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Open file (48.00 KB 200x227 1617800806630.png)
Having Children Anonymous 06/07/2021 (Mon) 16:58:49 No.1029
There is no practical difference between a white homosexual atheist marxist and white, supposedly right-wing "white-nationalist" imageboard browser, if they both end up not having children. In fact, the biggest damage done to Europeans spiritually and culturally is the decline in having large families and lots of children. Let's put aside the differences between Catholics, protties, and orthodox for now and discuss why people aren't having children, and how to change it. Also, how to change your mentality from the "life should be about fun" mindset to a more traditional mindset of raising and providing and creating something genuinely meaningful. Personally I think the loss a connection to god and the sense of something to work towards and to create for the future, for your children and not just for your momentary pleasures, is a big reason why people just don't have children. Even so-callled "right"-wing people on the internet will claim to be anti-natalist or to not want kids for one reason or another. Nothing could possibly be more damaging to faith and to the souls of people on earth than to not have children and pass down your beliefs.
You are forgetting the costs of living for some
>>1029 I would love to have hellpups with my hellwan waifu. Also I don't like non-MGE demons, MGE demons are good and nice and lovable. t. /monster/fag
Open file (255.51 KB 703x999 1623005058496.jpg)
People aren't having children because capitalism is driving them towards high and high levels of alienation as it progresses you insane religious mog.
>>1034 higher and higher*
>>1029 >and discuss why people aren't having children, and how to change it. Why? Simple. In a word: feminism. There are deeper underlying reasons like Jews gaining control of the world, and of their father Satan's hatred of all mankind. But giving women any place whatsoever outside the home is literally the mechanism of the evil behind it all. How to change it? Again, simple. You can't. Ever hear of Pandora's Box OP? Yea, it's like that one. Only a major collapse of all the West will have any hope of reversing feminism now. The Jews won, in that regard. However, God is sovereign, and he will not allow Satan and his crew to run roughshod over the whole world forever. Their day is coming, obviously.
Spawning droogies is the whole root of civilizations wrongs.
There's a reason you have to have sex BEFORE you have children, and you need to suffer before you give birth.

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