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What is the best way for Christians to handle the internet? Anonymous 07/07/2022 (Thu) 05:10:37 No.13785
The internet allows for easy sharing of media and information, and without it this board wouldn't be here, but it also has a lot of messed up stuff and can is used to spread so much sinful content. And the machines with which we use the internet can become really unhealthy for you. What is the best way for a Christian to handle it? I know things like website blockers and add blocks can help. Or should we just skip the whole process and smash our computer screens?
>>13785 Understanding the potential sin of technology is a very good thing, it connects mankind--often first world people--which will obviously create countless cesspools of sin, because that's what people do. However, all earthly tools, including internet, can be double edged. Weapons allow for defense, but it also allows for absurd violence. Food allows us to live, but in excess we become gluttonous pigs. Drinking can improve recreation, but, y'know, alcoholism. Knowledge can improve society tenfold, but it also allows nuclear bombs to be invented. The internet is the same. People are inherently sinful, and the internet allows us to sin without real life consequences. It's a logical impossibility for us not to act like total heathens. So, like weapons, we should use internet for good and actively avoid sin with 5 times the caution, because sin can only be stronger in this technological hellscape
This website hosts porn.
>>13785 I'll say something. Things like website blockers are a meme. If you really wanted too coom or something, you'd disable said blockers or do another workaround to access sinful content. If you have willpower, you won't access sinful content even without using website blockers and stuff. Basically, if you want to stop accessing sinful content on the Internet, just pray for more willpower.
>>14014 Website blockers can work to some extent, but only if you aren't the administrator of your system and network, and aren't too technically savvy. For anyone using an imageboard, they won't do shit. >>13785 Don't access sinful websites. At the end of the day, you need discipline. Just like you need discipline to not drop by the whorehouse on the way home from work. If you can't manage that, using a solarpowered Raspberry pi with no graphics server installed to browse text-only might be an option.
>Don't access sinful websites. Like this one.
God hates technology and social isolation that comes but lets it happen and then gets frustated for all time and apparently nobody on the planet but only one single prophets that ll ease him while the rest are always ignoble garbages that dont build a gigantic ship on their own or faggot morons that build a towering settlement themselves without asking gods to drop the rocks for them
Na wait i guess god did build jerusalem and puts all the rocks for the romans and so did he build sodom and gomorah and babel huh? Is it forgotten or something? Everything is possible for god so maybe good and evil and all reason bows to it and so does its meaning in reality and flesh holds no beer over the lord itself as nothing is impossible for the gods and you can litwrally make good reason to do anything and everything because that is infinity so whatever The question remains is god actually good or cares to be good or what does it mean by good But being a person you gotta just not ask, just do and honestly why bother? Die and leave the meaningful life you wish the god were planning for you and...and How do you even train debates? Just practice with a fellow intelligent wall

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