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Christianity and Natural Immortality Anonymous 08/03/2022 (Wed) 21:15:57 No.15600
Will medical and/or technological advancements reach the point where people will be able to achieve something akin to immortality? If so, how will this impact the Church? People have already swapped out Christ for Science as their savior and I think this would only worsen the trend.
>>15600 Pipe dream sold by scientists to get more money. The holy grail, the fountain of youth… doesn’t exist. If God wants you dead you will die. Life may be extended another hundred years, but immortality will never be reached.
I just came up with a theory. What if the mark of the beast would be advertised as some soyentifical thing that would make you immortal . . .
>>15600 is it possible? Maybe to some degree but the likelihood of us ever reaching physical immortality before the world ends is next to none. digitized immortality on the other hand....
>>15600 Immortality? No. The end of aging, maybe. But that still leaves a plethora of diseases, accidents, etc. Let's assume this artificial blood actually repairs organs hours after death. That's not immortality, merely an extension of current resuscitation techniques. If you get crushed by a car, you're still crushed. If you splatter your head on the pavement, you're still splattered. Immortality would mean no death through aging (and to make it worthwhile, an end to aging), and no death from disease, and no death from accidents, at a minimum, and that'd still leave death by deliberate violence. The closest thing would likely be cyborgification - replacing limbs and organs with more easily serviced or exchanged metal parts. Leave the brain, and then you just need a cure for alzheimers/dementia and you're more or less there. A couple artificial organs already exist, too.
Only those who don't give a damn about responsibility and want to use that power for themselves or to kill anyone they don't Like Will. My Brother thinks Being Immortal kinda sucks because you see your loved ones die. If I become Immortal, I Will only suffer the Eternal pain one day. I would rather die an old age and live Like 120 years than live Eternal pain.
>>15609 Frankly I hope that all they're able to do is repair the organs that they'll use for transplants. Still a creepy concept that will probably be used to have a bunch of people's organs plundered to be sold, but still less creepy than if they were actually make something or someone who was dead for hours come back to life. I pray that they do not advance further in this field of study.
>>15604 >digitized immortality You mean creating a computer program that thinks it's the human who was 'uploaded' to it? You are aware how uploading information to a computer actually works right?
>>15676 wdym
>>15679 If you upload information to a computer, it gets copied. You can delete the original afterwards, but the data on the computer is still an ideally identical copy rather than the same data. You can't upload yourself to a computer, you can only upload a brainscan that will have all the memories and personality of you... but you'll still be left in your rotting carcass at the end.
>>15682 ah ok

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