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Open file (222.66 KB 854x1280 1651557983664.jpg)
Anonymous 05/03/2022 (Tue) 06:36:11 No.9971
Looks like we've stirred up the hive.
Open file (156.45 KB 640x385 ClipboardImage.png)
>>13500 >pic rel
>>13511 Fedora tippers will boycott having any contact with us? I guess we should pray for them for lightening our cross.
Open file (83.06 KB 510x606 ClipboardImage.png)
>>13511 there are 6 states as of yet where abortion is outright banned and three where they have heartbeat laws (its still murder to kill the child but i digress), and thats out of 50. so not even 1/10 of the states in America have it banned (as of now). And (correct me if im wrong) but whats stopping any future politicians within these states from just repealing these laws?
Open file (309.96 KB 641x395 ClipboardImage.png)
Beautiful. Make them display their true colors that everyone already knew openly.
Open file (267.62 KB 638x396 ClipboardImage.png)
Sorry there was a second slide I hadn't seen yet when I posted that, but also no obvious new additions. >Paying up to $4k to have your employee get an abortion because it's cheaper than paying maternity leave Disgusting practices.
>>13530 >not my le heckin based teslarino!!11!1111111
>>13530 >>13531 why are americans so evil?
>>13538 Why did the scorpion sting the frog when they would both surely perish?
>>13517 >not even 1/10 of the states in America have it banned You might want to double check that maths. And there appear to be four states on that map where cardiac activity is the cutoff not three. Plus are those two territories in black as well? I have no idea what those are. What surprises me is that neither California nor New York are green. I've always been told by burgers that those are the prime hotbeds of degeneracy. Instead it's Alaska? What's the deal with that? Too much Canadianness seeping through?
Open file (1.69 MB 383x576 Maximum Tipping.gif)
>>13549 >California and New York The north country won't let them but the cities have declared themselves sanctuaries for abortions a long time ago. Similar situation with Jew York with the countryside/suburbs vs the city. A map-by-county would be more accurate. >Alaska Remnants of the gold rush era. Same reason Colorado and New Mexico allow it since the culture period between the Pinkerton era and the civil rights era are basically one continuous stretch for those states. Historically, where there are lots of men with few women there are whores, and where there are whores, there are babies that nobody will take responsibility for (not even the whores). Not saying it's right just that that's how they maintained a civil society.
>>13530 >>13531 Imagine thinking you are part of an opressed resistance group when you are supported by the entire global finacial system.
>>13549 heartbeats laws is still murder but even factoring in the extra state its still only 1/10 if you include both banned states and heartbeat laws unless you include the territories which im not gonna do which still only be like 7-8 states where its banned and 12 if you include heartbeat laws
>>13558 That's better than none and a foothold to expand.
>>13561 >That's better than none youre setting the bar pretty low here and even then this "victory" is hardly reaching even such a low standard for success. imagine if a doctor or general said that a 12% success rate was "better than nothing" he'd be out of his job. And doctors and generals dont have responsibility over nearly as many lives.
Those who have historically denied personhood rights to humans (and to a lesser extent intelligent animals) have historically lost every single time. We're on the winning side of history the same way the North was ending slavery for better or for worse.
>>13563 >imagine if a doctor or general said that a 12% success rate was "better than nothing" EMTs say it every chance they get and are lauded as heroes.
>>13565 ive never heard a EMT (or anyone for that matter) say that a 12% success rate in regards to saving a human life is "better than nothing" or an acceptable result. I think its time we lay off the hopium and stop relying on politicians and bureaucrats to do our work and stop pretending that our country is heading in the right direction.
>>13566 >ive never heard a EMT I doubt you have ever spoken to one.
Open file (36.36 KB 386x441 ClipboardImage.png)
>>13564 you realize the only reason the North won was because they placated actual combat in favor of burning, raping, and destroying the civilian sector of the South right? before shermans march on georgia the north was losing the war despite being a superior fighting force. >>13567 i doubt you have either considering how void of all reality your earlier response was.
>>13558 My point there was 6/50 is more than 1/10 not less as was originally stated. I was just pointing out the extra state and territories since they weren't mentioned. In no way do I think any abortion is acceptable. >>13566 >hopium Aha! Nice try niggerpill. Reminder to all that hope is one of the three most important Christian virtues and is not optional for Christians. Not hope in political processes but hope in God. We ought not ascribe this result to our own doing but to a mercy of God that he should allow us to have this small reprieve. Perhaps this was given to us specifically so that we may hope? In any case we must do so. We must hope for deliverance from our enemies.
Open file (55.38 KB 586x211 Gods will our hands.png)
>>13569 >Not hope in political processes but hope in God. that brings me back to my original point which is that we are living in the end times, God will not save us until things have gotten much worse, and even the end time prophecy hints at the existence of a human resistance which implies that hopium is not enough. Revelation 18 is a great example of this.
