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Open file (239.00 KB 1000x655 Dostoevsky.jpg)
How did you become a Christian? Anonymous 05/09/2022 (Mon) 01:55:30 No.10700
After participating in the political failure of the Altright since about 2010, swimming in all the reports of our world's demise, our history's demise, waging online war that ruined peoples' lives and in some cases killed, I as of the past few weeks began reading the KJV Gospels on a whim. I think I am beginning not to "believe," but to see. I am embarrassed to say that I was a massive believer in Nietzsche. Look at what happened to all those who mindlessly regurgitated Nietzschean platitudes, most of whom did not seriously read the man, including "leaders" like Spencer. They destroyed themselves, and beyond their destruction they continued doubling down on their own ironic brand of resentment. Nietzsche himself said that he was just a more vicious resentment against life, which brings into question his entire critique of Christ, something that psychologically speaking he could not follow through. A major influence on me though is this recent epiphany that came to me through political failure combined with my knowledge of pre-Christian European history and the events both within the Altright and modern liberal society; women and sex. The Vikings and Romans were polygamists, and the Greeks from Homer through Aristotle if not as intensely polyist as the other two were certainly not Christian. Modern society of today is a kind of farcical, ridiculous version of polyist sexuality. What does it result in? Suffering, misery, alienation, and resentment. In a normal world, the "Alpha," a term I dislike, may get to have sex with women, but he will be torn between them. The women will challenge each other to support their own children. The men outside will gun for everyone. None of this is "eugenic" or ensures the strong win; it is total chaos. This is part of why the Vikings perished, why the Christians lasted so long, and which is why we are perishing today. The Greeks began recognizing this problem in their philosophies that in their own primitive way began emphasizing internal continuity. The Ottomans began their decline precisely when its Harem culture got going. The same polyism of today doesn't even have the relative stability of future generations. Sex is approached in a purely "profit" motivated manner. Everything about the sexual scene is pure manipulation and petty status seeking. Pleasure has almost become secondary; progeny is considered low brow and trashy, or "oppressive." Look at how "incel" is weaponized today as a sort of class signifier. Ruination now comes now from chaos but from sheer willful extinction. I myself began my problems by being instinctively revulsed at the state of women and men in society. That is part of the reason why I flew into Nietzsche, which only increased my alienation. Nietzsche feeds off of youthful anger. Really though, Christianity provided a better explanation. I look at the political failure, the pitiful state of "sex," and it is so obvious now the futility of man in isolation. What does someone who "wins" today gain? They will divorce. Their children are up against ever increasingly impossible odds. A purely materialist society has no future at all. It is nothing but constant betrayal, cowardice, lying, and pettiness all the way down. It is all based on thievery. The Germans and Greeks for example at least had their philosophies to provide an inner humanity and consciousness to their sense of self, and in a subtle way German Philosophy was dependent on Jesus Christ, dialectically, the Greeks a primitive forerunner historically speaking. Us? The Vikings? Animals. "People" in this modern society are reduced to being feral animals. They don't even have the pseudo spiritual trappings of pagan cultures. Dostoevsky is my model. I've come to Jesus "negatively." His books provide a map for this approach. I haven't read them in many years but I'm about to again after this experience with the Gospels. Sorry if you read this as a "Reddit blog post" but I'm honestly sick of the backbiting way of acting on the internet.
>>10700 interesting read. you should start looking more into Christian Philosophy. It revolves heavily around balance, specifically balance between positive but conflicting virtues. Sex is a good example of this, sex is positive when properly balanced but negative when unrestricted, thus we have marriage to balance it out, etc, etc.
It is not that the pagans of ancient times were pseudo spiritual, they understood the world in a different manner and that understanding was similar until the Middle Ages. Everything had a divine, hierarchical and collectivist component. How man was thinking and viewing the world around him 700 years ago compared with today is like comparing night and day. Mankind until the Middle Ages, even Renaissance, was far superior to us. Now we are a deranged and mechanistic ape-like charicature of a once God-fearing civilization. I recommend you read the entire Bible, from the start of the Old Testament to the very last of the New Testament, then read Guénon's The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times, then read Lowen's The Betrayal of the Body (and maybe Love and Orgasm, it explains intersexual dynamics like no other book). The Bible gives you the fundament and the perception you derive everything of. Guénon gives you proper understanding of metaphysics of antiquity. Lowen gives you proper (but dangerous) understanding of the mind-body connection.
My boyfriend introduced me to Christianity, now i am no longer a sodomite.
