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On Evangelism Anonymous 08/05/2022 (Fri) 00:48:39 No.15650
I've got Jehovah's witnesses calling my phone, nice-guy marketers on the main street and evangelist bible spam on my imageboards. What's the appropriate way to tell tactless jerks that I'm not interested?
God I hate protestants so fucking much fr fr
>>15650 if theyre calling you then either dont answer or tell them youre already a Christian then hang up. If marketers are hassling you then just tell them youre already Christian and go on your way. If people are spamming IB's then just ignore them or (if they arent a bot) politely describe to them why their tactics are ineffective and tell them ways to improve.
>>15651 If the world hates you...
>>15650 If you tell them that you're catholic they'll give up.
>>15650 Jehovah witnesses are nontrinitarian, I suggest you correct their errors if they speak to you.

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