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Open file (409.20 KB 600x708 31c.png)
Christian compatible media Anonymous 02/25/2022 (Fri) 06:22:00 No.4576
Response to the other thread >>2932. We can get confirmations of our values from other sources, and so on. I have some suggestions for places to start. If some of my choices seem for the young or superficial, just build on it judiciously. Film/TV: - The Passion of the Christ (2004) (almost doesn't count as it's religious, but I feel I have to put it here) - A Man for All Seasons (1966): Religion and law - The Mission (1986): Martial values and exploration - Tarkovsky films - Kurosawa and other samurai films - Films for life and social values: It's a Wonderful Life (1946), The Notebook (2004), Groundhog Day (1993). Because common social illnesses, like alienation and social ineptitude, can be partially cured by film. This is pretty relevant for channers. - The Simpsons: seasons 1-12 - History and politics documentaries, I can attest to those from when The History Channel still featured history, but those past 2005, and on Youtube, might be corrupted by political correctness. - "The Secret Rulers of the World: The Bilderberg Group": This is one of the best known documentaries on secret societies, focusing on the strongest NWO faction. Knowledge that the world has been hijacked by corrupt people, is a normal and purifiable state of affairs in cycles of history, and should not break one's faith in God, but rather, should invigorate the spirit of helping to deliver salvation for mankind. Games: - Persona 3/4/5: These contain a lot of worthwhile virtues and social values. Very unexpected for a summoning-themed game. I don't think I have to explain to anons here that spirits in the game aren't actually harmful. Obviously don't dabble in occult stuff. - Ghosts of Tsushima: as has been noted across the internet, the themes of siege are relevant. This is one of the few recent games that is excellent. Anime/Manga/Comics: - Shonen manga has vitality, where modern SJW infested comics don't. Naruto, Demon Slayer, and Attack on Titan, are extremely popular worldwide. - Umaru-chan: Amusing and fun for both genders - Revisit old Western comics like Judge Dredd, Asterix, Tintin, etc. Music: - Bach, Beethoven: Their simpler works are good places to start. Both sometimes defiant of tradition, but ultimately compatible. - Video game OSTs, especially Japanese VG OSTs. Where other popular music has been gutted, VG music, especially Japan's, are some of the remaining still living media, and have a lot of vitality and boundary pushing works. Books: - Scruton - How to Be a Conservative: This is the broadest touchstone for modern conservative conversation. This one's mostly Christian compatible. - History books give clues on how power, virtue, and order, are transferred in civilization. Toynbee's two-volume summary is a decent overview. We can discuss shorter intros for specific topics that aren't ruined by political correctness. - Always furnish what you gain from media, with your core values from faith and God.
Yerei-san: Confession of Samurai https://youtu.be/zgFcBmoD7kk A Japanese Orthodox priest and former yakuza member is sent to a rural Russian village to serve as the priest and to escape from the yakuza and an impending mob war between two groups, one of them which involves his brother. Problems eventually follow him to the village in Russia. This movie has violence and action, but the Christian themes become clearer as the movie progresses. It was pretty good. The actor for the main character even later got baptized as Orthodox
>>4598 >>4587 >duuuude this serial killer movie is so based and Christian Jesus wept.
Open file (839.50 KB 710x924 1629017737523.jpg)
>>4618 There is no good entertainment.
>>4632 This is true and it's sad just how much energy is wasted on these creations. The vast majority of human artwork currently being made is anime soft and hard porn. Films and cartoons have no christian undertones and at this point are usually anti-christian a lot of times without even trying to be. Plenty of games/movies/etc could be made less generic and have christian elements, take place in Biblical narratives but it's not done and when it's done it's just aesthetic christianity from pragmatic christians. The average person absorbs movies and therefore there's a great opportunity to learn from them to have these movies actually mean something. Lots of people learn about history and become more interested in history from historical games but there's just no Christian pushing especially not in a smart way. Church, love, Bible, History, Nature.
>>4630 why do you think the movie is titled "Seven" anon?
>>4587 The movie's pretty edgy and gory though. >>4626 Not really. It's really anti German movie series >>4593 >We need the Legion of Decency back That's pretty wishful thinking. Maybe if every nation on earth decides to do it. But I doubt it. The internet is a thing now, and it's pretty much anything goes in terms of content
>>4576 >Persona 3/4/5: These contain a lot of worthwhile virtues and social values. Very unexpected for a summoning-themed game. I don't think I have to explain to anons here that spirits in the game aren't actually harmful. Obviously don't dabble in occult stuff. I think most games in that series are nothing but occult stuff And maybe avoid it. In one SMT game, you literally have to fight the Virgin Mary as a enemy boss. I tried playing those games, but got pretty bored over the abundance of anime cliches. >>4632 >There is no good entertainment. What about indie movies? Those are an option
Open file (73.64 KB 616x353 El Shaddai.jpeg)
Open file (38.04 KB 580x326 64515.jpeg)
Open file (195.03 KB 1120x630 stage.jpeg)
>>4576 Has /christian/ tried playing El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron? It has multiple Christian themes, and looks really nice. It's pretty obscure though
Open file (147.11 KB 736x730 In God We Trust.jpg)
Anybody else heard of Stryper? I really like their music, but I'm not sure about their visuals. https://youtu.be/0kiTy_rBtSk
>>4658 Anybody who wishes to avoid it due to occult themes may do so. If one's faith is strong enough, and if one enjoys the game, it's fairly simple to take the best from it. I agree anime and RPG cliches can make it a slog to finish. >>4659 I haven't heard of this. If it's like most Japanese games with Christian themes, the Christian symbols are shallow.
