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Genesis + Biblical Creation Anonymous 12/26/2021 (Sun) 17:45:50 No.2178
This thread is for discussion and the sharing information critical of evolution, old earth, attempts to allegorize the early chapters of Genesis, etc. I will be posting some basic info critical of (Neo-)Darwinism shortly.
St. John of Damascus on dragons: https://creationism.org/crimea/engl/al1.htm
>>12785 If bananas have 60% of the genes that humans do, and bonobos 98.7% it really makes me think that genes really aren't all they are cut out to be. Even the tiniest quantitative difference seems to result in massive and unfathomable qualitative differences in species. A bonobo is smart, but it is retarded compared to the most intelligent man, let alone an average man. Less than 2% quantitative difference is meaningless
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIIUMwpPwOc I've watched this whole video series he has made. It's very good. Aside from evolution he also gets into a topic which I am not going to spoil but if you watch the whole thing I think without a doubt it's proven.
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No one has ever dropped a "go look it up!" better than Trey. I haven't been feeling so well being surrounded by non-christians. Maybe I'm not worthy enough to be around disciple yet or God is doing something but I just hope it changes soon. I can't believe people make friends at church, well I guess I can believe that because people make friends everywhere, apparently. This world blows! I just want to live in a church with christians. Things are very painful and ungodly everywhere, I'm surrounded.
>>13201 great videos
>>13201 >tfw im the only real christian in the whole universe
>>13209 I think there's about 3 or 4 real Christians. and then 1 billion fake ones and 7 billion atheists it's actually a tragic world we live in. I was going to make a post about my parents, I finally opened up to them about Jesus and they went on about "many paths to God" and used terms like "my truth " and a bunch of other things you always hear and it's just too much. What's going to happen to all these people I don't know. Even if they don't admit it, they don't really believe Jesus is who he is. And most of them do just admit they don't believe he is the Son of God. This is all I ever see. Of course I go to church and there's a bunch of old people there who sure are fine but in my own life I don't think I've met another disciple of Jesus. I don't know if I have, ever. outside of church gatherings, I don't think I've ever caught a wild Christian in my pokeball or looked them up on the pokedex. And I can't make friends at church, the only people who can do that are people who make friends at work and other places, people who make friends. So I feel very not well in this world. In my previous Church community there was a guy, very sociable he mentioned he only really knew Christians at church. He worked as a teacher and Jesus just never comes up Christianity is just a joke to the world. He's so sociable and he said he feels alone and doesn't know anyone who knows anything about Jesus, but he has a wife and kids. But then apparently people have these great Christian Baptist God-fearing Bible believing families and the wife wears a blue sundress and the kids all stand in order of height for their meals, apparently these things exists and they go to the church and everyone is so happy and great, O WHAT FELLOWSHIP O WHAT JOY DIVINE, apparently such things exist. Many are in a world of hurt, physical sometimes in certain countries but otherwise just suffering a much slower death as the world crushes and crushes you and hisses at you. I try not to complain because Jesus should be more than enough for anybody anyways. Many Christians are having to learn a hard lesson, the lesson of John the Apostle. Jesus tells John that he wants him to do nothing. Jesus sometimes wants you to do nothing and that is actually difficult to just exist and be alone and sit there. For some anyways, many have accomplished this but I feel anxious and I want to do stuff I want to be with Christians I want to be doing stuff, well, it's not always meant to be.
>>13209 >>13211 please teach me how to be a real christian im feeling completely lost
>>13215 Ask Jesus and study his life.