I was an atheist for the longest time, not just the liberal type who holds some weird sort of secular ethics. I was very nihilistic, believed in materialism, disbelieved in the soul, the afterlife, morality itself, and anything supernatural. I was in a really dark place, and also spent my time looking at pornography which became increasingly degenerate and depraved over the years. I lived for hedonism and sought pleasure, but I only became more miserable as time past. During all of this, I gradually got into politics, and quickly moved towards far-right politics, and got really into Hitler, Nietzsche, and other similar figures. Of course, I was still masturbating to filth daily while being a hypocrite and preaching against degeneracy. This went on for several years. Though completely debased in behavior, I had always been very inquisitive about philosophy and certain topics, so at some point, I began to look into arguments for God for some reason. I began to learn why people believed in God. I found them interesting, but not entirely convincing. I spent a lot of time watching debates between theists and atheists, and thinking about these topics. I was still a degenerate of course, but I was already self-hating over my behavior due to the conflict between my professed values online and in real life versus my behavior when I was alone. I felt the conflict. When I first began to explore religion and was armed with some philosophical arguments for God, I explored Islam, read the Qur'an, learned a bit of Arabic, and thought that Islam was inherently superior to Christianity. I was duped by bad Islamic apologetics. I had not read the Bible at this point. Eventually my Christian friend started to debunk me on all of this, and I lost interest in Islam, but remained interested in the question of God. I had begun to explore the question of consciousness and the soul at some point, and felt that materialism, once critically examined, does not really hold up to scrutiny. So I began to abandon that philosophy, and got into Eastern religions, believing that God was some sort of super-consciousness of the universe. I began meditating and chanting the names of Hindu gods during my meditation. All of these were important steps on my journey. At some point I started to pray. I felt silly, like I was talking to no-one. I kept at this for a while, and one night I was begging God for a sign that He was real, and He acquiesced, and I was shocked. I actually had some faith in God from that moment onwards, something that was more than just a basic intellectual understanding, even if my understanding was not deep at all. I still didn't know who God was. I continued to pray over the weeks and months, and asked God who I should follow. I went through a list of names, and when I said 'Jesus' God again made it clear that I was to follow Jesus Christ. I was shocked. I began to read the Bible furiously, and to see that the Trinity was in the Bible, and that the prophecies of the OT 100% predict Jesus Christ as Messiah and God. Before this I already could not debunk the apologetic arguments for the resurrection of Christ, so it had already been worrying me, but I was not wanting Christianity to be true. That is why it is was the last thing I looked into, and it took God Himself to soften my heart to it. And then I sought out Orthodox Christianity eventually, have been attending services for six months, and recently became a catechumen, and reading the lives of the saints, and learning as much as I can. I don't care that much about politics anymore, and I have disgust with a lot of figures in the alt-right sphere. I still retain some of what I'd read over the years, but I'm not a White Nationalist anymore.
>>10721 The alt right are not white nationalists, they are degenerates pretending to be virtuous.
Open file (23.07 KB 395x395 BEGOME GADOLIG.jpg)
>>10721 >getting into Eastern religions >begome Ordodox Everytime. Your journey is great, but please reconsider being baptized Orthodox. Yes, of all branches in the modern world it is the most authentic right now, but it is still not the true one. Read up on the papal primacy by Early Church Fathers, current doctrines of the Orthodox Church (specifically divorce and contraception), division in the Church itself (it is a total political mess), nationalistic (meaning you are very location dependent), that the high priest has to have higher authority than any secular power (since the spiritual realm is more important than the earthly realm) and the utter destruction of the Capitol of Eastern Christendom by the Ottomans. Orthodoxy is 80 % right, but not the full truth you find in Catholicism, and I mean pre-Vatican II Catholicism. Yes, the current situation is a mess; yes, it is hard to find a Latin Rite Church; yes, we had no valid pope since 1958, but that doesn't change the fact that the Church way always in bigger and lesser calamaties, such as the Arian heresy that dominated Church ranks for four centuries. Truly, truly, reconsider what you're doing.
>>10700 Christ was the true Ubermensch of history and Nietzsche couldn't see that because of a combination of vanity, insanity, the degenerated German Lutheranism of his time, and probably the impact of his father dying when he was 5.
>>10722 White nationalists are degenerates pretending to be virtuous.
>>10726 Those people are not white nationalists, there are fetishists who get off to cuckolding and interracial porn.
