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Open file (297.53 KB 862x1130 NNNov.jpg)
No-Nut November Anonymous 11/01/2022 (Tue) 19:44:31 ID: 9d3af7 No.20787
Are you participating my brother in Christ? Or have you already failed?
I failed about two and a half hours into the day with some buddies of mine.
Failed the moment i entered the water closet, as an average christian porn addiction is to be expected.
>>20788 >>20790 These posts are blackpilling, is there anyone here that has not failed NNN.
Open file (255.50 KB 736x590 87615.jpg)
>>20791 I haven't failed!
>>20787 Failed to an HMV. >>20794 >>20795 I'll pray that the both of will succeed in your respective endeavours.
Open file (18.06 MB 1280x720 Hallowed Ban The Porn.mp4)
Will be using this month as a stepping stone to refrain altogether. God bless all. Here have a neat little tune.
If it counts from this moment, 1st of November, then i am continuing. If you count from the beginning of this day then i failed two hours ago. Heavy drug this thing is, but i think i can do it... at least for a couple of weeks.
Open file (238.69 KB 1579x1985 1664694232267463.jpg)
>>20795 Me neither. Stay strong brother. Remember that November may only be thirty days but for Christians NNN is 365 days-long.
I've been going for a while. The way I count it, it's been since before Valentine's Day (that being that I don't count it if I'm not conscious when it happens). I'm not too worried about just another month. You can do it, too, anon. It gets easier after the first three weeks.
second day status : Fapped I am sorry brothers I was tempted.
>>20869 Just get back up, brush yourself off, and move forward Anon.
>>20788 >>20790 >>20794 >>20798 >>20830 >>20869 https://easypeasymethod.org/ plesea read this in one day if you can, and stay strong, please DONT EVEN THINK you can resist if you are not in constant prayer and reading the word of God https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wikt12mzstc and dont be alone where you can sin, go to your church and request the help of an elder you dont have to tell them what the problem is but be in company and fellowship with people in your faih if you dont go to church just be around your family or in a public space. >>20839 365 days and the 4000 weeks we are alive please resist this evil that has broken so many lives already
Open file (58.86 KB 250x250 phase_2.png)
>Day 4
Open file (569.42 KB 1920x2560 91HiqSzRYwL.jpg)
i failed im a failure
>>20982 "For a righteous man may fall seven times And rise again." -Proverbs 24:16a
>>20983 I already fell 4 times but today has been peaceful, i think i can nail tomorrow and perhaps until the end of the month Even if we fail we can continue and develop something, who knows we may complete December without trying.
I failed today, I started before NNN about a week and a half ago, it was pretty easy and even tho I failed today it wasn't to porn. Anyways, hopefully I didn't just jinx it. There's still 3 more weeks left in November and it takes about 3 weeks for things to get easy mode.
>>20985 So I've heard.
I failed :( I went on over to /cuckquean/
>>20982 >>20984 >>20985 >>20986 >>20988 https://easypeasymethod.org/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wikt12mzstc stop ignoring advices Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts. Zechariah 4:6
Been going strong for 11 months now. Wet dreams don't count since you don't have fully conscious control over them, and it's a mechanism your body uses so your prostate doesn't pop like a balloon. December 4th will be the one year mark.
>>20991 Thanks for the consideration but I'm fine. Things like that haven't worked really well for me. Best advice I can give to anyone here is to fill the void the addiction fills with something else (love rather than lust for example) preferably something tangible that you can touch and see everyday. Say you have a crush at school or work, do it for her. Or do it for God, if you work at your church or study apologetics or anything of the sorts then do it so you can do those jobs with the highest efficiency. Same thing with hobbies. Basically fill the void the porn fills with things and people you love and who you don't want to hurt or let down and let that help power you through. And if you feel weak pray to God for strength although from my experiences He may not respond, I guess it depends on your situation and what kind of character He wants you to build.
