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What race was Jesus Christ? Anonymous 11/16/2020 (Mon) 03:42:25 No.275
More importantly, does it matter?
Middle-Eastern. Not unless you're an idiot.
>>276 >Middle-Eastern Arabs back then didn't exist and many of those territories still had caucasians (actual traders from the caucasus mountain range) but there were also ancient greeks, ancient romans, probably some persians or derivatives, definitely many phoenicians. >does it matter? Not really unless you want to give more meaning to his samaritan teachings, but then again i think they weren't that different from other people in the region other than their believes.
He was a dirty fucking JEW
>>278 Begone, nosey children of satan
Well, there's no doubt Biblically-speaking that He was descended from the line of King David. Just reading the Gospel of Luke makes that quite evident, and it's also in accord with many prophetic statements about Him in the Old Testament. But there's certainly something deeper and more mysterious than just the typical notion of race entails. For example, there are Christophanies in the OT mentioned that occurred before Abraham even existed, and certainly numerous ones before Kind David did. Cf. Genesis & Job for example. Further, as the transcendental and eternal Son of God, what race is that? When the Godhead held it's eternal council to arrange for the salvation of Man and the ultimate destruction of Satan all in the same plan, what 'race' was Jesus then OP?
>>280 >ones before King David did. *
The Bible makes it clear that he was an ordinary-looking, uninteresting man. The new renders you see today are most likely what he looked like: a typical man of middle-eastern descent But none of it matters anyways, he could be Inuit and he'd still be the Son of God.
>>282 >The new renders you see today are most likely what he looked like Good goy
Open file (189.32 KB 496x640 09196027542799.png)
Could be greek, could be jew. Probably jew.
Open file (50.17 KB 1533x824 christcucks jews.png)
>>279 >Satan I don't speak Hebrew, sorry

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