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John 3:16 KJV: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Open file (156.29 KB 1200x1439 Jesus fren.jpg)
Meme Thread Anonymous 05/11/2022 (Wed) 11:43:06 No.10900
Please don't let this one die.
>>10901 believing we come from monkeys is believing in magic.
If it dies again we can just make another one and over and over forever.
>>10901 Please don't blaspheme, thank you
Open file (782.81 KB 840x630 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (187.67 KB 306x480 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (281.20 KB 680x259 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (384.81 KB 830x974 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (173.73 KB 969x729 BB 2.jpg)
Open file (249.11 KB 927x886 BB 1.jpg)
Open file (206.16 KB 845x766 BB 3.jpg)
Open file (2.35 MB 2000x1495 priorist_christianity.png)
Open file (20.04 KB 720x142 eddas.jpg)
Open file (2.87 MB 1672x1504 pagan_dolmen.png)
Open file (1.32 MB 1718x884 pagan_transsexual.png)
Some ones from the Pagan thread, just to keep the fire lit.
>>10906 This one seems anti-Christian. I don't know why it keeps getting posted.
Open file (191.90 KB 680x259 ClipboardImage.png)
>>10934 Tom makes some good stuff
>>10973 shills post it.
Open file (1.31 MB 1280x720 do you love God Ben.mp4)
Open file (564.16 KB 1201x838 epagan-cringe.png)
Open file (411.41 KB 2556x1624 1651523863368.png)
>>10969 I'd like to add to this pile (both OC).
Open file (115.80 KB 680x709 f94.jpg)
Open file (42.57 KB 680x259 f38.jpg)
Open file (45.63 KB 680x259 541.jpg)
Open file (38.60 KB 680x259 ee6.jpg)
>>10978 Agreed. Here are some of my favs.
>>10973 I guess the message just goes over some people's heads?
Open file (193.81 KB 1251x585 1605512505219.png)
Open file (261.47 KB 1900x874 1624030430484.png)
Open file (128.84 KB 1000x1000 IMG_20200915_150002_857.jpg)
Open file (114.54 KB 856x1024 1600645874779.jpg)
Open file (107.54 KB 1381x605 1641172080777.jpg)
Don't care for nujak memes personally.
Open file (60.98 KB 800x600 Inconsistency.png)
>>11451 Rework of your second pic because 1. Fuck wojaks 2. I don't think anyone actually espouses panels two and three And you say it's OC but the filename clearly indicates you got it from somewhere else.
Open file (496.41 KB 800x600 Pilate.png)
While I'm on a roll. I used the Monty Python versions so they'd be recognisable. Amazingly enough the dialogue even fits their characters.
Open file (695.84 KB 705x1050 Enemies.png)
And now I'm reminded of an image I made years and years ago back when I still browsed /pol/. The right opportunity to post it never came up. Not really Christian themed but if I don't post it now it will never get posted.
>>11465 You've completely misinterpreted the character of Pilate. John 19:12 "And from thenceforth Pilate sought to release him: but the Jews cried out, saying, If thou let this man go, thou art not Caesar's friend: whosoever maketh himself a king speaketh against Caesar." This is the same in all four gospels. Pilate wanted to release Jesus the entire time it's why he gave the Jews a choice between Christ and Barabbas. and why he washed his hands and said that the blood of Jesus isn't on his hands even though Jesus stated he did sin it was the Jews who committed the greater sin. Because he never wanted to kill Jesus.
>>11467 I'm aware. The first panel is after he meets Jesus and wants to release him but the crowds kept urging him to kill Jesus and threatening a riot. Therefore, his solution is to let the local Jews do it themselves. It prevents more civil disturbance, removes any possible accusation of treason against Caesar which the Jews were bringing to bear against him, and he even gets to wash his hands of the matter. It's the most politically expedient solution. And reminder that while Pilate may not have wanted to kill Jesus, he didn't prevent it from happening though it was completely within his power.
>>11469 Fair enough, But Pilate did want to release him, That's why Pilate brought Barabbas into the equation to begin with. He thought that they'd rather have Jesus back than Barabbas. And you also need to remember that God is completely in control at any given time. Jesus even said that he could bring down a legion of angels at his will to deal with the situation but chose not too to fulfill scripture.
>>11461 same, they just seem kind of lazy and smug to me
Open file (1.17 MB 576x798 He_is_risen.webm)
>>11464 I like your rework, but the original does provide some broader points for Lolberts' and Communists' thick skulls.
>>11481 Government isn't bad because it's been 'subverted', it's intrinsically bad In theory there's room (for exactly one line of thought of) a subgenre of ethnonationalist lolberts but basically that's such a narrow and comical(ly retarded) minority that it either doesn't exist or has no voice.
Open file (87.24 KB 1080x1118 FTEix_MWAAIgg-s.jpg)
I've seen this the other day
Open file (739.48 KB 1510x575 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (212.10 KB 640x244 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (208.36 KB 640x244 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (704.17 KB 1280x487 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11452 i especially enjoy the ones with puns
>>10934 >>11452 >>11586 >everyone is brown/black gay
>>11587 Well, I'm sure they were _tan_, but yeah, I don't think they were all bronze-toned. I don't have many directly Christian memes, but these should fit.
>>11587 >>>/pol/ >>11590 You did nothing wrong.
>>11464 Fair enough. I'm not a fan of wojak either but it was quicker to make. I'll save your pic too. >And you say it's OC but the filename clearly indicates you got it from somewhere else. I posted it elsewhere first (in response to some guy on another imageboard) and I saved it again from there for this thread. My desktop is disorganized and I need to fix it. >>11560 >Government isn't bad because it's been 'subverted', it's intrinsically bad Romans 13.
>>10906 This is not the view we hold to. Christ is life, we are shutting him off while immolating ourselves inside. Why can we do that? Because out of love He gave us free will, the will to reject Him. The god being depicted here is the Islamic Allah, who punishes you for disobeying him.
>>10937 >A pleasure loving body corrupts the soul I always knew it had memetic value
>>11646 >Romans 13 Always wondered if Paul just wrote that in case government officials intercepted the letter. >John the baptist murdered by government in spite of doing nothing wrong >Christ crucified by government in spite of doing nothing wrong >early church pursued by government in spite of doing nothing wrong >"For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended." >eventually killed himself by government in spite of doing nothing wrong
>>11662 i think hes talking about non-SOG (satanist occupied government) controlled governments
OC fresh out of MS Paint. The painting is "The Triumph Of Christianity Over Paganism" by Gustave Doré.
>>11705 I like it. I tried to find a better resolution version of the painting but there apparently isn't one.
>>11705 Maybe try a different photo of Christ for top center.
>>11705 Needs a little polish but still good
Open file (5.94 MB 1280x720 avengers.webm)
Old but gold.
>>10934 >>10978 >>11452 >>11586 >Catholic Humor
Open file (1.63 MB 1510x1075 ClipboardImage.png)
>>12053 papist or not, you gotta admit that he can be pretty funny
pls does anyone have any good Calvinist memes like Presbyterian or Reformed Baptist church memes thank you in advance
i quite like this one
Open file (59.67 KB 828x847 yitzhak kaduri.jpeg)
>>12145 This is blasphemy
>>12288 That's a pretty serious charge against something that just seems to me like well-played humor on the actual gospel record of the encounter. What's particularly troubling to you about it Anon?
>>12323 >turning Jesus Christ into a clown isn't blasphemy
>>12355 I've never seen a clown like that.
Open file (388.39 KB 960x640 ClipboardImage.png)
>>12355 i know you're just trolling, but those are Groucho glasses, not clown make-up.
>>12288 I don't know if it's blasphemy or not, but it isn't very funny.
>>11662 I wonder about that scripture sometimes because there will come a time when people must resist the Mark of the Beast. How can you do that if it is apparently bad to resist rulers?
>>12392 Because God might have put them into power but they'll only stay in power if they maintain public order in line with His commandments. Even if Christians themselves don't directly resist, bad rulers open themselves up to usurpation by their subordinates, corrupt states are ineffective at enforcing their will, and God Himself may intervene and kill the offending party
>>12288 It also has that sun worship halo/ring icon behind his head that so many "Christians" love so much. People don't even notice it, it's so pervasive in idols and icons.
Open file (1.02 MB 787x843 87787867879.png)
Open file (16.75 KB 480x242 fnv_joshua.jpg)
Open file (114.12 KB 563x796 be_the_light.jpg)
Open file (1.56 MB 828x828 destroy_evil.png)
Open file (106.79 KB 1024x896 jesus_hugs_apu.jpg)
I think Joshua Graham was LDS, but it was still a good quotation. >>12492 The halo or corona in iconography is representative of holiness, the presence of the Holy Spirit, or (in Christ's case) the Logos. Symbols are symbolic, not literal. You probably don't consider "Lamb of God" to be totemic beast-worship, right? ... ...Right?
>>12592 >You probably don't consider "Lamb of God" to be totemic beast-worship, right? >...Right? You don't understand: if a pattern seen in other cultures or religions reappears within Christianity, it is because Christians stole it. There are no universal truths, no echoes of God in the fallen world, nothing. Christianity is only true if it is completely alien and detached from anything before or around it. No joke, I have seen arguments against Christians using crosses which went along these lines.
Open file (985.46 KB 792x847 God.png)
>>12577 It's honestly surprised it clearly choose Jesus when i typed in God.
Open file (12.70 KB 256x256 download-2.png)
>>12715 I'm pretty sure that's because Muslims and Jews can't depict their gods
>>12701 >no echoes of God in the fallen world, nothing. Christianity is ... completely alien and detached from anything before or around it. No shit. Any other claim is a total denial of the significance of the Creator and of Jesus.
>>12723 >who are the prophets
>>12718 neither us tho...
>>12162 Prots can't meme because they're crypto leftists.
>>12723 Then why is the Lord's Supper a meal together, a meal with bread and wine instead of completely new food and drink? Why does Jesus speak through parables instead of giving abstract theology lectures? Why does both the Old Testament faith and the New Testament faith follow the harvest cycle? All these things, and many more, are found both in daily life and religions around the world. It's almost like the universe and religion aren't arbitrary, like man was made in God's image. Maybe you could even say the word became flesh or something.
>>12894 Ban anime. This woman needs long hair and to cover her head. Very haram. Delete. This image is lust. You say, Nooo I just have it because it's like beautiful I literally never lust I am pure small choir boy. Delete. Haram.
Open file (297.57 KB 640x432 calvinism.png)
Open file (30.59 KB 552x414 Calvinists.jpg)
Open file (20.88 KB 604x310 Calvinist GF.png)
>>12162 Not a Calvinist, but I have a couple.
>>12897 short hair girl preety
>>12897 Based
>>12701 >There are no universal truths >Romans 1:20 >For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: Go home subjectivist.
>>13147 That poster was being sarcastic.
Some more
^Cringy Romanist memes
Open file (110.07 KB 853x437 1599945728867.png)
>>12162 >>12901 I have 1 meme on my desktop I think you'll like
Open file (937.69 KB 640x1138 2eb1097a36843591.mp4)
>>13177 > Corporate Atheists Are those the ones that enforce blasphemy laws?