>>13215 Well just don't be a fake Christian and presumably you'd be a real one. Luke writes that the Disciples were called Christians. So it's another word for a Disciple of Jesus in a way but I think it also encompasses the broader whole meaning of everything. You can be a Disciple of Jesus and be ignorant of many Christian things. Some would say a real Christian is a born again Christian, a saved Christian. But certainly you can be a Disciple of Jesus and not go to Heaven, obviously as we know. A real Christian I would say is not someone who would has certain boxes marked but someone who doesn't have certain boxes marked. You can call yourself a Christian so long as you don't believe certain things. Things which are plainly against God and the truth. Not matters of doctrine but matters of a hard heart. These things can be determined almost always clearly by the canon writings. A Christian is sort of an umbrella term for someone pursing the things of Christendom. How to be a Disciple of Jesus, history, salvation, whatever. If someone was lost about everything they of course should read the New Testament to start. Although sometimes that won't do anything if they're going into it with preconceived wrong ideas. Sometimes someone needs to explain clearly things. ) Jesus is just a good human teacher. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gefA3f0n3OY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EN9GqiAjEYI 2) I go to Heaven or Hell because I was a good or bad person. This is also wrong. When the angel asks what qualifies you to go to Heaven, don't try listing your good deeds. That's really the two problems I find. Fundamental. I see it all the time, of course I believed both these incorrect things myself before. If you avoid these then you're doing pretty well in understanding. But even though these are basics the fact is the majority of the world doesn't agree with these two fundamentals. Why? Because God in human form is not just strange to the Jews. To the ordinary man it is strange and seems crazy, God being an ordinary man is not something you find anywhere, we might think pagan religions had something like this going on, no. They may have had Gods looking like humans and these sorts of things, but God just as a ordinary man walking around. It's crazy, then and now. So it will always be hard to accept that Jesus was the Son of God, THE God as in creator of the universe, as Richard Dawkins-types always point out, "The creator of the universe came down as a Jewish man and died 2,000 years ago that's foolishness." And that's why Paul says the cross is foolishness to the world. And the idea that you can be forgiven of all sins and changed and let into Heaven not because of works but because of faith is again an insane idea. Heaven or Hell is one of the most common knoweldges of man across time and cultures we see from all over the world judgement after death. We see reincarnation based off what you did. Of course what you do in life is important, but faith in Christ for your righteousness, now that is not your average idea to just accept. So these two things are crazy, too good to be true. Though both of these truths make complete and sound sense when you actually seek to understand. Now if someone is already passed the understanding part "yeah I know all this already! I believe!" But maybe they don't feel like they're a GOOD REAL Christian. Well personally I don't think that's what qualifies to be a real Christian. Real Christians may not be the best Disciples but what's important for definition is what they believe. Being a good or bad Christian is a separate issue. Once someone has accepted the truth of Jesus and is repenting of their life but needs help well I think that really depends on what we need help with. Obviously most if not all actual help comes from God. Fighting sin or whatever it is. Finding good sermons and reading the Bible and praying and all that is obviously very good. Repenting and confessing your sins right away to God is good. But most of all look toward Jesus and keep him in mind Jesus should take up more of your thought space than the guilt you feel from sins. Always pray for God to fill you with the Holy Spirit and that it may grow more dominate in you, because that is something you cannot do. You cannot fill yourself with it, only God can and so it's sensible to pray Lord please fill me with the Spirit and cause me to walk in your ways I want to see my life change directions. This can be prayed always for all life whether the prayer was already answered or not we always need more of the Spirit controlling us partnering with us, the Bible describes people as being full of him, like a Spirit meter or it just means you are fully sort of showing the Spirit in you it's fully manifest.
Open file (10.57 MB 640x360 he's telling you.webm)
>>13204 Yeaaah I would say every single thing Trey says is the best thing ever. Top ten Christians of the 21st century by WatchMojo. Earlier I told you all to watch this series: >>13076 Now I hope you've all finished your assignment because we're going to have an exam about what stars really are. I'll tell you honestly, stars are balls of lightning https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ball_lightning And I'll tell you honestly a star led the Magi and a star was above the house when Jesus was born, it came down and was above the house. And I'll tell you, truly honestly really truly honestly, well actually that's it. I think so. We actually have no infromation about space. It's just another thing like Evolution. "Oh we know about space, everyone says stars are just other suns and they're super far away and galaxies are travelling away faster than the speed of light an blah blah blah I saw pictures and stuff." It's ll just junk. 99% of pictures from space and of space are just artist conceptions or real photos which have been altered totally. I don't know why, well maybe I do but really photos of space are not impressive and we really don't know anything. The other thing interesting in the series was I didn't know how obvious the proof was that Earth is indeed at the centre of the universe. Actually there's some interesting space stuff I'm starting to see now.
>>13228 >The two powers Good video brother, very interesting
>>13231 Interesting webm, do you have the full video? thanks in advance.