>>13570 >>13569 After this I saw another angel descending from heaven with great authority, and the earth was illuminated by his glory. And he cried out in a mighty voice: “Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great! She has become a lair for demons and a haunt for every unclean spirit, every unclean bird, and every detestable beast. All the nations have drunk the wine of the passion of her immorality. The kings of the earth were immoral with her, and the merchants of the earth have grown wealthy from the extravagance of her luxury.” Then I heard another voice from heaven say: “Come out of her, My people, so that you will not share in her sins or contract any of her plagues. For her sins are piled up to heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities. Give back to her as she has done to others pay her back double for what she has done mix her a double portion in her own cup. As much as she has glorified herself and lived in luxury, give her the same measure of torment and grief. In her heart she says, ‘I sit as queen; I am not a widow and will never see grief.’ Therefore her plagues will come in one day— death and grief and famine— and she will be consumed by fire, for mighty is the Lord God who judges her.”
Edited last time by AntichristHater on 06/29/2022 (Wed) 17:54:02.
>>13570 God will not make all things right until the second coming but it's false to say he doesn't help us in the meantime. There have been multiple times throughout history when people have been brought to repentance and piety on a societal scale. On this individual level it's even more obvious. Which serious Christian has not had periods of falling away and periods of renewed zeal? Maybe the end times are around the corner and maybe they're not but that's not reason to abandon hope. Even through the darkest times you are and will be expected to hope in God's deliverance. Otherwise, how will you finish the race? How will you not succumb and submit to darkness if you have no hope that you will not? >hopium You just can't stop denigrating virtue can you?
>>13572 >You just can't stop denigrating virtue can you? there is no virtue in complacency disguised as faith
>>13574 Hope is not complacency. Hope is what drives us out of complacency. Because we hope, we know we can strive for better. Because we hope, we know we need not give up. Hope is a virtue just as faith and love are as described in 1 Cor 13:13 whether you like it or not. Nevertheless, I am glad that at least you're honest enough to admit to your contempt for the second of the three most precious Christian virtues and one of the greatest gifts one can receive from God. I took a look back at your posts throughout the thread and noticed that the vast majority of your posts are you trying to blackpill people by saying this is meaningless. It seems almost the only thing you care about is letting everyone know how futile this all is. That's how much you hate hope.
>>13575 >Hope is not complacency. Hope is not but hopium is, Hope is a driving force hopium is the opposite. Hopium gives you a false sense of security and should be avoided at all cost. what ive seen in this thread is pure hopium. People living under the false assumption that everythings going to be ok and that they can just sit by and let God do all the work. And while that may be true to some degree at the end of the day we must recognize that humans are God's tools and if all His tools break theres only so much He can do. God cant help us if we arent willing to help ourselves. even this cop-out of an abortion "ban" (as leftists call it) wouldnt have happened if it werent for God fearing men pushing the envelope.
>>13575 > I took a look back at your posts throughout the thread and noticed that the vast majority of your posts are you trying to blackpill people by saying this is meaningless this is meaningless in the grand scheme of things, the only real victory gained was the energy produced off of it and the movement of young men protecting their churches aside from that this entire abortion fiasco accomplished nothing which was my point. The original conversation was about how we are living in the end times and one anon used the abortion ruling as an example of why we arent living in the end times so i brought out the data to prove him wrong.
Open file (264.69 KB 536x519 Christian pupils.png)
>>13568 >The South should have won REEEEEEEE I. Don't. Care. My point had nothing to do with who should have won. My point is that those who deny personhood rights have historically lost every single time. Even if the civil war had never happened the South would have been pressured by England (their main export client) to end slavery about a decade later. t. Family was from bleeding Kansas on the side of slavery. >I doubt you have either I'm certified (and obligated) to perform emergency first-aid in my state. Not a CPR card (which is included) but the full shebang from tourniquets to handling people in shock. >Post the card OpSec. Believe me or don't you're full of shit, niggerpill. >>13569 >Not hope in political processes but hope in God. Hope in god is knowing you have Jesus on your side when making the earth a better place, not relying on God to do the work for you. That aside I mostly agree with the sentiment.
>>13575 This, honestly. I could write more on the issue, but a you have done in this thread is deflect while sowing fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Much like a certain PLW poster during the trucker riots.
>>13577 >We're living in the end times Just because you want to kill yourself doesn't mean the rest of us do.
>>13578 >My point is that those who deny personhood rights have historically lost every single time. only on technicalities really, even the communists (of which there are many examples) have only really lost because theyre economic ideas were unsustainable, hell even today countries like China not only exist but prosper and theyre still actively genociding people. >I'm certified (and obligated) to perform emergency first-aid in my state. Not a CPR card (which is included) but the full shebang from tourniquets to handling people in shock. cool story bro >niggerpill k >>13582 im not suicidal and never have been youre just mad that im posing a serious threat to your addiction and your brain doesnt like the chemical imbalance created by my sound arguments so instead of being rational and considering that maybe im right or am onto something you instead insist on making non-arguments and throwing insults around. Im literally halfway agreeing with you here yet you still try and argue with me because in reality you dont care about doing whats right you just want an excuse to do nothing.
