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Open file (28.92 KB 440x295 stare.jpeg)
Info thread on local idiot Anonymous 07/23/2021 (Fri) 23:02:37 No.1238
Just letting you know that the guy behind all of these posts and threads >>372 >>1235 >>1204 >>1083 >>1109 is a griefing idiot that's goes on different imageboards to steal people's information and sell whatever he can get our of you. And also just start random shit in general. Don't go to any links he sends you, or to his shitty discord links You will get datamined
>>1238 I never click on such things or spend much time in such threads, but thanks for the warning all the same. It sounds like he is infested with demons.
>>1238 lololol I know who that guy is. He's a complete mental basket that spams practically every website. He did the same thing on a relatively small board I frequenly contribute. I'm not surprised to see him here. Dude's nuts >>1239 > It sounds like he is infested with demons. Well, I'd say that (((that guy))) is infested and cursed since birth. But yeah, he's a schizo creep
Open file (24.10 KB 608x456 yup.jpeg)
Open file (11.95 MB 711x400 Don't use discord.webm)
While we're on the subject, I'd thought I'd post this here. Discord is currently owned by a company that owned "OpenFeint". The previous company was charged with dozens of lawsuits over privacy violations. You can see the video for it if you need more reference. The guy who made the video is a degenerate, but the video is still good TL;DR: Don't use discord
>>1238 >Griefing What is this minecraft? >Don't go to discord If you have to be told this you need to lurk more.
>>1244 >What is this minecraft? Well he's mentally a 8 year old kid, so you are not in the wrong
He also makes these type of one sentence threads >>1240 and leaves without an answer. Just general random stupidity
Open file (8.50 KB 220x209 pepeuwu.jpg)
>>1238 >one of those posts is mine

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