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Open file (48.00 KB 200x227 1617800806630.png)
Having Children Anonymous 06/07/2021 (Mon) 16:58:49 No.1029
There is no practical difference between a white homosexual atheist marxist and white, supposedly right-wing "white-nationalist" imageboard browser, if they both end up not having children. In fact, the biggest damage done to Europeans spiritually and culturally is the decline in having large families and lots of children. Let's put aside the differences between Catholics, protties, and orthodox for now and discuss why people aren't having children, and how to change it. Also, how to change your mentality from the "life should be about fun" mindset to a more traditional mindset of raising and providing and creating something genuinely meaningful. Personally I think the loss a connection to god and the sense of something to work towards and to create for the future, for your children and not just for your momentary pleasures, is a big reason why people just don't have children. Even so-callled "right"-wing people on the internet will claim to be anti-natalist or to not want kids for one reason or another. Nothing could possibly be more damaging to faith and to the souls of people on earth than to not have children and pass down your beliefs.
You are forgetting the costs of living for some
>>1029 I would love to have hellpups with my hellwan waifu. Also I don't like non-MGE demons, MGE demons are good and nice and lovable. t. /monster/fag
Open file (255.51 KB 703x999 1623005058496.jpg)
People aren't having children because capitalism is driving them towards high and high levels of alienation as it progresses you insane religious mog.
>>1034 higher and higher*
>>1029 >and discuss why people aren't having children, and how to change it. Why? Simple. In a word: feminism. There are deeper underlying reasons like Jews gaining control of the world, and of their father Satan's hatred of all mankind. But giving women any place whatsoever outside the home is literally the mechanism of the evil behind it all. How to change it? Again, simple. You can't. Ever hear of Pandora's Box OP? Yea, it's like that one. Only a major collapse of all the West will have any hope of reversing feminism now. The Jews won, in that regard. However, God is sovereign, and he will not allow Satan and his crew to run roughshod over the whole world forever. Their day is coming, obviously.
Spawning droogies is the whole root of civilizations wrongs.
There's a reason you have to have sex BEFORE you have children, and you need to suffer before you give birth.
>>1029 Forgive me I cannot convey much accurately, just from personal experience with sloth; I know there are others who must feel similar, feelings of hopelessness and despair not all brought on by a lack of faith. Factors of the environment should tickle your fancy, experimental vaccines, social media, over-stimulation to "insurmountable odds" by said media. Lack of T levels ackshuwually bring on the aforementioned dread and despair. You know (((why))) these environments are created, I don't have to tell you. I know too many people with anxiety issues, perhaps because of low testosterone and other factors. In a desperate attempt to make actual friends who weren't tumblrites in high school I turned to 8chan etc. Becoming that which I was trying to escape, I only realize within the past year or so: Surround yourself with people and environments you wish to become like. Reject those who project their despair unto you. You absorb that shit, negative shit it brings you so low. Democrats and china started this "pandemic" to divide an already divided nation and bring us to our knees with lies and confusion. Authorities across the globe violently attacking people for gathering together in unity and merriment. A productive and fruitful society is an open and transparent family who each other's backs. >Get out there, Anon! Make a difference! If my ramblings reek of adhd it's because it is. Talk about experimental vaccines lmao. If you plan on having kids at all, spend at least a year or two in a small town with no 5G towers and little to no pollution. Let your body recuperate before splooging in a thicc mormon chick.
>>1029 As with basically all cultural and societal evils leading to the destruction of the Western Tradition, OP, and the answer is always the same one: It's the Globalist Jews Emasculating Western men is both an important (and obvious) agenda of these evildoers, but is also a sensible approach given their intended destruction of 'the goyim'. Without strong men, a culture is quickly overthrown from without and within. Exactly as we see they have accomplished against the West. And, again as always, the answer to solving this evil is always the same Only God alone can fix this. And He will ofc. Revelations 13 and other scriptures describes exactly that. No power of man can turn this around, Satan is dictating the entire thing through the globalists, again, just as scripture prophesied.