>>4611 I want to repost this decent Christian film list, since looking back, it's probably easy to miss if just glossing the thread: https://www.imdb.com/list/ls000531070/ In addition to this list, Noah (2014), and Samson (2018) are passable additions to film representations of biblical stories. Remember to always read the actual Bible, though! Does anyone have other suggestions to add to the above IMDB list? I can go around and type a new list, then post it on this thread.
>>4672 Evangelion is a good example of an extremely shallow use of Christian imagery. Often mixed with suspicious occult symbolism and kabbalah too
>>4679 To the point where I'd argue it's more Kabbalah than Christian. Then again, it is a secretly-evil organization which has the most of that.
>more It's literally all kabbalah.There's just an overlap in imagery between that and christian imagery for obvious reasons.
>>4658 the only Christian approved games should be DOOM 1 and DOOM 2
Hm. How about The Big O? Themed around the Book of Revelation in S2.
>>4672 >I haven't heard of this. If it's like most Japanese games with Christian themes, the Christian symbols are shallow. I mean, I liked it >>4679 >Evangelion is a good example of an extremely shallow use of Christian imagery. Often mixed with suspicious occult symbolism and kabbalah too I didn't like that though
>>4718 Well you're not wrong >>4761 >Hm. How about The Big O? Themed around the Book of Revelation in S2. I don't really now about that. Explain please?
>>4657 >anti German Thr nazis aren't the entirety of Germany
The character of Joshua Graham inspires me.
>>4829 For a mormon, he's pretty good. Doesn't his character feature the Courier keeping his anger from overwhelming his better nature?
>>4832 Yeah. The best ending to Honest Hearts is beautiful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChzidIGrCHk
For that matter, is anyone interested in a Christian book list thread? As a Catholic, my interests would concentrate there, and would include works like Ratzinger, Robert Sarah, Graham Greene, and Shusaku Endo.
>>4576 just watched Devilman crybaby, its got nudity and gore in it but the story seems relevant to this thread. Pretty uncanny how well they depicted satan
>>4869 I'm OP. I actually think despite its hedonism it's one of the most useful and pathos-driven narratives a Christian can partake. It's also strongly Dante influenced, which helps explain why its themes are so relevant. It's 110% 18+ though.
>>4869 Hey AntichristHaterFortnitePlayer69, did you know that Fortnite is owned by Epic Games, which is owned by Tencent, which is owned by the Chinese government, which is pure evil and owned by the antiChrist? In other words, if you truly hate the antiChrist you can't be a Fortnite player
Open file (36.15 KB 839x599 man in black OOmer 3.jpg)
>>5829 agreed >>5831 dang, guess im just AntichristHater now
Open file (749.99 KB 800x800 Untitled-1.png)
Solomon Kane (2010) fantasy/action/adventure It's about a man who finally sees where his sinful life will take him. So he turns to God to be redeemed, but it won't be as easy as praying. The movie is pretty high-quality for a Christian movie. It's nice that all the main characters(and background) are White Men. There are a few women in the movie, but they know their place, and they never oppose the men or do any combat. The movie has some relatable things in it, like when you're at your limit and you ask God why He has abandoned you - and things like that. It does have a lot of action in it too - like fighting the possessed, witches, etc.
>>5992 I've never heard of this movie. Thanks for the recommendation
Open file (177.79 KB 600x1078 1145633.jpg)
>>5997 In that case, you might be interested in the short stories. Solomon Kane was written by Robert E. Howard, writer of Conan of Arnold fame. It's pretty good, like most pulp.
Two 80s Twilight Zone episodes I want to share: Dead Run https://youtu.be/zEoIksoQ9_o (I have a feeling AntchristHater would like this, at least partly) and Star https://youtu.be/v5YAHAiarJM
Consider Trigun, anons.
>>4576 >The Simpsons: seasons 1-12 >Christian compatible Remember Lot's wife. Stop looking back. >>4821 And all the jewish hollywood films act like all Germans are le heckin nazi chuds. Every other hollywood movie has a blonde with a German accent as the baddie because they're blonde with a German accent
>>8971 i liked milly in that one
>>4576 the space trilogy by C. S. Lewis is a pretty good series of Sci-Fi novels written from a Christian perspective.
>>8971 ive heard of it, whats it about?
Open file (1.57 MB 1213x789 christian films.png)
Europeans are the only ones who can make Christkino.
>>9640 Passion of the Christ is still GOAT though https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpa_D4K8c1c
>>9661 >Passion of the Christ is still GOAT though It really is. The actor who played Christ got blacklisted after that movie got shown though. Shame
>>9640 >instead of making a list of good stuff from each country >tries to turn the thread into jewish D&C Get the fuck out kike
>>8999 Simpsons was one of the only sitcoms that depicted attendance in church, and it depicted church generally positively, especially with Flanders often getting one over Homer.
>>9618 Having only watched the anime, it's a space western about a pacifist gunslinger on a barren planet with $$60 billion (that's not a typo, 60 billion double dollars) on his head, two insurance agents who follow him around, and a gun-toting priest he keeps bumping into. It's pretty good shit, and made by a Christian mangaka to boot. It also has an excellent soundtrack, and recognizes that yes, in the distant future we will probably still be making AK clones.
>>10696 i watched it about a week ago. very based, wish there was more.
What were authentic counterparts to The Beatles from that era? Marvin Gaye?
Clearly sci-fi anime is Christian compatible because we used to stream Macross and Legend of The Galactic Heroes on this very board.
>>10954 scifi is the most antichrist genre of them all, just because some weeb cartoon was streamed by some poster on this board doesn't mean it's justified

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