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Change in Management Anonymous Board owner 10/18/2020 (Sun) 19:53:00 No.235
Hey, all. I'm the interim BO for this board after the last guy left. I'll come clean and tell you guys, I don't really plan on keeping its reins, so I wanted to know who else would rather have it. If you're interested in owning the board and/or moderating it, please, submit a message at: wordofchrist258@cock.li Outlining the following: 1) Previous experience with board management (if any) 2) Religious belief (not necessarily important but you'll understand when you see who I pick) 3) How would you deal with hecklers or other kinds of associated degenerates Informally, I'd like you to keep the current moderating team intact at the time of ownership change. I'll do my best to watch over the board from time to time, but I'm terribly busy so I'd like to have your extra helping hand. If you're up to the task, send me a PM. Best wishes, Anon
hey anons ive been made the new BO ill try my best not to ruin the board or accidentally delete it ill leave this thread up if anyone has questions but ill take it off sticky thanks to God
>>252 Hey there, glad to hear from you. I just have a question about how you plan to mod the board. There's at least one vociferous anti-Christ antagonist on /fascist/ (probably more than one) who's sole agenda is to shit on anything Christian or Jewish. Now I don't mind troleing hecklers and spaghettis, but I'd like to have certain types of thread for discussion go on in peace w/o intentional derailing by goons. Any plans? On our board we have a designated shitposting thread that kind of thing gets moved promptly into and that usually does the trick. They typically just want the attention it seems.
>>256 >who's sole agenda is to shit on anything Christian or Jewish Oy vey not the Jews! Not my subsect of Judaism! OOOY
>>256 >who's sole agenda is to shit on anything Jewish What's wrong with undermining the Synagogue of Satan?
>>256 i will ban him if i see he posts off topic in another thread >On our board we have a designated shitposting thread that kind of thing gets moved promptly into and that usually does the trick. this might be a good solution i hadn't thought of
>>260 You will never ban me, Chaim
>>260 I see. Mind defining 'off topic' in more detail, BO? For example, what would you think about something like this response? >>257 We don't even have to ban anyone. The simple relocation of the sperging almost always does the trick. And obvs. it's fun to trole troons tbh.
>>262 offtopic to me would mean a post that has nothing to do with the subject of the thread i dont think i will ban for >>257 because the post after him pretty much made the same point but better and it would seem hypocritical of me to ban him but not >>258 i think your right about the need for a thread to contain this stuff with threads like >>263 popping up
>>258 Jewsus taught in synagogues. Cope
>>264 >Change in Management . . . It's obviously the same anti-Christ moron, BO. If you want a sample of more of this, just visit this thread. >>>/fascist/181 I admire your decision to take over /christian/ here. But given the Anoncafe administration's decision to allow these retards in, you're going to have to take a hard line with them if you want to have a board that can thrive in peace. Ironically, I'm a White male Christian, very fashy in my leanings and I love my race. But when someone wants to put a knife to your throat saying 'lol, i was only kidding!' you can't just take it lightly. W/e, it's your place. I'd like to participate here and have a lot of interesting insights about the Bible, Christianity, the Christian lifestyle and trials. But I won't participate on the anon.cafe one as long as these one or two rabid drones are allowed to run roughshod over everyone else. Cheers.

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