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Extraterrestrial Life in the Bible The Being 08/31/2021 (Tue) 19:26:57 No.1343
I am curious about the Biblical view on this subject. Would every intelligent species have their own messiah, or would they need to be saved through Jesus? This assumes they even have souls in the same way as humans at all.
>>1343 they need to be saved by Jesus too. According to Narnia there is a Jesus in every alien world and in every part of the omniverse but he isn't subject to time and space
The space trilogy by C.S. Lewis talks about this.
>>1343 Mark tells us to preach the gospel to every creature. Christ saved humanity which was created in God's image on Earth. Aliens would be in the same category as animals in relation to Christian salvation, but if they have some form of original sin the preaching of the gospel to them would be a witness to the necessity of salvation.
>>1343 The so called aliens of today are more than likely demons. They torture and sodomize, confuse, are driven away by our Lord and Savior Christ the King. There are threads on the various /x/ bunkers here on the webring about it. I think /truth/ has one.
Open file (31.00 KB 500x374 wsdx DXNQhWnWsAE4BAn.jpg)
>implying space is real >implying NASA isn't a freemason psyop >implying "evil aliens" aren't just demons >implying "good aliens" aren't just demons preaching the gospel of space worship >implying satan won't create illusions of "alien spaceships" to make you lose faith in Christ >implying you should be looking at the sky in the endtimes >implying the governments of the world won't be united in fighting "aliens" >implying they won't be fighting angels instead >implying you won't be drafted to fight against God's army if you look at the sky >implying you won't go to hell if you look at the sky Just be careful out there.
I don't think aliens exist, honestly. Like others have said ITT, they are best considered to be demons, or fallen angels of some variety, not good beings. I recently saw a UFO myself while out walking around and I'll tell you that it did not give off a good vibe in way at all.
>>1709 Why not just see them as animals?
>>1717 For me it would depend, if their religion is basically Christianity with an another name and have Christian teachings ,and values ,then yes I would consider them the same or like animals ,but if not ,(and they as individuals cannot repent ),then I won't accept them. Also >>1676 , Satan and devils don't have that much power they are like similar to humans in power.
>>1718 Not him, but Satan torments Job with powers of the weather allowed by God. Yes Satan and his fallen angels and demons are under the authority of God, but Satan and his angels and demons have powers that go beyond the power of mortals humans.
>>1343 Fermi Paradox. Watch Isaac Arthur's videos on that topic.
>>1343 >I am curious about the Biblical view on this subject. Would every intelligent species have their own messiah, or would they need to be saved through Jesus? This assumes they even have souls in the same way as humans at all. There is no intelligent life out there in space. Evolution is mathematically impossible, thus no life, intelligent or not, can develop out of random atoms and molecules.
>>2075 What if God willed it?
>>2075 Certainly abiogenesis is a non-existent fallacy. Life's creation is clearly a miracle on the face. While the so-called Big Bang is an scientifically-provable miracle (thus opening up the scientific plausibility for other miracles), I personally consider life's design & engineering to be far, far deeper in their extent of unfolding the amazing mind of God. So, life is a miracle. What then (as regards aliens)? We know He created one other form of spiritual life at the least (Angels, both Heavenly and fallen). In answer I'd suggest that the overarching goal behind this creation by God is to facilitate the rapid conquest of evil and suffering, without violating the freewill of humans aka homo-sapiens-sapiens . Scripture makes it plain that Jesus Christ's suffering, death, going into Hell, resurrection, and ascension were all one-time only events. Christ will never die again. Given God's merciful character, and Satan's evil character, I think it's safe to presume from this that at the very least, no other spiritual life exists in this universe outside of this planet Earth. Therefore, I don't personally believe life is in existence anywhere else (no need for it to), and most definitely there is no other form of spiritual life here beyond humans and angels. QED.
>>2077 >I'd suggest that, Biblically-speaking, the overarching goal *
>>1717 There is often a paranormal aspect to many alien or UFO encounters that makes one think that they are more than just animals or flesh and blood beings of any kind. If one takes the time to study the reports out there (we must be skeptical of course, but the numerous common elements are indeed interesting) we often see things such as physics-defying maneuvers, telepathy, levitation, passing through walls, etc. All of these make it more likely that these are some sort of spiritual entities of some kind. I would guess that they are related to the old 'gods' of pagan times. >>2076 Focusing on hypothetical questions like this isn't really worth the time. Evolution is a worldly doctrine based on the philosophy of men instead of the Word of God. All science is based on certain assumptions about the world, mainly in the case of modern science a uniformity of nature back billions of years, and the idea that nature is exclusively self-contained and law-driven, with no God to speak of. The uniformity of nature is important for modern science, because it makes science possible, it allows scientists to do induction, to formulate hypotheses, etc. If nature was not the same in the past, as Scripture tells us, their entire scientific endeavor regarding what happened in the past comes to naught, because it is inaccessible to scrutiny by the empirical means we have available. They have no way of knowing. It is a mere assumption. It is through God's revelation that we come to know about these topics, namely the creation the animals, and of mankind, the Fall, the nature of the early humanity, etc. Given the fact that Biblical prophecies regarding Jesus Christ have come true, we have every reason to trust the Bible in regards to the origin of mankind and the world. Even if one wants to look at it from a worldly perspective though, the evidence doesn't add up. It's a lot of theory-laden observations. Trust in God rather than men, science is always changing. God is immutable.