>>13584 >Only on technicalities Technicalities are a sign of god's greatness and inspiration.
>China If you think China's doing good you really are deep in the niggerpill plot. I'll leave it at that for now.
>>13586 this is why you should read the original posts instead of just jumping in mid conversation to add on your own retarded takes. This conversation originally had nothing to do with what we're discussing now, it had to do with my claim that we are living in the end times and the counter argument another anon made saying that the abortion ruling is proof that we are not. I provided evidence backing up my claim and then you tards jumped in and started something completely else and now we're arguing about political action to which you responded that the regime will die by itself because it denies a persons personhood, i responded with the historical fact that most of the regimes you pointed too only failed on an unrelated technicality to which you responded that it was Divine intervention that killed them which contradicts your earlier claims that they were dying off naturally and implies that we are living in the end times because God would have no reason to intervene in geo-politics in such a way if we werent currently living out revelations. >>13587 just shut the fuck up
Open file (3.05 MB 576x1024 1656476728541.mp4)
>>13589 >Not jump in halfway in Buddy I've been in this thread for weeks. I think your entire argument about the end times being upon us is garbage. It's called a VPN.
>>13591 >I think your entire argument about the end times being upon us is garbage if you dont believe its the end times after everything ive shown you and everything going on in the world today then you were never going to believe in the first place in which case i dont really care what you think.
>>13593 Bro every generation for the last 1800 years thought conflict in their era was indicative of the end times.
>>13597 >comparing middle age drama to literal one world governments, rampant degeneracy on par with sodom and gomorrah and the days of noah, and a growing hatred for Christianity especially in the west. do end time deniers even?
>>13600 We haven't even gotten close to the shit they were doing in Weimar Germany, the French Revolution, the Spanish Influenza pandemic, Mao's China, the Burmese Junta, The Khmer Rouge, the American Civil War under Lincoln's tyranny, and Stalin's USSR (let alone the absolutely godless state of degeneracy under Lenin) among many other examples in the last two centuries. The WEF holds pretty much zero power outside of Europe/America and some vassal states. Things are bad and are going to get worse, they may even come to rival some of those disgusting times in history, but if the Soviet Union wasn't the end times then some people chemically castrating themselves amid gas price hikes, global famines, and threats of nuclear war (a meme) are pretty mild compared to some of the absolute degeneracy and disregard for human life that has taken place in recent history.
Open file (8.94 MB 540x900 londoncolourised.mp4)
"niggerpill" "just shut the fuck up" "shit" Listen to how you guys talk, you all need to be spanked.
>>13606 I have the mouth of a sailor and had the hard life to back it up, but you're welcome to get a taste of birch candy if you wanna try.
>>13603 >Weimar Germany, the French Revolution, the Spanish Influenza pandemic, Mao's China, the Burmese Junta, The Khmer Rouge, the American Civil War under Lincoln's tyranny, and Stalin's USSR (let alone the absolutely godless state of degeneracy under Lenin) i said we are in the end times i didnt say at what point and it wont all just happen in one day, revelations will likely take part over the course of 1-2 centuries if not longer depending on how you look at it. Hell if you actually look into some of the verses and compare them to recent historical events (i use the word "recent" loosely here) then the Four Horsemen arrived almost 200 years ago. and i really dont think you fully comprehend just how much worse things are going to get. Obviously i cant back up those claims because its all in the future but if we keep heading in the direction we're heading we will literally be nosing diving toward the conditions need to necessitate the rise of the antichrist, those conditions being chaos and suffering which will manifest as desperation. Which for those of you who are not historically inclined is the primary condition needed for a major change in power, a good example of this is communist revolutions, the way they get into power is by exploiting the desperation of lower classes who are easier to manipulate due to their conditions, the only difference now is that instead of exploiting pre-existing desperation theyre creating their own. Why do you think Biden's president?
>>13606 sorry.
>>13603 >We haven't even gotten close https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czxDxeW7F-M we're there, buddy. while i believe many of the signs indicate that we are indeed in the "end times" i also agree that there are many times in history when people thought it was the end times, and that there is a high likelihood that the current regimes which we believe to have control of the world are swiftly losing their control and will topple in the coming years. many signs do indicate we could be in the end times, and we must live as if we are even though it may be another 1000 years.
>>13606 I'm not sure if using those words is actually a sin. It's my understanding that when the swears and curses the Bible talks about are the original meaning of the word. The Bible does speak against using foul language, Paul himself once said he wished people who demanded circumcisions to emasculate themselves which Most people would consider that foul language. So what is foul language, and is it a sin or simply distasteful?
>>13621 Without knowing Greek I can't translate the literal passages, but cursing was understood to mean swearing at someone and the bible states on several occasions that it's a sin as is foul language. It also implicitly says that you can use foul language among groups of men so long as you are doing so without truly ill intent.

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