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Open file (394.73 KB 640x360 puff puff.webm)
Open file (69.83 KB 533x541 Ortho Christ-chan.png)
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Open file (130.34 KB 732x533 template.jpg)
Ew wtf are you obsessed with turning everythin into and anime girl even jesus?
>>15263 Shes not suppose to be Jesus, just a christian like her name.
well, he made the thread lol.
>>15283 i like the first one alot ngl. very warm vibes.
Open file (98.26 KB 680x699 DV.jpg)
How could you forget to post the most epic Christ-chan picture??? (but it'd be even more epic if it was a kike instead of a mudslime)
>>15294 this is the pic the MartyrSpammer used in his crusade, may he rest in peace.
>>15297 MartyrSpammer posted child porn. He will go to hell.
>>15297 Many others were martyred. he wasn't the only one. >>15298 Deus Vult
Open file (103.64 KB 1732x866 anyways.jpg)
>>15302 God wills antichrist spammers to go and post child porn on other boards in a attempt and making /christian/ look bad? I dont think so
Edited last time by AntichristHater on 07/31/2022 (Sun) 20:43:42.
>>15306 >Nooooo you can't insult our fake god and religion I bet you're an /islam/ plant, conspiring to destroy /christian/ with your mohammadean GlobMod boyfriends.
>>15308 Allah is the same as Yahweh ding dong, go back to your athiest hell hole you VPN spammer.
>>15309 >Allah is the same as Yahweh ding dong
>>15308 Fed >>15309 That is blasphemy!
>>15310 >>15311 its literally the same deity, they even believe in Jesus hes just called something different and not revered as God. either way it doesnt matter, we're currently under attack from some faggot with a vpn who keeps masquerading as a user troll/defame us. ive already perma banned one of his vpns and the GlobMods banned 2 others, we need to work to find the rest.
>>15309 >Allah is the same as Yahweh ding dong Are you fucking disabled!!?? Or, just an /islam/ shill tranny glownigger!!!??? Your true nature is your username, but with "anti" removed!!!!
>>15316 are you the vpn hopping spammer!!?? Or, just an /dup/ shill tranny glownigger!!!??? Your tru nature is your username, but with "nony" removed!!!!
Edited last time by AntichristHater on 07/31/2022 (Sun) 21:06:00.
>>15309 >>15313 Are you trolling?
>>15323 no im being serious, because it is (to my knowledge) the truth. Maybe instead of spouting out shitty one liners one of you fags could explain to me why im wrong? Or are you all just the same person here to harass me. Because im getting tired of it
Open file (21.93 KB 1106x238 a.png)
>>15325 you're committing blasphemy.
>>15412 >youre committing blasphemy >refuses to elaborate ok
AntichristHater69 has admitted to: >being a literal faggot (homosexual) >being a zionist (openly supports contemporary jews) >supporting niggers/nonwhites/race-mixing >not understanding key tenets of Christianity >taking advice on the Christian faith from muslims before Christians ... please feel free to add more. If you have screenshots all the better.
Spam, Trolling, Bait
>>15448 finally the voice of reason has arrived. Yes following any religion other than Christianity is wrong and the other religions are obviously all either satanic subversions or controlled by satan outright. That being said the devil masquerades as an angel of light and in some cases he pretends to be the one true God. So while they say they worship God (and very well mean it) they in reality dont. They pray to God but God doesnt hear them because they do not follow God's light. >>15449 >>15451 im pretty sure youre the same but im gonna ban >>15449 only since hes the one who just now admitted to spamming the board for the past week, or as he puts it "probing me".
Edited last time by AntichristHater on 08/02/2022 (Tue) 03:32:45.
>>15453 Probing means questioning you on your beliefs, not spamming the board. Jesus is God, not a prophet. This is not up for debate, it is the basis of the Christian faith. Allah and the Christian God are not the same God.
Open file (186.37 KB 1204x1364 bruh why.jpg)
>>15454 youre fucking trolling, youve gotta be. Theres no way you just read this conversation and came out thinking i believe Jesus is a fucking prophet. Also how the hell would you know what that anon was thinking?
Post more Christ-chan.
>>15456 i dont have anymore Christ chan :(
Open file (61.66 KB 600x753 1587821860-0.jpg)
Open file (69.63 KB 600x600 1556750898124.jpg)
Open file (223.33 KB 460x559 1565422744973.png)
Open file (396.59 KB 750x817 1556743971231.jpg)
Open file (1.02 MB 1156x1694 1571504233744.jpg)
Open file (46.13 KB 579x750 1587817885-0.jpg)
Open file (576.64 KB 1051x1575 1587817842-3.png)
Open file (75.38 KB 1024x971 1587818200-0.jpg)
Open file (259.62 KB 583x749 1587819200-0.png)
Open file (177.51 KB 437x818 1632957510629.jpg)
Why does she have braided hair?
>>15467 Isn't it typical for traditionalist women to have braided hair? I remember some video on /pol/ about these women in a European country were suspected of being white nationalist because of their braids.
Does anyone have the corny furry Christ-chan? It always makes me laugh.
>>15476 That is the point of a waifu character, to be a cheesy waifu.
>>15469 1 Peter 3:3
>>15514 i think theyre referring to the tomboy versions
>>15524 The OT forbids crossdressing, anon. 'Tomboys' are an abomination. >>15476 Half the posters here are pure Larpsaders.
>>15534 tomboys dont crossdress tho, they just have shorter hair and like boy things. Atleast thats typically how theyre portrayed.
>Christ-chan thread is ruined by a bait argument Sad
>>15545 should i delete it?
>>15547 Don't delete the thread if that's what you mean.
>>15547 the bait that is.
>>15456 What is the 5th picture referencing?
>>15570 the iron guard?
Dug up an old SSD that I was using from 2016 to 2018 and found some Christ-chans saved on it. Dumping what I have from it, but bear in mind that some of what I was saving back then is probably cringe-inducing.

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