>>1160 there you fuckers go again, blaming your problems on God and Satan so you can sit on your ass in comfort as the world burns around you. God is truth and the devil a lie. it's a fucking metaphor to teach us that truth is God and God is truth. We are God. He gave us the power to shove truth down the Jews' throats and destroy their lies forever. Even if God eventually fixes shit, I won't live to see it and my children won't live to see it. Fuck you.
>>1162 A semi-fair critique given the corruption Satan has managed in his only real threat on this earth. To wit: The Christian Church. But tbqh A. You have no idea who I am or what I will or won't do. B. What's your plan friend? Shove all the jews into the hole? BWAHAHAHAHAHA They are far more organized than you can ever be, and much more persevering as well. C. Their puppetmaster is actually Satan. He's not a 'metaphor', he's not a myth. He's very real and very powerful. He's the god of this world. Only the Holy Spirit's restraint on him keeps him from literally wrecking the entire planet. Mankind doesn't stand a chance against him on our own. The only lesson to be gained from the 'teaching' going on here, is that we are desperately in need of what God alone can provide for us. We certainly can't fix this ourselves. So, I still stand by my position Anon. Only God alone can fix this.
For those who CBA to even follow up my position w/o assistance, here's a little kickstart: https://biblehub.com/revelation/13.htm >tl;dr SciFi & Fantasy can't hold a candle to the actual reality that's to come.
>>1163 >Only the Holy Spirit's restraint on him keeps him from literally wrecking the entire planet. Do you believe the Holy Spirit is "the restrainer?" It is still unclear to me who or what the restrainer is.
>>1166 Yes, as I understand it that is the most common interpretation of professional theologians. I think it's certainly not an impossibiliy that it is a heavenly angel or angels instead. Regardless, it's obviously at God's intention that Satan is currently being restrained, and that's the important point I think. Whether it's carried out through His angelic servants, or He Himself is doing it seems of less significance to me. >tl;dr Yes, I personally believe it's the Holy Spirit.
>>1163 >2 gods That ain’t christianity you got there
>>1029 Technically speaking it makes sense to make less children, promoting human extinction even. Less souls to suffer and be damned.
Open file (1.05 MB 480x270 shnoz.gif)
>>1197 Sure thing, rabbi
>>1197 What part of >And you, be ye fruitful, and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the earth, and multiply therein. is so hard for you?
>>1029 >There is no practical difference between a white homosexual atheist marxist and white, supposedly right-wing "white-nationalist" imageboard browser >No difference between a chaste virgin and a sodomite.
Open file (40.80 KB 474x333 gorgia guide stones.jpg)
>>1197 The family structure will endure exploitative economical systems. Besides if you look at the Georgia Guidestones and the depopulation agenda by the rich, you'd know that the elite want to keep the population small because it's easier to control that way.
>>1458 >the elite want to keep the population small because it's easier to control that way. In my opinion it's the other way, too much people means every action and opinion seem meaningless by the population, also people are prone to go for the trend. That kind of experiment was done with mice and the results were pretty interesting.
People aren't raising children because everything is against is. High taxes, anti-natal propaganda, abortion, women in the workforce, unhealthy living lowering fertility, I could go on.
>>1459 Here is proof of the elite promoting population control. https://archive.is/cdbzr >That kind of experiment was done with mice and the results were pretty interesting. I think i might know the experiment you're talking about, it could have been of a utopian mice society experiment by john b calhoun? There were comments about how mice are not social creatures and got bored from the lack of things to do besides eat, sleep and mate, also it was overpopulatied.
