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Bishop Robert Barron Anonymous 08/26/2022 (Fri) 09:01:23 No.16614
I'm new here. I occasionally watch the Lex Fridman podcast and stumbled on this episode: https://youtu.be/WgytXF0SPh0 This guy is making a whole lot of sense. Is anyone here familiar with him?
No, I don't listen to podcasts. How can anyone stand so much talking at once? They should be more concise in their speach.
>>16614 He's one of the best intellectual minds in the modern Catholic church, and probably the one doing the most outreach to young people in the West. Follow his channel on YouTube it's extremely fulfilling.
He's a Roman Catholic
>>17517 Preferable to a Calvinist
>>17535 >pagans are preferable to Christians
>>17543 >pagans are preferable to Christians
>>16614 hes fairly orthodox as in being conservative so he's not a 'trad' neither is he a 'modernist', he inclines towards universalism though, but that doesnt make him a heretic as such, he wrote a foreword to hans von balthasar's "dare we hope that all men be saved"?
>>16614 never watched any of his content. first heard of him after Shia Labeouf went onto his show. Only thing I know he's said was the line about Elijah being fired, which is either very poorly stated, outright wrong, or otherwise dishonest. Here's a video I watched addressing what he had said, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJeqdENzHXA but I won't rush the prejudge him over one issue, as, as I said, I've never watched any of his content and I know people who like him.
>>17546 >Catholics are pagans
>>17562 Is hoping that all be saved different from claiming that all will be saved though?

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