Open file (331.50 KB 574x418 pope catholic 2.png)
>>10724 >Read up on the papal primacy by Early Church Fathers Orthodox readily acknowledge this; it can be seen right in the canons of the ecumenical councils and in church fathers as early as Irenaeus. Papal primacy =/= papal supremacy. The pope having the power given to him in Dictatus pape, unam sanctam and Vatican I, to name a few, are completely innovations to the extent that Catholic apologists have to claim something like a 'seminal doctrine' that gradually developed, i.e. crypto-progressivism.
>>10727 No true scotsman fallacy.
>>10726 >>10729 You cannot be pro white with out being anti degenerate. White nationalism is as least as staunchly opposed to degeneracy as Christianity, if not more so.
>>10726 reminds of an idea i had on why some people are really into interracial porn (i.e. blacked). I think what they find appealing is the same thing some people into bestiality would find appealing; they see something which they consider to be disgusting and barbarous and watch it defile something that they consider to be good and pure. in essence, it's precisely because they are racist that they are into that stuff.
>>10737 depends, do you want whats best for white people or do you want to preserve white people (as in white culture). if you want the later then degeneracy is inevitable as you will be forced to revert to paganism
>>10737 White Nationalism is inherently degenerate because it is a form of idolatry. The amount of WNs that are fat, obsessed with interracial porn and are pedophiles is really amazing too.
Open file (41.67 KB 567x444 1646709875470-2.jpg)
Open file (60.65 KB 351x600 1627858776118-0.jpg)
Open file (72.94 KB 351x600 1627858776118-1.jpg)
>>10737 And yet you have degenerates who are pro-white, just like there are degenerate Christians. The Nazis still align themselves with satanists, Freemasons, atheists and pagans if it's the pro-white brand of them. Spirituality takes a back seat to racial worship, and turning your back on God leads to degeneracy and debauchery.
>>10728 >this many strawmans If you'd actually know Catholics and Catholicism you'd that your picrel is false to the core. As there was a high pirest among the Levites, as their needs to be a high priest among Christians, how all the symbology and Law throughout the OT continues throughout the NT and being oblivious about it is beyond me. Orthodoxy is proto-Protestantism. There is nothing progressive about Catholicism, sometimes they adjusted rules of worship according to the times, but at each Era Catholicism focused on truths that haven't been explored yet or deeply.
>>10756 > As there was a high pirest among the Levites, as their needs to be a high priest among Christians Catholic moment! You literally just proved the saint correct. Papists replace the real High Priest with their pope. Hebrews 8 Here is the main point: We have a High Priest who sat down in the place of honor beside the throne of the majestic God in heaven. There he ministers in the heavenly Tabernacle, the true place of worship that was built by the Lord and not by human hands. And since every high priest is required to offer gifts and sacrifices, our High Priest must make an offering, too. if he were here on earth, he would not even be a priest, since there already are priests who offer the gifts required by the law. They serve in a system of worship that is only a copy, a shadow of the real one in heaven. For when Moses was getting ready to build the Tabernacle, God gave him this warning: “Be sure that you make everything according to the pattern I have shown you here on the mountain.”[b] But now Jesus, our High Priest, has been given a ministry that is far superior to the old priesthood, for he is the one who mediates for us a far better covenant with God, based on better promises. If the first covenant had been faultless, there would have been no need for a second covenant to replace it. 8 But when God found fault with the people, he said:
>>10724 >Papal primacy >>10728 >Divorce and contraception https://kabane52.tumblr.com/post/176742909325/divorce-and-contraception-catholicism-and >division in the Church political issues are irrelevant. Issue with the structure can come and go, but the Church itself is preserved. Catholics on the other hand are promoting "one faith among all abrahamic religions". Basically accepting the Islamic idols as God". This all stems from them moving their highest authority from God to human reason. And creating a "God of philosopgers". An idol. >nationalistic Not true, every Church is spread globally but we do have less Churches. Logistical issues should not play any part in your decision. Including this is like "and you get free pancakes if you become catholic". The Antiochian Patriarchate is in the ME, UK, Europe, US, Australia. Each church preserves cultural elements and has specific languages used. But if anything that makes it all the more beautiful. >Destruction of the capitol by ottomans... and Catholics. Also destruction of buildings doesn't mean anything.
>>10725 This is JBPs argument too. It's dumb. It collapses Faith and reason into one. >"If you aren't a Saint with total obedience and faith in God then you can't call yourself a Cristian ;)" Both exist and are not in dialectic tension. You can believe that God exist, without believing IN God. You can be a Christian in the sense that you rationally accept Christianity, and then be a Christian in that you have some faith or a lot of faith in your belief. Being a Christian means being someone who struggles to heal his soul and create a relationship with Christ. It's being part of a process.
