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>>7749 >>7800 >>7801 >>7811 >>7814 >Religious exposure may trigger psychotic episodes in those who are vulnerable to them, because religion usually requires a believer to suspend their usual idea of what is possible and impossible.
You despise us and laugh at us, maybe pity or hate even. We may be a bit off the earth indeed, we may be not so well off, but the one who truly deserves to be laughed at is you. Your kind does not believe in "things that do not exist" even when they happen to unfold right in front of your eyes. And that's not your fault or merit either, because you are made to be like that, a blind and ignorant infidel. And that "cultural/gnostic/etc" baggage/bait you are swinging around will become irrelevant and rot to death at the last days too.
>>7814 Acid what are you doing here?
Sharing personal experiences and support is good and all, but there are better threads for this. https://anon.cafe/christian/res/7348.html https://anon.cafe/christian/res/1789.html
Open file (27.50 KB 360x400 takeyourmeds.jpg)
>>7834 Go to talk to a therapist anon.
>>7853 you're pathetic
>>7857 *your
>>7853 Maybe I do, because my stomach ulcer just got bad. As for why I wrote it that way, it's because I spoke to a likely hostile entity. You're right, that's not how a faithful should think and behave...
>>7863 Aloe vera juice worked for my stomach ulcers.
>>7836 Sorry I don't know who that is.
Where can i find more Christ-chan?
>>7882 Don't know. But if you find some, drop them here.
>>7882 >>7885 https://ourobooru.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=christina&pid=0 Warning: some pictures depict indecent exposure and activities
>>8098 On any booru there is rating:safe option which allows you to hide NSFW content: https://ourobooru.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=christina+rating%3Asafe
>>8100 Does it let you turn off ads. I could use adblock but apparently using extensions makes it easier to track you over tor
>>8100 >>8098 I'm surprised they don't have the tasteful lewds of just her at the beach with a one piece swim suit, but have a bunch of other more explicit lewds. Part of the charm of Christian women is that they aren't suppose to be whores but i guess that doesn't apply to 2d objects where they're whores to everyone.
which branch of the Baptist church is Christchan apart of?
>>8866 Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona
Can someone do a picture of her giving someone a Bible thumping.
>>8880 I can tell it's a real church because their youtube channel has been terminated for violating the terms of service.
Open file (440.94 KB 540x360 bible god.mp4)
Open file (871.26 KB 540x360 bible god 2.mp4)
>>8905 Rip in piece Anderson
>>8941 That's an interesting kind of heretics
>wears a cross Crosses are idolatry, into the trash it goes!
>>8941 holy cannoli, i knew this guy was stupid, but i didn't know he was this stupid.
>>8987 >blacked.booru.org lol nooooooo thank you.
>>8942 >>9114 What did he do wrong?
>>9138 he killed millions
>>9138 he's saying, or at the very least insinuating, that the Bible itself is God, which is of course heretical and nonsensical, all because he doesn't understand what the verse he's talking about is referring to Jesus as the Logos, which is translated into Word in certain Bible versions.
>>8941 Real protestant moment right there.
Open file (189.48 KB 1200x1129 1650691908215.jpg)
>>9288 Joan of Arc?
Open file (271.50 KB 600x338 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9140 To save billions
Open file (82.26 KB 1024x512 EtBpIQyXEAUhg_6.jpg)
>>9319 It's idolatry bud
>>9485 I have a feeling i know what your answer will be, but according to who?
Open file (85.91 KB 1080x1311 FR4VR1RXwAEH1lf.jpeg)
>>7810 Why does the antichrist hate milk?
>>11012 because he wants you to consume aspartame and corn syrup
>>11025 Why does he want that?
>>11061 because he wants you fat and gay
Open file (10.36 KB 1266x104 church.png)
You guys should start posting the male version. women don't have souls, and shouldn't have any authority over men. God said that. women should never teach or even leave the house of her owner(husband).
Open file (164.36 KB 526x677 picebob9tod51.jpg)
>>11080 Chris chan mele version
>>11080 You're a heretic.
>>11175 Phones and computers don't have souls. they are just temptations. which means they are from satan. no one should post images on the internet or engage with it in any way. goodbye bros.
>>11175 There is a woman living inside you right now.

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