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what is your definition of heresy? Anonymous 05/11/2022 (Wed) 17:33:42 No.10911
What is the criteria you guy use when figuring out whether or not a doctrine is heretical? is there a standard you measure it against, like a council or creed? How "wrong" do you think a person's or group's theology has to be before you can consider it a heresy? i know this is going to be a controversial subject, but i hope you all can discuss it civilly regardless.
Technically any false teaching is heresy, but damnable heresy is that which is so great that it destroys the gospel and gives another instead, whether with a false God, or a false way of salvation.
>What is heresy Anything a catholic does not like, or alternatively anything that resembles the mohammadean creed.
>>10912 Is correct in saying heresy is false teaching so your question can be restated as "Whence true teaching?" It's obvious that anyone's answer to this is going to be guessable from what kind of church they go to. The more interesting question is where you draw the line between Christian and non-Christian. This seems like it has an even more trite answer - my church is True Christianity and everyone else is not - but, in practice, most churches will refer to most other churches as Christian. Often it comes with qualifiers but the word "Christian" is still used. At the other end, there are some self-professed Christian groups for whom it is uncontroversial to exclude from Christendom. Mormons, for example, prosperity gospel preachers, and Seventh Day Adventists among others. I think if you oppose the seven ecumenical councils or any of the three creeds or else if you so distort the faith that it's unrecognisable as the faith that has been practiced by the majority of Christians for the last 2000 years, then that must surely put you outside the bounds of Christendom. I understand this last criterion is a little vague but it's necessary to exclude people who gut the faith of things that are obviously necessary to hold to for Christians but were not specifically addressed in the councils or creeds. An example would be if you denied our need for repentance and forgiveness. At that point you've obliterated the faith by making the incarnation, crucifixion and resurrection pointless. Heresy would be any false teaching from within Christendom that doesn't rise to the level of apostasy (a renunciation of the gospel).
>>10970 thank you for the reply anon, this was the exact sort of post i was looking for. and to clarify, when i say heresy i am referring to "damnable heresy" as >>10912 mentions, where the person proclaiming it is essentially outside the bounds of Christianity and won't be saved, rather than someone being mistaken on a minor and/or inconsequential point.

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