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Anonymous 07/23/2022 (Sat) 04:16:51 No.14544
What's the real christianity?
What the bible says it is
>>14544 There is none. As Nietzsche said, "In truth, there was only one Christian, and he died on the cross.” All Churches are full of murderers, sodomites, adulterers, idolators, traitors, usurers, hypocrites, liars, fools, and damnfools of the highest and lowest orders: the very pharisees they claim to hate.
>>14558 Sounds like the most typical Atheist response. Christian is what the Disciples were called first in Antioch, Jesus isn't a disciple of himself. Also the churches.. aren't at all filled with those types of people. But those are the types of people who hopefully come to Church to learn about Jesus.
>>14558 >All Churches are full of murderers, sodomites, adulterers, idolators, traitors, usurers, hypocrites, liars, fools, and damnfools of the highest and lowest orders: the very pharisees they claim to hate. Retarded Goyim
>>14569 the churches are absolutely filled with those types of people lmao atleast nowadays.
Pharisees weren't the worst people in the world either, they were rather learned people with a few problems like everyone else. Mostly the problem of their religion and religious order. They were very pragmatic, religiously pragmatic, in other words, they were like Nietzche and all the other pragmatic religious people. And what Christian has ever claimed to hate the Pharisees. Hate them for what? Nietzsche continues to be the biggest 12 year old nihilist 'I'm smarter than everyone' buffoon of the century. It is this attitude that Atheists have that blocks them. This "Well you're not perfect, so I don't have to be perfect, if Jesus came he'd actually like ME more than you so-called Christian, you sinned before!" Totally missing the whole point, not even understanding the basics and having a complete unforgiving heart. Which is another thing Atheists will do. "I don't care if you claim to have been forgiven by God now, you did sins in your past and I hate you forever and you will never be forgiven just because of Jesus!" And so they themselves are never forgiven because they're so focused on "Well you Christians aren't even perfect and you're telling MEEEE I need forgiveness!!!!!!??" It's extremely annoying. They have no self reflection. It's true a Disciple should grow in the spirit and the perseverance of the saints and they do. Everyone who has been believed and repented and baptised in the Holy Spirit they do begin to change, they fall sometimes but they continue and they love that Jesus forgives them. While the Atheist stands off to the side pointing fingers never changing. What better image of forgiveness is there than the prodigal son coming back to his father's house after ruining his life, repenting and then being forgiven and rewarded. And what better picture of pride is there, than the older brother, standing outside by the gate, crossing his arms, refusing to go in because his younger brother was forgiven.
>>14573 TL;DR faggot
>>14574 This board is so so bad. It's so bad. bad to the bone. I wonder if Michael Jackson's song Bad has hidden messages in it, like maybe it's about gay masturbation or something, who knows. It's good to leave the board for a while, there's work to be done elsewhere.
>>14573 >Nietzsche continues to be the biggest 12 year old nihilist Confirmed /christian/ retard, Nietzsche's writing were never nihilistic, infact he despised nihilism (resulting from his idea of 'god's death') and fought it through his idea of the overman. >'I'm smarter than everyone' buffoon of the century. Read his books for once, or atleast gloss over his wikipedia page. >>14577 The least $chizo /christian/
>>14573 >liking the Pharisees
>>14588 this board is filled to the brim with mudslimes, shitskins and kikes.
>>14578 Nietzsche was absolutely a nihilist. He understood the problem of atheism and what its logical conclusion was, and he tried to avoid that through autotheism, which failed because that's nihilism by another name. Zarathustra fell into the pit, as we are seeing now, it is Christ or chaos.
>>14588 they were religious leaders who learned from the same books and sources as the "good ones" before them. The only difference is that they were more legalistic and prideful.
>>14598 >defending Pharisees Next you'll be defending the state of Israel too
>>14614 >Muh Israel Cope harder Mudslime, Jerusalem belongs to the jews.
>>14614 fuck off snow nigger
>>14550 This, you can read all about the early church in the NT. They obeyed the commandments and didn't have all these silly traditions most churches today have. >>14616 The land belongs to Israel. Israel is repentant, born-again, obedient Christians (not a bunch of apostate Christ-rejecting Jews with their Babylonian Talmud). Details in the Bible. Also, nowhere did God ever rename Israel to Jew. >>14624 I've seen people say bad things about you, but this really makes it obvious where you stand.
>>14625 if you dont like me then you should have applied first. you faggots were crying for months about how the board wasnt moderated then as soon as BO appoints a moderator you get mad because "hes killing muh threads" and "he said something i dont like" at this point i ought to just leave for a couple of weeks and let you sub 75 iq niggers deal with the spam and bullshit by yourself. Then lets see how much the board dies.
>>14628 Oh you’ve really done it now. Please leave. This will never be forgotten.
Open file (77.00 KB 827x1024 #run.jpg)
>>14629 lol ok, ill "leave" and let you faggots deal with things on your own. Lets see how many of you are left after a couple of weeks of incessant spam. bait, and trolling.
>>14588 I'm guessing you're replying to the wrong post.
>>14630 >incessant spam, bait and trolling You're personally responsible for like 40% of that on this board
>>14630 Is this guy even a Christian?
>>14630 >CryptoMudslime
>>14630 are ou even 18?

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