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Open file (33.53 KB 500x333 Fading..jpg)
I am fading away Iamadude 09/17/2021 (Fri) 01:46:20 No.1515
I have backslidden and my life is a mess, there are things happening to me that I didn't even knew were possible, please help me get back to God.
Read your Bible.
I will pray for you
>>1515 I am going to have to feed you the Jordan Peterson line here anon. I don't know the nature of your "backsliding" (booze? snacks and soft drinks? excessive vidya? doomscrolling on Twitter? sleeping two thirds of the day away?) but what you need to do is reconnect with reality and this is best done by doing ordinary things in the ordinary world. Clean/tidy your room/apartment. Make a proper meal and not some prefab crap. Go get some exercise, ideally outdoors. Reading the Holy Book while your mind is slipping is a dangerous proposition. It might just as well induce psychosis as it might impart wisdom. Center yourself first, then read the Bible.
>>1528 Not OP but thank you. I needed this too.
>>1515 We do need a bit more context to help. I will help you if I can.
>>1515 Read theology.

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