel presentation and real resources for people and I want the profanity to be deleted. Do it, or not.
>>21292 >I want simple fixes, I want these horrible stickies gone and a Gospel presentation and real resources for people and I want the profanity to be deleted. Heh, no offense friend, but: >I, I, I May I suggest you begin your own Christian IB? Might make you happier in the end tbh. Just sayin.
>>21293 Like I said, if you don't have to do it. If Christ-chan is more important than the Gospel to you, that's fine, you don't have to have anything actually useful stickied. And you can have all the fake love and fake niceness you want, just like every "feel good" fake church with no seriousness no repentence, the people that go to Church everyday and one day they wake up in Hell. So to me it's actually serious that there's not a Gospel presentation when there's four other pathetic stickies. BUT, I've said what I can say, since this is a "free speech" board afterall. You have a christian platform and responsibility. This is the only Christian board of futaba imageboards, people come here and frankly I think they'd leave worse off. Which could be solved as I said easily, but you have said no, so you can continue on.
>log on >suddenly am BO Well alright then. Thanks saysh, best of luck in whatever you may be doing in the future. Will continue to moderate the board as I have done so in the past and open up questioning in the meta thread later to discuss exactly what threads should and should not be allowed.
>>21294 >Which could be solved as I said easily, but you have said no, so you can continue on. I'd suggest you have that dialog with the board's new owner, as he has graciously invited you to do (>>21295).
I'd like to commend #root. The Admins of Anoncafe have once again demonstrated a level of professionalism and maturity for this transition that bears them in good stead with the Internet. Cheers.
>momyyyyyyyyy they splited the church agaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiin
>>21295 Based may you be the David to the Saul of the first BO (no offense to the first BO).

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