Open file (12.89 KB 867x195 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (76.14 KB 451x601 FWCdxx-XkAMkcJi.jpg)
Open file (291.11 KB 894x1132 Ridin.jpg)
Open file (121.59 KB 1080x1260 FWCeaXCXgAEGEcg.jpg)
Inb4 seething prots
>>13342 why insist on stupid infighting?
>>13342 Great memes sir
Open file (746.83 KB 1918x1080 MARK.png)
>>13342 Hillary is jewish and wouldn't marry, or her parents wouldn't let her don't remember exactly which, anyone who wasn't so Bill is too. Bush is skull and bones. Obama has a black communist father and a jewish mother, making him jewish according to jewish customs. Trump is a jew who married a whore, and he married his children off to jews allowing his daughter to renounce Christ at least, and he wore one of those shawls which only jews are allowed to wear (which upset the jews because they thought he wasn't one) and he is an ultra zionist. Biden made no effort to stop it, so it really has nothing to do with him. None of it really does, Presidents are just actors and have been so since the creation of the Babylonian money magic private central bank Federal Reserve System. It's not like they're kings. And if they go against the "NWO", they'll be killed, like JFK for opposing nuclear proliferation for Satan's counterfeit Israel in Palestine (and JFK was a catholic who promoted the immigration reform act which wouldn't have passed if not for the assassination). There will be a world court headquartered either in the counterfeit Israel or more likely in the Vatican ruling over all the nations and it will demand people take their mark, which is sunday worship. "Of course the Catholic Church claims that the change (Saturday Sabbath to Sunday) was her act... And the act is a MARK of her ecclesiastical authority in religious things." H.F. Thomas, Chancellor of Cardinal Gibbons. Nov. 11, 1895 "Sunday is our MARK or authority. . .the church is above the Bible, and this transference of Sabbath observance is proof of that fact" Catholic Record of London, Ontario Sept 1,1923. "Protestantism, in discarding the authority of the [Roman Catholic] Church, has no good reason for its Sunday theory, and ought logically to keep Saturday as the Sabbath."-John Gilmary Shea, in the American Catholic Quarterly Review, January 1883. >>13345 It's not really infighting after you study prophecy https://www.end-times-prophecy.org/the-whore-of-babylon.html https://www.end-times-prophecy.org/image-of-the-beast.html "If the liberties of the American people are ever destroyed, they will fall by the hand of the Roman Catholic cult's clergy" - General Lafayette under President George Washington Sunday laws are coming, they already have guillotines to behead Christians who keep God's law rather than Rome's law. America is also filled with FEMA camps to round up the "trouble makers" who aren't going to worship the beast. After the first violation, you will not be given your weekly allowance. After the second violation, you will not be given your weekly allowance and you will also be whipped. After the third violation, you will be killed. This is fifteen days from the first time the mark is enforced to the time you'd be put to death, "one hour with the beast" from Revelation and one day is a thousand years so that one hour comes to about 15 days. I fully expect people not to get this all, I didn't do the best job of explaining it, but it's all out there for those looking. God called the sabbath an everlasting covenant between him and his people, how he wants to be worshipped, and keeping the sabbath holy is how you recognize God as the creator. Rome created their own counterfeit and demands people worship on that day, even killing people who wouldn't do so in the past.
>>13342 Don't worry nobody will think you're being serious
>>13349 Oh, it's you. Didn't I biblically demonstrate the sunday sabbath to you on /his/ the other day? Today is the Lord's day, do try not to profane it by blaspheming against it.
Open file (9.42 KB 220x284 1628987575437.jpg)
>>13362 Enjoy the plagues. I'm sure you can't wait to kill God's saints who keep the commandments.
Open file (936.24 KB 1920x1080 1628154222055.png)
I'll even post this again, not that you're even going to read it. Too busy worshipping your godchurch and godpope and following your roman talmud.
Open file (341.21 KB 1388x642 ClipboardImage.png)
>>13364 >>13367 Brother, you are utterly blinded by this tradition of men. I am no papist, nor do I have any desire to kill other Christians.
>>13367 The top left of the images is lies, which is odd because anyone can just look up the verses. Who tries to get away with this stuff? This is more than ignorance trying to imply those verses are calling the Sabbath the Lord's day, let alone that it has to be kept in the New Covenant, but then this image goes on to say that "The phrase the Lord's day is found in use in the OT, as shown from Isaiah 58:23, etc." And you start to wonder if it's a troll. "Oh, it's used this one time and you know etc." Okay. It is NOT used in Isaiah 58:23 and it is not used any other time, there is no "etc". over 150 times the Sabbath is used and it is never called the Lord's day. It's desperation. On top of ignoring Jesus and Paul. You are not under the Old Covenant ten commandments. And on top of the fact there are many days in the Old Testament that are referred to as holy. Calling something holy happens a lot in the Bible if you can believe such a thing. The Septuagint of Isaiah 58 refers to the sabbaths as holy days. And even if you want to use the Masoretic the literal translation is "My holy day". over 150 times of the sabbath being brought up this is as close as you can get. In all the 5 books that John wrote, he always called the Sabbath "the Sabbath" If Revelation 1:10 was the Sabbath, John would have said, "I was in the Spirit on the Sabbath". Just like every other time the sabbath is mentioned INCLUDING Isaiah 58:23 which is using the term "the sabbath" and then saying it's a holy day. Strange for John to apparently randomly all of a sudden not call the sabbath by it's name just like everyone else but we're led to believe he's referencing a verse from Isaiah which doesn't actually directly use the term the Lord's day and he is writings this to the gentile churches which were all at this time meeting on Sunday for the Lord's Supper and worship. The Gospels always say Jesus did such and such on the sabbath, this and this happen on the sabbath. It is not called the Lord's day. You can call it that if you want, Sabbath is the Lord's day too. But John is talking about what the Church understood, this is 97 AD, people were already brought up from birth knowing about Sunday being the holy day. Ignatius in 107 AD refers to Sunday as the Lord's day. If you want to move those dates you can if you want but there's other early references to Sunday as the Lord's day anyways. Ignatius gives the reason for calling it the Lord's day, it's because it's the day Jesus rose from the grave. The Bible makes it clear again and again that Jesus was risen on the first day of the week, the Gospel writers really go out of their way to say the day and we know that from the earliest days of the Church they were meeting on the first day of the week, well how long would it take before that first day of the week is called the Lord's day. Maybe a couple of decades, at most. But excuses and senselessness can be made for everything, I don't care if someone wants to keep the sabbath (you can't and you don't) but you can pretend to. Peter said you don't have to keep the Jewish laws, Paul and the author of Hebrews describes the law and the Old Covenant as being dead among other things. It's impossible to read Paul and have an excuse for thinking you're under two covenants, one of which God says was broken, considering you know, no one knows where it is. The Ark is lost and the tablets with it. But I feel like I've had this conversation too many times. There are many things Old Testament Jews do that we no longer do. I mean it's like weebism basically and I'm sorry but you will NEVER be Old Testament Jewish. You can stone people to death and sacrifice animals and cut foreskin, only eat kosher meat and do not wear clothes of wool and linen woven together. God said he is full of burnt offerings and sabbaths and new moons. Yeah let me know when the sabbath keepers start keeping the feast of weeks too. It's actual weebism. "Ten commandments I heard of that! *babbling a few Hebrew words* *dress up like Moses for Jew-con*" It's just unnecessary. It's perfectly fine to pretend to keep the Sabbath though it's a bit dangerous just as fasting can be dangerous if we do it for the wrong reasons in the wrong state of mind. You do not have to worry about it.
>>13446 IIRC youre still suppose to uphold the holy days mentioned in the Bible such as Passover etc.
Edited last time by AntichristHater on 06/28/2022 (Tue) 02:57:41.
>>13451 Indeed, you uphold all the feasts. And be sure to keep every commandment God has ever given to anybody in the Bible, after all they are for all peoples at all times. Hopefully no one thinks that's what will "get them to Heaven" that's my main and in a sense my only concern. But otherwise if people want to try to keep the sabbath, not just sabbath day but the seven year rest and jubilees and all that I don't even remember now all the stuff, there's so much that God told Israel to do. He told Abraham that the circumcision covenant was to be "olam" forever, same as the sabbath same as many other things. And if you weren't circumcised you'd be cut off from his people, God says by not being circumcised you have broken the covenant. A covenant is an agreement and I tell you I'm not sure anyone using this website has ever been apart of the Mosaic or the Abrahamic covenant, thanks to Jesus. "But the ten commandments part of the Mosaic covenant is still part of the new covenant! Noooo! Let me have my sabbaths and my TV and my steel-belted radials!" I've talked enough about this on this board. I think I have nothing more I want to say. Sabbath enforcers let's call them are wrong. You are not being "penalised" every Saturday that you don't stay inside and turn off all power. Good idea though. Keep in mind Jesus hates hypocrites. So if you push the Sabbath make sure you know what you're getting into.
>>13446 I do want to correct Revelation is 96 AD not 97 AD. His Gospel was 97 AD I think anyways and that difference is important because Domitian's reign ended in 96 AD. Also the Didache 64 AD mentions the Lord's day. Barnabas' letter 70 AD references the Lord's day but doesn't use that term. The fact Barnabas doesn't use the term I think supports the idea that the letter is 70 AD. The Didache dating is very difficult. It might make sense as some say that it was written 85 AD. The Didache simply comes off as Christians aware of the first three Gospels and Paul's letters. 60's AD is when Paul starts getting into bishops and deacon talk and that's about the latest marker to use for the Didache. The End Times talk in the Didache isn't anything beyond Matthew 24 and 2nd Thessalonians 2. The attempts made to say the Didache is using John's writings don't seem to work at all as far as I see. Didache makes very clear quotes and references to other scripture, but it is all pre-70 AD pre-John. There's many reasons to believe things weren't changed or added later over time too but, anyway pretty interesting. I'll keep it at 64 AD. It's possible calling Church meeting the Lord's day was added later. I don't see why it should be a surprise that even within one generation of Christians meeting for the Lord's Supper on Sunday they would start calling it the Lord's day. Atheists are very desperate and funny because they now try to push the Didache as early as possible because it doesn't mention the death and resurrection and therefore it must be early. They do the same with Mark, Mark is only the first Gospel because according to Atheists it was before Jesus became God, there's many reasons to believe Matthew was first if you actually cared to look at the real evidence instead of trying to prove your preconceived ideas. The reason Didache doesn't mention death and resurrection is because it's for the church not for evangelism. The part about communion is a bit weird that they quote Jesus but decide not to quote what he said during the last supper and it could have been a good chance to mention even just his death. But it doesn't, it might feel a little off but it's perfectly ridiculous to think there's any strange reason behind it.
Yeah, let's just do away with the sabbath because it's inconvenient. While we're at it, let's also do away with the 2nd Commandment because our apostate churches are full of idols and graven images and we'd rather conform to the world than be transformed by the renewing of our minds.
>>13474 the ten commandments contract is not in affect in the new covenant. the ten commandments are literally the old covenant. That's what the ten commandments were, they were the old covenant carried around in the ark of the covenant. This is one of the biggest things Christians don't understand. That's why Paul has to explain it so many times.