Open file (205.84 KB 557x411 jaffel.jpg)
(((They))) do everything they can to discourage it. Set everything up against us. https://jaffememo.com/
You can blame the jews, feminism, or whatever. But if you look at any non-white country that's achieved capitalism and industrialization, the birthrates are tanking there as well. Initially, birthrates spike up thanks to modern medicine preventing infant mortality, as the country develops industrially, they start going down to "western levels" of <2 TFR. This is true for all western countries. You can look up the birthrates of any western(ized) country and see a fertility spike with the introduction of modern medicine, then a continuous drop in TFR as the country becomes more industrialized. The ugly truth is that in an industrialized, capitalist society, you're not required to breed. Whereas in any pre-industrial society, having kids was a necessity. More sons meant more farmhands meant more resources, especially as you neared old age. With infant mortality, there was no guarantee the child would survive past 3, so it was better to keep breeding. Breeding was an environmental necessity, not a biological one. There wasn't a gene telling farmers to make 6-10 babies: The environment "forced" them to do that to survive. With contraceptives and without an environmental or genetic compulsion, people usually make children at a TFR of 1 or 2 and are done. Despite being industrialized societies, both Nazi Germany and Israel managed to raise birthrates through government programs somewhat successfully. But I think that's useless when you consider what's coming. Most people might lack the genes to have 12 children per couple, but there might be some that do. Their population will grow naturally, and thanks to their huge numbers, they will spread their superbreeder genetics to the majority of the population. Those who have an average of 1-2 children per couple will be bred out, or mix with the superbreeders. Meaning, if Karlin's superbreeder theory is correct, in a century people will be complaining about the opposite. Religiosity correlates with high birthrates. So it's fair to assume that superbreeders will appear from radically religious communities. The Amish, Mormons, Orthodox Priesthood, Haredi Jews and generally "traditionalist Christians" all have a high birthrate. And are all likely candidates for this genetic transformation. In a sense, the meek will inherit the earth. You shouldn't base your understanding of Christians on internet people. Especially internet people on imageboards or in the "right wing" internet sphere. On average, they are somehow psychologically damaged or suffer from a mental disorder like autism or homosexuality. Their overrepresentation conjures the false impression that finding a girl to have children with is an unsurmountable task that requires giving up everything that made you happy. If you're on these kind of social fringes, it is hard. But the "normalfag" non-liberal Christian has no trouble finding a partner to have several children with and be happy in the process. On a personal level, you don't have to do anything. "Be fruitful and multiply" isn't a conditioned commandment, you follow it regardless if the population is booming or shrinking. Celibacy is also biblically supported, as long as it's a celibacy focused on God. As a Christian, all things should be.
>>1494 To clarify, I don't deny that social issues like nepotistic foreign elites, feminism, mass immigration or LGBT propaganda aren't a reality. Or that they somehow don't contribute to the destruction of the social fabric. But they're a consequence of industrialization, capitalism, and technological developments. There would be no sexual liberation without mass contraceptive use. There would be no feminism if the tertiary sector wasn't this developed. Global elites would find it much harder to organize without mass transit and modern communication. This isn't to sound like an ecofash. But technology does give man power, for good or bad. For the most part, man chooses bad. I'd like to think that eventually he changes his mind and chooses good. But maybe things will keep getting worse until judgement day.
>>1029 >implying that any woman would ever fuck you LOLing @ u
We have to remember the deeper truth, which we learn through believing the word of God, the Holy Bible. Our Lord and Savior showed us that the things the world seeks will fade away and die. We are taught to seek after the kingdom of God first, and the rest that we have need of will be added to us. God knows who believes in Him. Everyone dies. As Hebrews says, "it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment." And no amount of population rate increase or decrease will change that reality of our impending death. Politics is just a pipe dream, a distraction from the real pressing issues. First of all, this is to get right with our Creator, God, by believing on His only begotten Son, who was sent into the world to take away our sins, which is the thing that we really need. Remember what the Bible says in Colossians, when it says, "If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God. Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth. For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God. When Christ, who is our life, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with him in glory." This means that the entire narrative that the world teaches, specifically the eugenic theory, that gene survival is the basis/end of all action is false. It's ingrained in everything of this world. This is the underlying narrative that our world believes in this age. It will be rebuked by our Lord in the coming age. This is currently the night before the dawn. Those who are asleep in Christ will rise again, just as Jesus Himself is arisen today. All those who deny Him will be sent in shame at that day to their final end. With that in mind, I am concerned primarily with gaining souls to the cause of Christ. Each eternal life, which is put here with a purpose, is of so much more importance than what happens to us in the brief life we live here, which passes by in so short a time. We will be glad we spent time glorifying God if we did before He came, and that we believed His word (thanks to His grace) even during these doubting times. It's true that the relative decline in behavior we see around us is due in part to the circumstances of the age, and also due to the malign influences of those who hate us. But that's the way the world has been, there is nothing truly new under the sun. There was never a golden age, that's a myth... and I think you know it. What we should focus on is serving the Lord in whatever role we were given. For those of us that are saved and born again believers, if that means sacrificing things of this world to gain a greater reward, based on our faith in God's justice, we shouldn't complain about it but be thankful when opportunities come. And yes, it may or may not involve having children. It just depends on what God has in store specifically for you.
