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Open file (493.95 KB 1275x1650 ClipboardImage.png)
A Christian Cultural Revolution AntichristHater69 04/11/2022 (Mon) 20:20:44 No.7790
The boards been feeling kinda dead lately so i figured i would make a thread addressing a important issue i dont see often talked about, the idea of a Christian cultural revolution. I want this thread to be both a place for discussion and coordination on how we accomplish our collective goal of destroying the current demonic culture and establishing a new Christian one. Keep D&C to a minimum. Cultural focus points: Abortion and Sex Mass Media Gluttony Poverty Tactical focus points: Dispersion of Ideas Methods and Tactics Organizing
>>8148 ok mudslime youll never be white
>>8153 Who wants to be a panda?
Open file (24.79 KB 412x425 CIA.jpg)
>>7790 >Christian cultural revolution. All fine and dandy but how are you going to deal with pic related, trying to sabotage your movement with stuff like this>>8153>>8137>>7994.
>>8446 good question, it depends on how the individual movements operate. The best way to go about stuff like this is to organize and do it locally and then use things like the internet to communicate between different sects, so really its up to the local leaders. Of course as long as i have any say ill disavow the subversion but outside of my area and areas where i have some form of control i cant really do much, best i can do is help sway the minds of the people here who may decide to organize.
>>8514 >>8148 shitskins are not human tho
>>8532 Romans 2:9 There will be trouble and distress for every human being who does evil, first for the Jew, then for the Greek; 10but glory, honor, and peace for everyone who does good, first for the Jew, then for the Greek. 11 For God does not show favoritism.
Passive Propaganda Brain Storming; Topics: Drugs Sex Porn Family Technology i already got Drugs down with the slogan (Hugs not Drugs) and ive kinda got Technology/Family down with "Protect Your Kids" but i need help with the others.
I don't know what to do. Just let them go.
Open file (320.34 KB 1920x2500 MSG Poster 3.jpg)
Open file (389.81 KB 2400x3300 MSG poster 4.jpg)
Some meme self help posters i made
>>9292 Is this some CIA psyop?
>>9293 wdym
>>9293 Anon, our kind does still know how to shoop silly things.
Open file (174.80 KB 1920x1080 sun troll.jpg)
Food drives, barbecues, and other community events are a good way to make cultural shifts too. if nobody shows up then just do a little trolling on the power lines
Open file (857.69 KB 240x228 1627225128778.gif)
>>9292 >QR codes
stickers a quick and effective way of doing it too. Plus they come off
Open file (55.45 KB 1025x866 Embrace Family.jpg)
Open file (26.89 KB 910x925 Embrace God.jpg)
Open file (43.61 KB 1023x1080 Embrace Nature.jpg)
Open file (40.64 KB 757x799 Embrace Community.jpg)
Open file (39.85 KB 1023x1080 Enjoy Nature.jpg)
Passive propaganda ideas + variations. what do you guys think?
Open file (27.89 KB 910x925 God Loves You.jpg)
Open file (57.96 KB 1025x866 Cherish your kids.jpg)
>>10422 I think that you should make version with white families too.
>>10441 thatll be hard to do
>>10441 Then it wouldn't be Christian, it would just be national socialism.
>>10441 Stop being a contrarian.
Open file (89.30 KB 900x750 varg-vikernes-4.jpg)
>>10488 That's it I'm becoming pagan.
Open file (295.58 KB 1695x1184 varg .jpg)
>>10493 Varg believes in all families also.
>>10422 It's alright. You can make a small blog, cafepress business off it.
>>10441 >I think that you should make version with white families too. What's a "white"? >>10495 >Varg believes in all families also He's subsidized with welfare from the French state. His life's a larp His about Norway video was good though. Shame because I was planning on moving there in the future.
>>10515 Also, he hates people from Southern Europe cuz his mother had a "bad experience" with them when he was younger >>10493 That's it I'm becoming pagan. Old Paganism that was in Europe is long gone anon. Mostly because they never wrote much down. And the other reason is that people in Europe mostly(not all) just stopped being Pagan and believing in that religion. >>10417 >stickers a quick and effective way of doing it too. Plus they come off Some places can fine you for vandalism if you do that.
>>10518 >Some places can fine you for vandalism if you do that. true, as long as you arent an ass youll typically be fine. Thats why i use Elmers glue and printer paper tho that way if i get caught its easy to take down
>>10518 >Old Paganism that was in Europe is long gone anon There are still pagans in a backwater province of Russia.
>>10562 Slavic paganism was debunked many times, not even worth discussing.
>>10565 Which one?
any ideas for actual reformation? tired of D&C/low tier
>>10637 i think music, art, and passive propaganda are the best methods right now. i actually know of a couple artists who make Christian related music albeit theyre a bit of a acquired taste. Perhaps we could find ways to boost their music into the public square in subtle ways, idk. Street art is definitely the way to go tho as far as that goes. We've already discussed passive propaganda so i dont think i need to say anything else on that front. one thing i eventually want to do is "community outreach" which basically just consists of going out into communities (particularly low income ones) and interacting in a positive manner with the people there especially children sense they tend to get the short end of the stick. Maybe even small scale community watch to crackdown on crime?
>>10565 I think he ment shamanism of the asian population of Russia not slavic paganism.
>>10902 based
>>8091 >(especially if done right and visually appealing) Got any examples?
>>10940 Crude ugly hippie garbage. This crap has been the standard for years.
>>10941 then do something better
>>10942 If you accept to use a stencil at the very minimum I've done something better today.
>>10946 post it
Open file (55.38 KB 586x211 Gods will our hands.png)
>>10966 >raging gay pedo ring stops pretending to be Christian because it's no longer in style
>>10966 >‘a sexuality that gives life.’ Well they're right about that, sodomy creates all kinds of life: HIV, siphylus, gonerhea, hepatitis the list goes on
>>10966 This is what happens when you replace scripture with fallen men.
>>10966 genuinely, why did they think this was a good idea?
Open file (789.81 KB 1366x1611 Blackpill.jpg)
>>10966 Hey blackpill, I see you're crossposting again.

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