>>10756 High priest =/= Papal supremacy Papal primacy =/= Papal supremacy First in honour =/= Papal supremacy That's like saying "because (p1) the son is begotten of the Father, (c) therefore the Father is more powerful" p1 is true c does not follow
Open file (681.31 KB 1480x833 Luther95theses.jpg)
>>10725 How does this board view Martin Luther generally? I haven't read anything by him or about him yet. I'm superficially aware of his role in the Reformation but that's it.
>>10778 Was right in most things but wrong in few but crucial aspects, makes catholics seethe uncontrollably despite them following many of his precepts since Vatican II. He was much more of a civilian than a priest although that's what made him rationalize many aspects that don't make sense in a religion based on truth.
>>10778 He was more than anything God's fool.
>>10780 >He was more than anything God's fool. Are all catholics spics? I can't understand this post.
Open file (19.24 KB 600x600 low quality b8.jpg)
Open file (83.75 KB 287x217 lord forgive me.png)
>>10700 I was raised in a Christian home and have always considered myself a Christian, but my life and health fell apart after some weird medication I took post-surgery and was barely able to attend church. Combine that with puberty striking and me never having received "the talk," I got messed up. I'll spare you the details, but you can infer some of it from what I've written below. A while ago I began feeling this strange urge, entirely out of the blue, to...read fairy tales? and look into Eastern Orthodoxy, which I knew absolutely nothing about and assumed were just weird eastern catholics some people larped as. I ignored this for several months, before finally caving at the beginning of last year and dipping my toes into both. Long story short, within days of doing so I had an /x/ encounter and through prayer was entirely healed of an infirmity which had crippled me for over a decade. My family and few friends insist I have experienced a genuine miracle, and I believe them, but I have still yet to see a priest about all this despite making it to church a few times. I fear that, if I don't do something, I will have wasted a miracle and remained merely a degenerate, or that I'm leaving room for something worse to fill the void. I do not blame you if you don't believe this. >>10726 >>10742 As someone who's drifted in and out of online fetish communities for many years (seriously, do not do this, if it isn't obvious I have severe spiritual problems and need to see a priest), I have never once in my life met a white nationalist or remotely right-leaning person, not even a homosexual one, who was into BBC. I have seen otherwise leftist BBC fetishists adopt white replacement ideas to further their fetish, and >>10727 is definitely right: that screenshot reads like fetishists getting off rather than white nationalists expressing their political beliefs. It's a weird, fetishistic projection from people who project their inner tyrant onto average joes and online weirdos, and imagine these people must share their own weaknesses. The actual right-wing racemixing attraction is brown girls. This is plainly obvious to anyone who's spent even a little time around the people, common enough that anyone who isn't peddling far-left ideologies has noticed and jokes about it. This weird denial and projection you see ultimately stems from how they perceive and deal with the foreign. >Anon, what the fuck are you talking about? Time for a little cosmology. In traditional societies and the world of common experience (even if it's dampened in modernity), there is at least some universal understanding that, the further you get from your home, the stranger and less familiar things become. You know your house and family very well, you know your neighbors and the land around your property a little less well, but still sort of well: they are still "home" in a sense. As you venture further out, things become less familiar. There are buildings you have not entered, hills you've never been beyond, people you've never met. Eventually the terrain changes, the plants and animals change, people start talking and acting a little differently, and eventually they look and talk nothing like you at all. At some point you encounter things you've never seen or heard of before, and in their very unfamiliarity there is a kind of danger for both you and them when you interact: you may be screwed over, killed, lose yourself in them, or vice versa. You may even harm each other without intending to, if the difference and distance is great enough. This is the foreign. To the left, there is no foreign or even an outside: they are just like us and it is only our own ignorance and bigotry which keeps us apart, and the real "foreign" becomes your inner tendencies against this union, tendencies which must be cast out and purged. To the right, there is a foreign, and that foreign is both danger and potential. They don't want to be lost in the foreign or conquered, but nowadays they aren't sure on how exactly one deals with the foreign. Part of the traditional and Christian manner of dealing with it, from what I've gathered, is the near-dead concept of hospitality: a ritualized way of interacting with the foreign to protect both parties. I digress. Back to what I was saying, the leftist does not believe in the foreign and lets the foreign overrun him, thus cuckold and BBC fetishism are centered in their communities (I have heard that California is the largest consumer of blacked porn, fittingly). He cannot conceive of anyone being truly foreign, so his views of it become strange reflections of himself, and thus his imaginings of his right-wing enemies are his own inner demons and fantasies. The right wing man, on the other hand, recognize the foreign but do not wish to be overrun by or lose himself to it. When the foreign tempts him, it's as the foreign woman (read: usually brown girls), with all the confusion, danger, and potential that entails, while the faggot just goes for white dudes. Both left and right nowadays have a predilection towards femdom, but it manifests differently in both. I suspect the bottom-up way we tend to view reality in the postmodern era has something to do with this. There's your unprompted armchair theorizing. It's a mite autistic and mostly me riffing off the Pageau brothers, but someone may get something out of it.
