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Censored Thread Anonymous 04/25/2020 (Sat) 00:22:27 No.2
I remember a some topics being censored on 8/christian/ by the BO. I quit the board sometime afterwards so I wanted to know, have any recently posted threads been deleted?
>>2 The logs are open and all bans are temp
>>2 Hey there, I'm the BO here and I am not the same guy as from 8/christian/, for the time being it's gonna be like this. Ask away anything you need to.
Also, generally speaking, unless it's against global rules, I don't delete much of anything. At best an edit or two to calm people down.
>>4 Look, something is rotten on 8kun/christian/ and its not simple as that. For one, the board has a strong presence from multiple organizations which is not befitting of its small size. There are members of the military, pastors, so on. How did they even learn about that place?
Maybe they're demons. Demons are everywhere. Be careful.
>>11 Well, I'll doubt that. Belief in it wouldn't change much, anyways.
>>10 I guarantee you they were imported in by Jimbo.
>>10 Well, Jim advertised it on twitter to all his alt-right friends and Trump supporters, but for some reason he doesn't think of them as his main core audience (despite them being thousand and thousands of them). He apparently wants to turn 8kun into a safe-space, alternative news media outlet, despite nobody really caring about it. This place on the other hand, is the land of the comfy.
Open file (500.03 KB 512x333 hNDaeAN.png)
>>15 The Webring to rule them all, The Webring to find them, The Webring to bring them all and in autism bind them.
>>15 >for some reason he doesn't think of them as his main core audience (despite them being thousand and thousands of them) He's said flat out that they aren't profitable. They don't buy ads and or click ads.
>>14 >>15 Are you sure? They act vastly differently compared to the kind of people you'd see on /qresearch/.
>>2 btw, if you guys need help moderating, please tell me. I'm from Eastern Europe, so can keep the place "guarded" while people are sleeping.
>>24 Thanks friend, I'm getting a bit dizzy lately trying to keep up with webring shenanigans, I'll update you soonish.

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