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Anonymous 07/25/2021 (Sun) 01:38:46 No.1240
Are there any documents written about Jesus in the time that Jesus was alive?
>>1240 Also is the post in the OP pic true about the top image?
>in the time that Jesus was alive? So, at any time, Eternally, other than the 3-day period between His crucifixion and resurrection? But we get what you mean, friend. I would expect Matthew and Luke probably began making notes during the 3 years, and certainly it's likely the satanic jews as well as Pilate's court made some records.
The board population is pretty small now, back in the day you'd get a load of replies. Have you tried looking into those guys who are supposedly not contemporary?
>>1249 I should do that, i did look into Josephus. It's was just a concern of one anon who said they're not contemporary. >The board population is pretty small now, back in the day you'd get a load of replies. Where did everyone go?
>>1250 >Where did everyone go? Originally we were on the original 8chan. When that kicked the bucked some people migrated to bunker boards like this one while others just left. When 8chan was "brought back" as 8kun some people went to the /christian/ board there for a while, but 8kun has been losing users ever since and now the only board that isn't dead is the Qboomer board.
>>1250 People go onto data-collecting services like discord exactly as planned, and they move away from the anonymous format. It was probably coming anyway, but the overkill by destroying all of 8chan for the existence of one person posting stuff that was also posted on social media at the same time, sped it up somewhat.

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