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Open file (719.32 KB 1160x7500 great red dragon.jpg)
Interesting Theology Thread Anonymous 10/16/2022 (Sun) 18:57:59 ID: ebf10c No.20133
These anime posting threads have been the bane of this board's existence for the past month now. Post interesting theological takes or positions, things that don't necessarily fall in line with Christian orthodoxy, or are taught by major denominations. >inb4 Ortholarpers come to the rescue.
Open file (57.16 KB 650x403 les dossiers secrets.png)
>>20133 Some topics of interest below. >Les Dossiers Secrets Information on the supposed "Priory of Zion," a secret society that has "guarded" Christianity against the Freemasons. This is obviously not true, but the interactions between Freemasonry and Christianity are worth discussing.
Open file (491.86 KB 1598x2162 Revelations 2.9.png)
>>20133 >Interpretations of Revelations Always interesting. Some people on here were talking about the cyclical history view that other religions have which is mirrored in Revelations, mainly having to do with the "restart" of the Earth after it is destroyed.
>>20133 >Antediluvian History There are some archeological traces that could-- very arguably-- be Antediluvian (pre-Noah's flood), but I think God would have wiped pretty much all of it out by now, given that he didn't want us to repeat what happened to Mankind. A more interesting and worthwhile point is the similarities between the flood in the Epic of Gilgamesh, creation myth of ancient China, mythological origin of the Aztecs, stories from the ancient Polynesians, and other millions of assorted tales having to do with great floods destroying the world and restarting Humanity. Atlantis also comes to mind, here.
Open file (28.71 KB 300x150 red hair 3.jpg)
Open file (34.17 KB 300x150 red hair 0.jpg)
Open file (32.11 KB 300x150 red hair 1.jpg)
Open file (24.97 KB 300x150 red hair 2.jpg)
>>20133 >Significance of Red hair Several people in the Bible are referenced as having red hair, all of whom are pivotal characters whose choices could have changed all Human history. Now, you could say that about any Biblical character, but the ones mentioned are always very important to both their current narrative and future/prophetic events. If there was a great significance to red hair (the rarest hair type, globally) it would also certainly link to the idea that the Irish are, in fact, of the Tribe of Dan (whose color was known to be red, and symbol a snake).
>>20137 I should also add that the word "Adam" seems to come from the Hebrew word for "red," and is similar to both Sumerian and other ancient languages' words for "red," or "ruddy." If Adam was called "red," maybe he had red hair? Or was it referring to his skin color being pinkish and ruddy, like some claim?
Open file (206.54 KB 324x303 ClipboardImage.png)
>>20133 Yes the devil exists but your pic has nothing to do with it and is pure pic rel
>>20138 >>20137 its impossible for red hair to be Hierarchically superior because I myself dont have red hair
>>20513 The Celtic race is the master race
>>20133 I don't know why this thread hasn't gotten more attention, some of the best stuff on here as of late. Also pretty cool that one of my infographs got used in the make of this thread. Personally I've been pretty interested in the freemasons as of late. That and also the characteristics of God, demons, angels, etc. I'm thinking about transferring my ideas to a sketchbook but haven't found the drive. Wouldn't mind discussing any of these topics those, especially the masons.
What do you guys think about the fallacy where it says God cannot be all powerful because if He was He could make something like a immovable object that he can't overcome? My thoughts are that God can create an immovable object He would just manage to overcome it anyways because He's too cool for rules and doesn't care.
Open file (32.66 KB 650x367 FUYHq_PXoAAw53t.jpg)
Consider this: The tale of the jews betraying Jesus Christ seems to be a very archetypical "book end" event. (Granted, its not the end of the Bible, but book ends are a narrative device while the Bible is about what actually happened, so it doesn't line up as well) Satan, in the beginning, did not agree to humans being the chosen ones because he felt he was superior to them. Now consider the New Testament. The jews expected the savior to be a warrior who would conquer the world for them. When he instead started accepting gentiles to salvation, they were outraged at this. What are the chances those two events are mirrors to each other? Although in this interpretation jews would have been more malignant than Satan, since they're still chosen humans (Who didn't like that they would be standing along with gentiles), while Satan wouldn't be.
