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Was he wrong? Anonymous 11/02/2022 (Wed) 04:41:23 ID: 415f95 No.20831
Was Saint John Chrysostom wrong about the Jews? Second picture is from a college lecture on the different translations of the Talmud. Seemed... revealing.
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Was the Lord wrong when he called them a brood of vipers? Was Saint Pope Pius X wrong when he refused to support Zionism?
>>20831 >>20832 Yes, all of them are in error.
>>20831 He is correct, but his focus on their spirit rather than their actions is misguided. It's assumed that Jews are separated in spirit because they are not Christian. To argue that they are is mostly pointless and will never be a convincing argument against Jews who are not already sympathetic to Christianity. In Judaism, the position of Prophet is as a corrective force in discourse and practice, so arguments that those like Jeremiah speaking against Judaism are abandoning it, rather than holding truer to the principles and beliefs of Judaism, are nonsense when made with Jews as the subject because they can always argue against it in a way that is convincing within their own culture. Lastly, the contention that Jews have no concept of damnation is incorrect. They don't speak of it because the afterlife for the sinful is already painful but purifying. There is no concept of eternal damnation because everyone is capable of salvation. Thus, damnation is to be born and live apart from God, either consciously or unconsciously. The latter is only possible if you have no concept of Judaism to the point of never having heard the word. It would have been better to expound on the actions which they perform in hypocrisy of their faith and the parity of their sin with pagans. Of course, this quotation is likely from a larger work in which he does so. In summary, he's right about the Jews. From a Christian perspective, they are entirely in error, but his words don't work for the common man, who may repeat them to a Jew and be met with endless dialogue to the contrary. >>20832 Christ spoke against the Pharisees because they were the pinnacle of hypocrisy, snuffing out dialogue (the founding principle of Judaism and their claim as to why God had chosen them) and enforcing views for both personal and material gain. "Rabbi" was a venerable title not because it meant to be so wise as to be able to argue the points of the Law and help others but because of its religious, cultural, and political authority. They had strayed so far from the Law and with such authority that they had dragged all Jews into increasing separation from God, even within the spoken tradition. While the comings of people who alleged themselves prophets was extremely common, they turned away, even killed, a man who had worked miracles as their prophets had. Christ was the last test of the Jews as a people, and those who remained to pursue worldly comforts and security failed. They maintain the tradition of the Pharisees. They do this not by disallowing dialogue with those who seek it but by having such rigidity in their interpretations and pride in their correctness that any dialogue contrary to and which does not pay service to the authority of their historical practice is ridiculed, shamed, and violently removed.
>>21012 Anonymous is in error.

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