>>13475 >the ten commandments contract is not in affect in the new covenant. the ten commandments are literally the old covenant How did you end up with such an unbiblical idea?
>>13476 I'm not sure what you mean. How do I know the ten commandments are part of the Old Covenant? We all know that's true. Are they part of the new covenant are they still enforced after the death and resurrection of Jesus? Sabbath enforces believe slightly different things I think so I'm not sure what it is you believe. Why is the ten commandments kept? Why is it not part of the law which is dead, Paul goes on to even call it the written code. It's true "the ten commandments" are never mentioned in the New Testmanet, because even by that time Jews didn't think that way. When Jesus lists commandments he says "defraud not" that's not in the ten commandments. Peter, Paul, Hebrews, talk about the liberation from the Old Agreement, the Law, the Law of Moses. The reason they never say "the ten commandments" is because they didn't think about it like that. The law and the old covenant were MASSIVE in scope it wasn't just about the ten commandments but all the commandments and rules and celebrations and feasts and regulations God gave along with it and Abraham's covenant too, so things before and after Sinai. But the sabbath enforces poopoo all that and zero in on the Ten Commandments written on stone tablets which are lost. Why do you think after the ten commandments were broken God made a new copy of them. You would think when Paul says we're no longer under the law, the law is dead, we're liberated from the law, it was added UNTIL the seed should come, you would think he'd make sure you know that you better keep the sabbath though. And we know when he speaks about the law he is talking about mount sinai. Paul was worried about the Galatians wanting to go back to the law, the principles the rules to try and please God. Read Galatians chapter 2, 3, 4. This was Paul's very first letter and it's all addressing this issue and he continues to address it for many years. Hebrews also. Peter in Acts. Jesus himself says the law would pass away when all is fulfilled and then on the cross says it is finished and Paul lets us know yes indeed it is passed.
The New Covenant. is better than the old. That's what Hebrews says at least twice. Now no one would say you need to follow all the Jewish laws to go to Heaven. Salvation is by faith, and that faith produces works and you have rewards in works and even Jesus himself says the work you are to do is believe in him. But we're not even talking about works, this isn't about faith vs works, it's about the Law. Keeping the law of Moses that's what this is about. And I want anyone confused to understand. "But Hebrews 8:13 says the Old Covenant is READY to vanish away, which means it hasn't yet! >:[ What say ye heretic!" As always, verses have ruined scripture at least picking them out in this way. Read the verses just before that. The author of Hebrews is quoting the Hebrew Bible when God said he will make a New Covenant. God is saying the Covenant is old and ready to vanish away at the time he called the Covenant Old, hundreds of years before Jesus. It was ready to vanish at that time and it did at the institution of the new covenant. Although even at the time of Hebrews I would say the Old Covenant hadn't fully vanished in many, the Temple was still there they were doing sacrifices and in many ways many Jews and others are still trying to keep the old covenant. But Hebrews is clearly saying that when God said he'd make a new covenant he therefore called the Mosaic covenant old and ready to vanish away. "RAAA! Heresy! I'll have you strung up by your gills! Help! Someone call the Inquisition this man is telling me the truth! Help!.. The New Testament says to keep the Lord's commandments what were they talking about if not the TEN commandments the only commandments in existence HUUUUH!? Know that the iron maiden is ready for you!" I'd ask such a one, why are many of God's commandments not kept any more, commandments some of which were called eternal. Circumcision isn't kept, Paul says it profits you nothing, why is the Abrahamic covenant unnecessary but not the Mosaic covenant which in reality is often or maybe even always referred to as just "the law" in the New Testament as that's how Jews understood it. We know salvation is not through the law, but do you think God is mad at you for wearing wool and linen together or eating pork or not staying inside on Saturday. "Yes!" Jesus gives a few commandments, including love the Lord, love others. He tells us how to live moreso, what kind of person not to be. Paul does the same listing all the things. Jesus says you know the commandments, you already know them. Paul likewise has to constantly say you know what you should be doing, don't curse don't get drunk, don't hate and so on. It's all tiresome because you shouldn't need a list of written things, they can be helpful but the key is the law on your heart as God says that's what he would do, you ought to know sin from righteousness and God's commandments, which doesn't mean every single command he gave to anyone at anytime now everyone believes that. There is no single list of commandments, there were plenty more commandments given at mount sinai and other times aside from the ten commandments on stone which was the old agreement Israel was to keep. There simply is no commandment to keep the sabbath in the new covenant just as there's no commandment to keep many of the other things God told the Israel people to do. There is no indication of keeping the list of ten commandments, Jesus says keep he has kept the commandments his Father gave to him, he's expressing the fact he is sinless and has done his work and he says if you love him you will keep his commandments just as he kept his Father's. Jesus says to keep his own words and his sayings. You must understand at no point is a list of ten commandments brought up ever "remember to keep the ten commandments" It's so far removed from how Jews understood things it's so removed from the new testament. Paul's letter to the Romans addresses this issue as well. Acts 15 addresses it. Paul and everyone else called in "the law" "the law of Moses" the "Old Covenant" they never say "ten commandments" because they just didn't think that way. The last time the phrase "Ten Commandments" is used is in Deuteronomy "and He declareth to you His covenant, which He hath commanded you to do, the Ten Matters, and He writeth them upon two tables of stone." And I can go on but how many times must I explain this. The problem is I'm arguing against a negative, a nothing. The Sabbath enforces never even put forth arguments and when they do they always use "verses" out of context, a lot of times parts of verses just to try and push their position and to them keeping God's commandments means keeping the Old Covenant well not all of it just the tablets part it's just, I don't know.
Open file (406.22 KB 1920x1278 landscape-7218376_1920.jpg)
Some sabbath keepers will simply never change. And that's fine so long as they're not trying to be "extra saved" I think that's dangerous. That's what Paul was worried about for the Galatians. But I think the most important thing is to tell them that the ten commandments really WERE the old covenant and you simply are not under two covenants. The Ark of the Covenant, covenant means agreement, they were carrying around the legal contract the agreement the covenant which God said was broken and a new one would be made, there's a reason so many of the laws at Sinai are about Oxen and harvesting and so many things that were relevant to a nation in 1400's BC. Romans chapter 6 and 7 also helpful. "MAAAAAH! *Rents clothes* he speaketh blasphemy! What further trial is needed, ye have heard his blasphemy! Deacon, bring out the rack of penance! He speaks against God's Church! He speaketh against our Holy Father the Pope and representative of Christ on Earth! Prepare my flensing knife!"
>>13475 1 John 3:4 4 Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law. Romans 6:1-2, 15 1 What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? 2 God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein? 15 What then? shall we sin, because we are not under the law, but under grace? God forbid. Romans 7:7 7 What shall we say then? Is the law sin? God forbid. Nay, I had not known sin, but by the law: for I had not known lust, except the law had said, Thou shalt not covet. Matthew 19:17 17 And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God: but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments. Revelation 12:17 17 And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. Revelation 14:12 12 Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus. If works is just belief then why is keeping the commandments of God explicitly mentioned so much? Even so, separately from the faith/testimony of Jesus Christ, showing it's a separate thing. >>13483 > Salvation is by faith, and that faith produces works and you have rewards in works and even Jesus himself says the work you are to do is believe in him. Belief isn't a work. You're saying belief is works therefore your faith (belief) without works (which you define as belief) isn't dead. You don't have true faith otherwise you'd produce works. Why would faith produce faith or belief produce belief, that's confusion. God is not the author of confusion. Your faith is dead as you lack works and you redefine works to justify yourself in your own eyes. Even trying to point out your error here is making my own head spin figuratively speaking. 1 John 2:3-4 3 And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments. 4 He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. 1 John 3:22 22 And whatsoever we ask, we receive of him, because we keep his commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in his sight. 1 John 5:2-3 2 By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God, and keep his commandments. 3 For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous. Are you one of those apostates who also claim "repent" only means "stop unbelieving" too, and not "stop sinning"? >"But Hebrews 8:13 says the Old Covenant is READY to vanish away, which means it hasn't yet! >:[ What say ye heretic!" >"RAAA! Heresy! I'll have you strung up by your gills! Help! Someone call the Inquisition this man is telling me the truth! Help!.. The New Testament says to keep the Lord's commandments what were they talking about if not the TEN commandments the only commandments in existence HUUUUH!? Know that the iron maiden is ready for you!" >>13485 >"MAAAAAH! *Rents clothes* he speaketh blasphemy! What further trial is needed, ye have heard his blasphemy! Deacon, bring out the rack of penance! He speaks against God's Church! He speaketh against our Holy Father the Pope and representative of Christ on Earth! Prepare my flensing knife!" I can see why you want to do away with God's commandments, you are bearing false witness. More than just these three times too, but I don't care to show a proud sinner the error of his ways all day long. Repent.
>>13490 I'm not sure what the first part of your post is about. Look at what you're posting. "What then? shall we sin, because we are not under the law, but under grace? God forbid." Why are you posting this verse? This proves we're under two covenants? I have to say nothing in the first part of your post seems to prove anything, as far as I know you're posting random stuff. Then the second part of your post again not sure what you're saying. Faith produces works. Very simple. You seem angry I have to be honest because you are trying to come up with all this stuff to attack me, you're going off on this wild weird assumptions. You're creating a character in your head to attack, which I like to do but I do it as a joke you seem to be doing it just naturally. and then the third part of your post completely, I mean, you're responding to the funny joke part of my post so I don't know.
I've talked to enough Sabbath enforcers which I guess we should call Ten Commandment enforcers, people who ignore commandments they don't like and ignore the parts of the Old Covenant they don't like. I'm not personally under the Old Covenant at all so I don't really have to deal with it. So I know there's nothing more I can say though to the Old Covenant Christians. Beyond trying to tell you that you are not under the Old Covenant given to Israel on mount Sinai, the covenant that is DEAD if you are in Christ Jesus. That is all I'm going to say, you can go off on your own theories but it's not the most dangerous thing to think but it is wrong. A serious misunderstanding of something important. Commandments, laws, rules, will always exist, but the Old Covenant is fulfilled. And as I say at a certain point you know it's pointless so I'm not going to drag on any longer, people are very dedicated to pretending to be somewhat part of the old covenant but not really or whatever I don't even know what they think to be honest. The Roman Catholic church really messed so much up.
