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Anonymous 06/12/2021 (Sat) 20:19:19 No.1061
The Protestant Reformation was responsible for the Enlightenment which birthed liberalism and thus is the root cause of most modern problems including Pharisaical Jewish influence on the West. Change my mind.
>>1061 Frankly, all the churches of laodicea are part of the problem. They all claim to not be part of her whorish mother yet still retain some of her doctrines. They preach a false gospel that can save no one and therefore, their punishment shall be greater than those who never cared about becoming a christian. May God have mercy on their soul and grant them space to repent for the time of his coming is nigh at hand.
>>1061 Explain, tradcath, how your wicked and pernicious doctrines did not already corrupt the way of the church. That Martin Luther wished for a council, and was repaid with inquisition, while your feet are awash with the blood of the massacres of innocents.

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