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Lust problem. Anonymous 09/09/2021 (Thu) 06:49:46 No.1423
I have a problem with lust and pornography. I've tried to quit many times, i've even deleted my porn collections many times over, but it's so accessible and all around me. I've prayed to God to help me with this problem, but i feel that prayers doesn't really help. I don't feel like i can stop, and asking for help would just give me more problems and it's embarrassing. I've stopped for a good while before, but i always come back. People have gotten angry at me for staring at women too much. Has anyone been able to leave their pron addiction?
Open file (437.99 KB 1158x2048 DjIHnsSVAAAmQsK.jpg_large)
I remember that there was quite a bit about it in philokalia but if you want my practical real life advice then just get a damn job.
>>1427 >castration and chastity christcuck gone literal
I am mostly but not 100% free. So much better than where I used to be. Read easypeasyway and Rational Recovery https://easypeasymethod.org http://library.lol/main/8FB0F9CDFA3B24419D33FB53315738B8
Open file (10.23 KB 474x428 aa.jpeg)
>>1439 I don't know, I'm christian and castration and chastity is a bad option,there are some references in the bible that says you shouldn't or that isn't a good idea to do it ,but I don't know just saying opinion. Also here OP it worked for me >https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/site-blocker/offfjidagceabmodhpcngpemnnlojnhn It works on Brave.
I was able to leave the porn addiction. I did that by praying the Rosary frequently.
>>1456 This seams more lightweight than a browser addon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPfpCVW7ZvM
>>1423 Get a wife.

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