>>10785 Since I didn't explicitly say this, now that I think about it I'm not sure I am a Christian. I'm baptized and my friends and family insist they've seen much fruit in me lately, but I don't see it. I've also never managed to attend Lord's Supper or receive confession of faith/confirmation/chrismation, so I'm probably in a dangerous in-between zone I really shouldn't stay in.
>>10786 Do you believe on Jesus?
>>10788 Yes, but even the demons believe and tremble. I need more than knowledge or private belief to be a Christian, I need to partake of Christ's body with the church and enter into that blessed life.
>>10789 >>10786 >>10785 I may not be wholly refreshing in writing this, but I can sense some ounce of sincerity here-- you are welcome. That is all I needed to hear when I began my journey back to God. Much like you, I was raised into a faith I never learned appreciation for, but my revelation came through Nature and academia. Do not let the Eastern Orthodox dissuade you from believing that you can find the key to Heaven without undergoing the sacraments, for they are rituals designed to channel the divinity into you when it seems none can be obtained. This "dangerous zone" is nothing more than the dark path we both tread on, if on different ground. I can only recommend what brought me to the Light; the word of Christ, and the experience of Nature. Immerse yourself without caution and drown in it. God will provide the air. A poetic way to put it, but perhaps that's best. If it's any consolation, I've seen many like you before and told them the same. God be with you.
>>10785 When you started to talk about the foreign element I wanted to tell you to look into the Pageau brothers, but here you go. It is interesting. Reasonably speaking, having a white girl is the best choice: looks like me, understands culture and language, many things I don't need to explain and teach her when it comes to our race, but also likely unfeminine, attention-seeking, unsubmissive, leaves when there is a huge argument or disagreement; I've seen many such cases. Brown/Asian girls: submissive, feminine, can cook well, devoted to her man as if he's a god, unquestionably wants children, not as intelligent, doesn't get many cultural phenomena and even if you explain her she will never fully understand, speaks your language broken or not fluent, if she gets taste for the material West she won't understand the evil and leave you or become worse than any white woman; also here: many such cases. To your conversion: your miracle, how long is it ago? It could be the first grace God has given to you and you become almost holy during this time. One particular trait about becoming or being holy is that you do not see your progress or positive traits as others do, you usually see all the sin you have and all the evil that is in the world and you want to transform all that evil into good.
>>10791 The thief on the cross was saved without receiving the sacraments, not even baptism, but as I live I cannot bear to be parted from them. >>10792 >How long is it ago? A little over a year now. I'm probably visiting a monastery this week because it has closest available Orthodox church by a long shot, even if the priest is rarely there and has to travel a great distance to reach it. > One particular trait about becoming or being holy is that you do not see your progress or positive traits as others do, you usually see all the sin you have and all the evil that is in the world and you want to transform all that evil into good. There likely is some of that yes, and I can feel myself shifting in some ways, but I am still messed up sexually please don't ask me to expand on this, that's a matter for confession to a priest and definitely an immature Christian, if I even am one.