>>13499 The SDA is definitely wrong but the reason is that the Sabbath is on Sunday under the new covenant, not because of some Marcionite effort to unhitch Christianity from the Old Testament and the ten commandments in particular. The problem is that you almost certainly do not believe that the ten commandments are of no effect or somehow merely part of the old covenant, because I'm sure you would have a moral objection if someone claimed a right to worship idols and false gods, or to rape their neighbor's wife, or to gun people down in the street for the sheer fun of it. The opposition to the ten commandments is always selective, specifically it is selective of all ten commandments *except* the 4th because while we might like to pay lip service to God, actually letting Him govern our lives and giving Him just one day a week is so inconvenient for us. Now it is obvious that biblically speaking the 4th commandment was never abrogated both generally since the ten commandments are the summary of the eternal law of God which is a representation of His holy character, but also specifically. The statements of Paul about the freedom of observing days is in reference to the new Jewish Christians who were weak-willed and continued the dedications of the many holidays and festivals of the old covenant, their observance of these was acceptable only because of the weakness of their hearts (better they should transgress in such a minor way by continuing to observe obsolete holidays which were nevertheless ordained by God than to make a shipwreck of the faith), obviously if the gentiles were to continue pagan observances such as Saturnalia for instance that would have been strictly unacceptable (for what concord hath Christ with Belial?); however *the* Sabbath which was ordained from the creation of the world, *not* by the law of Moses, was never touched by Paul in that way. The words of the Lord with regard to the Sabbath must not be interpreted as unmaking the 4th commandment just as they do not unmake the other commandments, but as with all the other commandments He preached on them to clarify them against the predominant errors and sins of His day, especially those of the pharisees. Now the Sabbath was never part of the covenantal laws peculiar to Israel to separate them from the nations, but as has already been mentioned was established at the creation of the world, long before Abraham was born. When God did set aside this covenantal people for Himself they came across gentiles in the wilderness who were working on the Sabbath, and even though they were not given the law of God He ordered them to be put to death for their sin (Numbers 15:32-36). Under the new covenant we have a clear description of Sabbath worship in Acts 20:7-9 >And the first day of the week, the disciples being come together to break bread, Paul preached unto them, ready to depart on the morrow, and continued the preaching unto midnight. And there were many lights in an upper chamber, where they were gathered together. And there sat in a window a certain young man, named Eutychus, fallen into a dead sleep: and as Paul was long preaching, he overcome with sleep, fell down from the third loft, and was taken up dead. Now we must recognize what we have described to us here: 1. They gather together on the Lord's day for worship 2. The word of the Lord is preached 3. The Lord's supper is observed 4. No labor is done on this day 5. They dedicate the whole day to the worship of the Lord. If this is not the Sabbath as was commanded perpetually commanded by God, what would be?
>>13490 Are you assuming that the only commandments ever made were those of the Old Testament? That other anon already dismantled your argument about keeping the Sabbath, and now I will do the same a thousandfold. In the book of Saint John chapter 5, a man is healed and told to carry his bed on the Sabbath day, which is mentioned by name. Who healed this man? Jesus Christ himself. How can it be, then, that Jesus could tell a man to perform work on the Sabbath day and not at the same time violate the commandments of God? Is the keeping of the Sabbath secretly not a commandment and was only written into stone as a prank? No, rather the Israelites nullified the old covenant that they had by repeatedly breaking their connection with God. You are no different than the Pharisees who tried to murder Jesus numerous times and, had you been there in that day, would have been at their side, dagger and stones at the ready, looking for any excuse to end his life. How can it be that you hate God and yet command someone else to repent? Who do you think you are?
>>13506 No labor was done on that day because it was the Sabbath, yet Jesus told a man to perform labor on the Sabbath in Saint John chapter number five? It appears to be that, as has already been discussed, the old covenant was fulfilled and thus no longer in effect. Also, I would like to point out that Paul, an expert on the law, performed the work of bringing Eutychus back from the dead the same day that he fell from the window and perished. Should not an expert of the law realized that he couldn't perform any work on the Sabbath and leave Eutychus to rot until exactly midnight so as to not violate the law? Why do these people get to do work on the Sabbath but I'm not allowed to? Perhaps it is just that people are going around professing themselves to be biblical scholars and men of God when in actuality they are not.
>>13523 >No labor was done on that day because it was the Sabbath, yet Jesus told a man to perform labor on the Sabbath in Saint John chapter number five? im guessing you mean this? https://www.theologyofwork.org/new-testament/john/who-works-when-and-why-john-5 in which case youre missing a very important detail pertaining to the law. You arent allowed to work, especially not within the context of labor for profit, theres nothing in regards to Sabbath saying you have to sit at home and do nothing all day or that you cant do missionary work or do good deeds just because its the Sabbath, infact that was the entire point of Jesus doing this in the first place, to demonstrate to both the disciples and the heavily legalistic Jews that they dont have to be so absurdly legalistic about God's laws that common sense applies. That was a major point of Christs entire ministry to the Jews in the first place, correcting the errors the Jews had made in regards to the law. Not an iota not a jot.
>>13525 If we are not to be so absurdly legalistic, then what case or argument is there for the Sabbath autists? The guy carrying the bed was "violating" the Sabbath yet Jesus saw no harm in it, so what sin then is committed by me painting my house or helping a friend set up a lemonade stand? Carrying a bed around was a mundane task that did not count as any sort of missionary work or good deed, and on that latter point, I say that working for profit would be a good deed because providing for your family is good. So, with that alone the Sabbath autists have no leg to stand on. Now I will go even further and say that since there is no explicit condemnation of any sort of work on the Sabbath in the New Testament, combined with Jesus Christ himself performing work and rebuking the Jews, there is no argument of any kind that any individual can make in regards to accusing someone of dishonoring the Sabbath not only in the present, but for the rest of eternity. The old law was fulfilled and can no longer grant anyone salvation, and the denial of such is the denial of the actions of Jesus Christ as he was instructed by God. Working on the Sabbath day is not a sin otherwise we could not call Jesus blameless. Working on the Sabbath is not a sin unless you have the balls to go to the grave professing Jesus is a liar, in which case I pray God has mercy on your soul. I am not done with my rape of the autists quite yet, as I know my words above are not enough to teach them a lesson. Here is an irrefutably mundane piece of work that cannot even be tangentially described as a good deed being committed on the Sabbath with no repercussions of any kind: Luke 6, 1-5, KJV: 1 And it came to pass on the second sabbath after the first, that he went through the corn fields; and his disciples plucked the ears of corn, and did eat, rubbing them in their hands. 2 And certain of the Pharisees said unto them, Why do ye that which is not lawful to do on the sabbath days? 3 And Jesus answering them said, Have ye not read so much as this, what David did, when himself was an hungred, and they which were with him; 4 How he went into the house of God, and did take and eat the shewbread, and gave also to them that were with him; which it is not lawful to eat but for the priests alone? 5 And he said unto them, That the Son of man is Lord also of the sabbath. There is more to it, but that should suffice for now. People who get extremely strict about the Sabbath are less than human and deserve to suffer immensely. They are the same scum that stoned Stephen in the book of Acts and believe that Jesus Christ was a sinner, pretenders and fakers who never read the Bible and, when they do, have no relationship with God so they cannot comprehend it.
>>13523 >Jesus told a man to perform labor on the Sabbath in Saint John chapter number five? This was a reproof of the pharisees who in defiance of the scripture added to the commandment of the Sabbath. It is equally as impermissible to add to the command of God as to remove from it. The "labor" the man did consisted of picking up his bed and going home. Such works which are necessary to do in order to function as a human being on this earth are not considered labor under the Sabbath command (nor are works of mercy as described by our Lord in Luke 14:5). There is absolutely no basis in scripture for a "sabbath gentile" as the Jews hold, which are the children of the pharisees. >It appears to be that, as has already been discussed, the old covenant was fulfilled and thus no longer in effect. I repeat that the Sabbath was and is *not* a piece of the old law, anymore than "Thou shalt have no other gods before me" or "Thou shalt not kill" were mere pieces of the old law. Again, this is transforming the ten commandments into the nine commandments. >Perhaps it is just that people are going around professing themselves to be biblical scholars and men of God when in actuality they are not. A few hundred years ago if you were an advocate of sabbath-breaking you might have been called a Romanist, as they had perverted the command into a mandate of the abomination of the mass and consequently the Lord's day was and is despised by them, but when the darkness of the middle ages concluded with God's light again exploding in the Reformation there was not a single Christian who denigrated the Sabbath like this. Both Lutheran and Reformed, it was restored to its proper prominence. His holy day did not fall out of favor again until the advent, ironically enough, of the "sunday Christian" who did not keep the Sabbath because they didn't care to begin with, they were faithless dogs who only bothered to show up to exalt themselves by showing off their "sunday best".
>>13540 >People who get extremely strict about the Sabbath are less than human and deserve to suffer immensely. They are the same scum that stoned Stephen in the book of Acts and believe that Jesus Christ was a sinner, pretenders and fakers who never read the Bible and, when they do, have no relationship with God so they cannot comprehend it. I would not want to stand before the Lord Jesus and be called to answer for these words
>>13540 >If we are not to be so absurdly legalistic, then what case or argument is there for the Sabbath autists? idk, i just follow the Bible, i dont care what other people believe
>>13550 >Such works which are necessary to do in order to function as a human being on this earth are not considered labor under the Sabbath command In that case, can you provide a specific explanation of what actions cannot be performed on the Sabbath? >I repeat that the Sabbath was and is *not* a piece of the old law, anymore than "Thou shalt have no other gods before me" or "Thou shalt not kill" were mere pieces of the old law Worshipping false idols and murder are clearly still sins even despite the fulfilling of the law. What must be understood is that the observance of the Sabbath is not really a part of the new covenant between all of humanity and God, hence why works which would have defiled the Sabbath were permitted in the New Testament (here again I cite Luke 6:1-5 which contrasts with Exodus 16:23-29). As well, man was not made for the Sabbath, but Sabbath for man. You are free to observe it as Paul said in Colossians, however it should not serve as any basis of judgement of other people. "You don't observe the Sabbath? Then you aren't a real Christian like me!" It is nonsense to think anyone more or less holy for their observance of the Sabbath now that we are under the new covenant. >Again, this is transforming the ten commandments into the nine commandments It was already made clear by the other anon that there were more than just ten commandments, such as that of circumcision of male Israelites. You weren't allowed to eat pork under the old covenant, but now such is not the case because the old covenant was fulfilled by Jesus Christ. Whether you want to eat meat or wither away as a vegetarian is entirely up to you, much like how it is up to you whether you want to keep the Sabbath. This is not diminishing the ten commandments or cheapening what God has commanded, otherwise it would be wrong to claim that circumcision is no longer necessary. >Both Lutheran and Reformed The l*therans and r*formed are not Christians. They are an affront to God and, unless they turn from their pagan ways, will suffer on the day of Judgement. If the False Prophet is going to be in the Lake of Fire, where do you think they will end up, what with their false doctrine and hatred of Jesus? >>13551 Are you going to cry? Tell your mommy I was being mean to false prophets and wannabe Pharisees/Sadducees on the internet? The Pharisees fought to the very end to murder Jesus, succeeding only temporarily in his crucifixion. This was not enough for them, and despite trying even today to appear as an oppressed minority and victims of "antisemitism", as they call it, had such influence and power even in those days that they were able to quite skillfully persecute the early church exceedingly. No matter where any Christian went, the Jews followed closely behind, getting them kicked out of nations or lynching them as was the case with Stephen. They tried to label Jesus a sinner/blasphemer over and over again, failing each and every time. The same demons that controlled them live inside of men today.
Does anyone have that pic of God offering a crying wojak a bread with a wojak's face on it?
