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Anonymous 09/09/2021 (Thu) 20:42:53 No.1432
Recently I've been thinking of futuristic medicine , such as uploading a mind into a computer, DNA modification,or cloning a body and transferring your electromagnetic pulses into it. So I ask ,would having one of these procedures or promote them is acting against the will of God , because be preventing them to die I also prevent them to reconcile with Jesus in heaven, I also violated the rule of the 120 years. But at the same time it would prevent diseases such as Alzheimer or cancer, while at the same time improving general health issues. So I'm completely clueless if achieving immortality or great medicine is acting against God, and if so wouldn't our current attempts with vaccines , scanners, treatments and more just make us go away from God and his son for more years than it should be?
You can't transfer your soul to a machine, you're just comitting suicide and letting a program imitate you. If you want to live forever, try seeking out eternal salvation.

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