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Open file (25.34 KB 300x276 beggar.jpg)
Anonymous 05/07/2022 (Sat) 10:14:35 No.10438
Do you give to the poor?
>>10438 I used to give money to homeless on the streets all the time. Ever since I moved to a smaller city and away from the centre, I just don't see them anymore. I'm pretty skeptical of charity organisations so I don't donate to those.
No I give to the rich. Fml.
Yes, actually every week i got to the homless camp and give water and fruit to the homeless with other Christians.
>>10438 i dont see many, one did ask me one time but i refused, still feel bad about it.
>>10482 he was probably going to buy drugs with it anyway
>>10438 does giving 50 bucks to a pediatric cancer foundation count? i mean, some of those kids got to be pretty poor, right?
>>10500 Eh, is it bad I don't care about that? Jesus said give to the poor, not give to the poor unless you think he's going to buy drugs with it. Giving is giving, drugs will help the guy deal with his shitty situation at least.
>>10509 Dude, those shady charities are about the worst thing you can donate to, who knows where that money is going. Probably into some kike's pocket for all we know.
>>10500 I figure I'm only going to spend it on some self-indulgence anyway. It's not like this money is going to be spent on something worthwhile either way. If the money I give helps make some poor guy's shitty life slightly more bearable because he can buy some booze or whatever, that's alright in my book.
>>10438 Yes, but I don't give them money, Instead I offer them a free meal. Beggers just looking for sin money brush me off or get aggressive, at which point I leave them be; but beggers that genuinely need the cash will take up a free meal. Its a pretty good easy filter as man will always need to eat regardless of his situation, so that free meal is never wasted charity on those that need it.
>>10657 All charity money is like that though, you give to a poor on the street, and you dont know what he's gonna do with it. I think God will appreciate your action, if the receiver then sins with that money, that's on him. Your good deed is done regardless.
>>10438 I have, but I don't come across them often. My country is so "rich" that even the poor and impoverished can be obese. >>10500 Then give them food instead. It's not rocket science.

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