>>13596 >In that case, can you provide a specific explanation of what actions cannot be performed on the Sabbath? Anything which is not dedicated to the worship of God which is also not under those exceptions. It would be unacceptable to do things which could be done on a different day (such as conducting business), or which are for our own pleasure (such as watching TV). >Worshipping false idols and murder are clearly still sins And why is that? Because they were condemned once for all in the holy law of God. The law is the representation of God's character, it was given in part to show us the way we ought to live, though much of it was already clear in nature. One such thing was the Sabbath, which was established not when Moses was given the law but when God rested from His works at the end of creation. >What must be understood is that the observance of the Sabbath is not really a part of the new covenant between all of humanity and God What must be understood is this is flatly unbiblical as has already been established without response. Nor is it true that the new covenant is "between all of humanity and God", the nature of the covenant has not changed since it was first established, but it is now as it has always been between God and all who believe, both Jew and gentile. >here again I cite Luke 6:1-5 which contrasts with Exodus 16:23-29 Here again I say that such things are not considered labor under the Sabbath. There is no sin in preparing one's food on the Sabbath if they were prevented from doing so ahead of time for any reason other than neglect. Even were we to accept the already well-refuted idea that the Sabbath was somehow peculiar to Israel under the old law this remains the only possible interpretation of the text, since our Lord was born as a Jew and lived as a Jew and kept the entirety of the law in order to fulfill it; He was circumcised, He observed the holidays and festivals, and He most certainly kept the Sabbath. He was like us in all ways except without sin. >As well, man was not made for the Sabbath, but Sabbath for man. The Sabbath was made for man to worship God upon it. It was not made for man's pleasure or convenience, but its purpose is divine. >You are free to observe it You are not free to observe it, you are bound to observe it. The laws of God are not suggestions, they are commands. You either obey God and keep the Sabbath or you sin, there is no alternative. >however it should not serve as any basis of judgement of other people. "You don't observe the Sabbath? Then you aren't a real Christian like me!" As I recall, you were the one who called me a subhuman and a killer of Christ because I dared to seek the righteousness which God commanded us rather than paying Him mere lip service, Antinomian. >It was already made clear by the other anon that there were more than just ten commandments, such as that of circumcision of male Israelites. There is such a thing as the ten commandments, they are referred to as such in the text of scripture itself. The law is summarized in them as every law may be folded under one of the commandments. Consequently they form two chapters or "tables", the first in commandments 1-4 concerns man's relationship with God and the second in commandments 5-10 concerns man's relationship with man, subsequently these are themselves summarized respectively in the commandments "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, soul, mind and strength" and "You shall love your neighbor as yourself". >The l*therans and r*formed are not Christians. They are an affront to God and, unless they turn from their pagan ways, will suffer on the day of Judgement. If the False Prophet is going to be in the Lake of Fire, where do you think they will end up, what with their false doctrine and hatred of Jesus? Are you a papist, sir? >Are you going to cry? Tell your mommy I was being mean to false prophets and wannabe Pharisees/Sadducees on the internet? Your throat is an open sepulcher, the poison of asps is under your lips, there is no fear of God before your eyes.
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>>13367 >>13446 >>13452 >>13459 >>13474 >>13475 >>13476 >>13478 >>13485 >>13490 >>13497 >>13499 >>13506 >>13522 >>13523 >>13525 >>13540 >>13550 >>13551 >>13559 >>13596 >>13599 GUYS! BROTHERS PLEASE STAY ON-TOPIC IN THIS THREAD!' This is a thread for Christian memes! >>Saturday vs. Sunday Thread<< https://anon.cafe/christian/res/13628.html >>Saturday vs. Sunday Thread<< DO YOUR DEBATE IN THE THREAD LINKED ABOVE!
>>13629 true
Feds just ruled that they are going to continue to provide abortions on federal land in red states. How long until the state arrests a baby murderer or some whore who wandered off-base with a warrant for her arrest? They're also pushing to end the filibuster which is perhaps one of the stupidest things I've heard from them in a while. I guess they're hoping they can push the overton window before populist Republicans win in November. This either ends in fascism or civil war.
>>13636 >This either ends in fascism or civil war. Republicans are too pacifist to make things physical which basically means we're heading toward authoritarianism (im assuming thats what you meant by fascism)
>>13636 but this is a threads for memes, ive got a thread on Christian cultural revolution if you want to post it there or we can make one on Christian politics.
Clicked the wrong thread in the catalog. >>13638 No thanks.
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Here, have some ammunition against the vtuber menace.
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>>14459 Look at the title of calli's concert.
>>14459 but the Dog girl is funny :(
Open file (20.66 KB 415x259 Untitled.png)
>>14474 She has a song called "doggy god's street" where she compares herself to nubis, Fenrir, Cerberus, Cù-sìth and Orthros and calls them her friends. She also dresses up as a Japanese goddess. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5D3nOMEjmBY
>>14480 Well obviously she's not a Christian. No one thinks that. Making a joke about being a goddess dog is just what a secular person would do. She's suppose to be a Kami spirit, it's fiction. As always it's sad the world isn't Christian and we don't just have Christian vtubers playing Christian games but those things don't exist. Technology and work is put to waste, the vast majority of art produced by humanity is anime porn. And movies and games are usually evil. They don't even have a hint of care about being right with Jesus. It's all a waste and we have to live in it, swim in it and it's stinky. You could have a vtuber with a modest model that talked about the Bible and then played the latest non-demonic-fun-time game and sang this and that hymn. Well no. Everything is secular rarely ever evil but just secular and not concerned about truth because "Well maybe Jesus is real and stuff but I don't know and clearly no one else knows because it's impossible to prove, I just do my thing and I'm a pretty good person so then if heaven exists I'll probably go there, sounds boring though I like this and that hobby and addiction and blah blah blah." Christians end up wasting away with secular entertainment because what else can they do no friends or family sitting on their computer, maybe not even a job. There's usually things you ought to do.
Open file (409.39 KB 1200x1200 1648057655739-0.jpg)
>>14484 >As always it's sad the world isn't Christian and we don't just have Christian vtubers playing Christian games but those things don't exist. It's also that vtubers have the same satanic Illuminati messages in their their art and music glorifying other gods and the new world order, the same as the regular pop stars, did you ever see metropolis?
>>14489 sounds like a cool idea but dont get your hopes up on the whole converting soy boys thing. You might be able to convert a few who are on the fence or who are young/depressed and thus impressionable but the majority wont convert. If i were you id try going for the doomers and zoomers.
>>14487 I really don't think there's illuminati messages going around. I think people just don't care and include subjects in their stuff that they want to include. Glorifying other Gods doesn't mean anything to a secular person. Dungeons and Dragons wasn't trying to be anti-God and evil, or a song about Cthulhu or whatever isn't trying to be anything, they just don't care. Go look outside and see all the stinky people walking around, secular people doing their thing, they don't care about God or trying to be opposite to him and be evil. I don't know where this conspiracy is. Evil spirits are at work to make the world the way it is but the whole task is to waste people's time. All secular entertainment is just time sucking hypnotism, just a time sucker but none of these people care about God on any real level. I don't expect secular people to care or think about how what they produce might be bad. I have very little expectation for them. Vtuber Veibae looks and sounds like a demon whore. But it's not satanic illuminati messages, she just doesn't care because she doesn't believe anything exists outside of nature, along with everyone who donates their life savings to this or that online prostitute. Actually they probably do have religious beliefs but again, it's just, they don't really care enough. Wasting time is kind of evil and sinful since your time is not your own. Satan's mission is to make people just not care and think everything is meaningless monkey world. So yeah time wasting secular entertainment devoid of God can be evil, but I don't know. If you're trying to say there's some kind of targeted evil going on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpWcbT2fTmk They're not evil, they're secular, when they sing hymns, or when you have all these angel vtubers or holy type characters, they're not really praising God just like when they do the opposite they're not really praising the devil or something, it's all just culturally human to them. These people have no idea, I used to sing amazing grace before I was saved. Gura is probably like most secular people often depressed and wondering what the point is and needs Christ and well I hope she knows Jesus one day. Marine on Hololive grew up in a very Christian family and went to a Christian school and calls herself a Christian while being a complete sexual crazed person. It's this spiritual void that people have now which I will always blame on evolution and such things, people just don't take the "idea of God" seriously in anyway and so don't bother learning and definitely don't think they need to read the Gospels because they already know about Jesus they think. It's like Anakin, "He was tricked into being evil." Yes everyone is essentially being deceived but not intentionally trying to spread Satan. Certainly address secular people as people who really are quite normal and intelligent and need the Good News anyone could get radically saved.
Open file (87.12 KB 818x905 FO3QjDMVgAU7M-l.jpg)
Mate /agdg/ already has a trannybait Christian anime game. Stop saying you'll make a super based Christian game someday, then throw yourself into RPG Maker or Godot and make something, even if it's janky and terrible at first. Write the worst code imaginable, make sub-Zun-tier art with shit character designs, and create the worst levels known to man if you have to, but if you do this you will actually be living and striving towards your dreams instead of talking endlessly about them.
Open file (152.26 KB 605x340 ClipboardImage.png)
>>14501 >trannybait Christian anime game Wow, that's like my favourite type of game.
>>14497 >I really don't think there's illuminati messages going around. The one eye and the mirror symbolism is an illuminati symbol as wells the use of the "New world order". Of course not everything is a message from a secret society, a vtuber having horns isn't even if it's satanic. >If you're trying to say there's some kind of targeted evil going on. Yes, it's the same symbolism as the regular popstars with the one eye or the mirror of paganism/satanism. >These people have no idea In the hollywood popstar world they sometimes have others write songs for them which have subliminal messages in them to get you accept deplorable sins, for example Michael Jackson's beat is it to drill homosexual group masturbation in it https://vimeo.com/288539617 . Yes, it's possible that they're not part of the same elite group that hollywood pop stars are used to so it could be coming from management maybe. Almost everyone in the music industry is aware of the controlled aspect of it.
>>14512 If subliminal messaging is so powerful then why don't you make Christian subliminal messages that get people to glorify God.
>>14512 >for example Michael Jackson's beat is it to drill homosexual group masturbation
>>14531 Even if i knew to how to influence people psychologically, i wouldn't have whatever hidden knowledge the elite have to persuade humanity, and it would be a really sneaky way to convert non-believers and it doesn't always work look at the failed vagina car that they though would sell because it sexualized the car. Even if i did make Christian subliminal messages it would have to go viral many times to match the reach of global mass media films like harry potter. >>14535 I know it sounds ridiculous but The vimeo link proves it, almost every major scene in the music video is related to homosexuality. The book in pic related not only talks about subliminal messages in mass media but also talks about the homosexual messages in Beat it.
>>14536 Of course the hour long video proves that Beat It is about gay masturbation and not about running from gang violence. Obviously, it proves that. No one doubts that.
>>14459 It isn't nearly as good, but here's another one.