>>20991 It seems that he makes the point that sexual desire is one thing, and there is biblically nothing wrong with burning with desire for a beautiful woman, but where it becomes sin is when we entertain that desire in and of itself as fantasy or worse fornication. Doug Wilson also has some great videos on this too though they're focused on married life. He posited a scenario where you're on your computer, scrolling when you cross by an ad with a woman in a tight bikini that just happens to fill your screen as your wife enters the room: what do? He said you can either impress and assure her by jumping out of your seat and making a show of shock and indignation at this moral horror, in which case you'll have been a good pharisee by making yourself look really righteous while enabling desire to fester in your soul because you acted like it's a real big deal and that'll leave an imprint in your mind. Or what you could do is brush it off and as he put it "treat it as seriously as it deserves, which is not at all" and turn to your wife and say "isn't this a great country?" before scrolling away like you were going to anyway
Open file (438.25 KB 1891x1949 phase_3.jpg)
>>20971 >Day 5
i failed again, theres no hope for me im not gonna make it its over
Open file (137.94 KB 1024x576 culture.jpg)
>>21007 >kracc bacc
Open file (215.18 KB 744x843 christ chan 9.png)
>>21011 Why the fr*ck do godless homos keep coming here?
The answer is not iron willpower or devotion to an imaginary friend, but right brain chemistry and lack of boredom. I used to fap 3-5 times a day before moving back to parents and sibling, now I have close to no desire as long as I'm not alone. The brain gets happy chemicals from social interaction with family and doesn't need to make up for it, simple as.
A suggestion from personal experience: confession is a big help. Now, what I mean by that is not strictly the Catholics' sacramental confession but confession in general (though I feel that may be just as helpful). I decided at the start of the year that this would be NN2022. I told some beloved friends of mine I had been having this problem and that I would be taking up this task. I have not succeeded in that goal. I failed twice in January and twice in February. Each time, I wrote the date down in a .txt file and told one or more of my friends about it. Now, in addition to every other motivation, I have the additional motivation that I do not want to let down my beloved friends. There was one day, more recently, that I spent an amount of time looking at stuff I ought not have been looking at. That night, when I lay in bed, I was unable to control my thoughts. I sent a message to my friend and asked him to pray for me. I told him that, if he prayed for me, I would not fail that night. after what felt like hours, I managed to fall peacefully asleep. tl;dr tell your loved ones about your problem and hold yourself accountable not just to yourself but also to them >Confess therefore your sins one to another: and pray one for another, that you may be saved. For the continual prayer of a just man availeth much.
>>20988 Based >>21015 /cuckquean/ most likely
>>21045 cuckquean wouldn't bring literal faggots.
Open file (148.47 KB 980x1096 nnn_squid_game.jpg)
Day 8: who's still participating?
>>21082 I intend on winning.
>>21087 Based.
Day 10 /christian/ soldiers, you're 1/3rd of the way there!
>>21082 Lost hard and a lust overcame me like very few times in my life, but i still intend to curtail the habit down so i can lower the intensity.
>>21122 >I ended up fapping >Does this count as a loss? yes. This should be obvious.
>>21122 >However, then I thought "what if I get blue balls" Never do this it's a trick of the devil. t. past experience
>>21129 Blue balls isn't even that bad, imagine failing because you're afraid of it.
>>21122 >>21123 >>21124 >>21128 >>21129 >>21130 repent. (i also failed brother. i dont have any right to say this to yo but pleae think about christ and what he had to give to make us free from sin)
Open file (170.45 KB 900x631 stares1.jpg)
>>21138 >implying I haven't repented That's why I haven't failed this month.
>>21138 why are you mass replying at me? I was just answering anon's question
Open file (113.20 KB 256x256 1542346058422.png)
>>21165 WOOTWOOT
I'm up to 146 times in my quest for Nutting Nonstop November.
Open file (54.24 KB 371x358 1194531.jpg)
I don't know how blessed I am to say this, but I have never masturbated ever to porn, although that doesn't mean I haven't struggled with porn. I don't have any physical problems, it's just something I never did or heard about growing up. There's something about a sin you haven't committed (yet) though. Even though I am already a sinner, they are like my own little Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil if that makes any sense.
>>21170 Believe me if you can though, it hurts me just as much.
