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QTDDTOT Anonymous 10/04/2021 (Mon) 01:18:38 No.1633
QTDDTOT - Questions that don't need their own thread. Post your questions here.
Is it true that God doesn't punish you from disobedience, that sin leads to consequences naturally without God's action?
>>1634 Yes, but it's really a matter of where you put your accents as both views are compatible if you understand what God is.
>>1648 >>1634 Except there isn't something that happens "without God's action". A more proper way to formulate this would be >The consequences of sin are a deviation from God God being all loving, all knowing and all powerful, a deviation from love, knowledge, creation is naturally a deviation from God. A deviation from God is a lack of God. A lack of God causes suffering, an absolute lack of God causes absolute suffering. Christianity isn't dualistic, there isn't an evil power that rivals God, all things come from God. Therefore you could argue that God is also responsible for sin, and the suffering that comes with sin is a punishment because all things come from God. Both views are equally compatible. It's just a matter of whether you choose to emphasize the consequences of choosing God or the consequences of rejecting God. To hammer the point about dualism home. Keep in mind that in both "views" sin isn't something that God created. It's not two competing energies of good and evil but a singular divine energy and entropy. Satan is an agent of entropy, and man can only be tempted into entropy because he has been given free will. Something that even angels only had once.
>>1649 >Christianity isn't dualistic, there isn't an evil power that rivals God, all things come from God. When God made the world what he made was Good, so sin couldn't have come from God?
In Germany you can get married at a church, but it has no legal binding. Only a marriage performed by the German state is recognized as a true and legal binding marriage. However in the USA you can get married by a priest and the state recognizes it. So what would happen if you marry in a German church, but not by get married by the German state and then move to the USA. Would this union be recognized by the USA? If not, could this be a way of getting married in front of god, without the legal baggage that the rotten modern form of marriage has become?
>>1653 If a light casts a shadow, the shadow isn't a competing energy to the light, nor does the shadow share energy with the light.
Is it too much of a stretch to say that Enki is Satan with a different name? His mythology makes him sound like lucifer by using his knowledge to help humanity.
Open file (12.56 KB 270x306 Snapshots.jpg)
I don't really know how to preface any of this so it's just going to be stream-of-consciousness and all over the place. I've been having a bit of a spiritual crisis over the past couple of months, it basically started with reading through a Wikipedia page on the estimated timeline of the universe, how humanity will last for at most 100,000 years assuming no cataclysmic event/rapture/spiritual awakening, and the universe as a whole will last for far longer than that, upwards of quintillions of quintillions of years (that may be exaggerating but you get the idea, a very long time) until it all collapses on itself and forms another big bang, starting a new universe as the cycle continues. Reading that launched me into a depression that nothing we do here truly matters, at most we affect the ones around us in our lifetime a bit and then we expire. Come 200 years in the future nobody will even know nor care that we existed, just a bunch of old dead dudes that may or may not have invented the predecessors to the stuff we use today. Think about the billions of people that lived in the 1800s, and only a handful of them we remember today, the ones that did something truly inspiring (great leaders, generals, inventors, philosophers) but even then none of us really give them anything more than a moment's thought before we continue on with our daily lives. It all just feels so pointless, like there's no point in doing anything since nobody will remember any of it except for maybe a sentence in a history lesson. And that's where Christianity should come in, that our time in this world doesn't matter, that heaven/eternal life is around the corner, but the more I think about it a lot of the questions I have for secularists can be applied to us as well, like >the universe couldn't have created itself <but neither could God, by that logic >maybe there's an alternate dimension/timeline/parallel universe that created God <but then who or what created that alternate dimension/timeline/parallel universe It's very disheartening. Thinking more about the Bible is also depressing, since it has been downgraded overtime from "infallible" to "reinterpreted" to "it's an allegory/expression". For example, it was unanimous that the universe was created in seven days, but now that we know it's clearly billions of years old that has changed to simply an expression. It's not "wrong", it's just "reinterpreted". Except that is wrong, we just don't want to admit it. It's also statistically impossible that the Word of God could have gone thousands of years and never lost its original meaning through mistranslation. Comparing the KJV to modern translations like The Message pretty clearly shows a dumbing down of language to preach to modern society. Instead of the world adapting to Christianity, Christianity is adapting to fit the world at the cost of religious coherence. The Bible has absolutely changed from the original manuscripts; even when they were translated from Hebrew/Syrian/Greek to a Romanized language you lose many expressions that can only be understood in the original language. It's also hard to find any objective opinion on what the Bible says is true or not. It seems that everything is made subjective, how a passage can mean something completely different to two different people, even though they're within the same Church. This is also the issue with all the different divisions within the Church, East or West Orthodox, Catholic or Protestant, Lutheran, Baptist, Evangelical, even Mormonism. With all this division the Word of God has become fractured and up to individual interpretation. How can a religion that is entirely subjective hold any truth? The issue of evolution and race is also troubling. It is hard, if not impossible, for me to reconcile that God created all men equally when there is an obvious gap in what other civilizations have done compared to, say, ancient civilizations in Africa and the early Americas. While Europe and Asia were discovering new things about the world and building up their civilizations and knowledge, Africa was and still is wallowing in the mud with tribal warfare. Despite countless expeditions, billions in foreign aid and attempts to colonize/bring peace to the region, it hasn't changed at all, despite being the richest and most opportunistic continent on the planet. The racial disparities are impossible to deny, and to be quite honest my belief in God is the only thing keeping me from going full 14/88. This basically constitutes several dozen questions but I don't know of any other way to explain it.
>>1720 Ah, the growing pains of the young Christian. I remember thinking literally every single thing you've posted here, right down to the 14/88 part. All your questions will be answered if you remain in the faith and wait patiently on the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth to you. It is clear the Holy Spirit dwells within you as well, so rather than go though and answer all your questions, I will trust the Lord will reveal them to you when you are ready to learn them. Fight the good fight.
>>1721 you can just say you don't have any answers
>>1722 There are answers to all of your questions, but it wouldn't do any good to just hand them all to you.
>>1723 >i have the answers that you seek at a crucial period in your spiritual life and determine whether you will be in eternal paradise or burning fire for all eternity >but i won't give them to you :^) why are you ignoring your spiritual duty to help your brother in Christ
>>1724 The world isn't as old as science says it is. What proof do you have that the world is billions of years old besides what you've been told? Have you ever personally performed experiments to determine the age of the earth? How do you know how the universe was created beyond what you've been told? Scientists weren't there, so they've made a bunch of extrapolations. How do you know their assumptions aren't based on the assumptions made by others, and that those assumptions aren't based on lies? What do manmade divisions within the church have to do with Jesus' work on the cross and your salvation? Christianity actually subjective or is that just how you're deciding it is at the moment? Where is "all men are created equal" in the Bible? Try opening your Bible before you whine about how I've replied to your questions with more questions.
Forgive me for posting here, but this question is very pressing to me: Is it lawful for a man to have a waifu? Waifu being defined as a fictional character that one loves as much as a real wife. Thank you for your patience.

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