>>14542 If anyone wants to read the original trial documents of Joan of Arc. I haven't in a long time, but it does have very interesting stuff, theology since that's really what it's about. The questions about what did the angels smell like and did they have crowns and what did the crowns smell like and stuff, in one of the Joan of Arc movies they portray that question as being asked in a joking manner, which, maybe it was a joke. Joan of Arc is just really funny the way she acts through the whole trial. She did seem maybe crazy but she did also show some kind of sign to the King and someone has argued because she knew the crown was of pure gold she had revelation. http://www.stjoan-center.com/Thesis/Thesis.htm
>>14543 I actually can't find the original English translation by W.S. Scott online which is weird since that one shouldn't even have any copyright any more on top of the fact it's just a translation of a document hundreds of years old, so. She was found innocent the first time when she was a new novelty and everyone loved her. Then she was found guilty when everyone abandoned her and called her prideful. Then she was found innocent after her horrible death. All very convenient the results of the trials are useless. "The Lord does not wish anyone to claim to be subject to God alone, or to trust her words and actions only to him. Instead, he gave and entrusted to men of the Church the power and authority to know and judge the acts of the faithful, whether good or evil; whoever despises them [men of the Church] de- spises God, and whoever hears them hears God. Finally, he urged her to believe that the catholic Church cannot err or pass false judgment on anyone, for whoever does not believe this errs in the article “One holy catholic Church,” which had been explained to Joan at length." Never makes a mistake or passes false judgement, whoops. I'm glad she was visited by saints in the age when saints were everything. People didn't even angel visitation they got saint visitation. And between voices like sparks and the fact she wasn't delivered from prison as the voices said and most importantly playing in the field with fairies! Truly a Seducer of the People™ Though she never really did anything other than cry all the time during battle because the English said mean words to her and then she beat up some prostitutes and she hated people using foul language. And she wore pants which someone is what this is really all about in the end that's what it came down to. I wish women didn't wear pants today. https://archive.org/details/memoirsofjeanned01irel/page/n7/mode/2up https://archive.org/details/memoirsofjeanned02irel/page/n7/mode/2up These two books are really good and they also have the Diary of the Siege of Orleans which is just the diary the city kept during the siege and it's very interesting. It's crazy how many animals they herded "On such and such day Jean Francious came with a heard of 50,000 pigs from the city of Bon Bon" or whatever and there's a really funny part about this guy in the city who had a cannon, he was like the cannon guy and he kept mocking the English by pretending to be dead but it's hilarious because they would report "this many people died in today's skirmish and the current situation looks like this... also today John did good damage with his canon today!" He's like a celebrity.
Well and then she only became a saint in the early 1900s because her Trial documents became public in the late 1800s and during WWI she became a mascot for the French and became popular again so they made her a saint in the Church. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZxVfMEMryE So from beginning to end her treatment has always been of convenience and never serious thought to what was going on with her. But her obsession to talk with Charles and the fact she actually managed to do it this farm girl, kind of shocking. But that means God really did want England out of France from an army with a female mascot and sent saint Catherine and others to deliver the message. God is certainly interested in the world and history and wars, even though I think to us it seems weird God cares about this war between France and England at such and such time, I mean what does that have to do with anything. Was of huge importance for the people of the time. I always think of the pre-flood world and how long it lasted and the Bible really records nothing about it and as far as we know God didn't interfere with humans doing whatever for a long time, he is very patient. We have such a long church history now. Some death experience reports say people in Heaven wear the clothes of their time whatever they're comfortable with and like John says there's people of all times and tribes and places. "All these voices in her head, that's clearly a sign of [INSERT MEDICAL CONDITION HERE]" Yeah well we do know at least she was a true Christian because she didn't like cursing and didn't afraid of anything and told the Catholic church off, which is the real important part, that's what really matters in the end.
>>14484 >we don't just have Christian vtubers playing Christian games there is actually at least one: Athena Bambina. she's very crazy tho, and a little dumb tbh.
>>14539 i offer you proof and you ignore it without partaking it, why even bother posting if you're not looking to be engaged.
>>14560 I was just agreeing with you. Yeah, obviously Beat It by pop star Michael Jackson is a song about gay masturbation. So.
>>14561 >I was just agreeing with you. You sounded sarcastic. >So. What do you mean by "So." i just showed you that our media is not what it appears to be and you're disregarding it as nothing incredible. How many years has it been since Beat it was released and almost no one talks about it, we're completely deceived. Imagine what your favorite tv show is hiding from and you embedding in your mind. Do you believe it's just Beat it that has subliminal messages?
Open file (14.76 KB 291x245 ClipboardImage.png)
>>14559 seems pretty based
Another weird thing is that they constantly asked Joan of Arc to swear on the Holy Books before the court proceedings. Which is what courts some places do today, it's a Catholic tradition, swearing an oath over a Bible or God. Jesus says not to do that! How do they get these things so twisted. It's not like it was impossible to read the Gospel accounts even in the 1400s, surely someone read that and said wait a minute why are we doing this and why are we calling the Pope our Holy Father, kind of weird. Totally crazy. And it all has to do with making nations on Earth, continuing heathen nations and government on Earth. They don't know how to do it in a Christian way. They have to invent and add and try to figure out when in reality Jesus doesn't care about your nation and politics. He founded a Church, an assembly. Not a nation like Moses or Muhammad. Jesus strongly seems to indicate a band of people within nations but never apart of them. Which made sense in the time of Rome, and made sense forever, you're never going to have a Christian nation, "The top person has to be the biggest servant of all, whaaaat!? How is that going to work!? Shut up Jesus, we're just going to continue making nations like we always have. Hippie!" Paul is upset that people in the Church were taking each other to court. Courts shouldn't even be a factor to the assembly. A political power is not the assembly anymore. It doesn't have to be. I think Jesus restores Paradise, the time before the fall. Return to nature. People always bring up, if only you knew, oh, you simpleton, you MODERN INDEPENDENT PERSON, the importance of Kings and Queens and how God places them in positions of power and you socialist anarchist hippie cannot comprehend the way monarchy played a role throughout history. Return to monarch! Holy Father Pope victor of God guide us! Kind of pointless of course because, no one expects a nation to be Christian, they don't expect it to be a Church were everyone gives everything they have and it's distributed and everyone is happy and the greatest among them is the servants of all. And clearly God and the Lord Jesus never expected that to happen. But it would be interesting. In fact it would be interesting if even "Churches" acted the way they did in the 1st century. Private residences of people who have been saved within a city and they are one with another. Not that it even worked well all the time in those days either. Now the positions of power are in place from God, which is actually something interesting >>14563 You have distracted me from my thought process. Yea, now ye shall be whipped in the Synagogue. No I do not believe that it's just Beat It which has subliminal messages about gay masturbation but as we know Michael Jackson is the master of hidden meanings in his simple songs and I don't know why you say I sound sarcastic. I agree, "Beat It" the song by Michael Jackson is about gay masturbation. That is a fact snd I believe it. 100%. There's really no doubt in my mind that's what it's about. I mean how funky strong is your fight? Funky to the max is the answer.
>>14565 You're just cherry picking, the video is right and you're just trolling for whatever reason.
And that is the meaning of Jesus being the light to the Gentiles and the Age of the Gentiles. And how Jesus is coming a second time mostly to restore Israel, to come back for his prize and people Israel, to save them from their sins and end this story with no loose ends. Jesus very much knew he would be the torch light of the gentiles until the time of the gentiles was over and the final days of Israel concluded everything. Jesus really didn't seem too interested in being King of the Jews yet. Of course so much of his work was for Israel, but you just get a sense he was thinking in all the words he spoke of the vast majority of people all around the world that he would reach to before bouncing back and I know Messianic Jews believe Israel needs to turn to Christ before he can return, very nice. Jesus is the light of the gentile world by which you walk in. To suffer through the nations. Jesus never stops talking about persecutions, being hated. I mean really that had to make zero sense to his followers. Even up to his final days they were asking about being in positions of power in his Earthly kingdom they thought was coming. "Why are we going to be persecuted and hated... when are you going to take over Israel?" Every corner of the Earth Jesus is a light to the gentiles, the filthy gentiles and their Asian mistresses. Isn't that great. It is. Jesus saves from all. And his Good News is simple and easy. And the promises of God hold true. Jesus spoke more of Hell and condemnation than of Heaven and salvation. Those who choose to walk into the dark shadow of Aslan, that's not your story if they chose that. My preacher mentioned the ending of Narnia one day: http://www.samizdat.qc.ca/arts/lit/PDFs/TheLastBattle_CSL.pdf page 93. I guess after a certain point Lewis got tired of the fantasy world thing and just said, okay, let me just write about Christian stuff directly please. Don't lose sight of following the Shepherd as our number one priority. Don't let the sacrifice of Christ become mundane to us. It will seem like such a short time on this Earth the moment we leave our bodies to meet Jesus. Saved once and forever, God will conform you to the likeness of Christ. We need to be sin assassins.
>>14566 How many times can I agree with you!? >Micheal Jackson's song Beat It is actually about gay masturbation. Lyrics like "You're playin' with your life, this ain't no truth or dare They'll kick you, then they beat you, then they'll tell you it's fair".. that's what it's about. YES! I know! HERE I AM, saying I agree and I'm the enemy! Oy vey, It's like another Roman persecution. What have I done wrong, yikes!
Open file (285.57 KB 1106x1400 FYTg6vtWIAAdoGc.jpeg)
>>14666 >14666 ffs that's practically a toddler.
>>14667 i know....
Open file (243.42 KB 1392x788 calvinist_escape_room.jpg)
>>14668 seek help.
>>14672 >poison your brain with jewish chemicals in the name of changing a desire the bible never speaks against no
>>14673 seek help
Open file (1.64 MB 1433x1433 unnamed (1).png)
Open file (276.50 KB 2000x2000 b4c.png)
>>14682 seek help
>>14697 He literally believes that god created evil, peak Islam.
>>14666 no pedophilia
Open file (127.05 KB 1920x1080 Le Bush Christians.jpg)
Open file (72.22 KB 341x960 iekTpvy.jpg)
>>14893 I thank you God for today
>>14893 >phone posting in an indonesians CIA forum thank you Lord for today, for my food, my clothes, my house and my sanity
Open file (32.73 KB 373x249 etymologiae_isidore.jpg)
For the difficult!
>>15293 No protestant?
>>15296 Protestant mogged
Open file (48.20 KB 463x684 crunch.jpg)
Open file (215.86 KB 500x500 threefaces.png)
Open file (51.79 KB 736x414 Anime-Retard-3.jpg)
>>16169 What does that meme mean? If I remember correctly, it's related to a theory about some guy from Beatles being dead or something and backwards recording and stuff????
>>14670 I've never met a black person at a reformed church
>>16183 Why not?
>>16185 non whites are rodent heretics.
>>16213 Nigger
>>16183 i have
Open file (145.42 KB 1222x991 Hitler-Chad.png)
Open file (154.68 KB 1200x1200 Martin Luther.jpg)
>>16251 Nein.
Open file (74.69 KB 500x585 5yyd6t.jpg)
>>16256 I would probably cringe if someone said John 3:16 was their favorite bible verse yes, like saying "uh, my favorite is the regular one".
Open file (361.85 KB 683x1024 cool kid.jpg)
>>16256 I see your John 3:16 and raise you John 15:16
Open file (72.41 KB 713x609 1658780648334-3.jpg)
Open file (612.12 KB 1863x3319 1658781816387.jpg)
Open file (720.78 KB 636x449 1658780648334-1.png)
Open file (1.08 MB 1501x850 1658780648334-0.png)
Open file (342.06 KB 1124x1710 1658780648334-2.jpg)
Open file (1.33 MB 406x720 1658771018721-0.mp4)
Open file (164.86 KB 664x337 1658771018721-1.png)
>>16307 based bishop, crosses are idolatry
>>16332 Go pray in the vacuum of space because everything is idolatry to you people. You will fit there better with your empty skulls.