>>21048 God can make anything he wants, but the idea of an object that even God can't move is frankly blasphemey
>>21058 It's a logic experiment. The idea is that you can't have a immovable object and a all powerful God, I disagree but that's besides the point.
>>21059 here's how i see it >god doesnt exist >god cant create an immovable object (in the sense that god cannot move it) are both blasphemous statements. they dont make sense. They dont make sense as a fact of religion, they dont make sense as a fact of science, they dont make sense as a fact of law. they only make sense as blasphemey. so yes, if you want to be a blasphemer, you can espouse and believe in the idea that god can't make an object that he cannot move, or you can espouse and believe in the idea that god isnt real. that doesnt disprove, or change any laws. it just makes you a blasphemer, which isnt punishable by death in my country but does probably damn your soul as well as mark you out for a fool. hows that for logic
>>21058 >God can make anything he wants, but God can't make an immovable object. So God cant make anything he wants? You just contradicted yourself and committed blasphemy.
>>21060 sorry, got my double negatives in a twist. I mean that saying "God can create an object he can't move" is like saying "God isnt real" because it strikes against the very definition of God, the transcendental creator. It's like saying a computer programmer can make an code that cannot be computed. Except that is a fundamentally flawed analogy because a computer programmer is not omnipotent. >>21062 dude I'm quite drunk right now cut me some slack LOL
It's like saying an author of a book cannot write whatever he wants. of course he can, its his book. what is stopping him, other than basic contradictions i.e. that an author cannot write an unwritten sentence ultimately these are just questions of semantics and what I like to call philosophical masturbation
>>21064 *an author can write an unwritten sentence
fucking hell these double negatives are tripping me up
I suppose in a very extreme sense God *could* create such an object but He will not. Just like God *could* end His own existence but never will that is what the temptation of Jesus was about, there was never any doubt that the Son of God would choose the side of good over the devil, but the potential was there. That is what omni-potent means.
>>21067 That's an interesting take on it, I just thought of it as if it wouldn't matter. Yeah God could kill Himself but He'd just come back. Your theory is interesting tho since it kinda goes into alternate timelines and stuff. And you kinda have to ask, if God can kill Himself but refuses to then He truly is omnipotent right? Because He can do the action that is self defeating but doesn't want too. I guess a logician would still insist on Him not being all powerful tho so I don't know.
>>21068 what God *can/could* do and what God WILL do are very very different things.
I mean that as someone who believes wholeheartedly in predestination
>>21052 Or maybe the jews were not big fans of some random person, from the point of view of the commoner, to speak as if he were their king.
>>21094 Whoa there did a jew write this post?
>>21096 Whoa there did a jew write this post?
Open file (195.37 KB 808x134 ClipboardImage.png)
>>20133 Does this verse disprove the concept of all sins being equal.
>>21110 To what end are you looking to consider magnitude in sin when all sin takes you away from God's satisfaction.
Open file (2.12 MB 1445x809 ClipboardImage.png)
>>20134 Freemasons are very interesting to me personally. I've spent alot of my freetime lately reading up on them and what not and i feel confident in saying they arent the boogeyman many people think of. I dont like using the word "good guys" because its not really an accurate description of humanity but if anybody comes close enough to that definition it would have to be them. Not only have many freemasons and supposed freemasons fought against bad things and many have even been hated by "bad" people but also the beliefs promoted by the Lodge are virtuous in nature. The fact belief in God/god is mandatory, their belief in charity, truth, and love all make them seem pretty legit to me. I'm not a freemason, although my grandfather and some (deceased) relatives are/were but i wont lie, the more i look into them and the older i get the more i feel drawn toward their organization and find myself agreeing with their, and their members throughout histories, views.
Open file (35.62 KB 337x184 Untitled.png)
>>21336 >Not only have many freemasons and supposed freemasons fought against bad things and many have even been hated by "bad" people but also the beliefs promoted by the Lodge are virtuous in nature. The fact belief in God/god is mandatory, their belief in charity, truth, and love all make them seem pretty legit to me. That's just a surface level interpretation, they're not actual deists they worship lucifer, they just hide the God they worship for the uninitiated.
>>21337 thats what everybody says, and yet

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