Open file (277.99 KB 825x970 the-boys2.jpg)
>>10760 Yeah I didn't agree with what Nietzsche meant by that quote, however you can read it from a Christian perspective in that all men are sinners and fall short of Christ as ultimate and divine redeemer, and as you stated that a relationship with Christ involves the sanctification of the believer in coming closer to Him in imitation of His life. But this leads to something that I wanted to elaborate on about the Lutheranism of Nietzsche's time, >>10778 My original post wasn't so much directed at Luther but rather the 19th century Lutheran church. For all that Luther wanted in promoting a Christian and moral nation by breaking away from the excesses of Early Modern Catholicism, it wasn't heeded by the German states that made it official religion. In fact, Luther was actually against this notion, since the confusion of political and religious objectives (with medieval institutions like the Holy Roman Empire) he saw as one of the causes of the degeneration of the church, and he outlined what he called the "two kingdoms" doctrine for the separation of church and state. None of his political "allies" actually listened to this. In addition, he wanted to promote the mass distribution of the Bible and literacy throughout society with the goal of improving the spiritual well being of the average illiterate peasant. By the 19th century however, you had several hundred years' worth of what was deemed "Lutheran Orthodoxy," where Lutheranism became an institutionalized religion that was an arm of government with any religious dissent banned, in much the same way that Catholicism formerly operated except with the national state as the head of the church and not the Papacy. Lastly, in 1817 King Frederick William III of Prussia forced the union of the Lutheran and Calvinist churches within his territory. The two denominations have very different approaches to worship and it created a Frankenstein theology that had none of the merits of its constituent churches (the dissenters moved to America and founded the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod). Prussia would go on to unite Germany and this would become the national church. The forced union was also coincident with the birth of modernist theology under German Calvinist theologian Friedrich Schleiermacher, who was a founder of the field of "higher criticism," which held that the Bible was a work of man that contained the word of God and not the inspired word of God as held by religious tradition. This would have set the basis for Nietzsche's perception of Christianity as an illegitimate religion plagued by slave morality: Institutional Lutheranism was very particular and rigid. For all of the Reformation's championing of sola fide, the justification of the believer on the basis of their individual faith, state Lutheran churches did not see as valid any form of interpretation other than their sanctioned scholastic approaches inherited from the medieval church. Lutheranism also disapproved of monasticism and asceticism, beginning with Luther's abandonment of his monastic vows, in an attempt to create a popular, worldly, moralistic Christianity. This church had no mysticism, no consecrate life, there was nothing special about the clergy (Luther's doctrine held the "priesthood of all believers"). The idea of being saved by faith was conveyed with a notion of the sinful believer and Christ being discrete and distinct, the former a miserable wretch and the latter as Lord and God, to preserve the authority of deity. Combined with Calvinist ideas of predestination, in which man is simply a puppet of God's plans with no meaningful input of his own, you get a very dismal religion. A dismal religion which was also imposed by the state from the top down, and required all men to oblige it with pomp and circumstance. A religion propagated by ministers of no particular distinction from their audiences, who preached empty moralisms. And a religion, whose most educated scholars were arguing had no special revelation in its scriptures, yet operated as if it did. With this being the situation, going on to conceive that Christianity and the church were artificial constructs designed to keep men weak and subservient against arbitrary moral standards, is not an extraordinary thesis. Not only Nietzsche did see this in the Lutheran church, but his contemporary philosopher Soren Kierkegaard in Denmark as well. The two form an interesting dichotomy, because while the vanity and hypocrisy of their respective state churches sickened them both, it drove Kierkegaard deeper into faith while Nietzsche forsook it. Kierkegaard's father was a secular man who thought he was cursed because he had spurned God with his punishment being that none of his children would outlive him, while Nietzsche's father was a successful priest and a tutor to aristocrats who died in the youth of his children. The two never met nor did they have any familiarity each other's works. For Nietzsche, God was dead, while for Kierkegaard, only the church was.
Open file (162.07 KB 1071x699 chaste man Hitler.jpg)
>>10794 >A little over a year now This is God's first grace to you. It is the strongest and you change greatly, but after one year God leaves you to your own devices so you can work for your faith. A couple months later and you may feel weak in faith and líke all your progress is lost. What is important that you keep your rule of prayer, reading the Bible and other holy texts and plenty of charitable deeds. Instatiable lust can mess up your mind severely. With my first grace from God, I had an understanding of purity and standard like a monk. But after one and a half years I had become more of the degenerate pervert I used to be before God gave that great boost of faith and love. I realized now I am on my own and need to work for it, and, above all, you need to be disciplined, at the very least in prayer in reading. If you forsake them for too long demons find ways into your soul and it seems all progress is lost. I say this all to you because friends and acquaintances told me similar things, that I am continuously improving and moving forward ... until I didn't and everything went downhill fast. But yes, lust brings every man to fall. Conquer the demon of lust and I say you paid half of your rent in this life. Lust ruins you fast and turns you away from God. If you slip, it is one thing, but if you get devoured, then God have mercy on you. God bless you anon and don't do the same mistakes I did.
>>10795 Interesting post. Thanks.
>>10726 >>10729 Go back to your discord, tranny.

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