>>16339 >he took the bait
Open file (56.73 KB 480x360 hqdefault (3).jpg)
>>16340 >he took the bait nyuhuhuh
I found the marine copy pasta but with Christianity. What the frick did you just fricking say about my religion, you small child of the devil? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in Bible Study, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Non-Belivers, and I have over 300 confirmed conversions of Non-believers. I am trained in baptism and I'm the top pastor in the entire Christian Community. You are nothing to me but just another sinner. I will convert you the frick out with blessings the likes of which has never been seen before the eyes of our lord and savior, mark my fricking words. You think you can get away with saying that sinful material to me over the Internet? Think again, sinner. As we speak I am contacting my friends and fellow christians and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the flood, sinner. The flood that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call science. You're fricking done for, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I convert you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands and the bible of Jesus amen. Not only am I extensively trained in exorcism, but I have access to the entire arsenal of holy water and bibles from the pope himself and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your sins off the face of God's green earth, you devil child. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your sinful tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you atheist idiot. I will spill holy water all over you and you will drown in it. You're fricking blessed, kiddo.
Open file (103.36 KB 230x219 bradders the chase.png)
>>16352 >you devil child.
>>16374 seek help
>>16374 New pasta just dropped
>>16182 John Lennon was shot by a Christian fundamentalist for saying the beatles were bigger than jesus. He later came to regret it and pleaded guilty, he refused to do any interviews because he didnt want the fame of being a murderer and now jew media tries to spin it as if he had a list of people he planned to shoot to get famous.
Open file (308.12 KB 1920x1080 FaKPiaIXwAALtY8.jpeg.jpg)
Open file (181.68 KB 640x813 x7chpf3jzla61.png)
>>14484 PrayersFromAbigail is a vtuber but she swings kind of left of evangelicals. From what I've heard gays really hate her so probably not left enough for them. I wouldn't let people shame you for liking anime or Vtubers though anon, it's no greater a distraction from God than sports. Most of the people I know who got into anime got into it when they going through a rough patch, so in a strange way I think even cute shows about fictional children being kind to eachother can be a small means of grace
>>16381 What do you mean shes " swings kind of left of evangelicals."?
>>16383 I think he means that she is a little bit more liberal than what you would expect from evangelical Christians but not liberal enough for the LGBT types
>>16383 Mostly shes female so
I found this list of Christian music that i didn't even know i had.
>>16381 She looks like christ chong but with glasses. Do you think she frequents this board?
>>16375 Why are christians prone to mental illness?
>>16411 Mental illness is a way of thinking that does not conform to >normal&quote; but nowadays normal is just not right!
>>16411 Demons have less reason to attack their own
Open file (245.72 KB 640x360 Based On the Gospels.mp4)
>>17854 he will not divide us
Open file (182.20 KB 1078x1019 mTyx3en.jpg)
rip my hopes and dreams
Open file (1.12 MB 719x783 Untitled.png)
>>10906 God loves us and tells us not to hurt each other and how to best live a happy life. If you love sin and wickedness, if you like hurting people, you won't like heaven. I have never died, so I have no idea what heaven and hell are like. I know God loves us and the wicked aren't in heaven. To me, that sounds like heaven. Don't blame God Almighty for giving YOU free will and expecting no bad to come from your defying the help of the LORD.
I just realized how memes use straw man fallacies and emotional appeals instead of human logic and reason. Humm.. no wonder so many of them, founded in ignorance and emotion, are so utterly ... wrong.
>>17865 top kek
>>18651 True that.
>>20212 >attack the nonbeliever!!! Don't even hesitate or restrain yourself!!!! Feddiest fed go engineer 9/12 on >>/Islam/ or something
>>20229 >>20213 >can't even quote Church Fathers anymore Yikes https://www.newadvent.org/fathers/1901.htm
>>20212 >>20230 Fuck off fag.
>>20248 seethe cathokike
Creationist meme dump
Open file (281.82 KB 1186x1440 atheist bingo.jpg)
>>20957 Not even an atheist and I'm winning. Thanks for showing me that I can still take Ws.
>>20957 >Sky Daddy Always found this one funny. It comes from a study that suggests people who have good relationships with their fathers are more likely to be religious. What people who use it unironically fail to realize is that the opposite is also true. And with how many atheists are/were angsty teenagers rebelling against their fundie parents, is it really surprising?
>>20967 People without a loving father have a hard time imagining a loving Creator Father, it's just a plain fact. And fundamentalism hasn't been as prevalent as people seem to think for centuries.
Open file (125.45 KB 940x936 dmt machine elves soy.jpg)
Open file (210.22 KB 568x500 ClipboardImage.png)
Shitty OC meme that you can use as a quick response when someone types God with lowercase G
Open file (100.50 KB 960x960 16551 - SoyBooru.jpg)
inb4 janny spoilers the pic
>>23410 The story of the revolt of the wicked angels against God is not in the Bible (can anyone please give a reference... maybe I missed it) Is jewish lore, and not necessary for salvation... But didn't Micheal the Archangel almost fall into the Pit of hell himself, and God saved him? I heard it was more of an epic battle. In the church of my youth, there was a large mural of Guido Reni's painting depicting the event above the alter that "Traditional Catholics" usually have an alter dedicated to Saint Mary Mother of God. Just asking.
>>23416 >The story of the revolt of the wicked angels against God is not in the Bible (can anyone please give a reference... maybe I missed it) Is jewish lore, and not necessary for salvation Satan rebelled and was cast down: >How you are fallen from heaven, >O Lucifer, son of the morning! >How you are cut down to the ground, >You who weakened the nations! >For you have said in your heart: >‘I will ascend into heaven, >I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; >I will also sit on the mount of the congregation >On the farthest sides of the north; >I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, >I will be like the Most High.’ >Yet you shall be brought down to Sheol, >To the lowest depths of the Pit. Isaiah 14:12-15 >By the abundance of your trading >You became filled with violence within, >And you sinned; >Therefore I cast you as a profane thing >Out of the mountain of God; >And I destroyed you, O covering cherub, >From the midst of the fiery stones. >Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty; >You corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor; >I cast you to the ground, >I laid you before kings, >That they might gaze at you. >You defiled your sanctuaries >By the multitude of your iniquities, >By the iniquity of your trading; >Therefore I brought fire from your midst; >It devoured you, >And I turned you to ashes upon the earth Ezekiel 28:16-18 Other angels, who sinned, are in hell with him: >Then shall the king say to those who will be on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, which is prepared for the devil and his angels. Matthew 25:41 >For God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down into hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be kept until the judgment. 2 Peter 2:4 >The angels also who did not keep their first estate, but left their own habitation, he has reserved in everlasting chains under darkness for the judgment of the great day Jude 1:6 There was or will be (in the last days) a war in heaven where Satan and his rebel angels battle with Michael: >And there was a great battle in heaven: Michael and his angels fought with the dragon. And the dragon fought, and his angels, but did not prevail; neither was their place found in heaven any more. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent called the devil and Satan, who deceives all the world. And he was cast into the earth, and his angels were cast out also. And I heard a loud voice saying, Now in heaven is made salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ. For he is cast down who accused our brethren before God day and night.  Revelation 12:7-10 There may be further verses but these were the most immediately relevant.
>>23420 Oh and if you take the reference to the stars falling out of heaven in the following passage in Revelation as a reference to angels, then you get the interpretation that a third of the angels in heaven accompanied with him: >And another sign appeared in heaven: behold, a great, fiery red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and seven diadems on his heads. His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth.  Revelation 12:3-4
>>23420 Thanks. I guess my eyes glazed over when reading the Book of the Apocalypse. You're certainly right about Isaiah 14:12-15, 2 Peter 2:4, and Jude 1:6 Pretty sure Matthew 25:41 is talking about people at judgement day. 41 “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. 42 For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, 43 I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.’ 44 “They also will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’ 45 “He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me. Isn't the Ezekiel about people as well? Angels don't have sanctuaries, or trade. Yet, the scripture says "And I destroyed you, O covering cherub,"... where Cherub is a type of angel. Still, Ezekiel 28:1 says the Lord is telling a son of man that this is address to the ruler of Tyre. "Son of man, say to the ruler of Tyre,..." which was a city in Lebanon. But where did the part about the legion of angels throwing themselves into the Pit upon seeing Christ come from, or that Saint Micheal found the "battle" easy?
>>23422 >Pretty sure Matthew 25:41 is talking about people at judgement day. It is, but the second part of the verse says that the fire is prepared not only for people being judged but for "the devil and his angels," which indicates that not only Satan alone is going to be cast into it. I was debating whether to include that verse in the post. >But where did the part about the legion of angels throwing themselves into the Pit upon seeing Christ come from, or that Saint Micheal found the "battle" easy? I suspect it may have come from medieval pastoral works or a saint's mystic vision, or secular literature. Popular conceptions of Satan and hell are colored by secular works like Dante's Inferno and Milton's Paradise Lost, but scripture itself is concise on the details of the events. The altarpiece you posted technically just depicts the events of Revelation, but I'm unable to locate the specific source of the more florid account you have in mind.
>>23420 Why is Lucifer called a man? And why is it said that he had, past tense, deceived the nations before nations presumably existed?
>>23422 >Ezekiel 28:1 says the Lord is telling a son of man that this is address to the ruler of Tyre. "Son of man, say to the ruler of Tyre,..." which was a city in Lebanon. He is commanding Ezekiel, as prophet, to deliver the message. >>23435 Old Testament prophecies were read with two senses. The immediate sense in the book was referring to the king of Babylon, but the passage is also taken to be a prophecy of the background and eventual destruction of Satan. Also, since the Babylonians worshipped idols and destroyed all of Israel, the king of Babylon was effectively Satan in the flesh to the ancient Jews.
Open file (400.53 KB 800x2400 xnity2.jpg)
>>10900 XNITY PRIMER read moar learn moar where did the previous post go?
Bumping this thread with some memes.
I picked up some wojak Christian memes over time. They really have become the new rage faces. The idea is good in them overall, the meme these ideas are contained within are distasteful.
>>24641 >I picked up some wojak Christian memes over time. >wojak you somehow made your desert-cult even cringier.
>>20957 Maybe this is effective for rebuking retards but otherwise what is the point of this? Has anyone used the argument 'morality is subjective' against someone using metaphysics to justify their Christian morality.
>>24709 Yes.
Open file (116.13 KB 250x250 ClipboardImage.png)
>>24642 >criticizes normalfag memes >proceeds to say 'cringe'
Open file (47.46 KB 407x600 83.jpeg)
>>25301 Entertaining watching these Ashkenazi, purported "Jews", squirm in their own self-created mire. 81 Heil ADL!
