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Pagan myths and Christian myths Anonymous 08/03/2022 (Wed) 16:59:51 No.15585
Hope you're having a great time, anon. Let's talk about something silly: myths. Myths have existed for as long as mankind, or, at least, as long we'd been aware of ourselves. Plato complains about unserious poets writing amoral myths, and that I think something you should keep in mind - that ancient Greeks, at least the educated Athenian elite (and, presumably, their non-Ionian counterparts as well) did not believe in all the stories about Gods and Heroes literally (which means they're substantially smarter than modern Protestants). Well, have a look at this picture. I present you the modern myth - something every American and most 'kids' where the global Americanized culture reaches is familiar with. Of course, unless you're completely psychotic you know superheroes are fiction. But 'mythic reality' is in some sense more 'real' than sensual reality, and so you can see capeshit, Harry Potter etc employed in propaganda over and over again. I haven't watched a TV in the last two decades, but it's painfully obvious that TV 'series', in addition to many other adverse effects, also plays the role of a myth in a sense that it conveys role models for the watchers to follow. And that brings me to the final point: those myths are obviously pagan in nature. Sometimes, the more things change more they stay the same! What is the truly Christian myth? Resurrection, of course! (Calm your tits, cowboys - when I say resurrection is a myth, I do not imply it did not happen, but that it should be viewed from a mythic point of view, as a foundation of a whole belief and not as a mere historical factoid devoid of meaning). But has there been an attempt to create a retelling of this sole Christian myth in an attempt to counteract pagan influence, or are mainstream churches too comped to stand up for what they profess to believe in? And if not - what kind of story would you, anon, tell, if you had a chance to inject a new myth into the broader internet Culture? I think Kek might had been the closest we've come to it (despite pagan appearance, the themes of resurrection and vengeance on the evil-doers through making all their deeds vain is quite Christian, even if doom-and-gloom associated with that 'cult' is not), but the "kewl" kids have long since moved on and it's dead in the water. t. gnostic
we could try and turn Revelation into a new 'myth'. Its got some pretty cool segments in, Devilman Crybaby already kinda did that to some degree although it was kinda satanic due to how the original portrays God. I think 'mythicizing' Revelations would be a good idea tho especially considering the circumstance of the times.
>>15588 we could really use it to wake people up (even Christians) to the reality of our times.
>>15589 To start waking people up start by destroying their electronic devices. Nothing else will work.
>>15591 Waking People Up Starter Pack: >eliminate/cripple online porn >temporarily or permanently get rid of computers/smart phones. >get people outside and active >expose them to the truth >reap rewards
>>15588 Dubs of truth! Revelations is a good pick since, like the Resurrection, it exists outside of time (which is a requirement for a proper myth) - although after and not before like the typical pagan myth. There's a plethora of utopias, which are essentially 'anti-myths' located at the same point 'after' time, and Revelations is an cornucopia of inspiration for artists, whether they're prose writers, poets, musicians or painters.
>>15588 I'm starting to make a trannybait/soyboybait/zoomerbait/doomerbait RPG game that would actually end up exploring based topics . . . uh, I talked about that on this board before, but the post mysteriously disappeared . . . really strange . . . anyway, putting symbolism and stuff inspired by Revelation is part of my plans, and it'd fit well with the game's themes and atmosphere and plot. We have to expand the mainstream image of Christianity from just "it's about a sky daddy who'll eternally torture you if you don't believe in him and . . . there was some hippie called Jesus who wrote an allegorical book about moral values and . . . yeah, that's it". Some memes have done that to some extent, but it wasn't always in an optimal manner, and it's still far from enough. And, media that explicitly advertises itself as being Christian only gets consoomed by Christians and ends up doing no effect. I think elaborate entertainment works that are Christian but not too explicitly, would be a good path to choose. It's like using western media's tricks but for the opposite effects. For example, most Netflix shows don't advertise themselves as being about degeneracy, but they end up preaching that. Now, we can do that but with Christianity instead of degeneracy. Uh, I think at this point I'm just rambling. But yeah, you get the idea. And if I end up finishing the game and it gets relatively successful, maybe that could encourage other people to make implicitly Christian entertainment too.
>>15599 you should make a thread about this anon, maybe other anons could even help you. Youre idea sounds interesting tho, pulling a good ole classic bait and switch on normies could definitely help give people some much needed education on Christianity. Just make sure not to push the narrative too hard or else you might turn people off but i think you already got that idea down. And make sure to back up your themes with Scripture aswell that way people playing through the game dont just disregard it as interpretation, which is a serious threat in this scenario. Biggest turn off for most non-Christians (aside from being apart of another religion) is simply not knowing enough about the religion itself or churches failing to promote the religion to the right demographic of people. If you do make your game try and market it to the terminally online doomer image board users, youll get alot of success that way. If a couple of gaming tubers play the game thatll only further your success. Godspeed.
>>15605 I second this. While presumably in a very early stage of development, some help can't do harm. Hopefully the end result could bear some fruit.
>>15767 this post is jewish
>>15767 This isn't cuckchan; Elaborate, thou son of perdition!

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