Meh. The Moon is but a skylight put there by God to brighten the night and provide a calendar. Ayys are either spirits or devils. Not as significant as many moderns would make them out to be, and to be regarded with wariness instead of reverence. Honestly, unless it is Science Fantasy, Sci-Fi has lost its luster to me.
This book has a chapter on UFOs, explaining them as a demonic phenonemon. https://archive.org/details/fr.-seraphim-rose-orthodoxy-and-the-religion-of-the-future
>>2323 >This book has a chapter on UFOs, explaining them as a demonic phenonemon. That's true though. Aliens are just demons from hell. Aleister Crowley talked about this, but I can't remember where.
>>2334 I have no doubt that Fr. Seraphim was spot-on in his analysis, honestly. Pic related is the comparison between what Crowley channeled and the stereotypical grey alien. Anyone who has done any degree of research into the UFO phenomenon will notice these parallels, and especially how their technology conveniently keeps pace with human technology, always being slightly ahead of us. This has been happening for all of human history, and these beings are always shilling for whacky spiritual beliefs and New Age ideas. And they fear the name of Christ.
>>2346 Pretty much this. Lots of ancient civilizations mention aliens in one way or another
>>2346 >aliens = demons Yeah I buy it >they fear the name of Christ. makes sense, any example? I tried to look around but I couldn't find anything
Open file (100.55 KB 550x679 satan happy merchant.png)
The Church Fathers on Atmospheric Demons St. Basil on various sorts of spirits: > Thus too in the case of the heavenly powers; their substance is, perhaps, an aerial spirit, or an immaterial fire https://www.newadvent.org/fathers/3203.htm St. Augustine on the nature of demons: >The nature of demons is such that by virtue of the sense-perception of an aerial body they easily surpass the sense-perception of earthly bodies. In swiftness also, on account of the superior mobility of the same aerial body they prevail without compare not just over the running of any men or beasts you might happen to name, but even the flying of birds. Endowed with these two things (that is, sharpness of sense-perception and swiftness of movement), so far as pertains to an aerial body, they may foretell (or rather, report) things perceived long before, which men marvel at in proportion to the slowness of their earthly sense-perception. The demons have also gained, through the long span through which their life is extended, a far greater experience of events than humans can attain, since their lives are brief. https://www.roger-pearse.com/weblog/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Augustine-De-divinatione-daemonum-translation-Gassman-2020.pdf St. John Cassian on atmospheric spirits >But the atmosphere which extends between heaven and earth is ever filled with a thick crowd of spirits, which do not fly about in it quietly or idly, so that most fortunately the divine providence has withdrawn them from human sight. For through fear of their attacks, or horror at the forms, into which they transform and turn themselves at will, men would either be driven out of their wits by an insufferable dread, and faint away, from inability to look on such things with bodily eyes, or else would daily grow worse and worse, and be corrupted by their constant example and by imitating them, and thus there would arise a sort of dangerous familiarity and deadly intercourse between men and the unclean powers of the air, whereas those crimes which are now committed among men, are concealed either by walls and enclosures or by distance and space, or by some shame and confusion: but if they could always look on them with open face, they would be stimulated to a greater pitch of insanity, as there would not be a single moment in which they would see them desist from their wickedness, since no bodily weariness, or occupation in business or care for their daily food (as in our case) forces them sometimes even against their will to desist from the purposes they have begun to carry out. >But when it [the seed of Seth] had been mingled with the evil generation, it drew aside at the suggestion of devils to profane and harmful uses what it had innocently learned, and audaciously taught by it the curious arts of wizards and enchantments and magical superstitions, teaching its posterity to forsake the holy worship of the Divinity and to honour and worship either the elements or fire or the demons of the air. > thus there would arise a sort of dangerous familiarity and deadly intercourse between men and the unclean powers of the air https://www.newadvent.org/fathers/350808.htm The prince of the power of the air is at work
St. Anthony the Great on spiritual warfare and aerial demons >For we have terrible and crafty foes — the evil spirits— and against them we wrestle, as the Apostle said, "Not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities and against the powers, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places Ephesians 6:12 ." Great is their number in the air around us , and they are not far from us. Now there are great distinctions among them; and concerning their nature and distinctions much could be said, but such a description is for others of greater powers than we possess. But at this time it is pressing and necessary for us only to know their wiles against ourselves. https://www.newadvent.org/fathers/2811.htm
>>2346 Supposedly, Crowley's description of the entity actually had huge almond-shaped black eyes, but they were changed when the sketch was made. It was thought by someone at the time (I don't remember who said it specifically) that the real thing would frighten the people too harshly since they really used to that sort of thing (it was still a few decades before Roswell). I don't know how true that is, though; I've heard it many times, but I don't believe I ever saw a source.
Open file (35.92 KB 233x224 hornedfigure.png)
Somehwat unrelated but while i was making some drafting i found the old northern injuns had the traditional symbol depicting "strong" or unusual strength/confrontational force as a horned figure.

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