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Anonymous 11/22/2021 (Mon) 20:17:22 No.1950
Should we denounced the old testament, aka evil kike bible?
Do you think it's bad because of things like slavery? There are arguments that passages about that sort of thing are missunderstood due to cultural context and the meaning of the original hebrew. Other anons can talk in favor of that, but another idea is that the mosaic law was never meant to be perfect as several verses in the Bible apparently imply. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93JdjLqBQqE This video explains the idea in more detail. I have no interest in spending the energy to summaries it for what is a shitpost.
>>1953 It's bad because it's a kike bible.
>>1953 I know you're being genuine in your posts, but this >>1950 >>1957 (((person))) is just spamming the board and doesn't care what you or anyone else has to say.
>>1962 Yeah, I figured myself. i just thought I'd would be a good opportunity to discuss with people who are interested. Kind of odd he didn't post with a soyjak though.
>>1962 I ain't spam anything you kike faggot, nice gaslighting
>>1962 He's a well-known disengenious faggot from tvch, report sage hide and ignore.
There are many kinds of Jews, but generally they don't follow the Old testament in the same way that Christians follow it.
>>1950 For real, what do you mean by evil?
>>1950 We should denounced the evil kikes, the usurpers of the true Israelites, the Ayran Race. Anyone who falls for their "we wuz israelites n sheet" is retarded. Death to the Edomites, death to the jews.

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