I got ChatGPT to sing me a song about Jesus and the the apocalypse of revaluation. (Verse 1) In the book of Revelation, the story unfolds, A tale of prophecy and mysteries untold, Jesus at the center, a guiding light, In the apocalypse, revealing truth so bright. (Chorus) Jesus, the Lamb, in Revelation's pages, Guides us through the ages, across history's stages, In the midst of chaos, his love does prevail, Bringing hope and redemption, our fears he'll unveil. (Verse 2) Seven seals are broken, the scroll is unfurled, As visions of the future to John are unfurled, Jesus, the Conqueror, with a sword and crown, A warrior of justice, his presence renowned. (Chorus) Jesus, the Lamb, in Revelation's pages, Guides us through the ages, across history's stages, In the midst of chaos, his love does prevail, Bringing hope and redemption, our fears he'll unveil. (Verse 3) Amid the trumpet sounds, angels sing, Judgments and plagues, trials that will bring, A world transformed by his mercy and grace, A new heaven, a new earth, in his embrace. (Chorus) Jesus, the Lamb, in Revelation's pages, Guides us through the ages, across history's stages, In the midst of chaos, his love does prevail, Bringing hope and redemption, our fears he'll unveil. (Bridge) Though the storms may gather, and darkness may loom, Jesus remains our shelter, dispelling all gloom, In the grand finale, his glory shall shine, Uniting all creation, in his love divine. (Chorus) Jesus, the Lamb, in Revelation's pages, Guides us through the ages, across history's stages, In the midst of chaos, his love does prevail, Bringing hope and redemption, our fears he'll unveil. (Outro) So let us walk with faith, in Revelation's tale, Knowing Jesus is with us, his love will never fail, In the apocalypse's story, his role is clear, Guiding us to the dawn of a new era, without fear.
>>16389 RFD - Lead me Home is on there twice
Open file (356.66 KB 1200x1162 1693329260087748.png)
Open file (7.78 KB 122x120 neo nazi 83 tattoo.jpg)
>>25301 What you left out: >It is typically used by adherents of the racist and antisemitic religious sect known as Christian Identity. The symbol derives from the older white supremacist numeric symbol 88 ("Heil Hitler"). As they do with 88, white supremacists sometimes pair 83 with the number 14 (a reference to the so-called "Fourteen Words" slogan), creating numeric phrases such as "14/83." It's almost like you were being disingenuous on purpose. Surely that's not the case, though, right?
>>25421 So take it from them.
>>25421 I've posted that image and link outside of this forum, and i posted the entire text alongside the image. I wasn't being disingenuous, i just assume people would read the link. Christian Identity is a shameless re-writing of scripture to favor whites, but it's better than nothing. Personally i'd rather someone be a heretic than reject God entirely, maybe God can bring them to true Christianity that leans on the right-wing extremism without having to alter the Bible.
>>25424 >Personally i'd rather someone be a heretic than reject God entirely Is that what Galatians 1:8-9 says?
>>25425 It's not, but good point.
Open file (83.39 KB 810x292 Jesus.png)
I know you guys don't like waifuism, but I was able to get this chat AI bot to work after installing many programs, and i asked it about Jesus and this is what it said.
Does anyone have that image that says "what atheists think life without Christianity is like vs what i actually is like"?
>>25440 I don't speak for this board, but I personally think that's pretty cool Anon.
Open file (5.07 MB 1327x3484 Christian clickbait.png)
There are these laughably bad Christian Channels that make videos like "if you skip this video Jesus will be sad" or "Do you have 2 minutes for Jesus?". There was one channel that almost had only these types of videos, but i can't find it.
>>25555 How do find all these? I never get these come up in my feed.
>>25557 I'm not even signed in and i get them after looking up any Christian related video i have questions on, like "how can you be sure you hear the voice of God?".
>>25459 There are two of which I am aware. I don't dare upload either of them, they're ... graphic.
>>25560 >>25606 What is the actual content of these like?
>>25611 Seems shady at best. At lot like some kind of OG chain letter, or a 'repost ITT or X bad thing happens to your family'. Jesus Christ & Christianity are both real, but this type manipulation is pure malarky.
Open file (3.73 MB 1318x3593 Christian Clickbait 2.png)
>>25612 I found a really malicious one saying things like "Someone is planning to come to your house and killing your...". When i watch the video it's narrated by some Indian guy with Christian affirmations and has nothing to do with the thumbnail. Just something strange that i found.
Open file (188.24 KB 862x816 asdasda.jpeg)
Not sure where else to ask this, but I noticed this image was posted on ourobooru about a year ago, and it seems to be made by a certain imageboard artist that I haven't seen for years now. Anyone else seen him draw anything new for this or some other board?
Open file (7.14 MB 640x360 Based Catholics.mp4)
>>25956 Well hey anon, my view of the Bible is the Keys to the Kingdom edition is the one to want, there's an hour long interview with the translater by a chap called Richard Vobes on YT... If you're to take this seriously, then what is wrong with the one I'll want to read compared to the one you'll want to read?
>>25957 >64 inspired books It may be a worthy translation, but that was not how the scriptures were assembled or used. The OT, the gospels, and the epistles were never assembled in the way we have assembled them in modern times, in neat tidy little books. The writings were used liturgically, so any assumed divine ordering is false.
https://odysee.com/@newdiscourses:9/class-identity-and-gnostic-election:4 >Woke Theory, which is to say Woke Gnosticism, requires identification with the class. Marxist socialists must identify with the workers as a class; feminists must identify with women as a class; antiracists must identify with people of color as a class; and so on. This is because they're Social Gnostics. Not only must they identify with their class, then; they do so willingly and as the "true" representatives of that class. This is not only a persistent and important feature of Social Gnosticism to understand; it is also indicative proof of their Gnosticism. In this episode of New Discourses Bullets, host James Lindsay breaks down this feature of Social Gnosticism (Woke) and helps you demystify some of their most important, confusing, manipulative, and perplexing tricks. Join him to learn how to handle it. The spiritual aspects of "Woke" ideology.
>>25967 Interesting Anon, thanks. Of course the 'religion' of any Leftist is Marxism. All the evil that flows from that entire group's behaviors has that Satanic philosophy as it's spring.
Open file (597.42 KB 1226x938 7.png)
I want to share a testimony but i don't know where to put it, so i'll put it here. I just had an unbelievable time with God and some extreme Christians. I often get shamefully aroused unintentionally by harm towards me, like bosses yelling or throwing objects and i have to leave the jobs, as well as getting aroused by harming people. I was in the cold talking to my friend after some worship that i didn't take very seriously. i remembered this incident where a Russian woman who was locked out by her boyfriend in the cold. I was aroused at the thought of someone locking me out in the cold, not every thought comes from your head. My friend was was telling me that God said that i was worth dying for, and i didn't really take him seriously since i had heard it many times before. Then i remembered that the women in the News story ended up dying in the cold. I had also been planning to kill myself in a really easy painless way through out the week as well. i knew exactly where to get everything since i had made a lot of kind homeless friends. It was a very bitter sweet experience that God would die for a promiscuous sadomasochist like me.
>>25999 That's very good news to hear Anon. But it doesn't stop there. You must get yourself plugged into a church where the Christian Bible is taught, and it's precepts followed as a congregation. Get plugged into small group fellowship there. Maybe you can ask your friends for some guidance where you might go to look further? God bless you. Remember once you become sealed in Christ Jesus, God's only begotten Son, you're His forever! He will never leave you nor forsake you. :)
>>25736 Guess they never heard of Saint Peter's cross.
>>25908 Gotta love how at any point they considered forcing other people to hoist their silly flag, and then hosting a protest when they don't comply, as problematic. No, it's resisting their coercion what's problematic. >>25956 Yes. Christianity was more popular among hellenized jews than among hebrew jews. The Septuagint is *older* than the masoteric text. The oldest Tanakh is from the XI century; the oldest Christian Bible, in Greek, from the IV. No Christian, no matter the denomination, should discard parts of Scripture just because the hebrew jews did.
>>25956 I find it hard to believe God wouldnt preserve the original Hebrew in favour of a translation of a translation based on a a tradition that it's somehow inspired that isn't binding.
>>26013 The original Hebrew of which texts though? The canonization of scripture among the Israelites was a jumbled drawn out process, not unlike the Christian canonization. The various OT arrangements among early Christian communities was simply the continuation of whatever the Jewish community in that area most often used. The reason the Ethiopian Orthodox canon is larger than most is because they carried over the OT from the Ethiopian Jewish community.
Open file (239.80 KB 408x2182 The Jews question Jesus.png)
I found an instance where the Jews undermined Jesus, it's a good evidence of The difference between the Jews as a race and Jesus as a God.
I was having Schizophrenia symptoms when i saw this and i thought that the secret society stuff was just a hallucinations but i found the clip from tv and found. Some of the delusions were false, like it being a reference to me, but other stuff actually happened like the illuminati hand signs at 3:37 and the Eyes Wide Shut music.
>>16306 Last one's a lie. He was talking in an interview for a documentary about families who kicked their sons out for being gay and said "everyone deserves a family". The interviewers clipped it without context, leaked it and the media went wild. When the news were corrected no one really cared cause "The Pope is in line with Catholic doctrine" doesn't generate any clicks. The media is out to cause scandal and may well be Satan's favourite tool. Don't fall for their lies.
Open file (488.92 KB 1018x679 sad frog.png)
There are people out there that don't understand what i means that the creator loves them, they live a with a deep void of God's love.
>>26132 God leaves us here on the Earth to spread the good news to those who haven't yet heard it, Anon. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBC8VSQnxrg
>>10901 >Evolution >Enlightened Good one anon
>>10935 Based
>>11452 Is this cringe seriously accusing Paul of being a fake Christian? Really? You doubt the power of God to change people's hearts that much, (((shill)))?
Open file (282.23 KB 2560x2000 (((Mason Presidents))).jpg)
Open file (493.75 KB 917x620 Trump Family Tree2.jpg)
Open file (1.39 MB 1500x1000 Oy to the Vey.jpg)
>>13342 >Arguing that (((their puppets))) are Protestant and not blackmail-controlled Synagogue of Satan >Unironically shilling (((Biden))) >Thinks (((Biden))) isn't one of them as well Inb4 seething Jews trying divide and conquer tactics among Protestant-chads and Catholic-chads
Open file (75.36 KB 484x451 Redemption.jpg)
>>13629 >>13630 Based, let's stay on track folks
>>13721 Cringe, don't divide and conquer shill
>>16173 >Ignores the Ten Commandments and worships idols and icons >Says Martin Luther is the one acting contradictory Read the filename for context
>>16179 Gigachad
Open file (124.62 KB 820x619 Happy Merchant =D.jpg)
>>16377 >OY VEY THE CHRISTIANS DID IT GOY! Just like they did 9/11, right Schlomo? -_-
>>16389 I love Michael W. Smith, is this anything like his music?
Open file (49.04 KB 544x680 Gigachad Priest.jpg)
>>20956 Gigachad average Ken Ham enjoyer God bless, brothers
>>20967 THIS >>21880 Lmfao that's terrifying
>>24616 >>24641 More gigachads, thanks and saved God bless
>>25301 >>25302 >>25403 Based, Heil Jesus >>25421I admit that tattoo looks like it was designed by a FED (because it probably was, Orthodox elders in black is a different kind of aesthetic), but check out early life sections of famous people (and people in power) on Wikipedia sometime. You might notice a pattern, might see why not everybody is so quick to believe those people are angels that can do no wrong. God still loves them, (obviously He does) but they're clearly monopolizing, and infiltrating, and spreading degeneracy, etc. because they don't trust in Him. Which is wrong.

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