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Anonymous 06/18/2021 (Fri) 21:56:19 No.1087
There's a theological issue that's been in my head for several years now, some friends and other anons have tried to provide answers but none of them have really been satisfactory. Essentially it goes like this: how could ancient civilizations that were not in the Middle East (such as ancient Chinese, Mayans/Aztecs, Native Americans) have known about the Christian God/Jesus? And if they couldn't have known Him, are they doomed to hell for not believing? I guess it's a similar questions to if infants go to heaven or not, but is there any specific writing on this? There was a wikipedia article someone linked that described this issue but I can't remember the name of it.
>>1087 Fate of the unlearned. but if you actually believe that God is ultimate justice what we judge has no applicability, since the final say is final
I remember being told Jesus went down to Hell after getting crucified, to lift the souls that were "uninitiated". His death, being the ultimate lamb sacrifice around those Easter days, always gets reminded to catholics as The Guy going down to finish the deal of the Covenant being applied to everyone, not only the jews who had forfeited it previously. Might be head canon of someone, but that's what i heard from several fathers, and some native americans did have prophecies about a holy man from a desert and His mother, i think it was the Navajo or the Hiaki/Yoreme.
>>1089 >I remember being told Jesus went down to Hell after getting crucified, to lift the souls that were "uninitiated". I've heard this story as well. Kind of interesting, it's basically Jesus as DoomGuy. I happen to like this idea, though I've never seen any evidence it is canon.
>>1087 Well Catholics have a nice little answer called purgatory, but it's existence is debatable. There are also verses which suggest that children would go to heaven. The ones that come to mind are the verse in which David said he would meet his son who died as an infant again and the verse in which Jesus said that for anyone who harms a child it would be better if they were drowned, if I recall correctly.
>>1090 It's called the harrowing of hell. The theory is that since there is no way to salvation except through Him, the Old Testament righteous such as the prophets were waiting in an "abode of the dead" until Christ came to open the gates.

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