>>1494 I love how this retard doesnt even mention neglectful and abusive parents being a good many cases of both lowering birthrates and those schizos preaching gospel on the internet as a way to cope with their trauma. God literally says multiple times in the bible “I will help you if you have faith and get off your ass and do something” I am paraphrasing. he is not this omnipotent bitchslapping smite hand that a lot of “christians” make them out to be. Self defense is not a sin like a lot of “christians” spout off because they also participate in such bullshit against their own. The same ones who only go to church on sunday and are not true christians like the lord warns of because they do not ever practice the lipservice that they preach. One look over on youtube and other sites proves that. A lot of christians also fall for the “ive got mine now fuck off i dont want to build a community with you and its EZPZ fo get yours too” just world fallacy while never preparing their kids for anything and spouting off bullshit like “honor thy mother and father” while they smear your name to everyone who will hear and even convince and congratulate their kids SO they met in college for cheating on and leaving them over the fucking phone and going “Sex bad mmkay?” While they preach feminist “U gobgurl!” Bullshit while the GC sluts around hell and creation. Meanwhile heathens and foreign invaders multiply like rats and arent told that bullshit puritan agenda and are even venerated for having 50 bastard kids as they were “oppressed” after they chinped out and tried to attack someone like a wild animal.
>>1529 >I will help you if you have faith and get off your ass and do something Genetics come from god. He is omnipotent, when he says "I will help you" it doesn't mean you will get supernatural aid, not unless you're a pious saint, and you're not. The neglectful and abusive parents you mention are a minority. So are all the rotten people you list. The majority of Christians are good. Regardless of denomination or practice. I'd say liberals are the exception but they're not really Christian and would find more in common with a liberal Jew or liberal atheist than a Christian. The majority of Christians are good, well-balanced people. The majority of any church is made up of good, honest people. Go to church, and stop using religion to justify being a loser. I didn't read the previous post because you're a gnostic. God is all powerful, God is all loving, God is all knowing. And Christ is God. The dualism you're promoting is illogical, so is monism.
>>1525 You must be pretty miserable to take such a petty jab at OP.
Open file (83.35 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Celibacy is a more perfect state of living than being married and having children. St. Paul talks about it and Our Lord Himself was celibate. If you're calling Him and lots of saints h*mosexuals because le evropa 88 you will be damned. You're not different from the jewish pharisees if you put politics over Our Lord by your post. I wonder if jews and /pol/fags end in the same Hell circle, two faces of the same coin.
>>1978 Comparing yourself to Jesus in terms of power is already wrong, ignoring that dudes have hormonal urges to release their biological fluids just adds to the disingenuous nature of forgetting we are but men.
>>1978 Where do /leftypol/ fags go?
>>1980 It's not about muh powerlevels, it's about virtue. The Apostles were celibate on the likeness of Christ and later the bishops are celibate by succession of the Apostles, it is a required virtue for those leading His Church. It is difficult to gain only by nature, yes, but God is above nature. But polfags don't believe in God, they make their idols and anti-idols, and brand their temporal or materialist causes as christianity. >>1989 Maybe somewhere better, it's worse to be lukewarm than cold afterall.
>>1031 It is the middle class foregoing having children. There was a graph of a survey, which I unfortunately don't have right now, by household income that was a U shape. Poor people are having many children (because things can't get worse or the government will pick up the slack) and so are the wealthy. The people for whom children would be the most significant decrease in standard of living are not: high prole/low middle class skilled laborers. Almost every religion holds celibacy in high regard, Christianity no exception, but at the end of the day you need laymen to feed the NEET monks and mystics.

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