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Persecutor Letter Anonymous 10/19/2021 (Tue) 07:32:03 No.1712
Does anyone have that letter from a Roman persecutor complaining of how Christians reacted with love and happiness at every horror done to them? It was inspiring.
Open file (30.90 KB 231x475 chart.png)
>>1712 >>1969 >Be Christianity >Most persecuted religion in Rome >a few centuries past >become official Roman State religion >then become the only religion >eventually become the most Christian state on planet earth (Eastern Roman Empire and Vatican respectively) >Land that belonged to Rome still has the highest amount of Christians in Europe to this day Funny how life turns out
>>1969 No. It's already been suggested in other places I asked. Perhaps it was an account of how early Christians lived in the earliest communities or something. I just remember it described how happy and forgiving Christians were with their neighbors and such.

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