>>21170 Don't start. Simple as, Anon.
Just to be clear, you'll be continuing after December starts, right, anon?
>>21175 Yeah, duh.
Open file (139.01 KB 317x652 Heresy_report.png)
>>21175 >cooming during advent
>>21175 >implying i haven't been going strong since last December
For the remaining NNN warriors out there and anyone getting up after having failed, felt like sharing some images with info dump. Hope it will help some people out there.
>>21200 >fourth pic except those things don't help you in abstaining, they just make you feel even worse when you inevitably fail. your brain can and will rationalize just about everything it can so it makes sure you nut, once you have a long enough streak going that's a motiator in and of itself.
>>21200 im feeling like god has abandoned me, i know its a deception but im feeling awful
>>21204 Reminder that God is faithful even when the human heart is not.
>>21205 amen i have been restored
Day 20 it's 2/3rds accomplished
>>21200 After failing i have been doing it more senselessly than before, there must be a technique to control the lost aside from working or being entertained with something, shame my work shift makes me feel anxiety about playing games or watching movies: Cannot sit relaxed knowing i have to sleep early and work in the morning.
>>21255 easypeasy explains how the sensation to crave porn or masturbation its a mental deception like self fullfil profecy: > i will not masturbate but this is so hard i will fall eventually! instead you must rewire your brain a think like this >i dont masturbate, i dont need to i dont even consider it an option
>>21304 It's the most common form of demonic posession in our time tbh
Dawn of the Final Week 7 days remaining
>>21312 7 days? more like 70 years remaining. >>21304 >i dont masturbate, i dont need to, i dont even consider it an option This is correct.
>>21317 If they can't last another 7 days you can't expect them to last 70 years.
>>21304 Thanks, will try it ("i dont need to i dont even consider it") and report back
>>21305 some guy said demons are born when we masturbate, it is very scary >>21317 >70 years remaining >erectile disffunction laughs in the dark
>>21389 Demons can't be born. Masturbating just opens you up to the possibility of possession by making you depraved. If you feel remorseful about it then don't worry you should be fine
>>21389 >some guy said
im on anti psychotic drugs which makes it impossible to masturbate because its painful
>>21516 based schizo meds making it so people stop sexually sinning The "take your meds" posters are right
>>21389 Demons aren't born. There is a set number of demons which is half the number of angels (one third of the host of heaven became demons).
>>21540 True, real question is are angles/demons specially spiritually because technically speaking all demons except for Satan died in the flood and are spirits so what makes them able to posses people and keeps normal spirits from doing so. I know when people die they go to sheol but what about demons? Revelations seems to mention demons rising from abandon and plaguing humanity so are some let go and others held captive? Could make for an interesting thread
>>21546 >Not even a remotely Biblical statement there, friend. my reasoning for making that claim is that we never see any demons in a physical form past the flood, infact in one of the few instances in which a demon does appear on earth in the bible its in the form of a possession which is spiritual. The only demon which ever seems to appear physically is satan who appears before Jesus to tempt him. Thus my claim.
>>21543 >all demons except for Satan died in the flood >Sauce: Anon's b*tt. Not even a remotely Biblical statement there, friend. However, there apparently is a small contingent of them (those who fathered the Nephilm perhaps?) who are already bound and awaiting judgement.[1] >also BTW, no spiritual being (either Angelic or Human) """dies""" (the way you seem to be implying). We all of us will survive for all eternity. Either in hell, or the New Heavens/New Earth...but it will be eternal. 1. https://www.biblegateway.com/verse/en/Jude%206
>>21547 That claim worked out logically seems to be there is literally only one demon, (to wit: Satan), since he is the only one that can be interpreted as having appeared bodily (ie, the serpent in the Garden of Eden). This position is itself clearly non-Biblical, from the first book to the last book.
>>21550 what? How did you come to that conclusion, the Bible mentions other demons before they died (such as the 1/3rd of the angels that fell) we just dont know what happened to them, which considering the only other time they pop up is as spirits leads me to believe they at some point died hence my claim.

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