>>13240 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wu1mUSqGHwU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jH-q2U3qjs It's from one of these. He has two other genesis episodes but they're not as good. Then he still has a new episode which has been behind a paywall on his website for months. I wanna see it. Aside from Genesis he went through a phase of political videos for a while which I think he's done with now. What's funny is someone at my church—who doesn't believe in young Earth creationism stuff at all—showed me this guy because he thought he was crazy and funny.
>>13228 thanks brother
>>13529 i kinda went on an autistic rant here. anyways, whether they genetically recreate our "ancestors" or not the law of conservation will forever be a thorn in their side since autistic ramblings aside its still not physically possible that a ape could turn into a human no matter how many billions of years you add to the timeline and even if you said that apes didnt turn into humans they just gradually took the shape of us it still wouldnt make any sense. Even taking mutations into account (which are almost always net negatives) the only viable way for a mutation to become a dominant gene would be for two people with the exact same mutation to breed, otherwise it just decreases in prevalence with every generation.. The only possible way you could create an ape out of a human or vice versa is if you used modern science to genetically butcher the human (or ape) body into taking the form of the ape (or human) body and even then that would require careful and well thought out design and the likelihood of that happening in nature would be slim to non especially considering the vast nuanced differences between the two. And really aside from our mental capabilities humans are largely inferior to apes. Our arms are less versatile and less strong and are smaller in length, our teeth arent as sharp which makes eating foods like meat more of a challenge, our fingers arent as long which makes it harder for us to grab and hold onto things, etc etc etc. The only real "evolutionary" advantage humans would have gained over apes was our increased brain power which makes the likelihood of this evolution even less likely since the logic of evolution relies upon the idea of natural selection which implies that the traits chosen would all be positive. If that were the case then we would basically just be monkeys with smarter brains. In other words the only way for humans to exist is if the entire universe just conveniently managed to trip over itself and cause a huge clusterfuck multiple times over the course of a couple billion years which at that point sounds more like an excuse to just not believe in God than proof of evolution. and thats without getting into the fact that if humans evolved from apes THEN WHY THE FUCK DO APES STILL EXIST? tl;dr evolution is stupid and makes no sense.
Open file (621.80 KB 768x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.10 MB 1302x1600 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (153.08 KB 474x618 ClipboardImage.png)
>>13534 and just to put into perspective how radical of a change it would be to go from an ape to a human, heres a picture of a human and a chimpanzee
>>13529 >>13534 .this is supposedly cron-magnon an early human. Idk about you guys but it looks identical to modern humans to me. Pretty much. They mixed assaulted and raped with Neanderthals whom had raly pretty eyes and light face features and that's where modern humans come from
>>13537 or its just a human skull that scientists dug up/recreated and gave a funny name
Open file (10.39 MB 1280x720 View-1.webm)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwGgQSNyLZw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmh_Bia52uY He actually has a lot of interesting stuff to present. I know he doesn't have high production but quite a few things I hadn't seen before. I didn't know Dinosaur footprints and fossils are found right up on the top layer. The idea erosion somehow, so ridiculous.
Open file (2.90 MB SHOFAR.mp3)
Open file (996.87 KB Trumpet.mp3)
>>14360 More trumpets! Book of Moses: Exodus "And it came to pass on the third day, as the morning drew nigh, there were voices and lightnings and a dark cloud on mount Sina: the voice of the trumpet sounded loud, and all the people in the camp trembled. And Moses led the people forth out of the camp to meet God, and they stood by under the mountain. The mount of Sina was altogether on a smoke, because God had descended upon it in fire; and the smoke went up as the smoke of a furnace, and the people were exceedingly amazed. And the sounds of the trumpet were waxing very much louder." Book of Moses: Numbers "And whenever ye shall gather the assembly, ye shall sound, but not an alarm. And the priests the sons of Aaron shall sound with the trumpets; and it shall be a perpetual ordinance for you throughout your generations. And if ye shall go forth to war in your land against your enemies that are opposed to you, then shall ye sound with the trumpets; and ye shall be had in remembrance before the Lord, and ye shall be saved from your enemies." Prophecy of Joel "Sound the trumpet in Sion, make a proclamation in my holy mountain, and let all the inhabitants of the land be confounded: for the day of the Lord is near" Prophecy of Zephaniah "For the great day of the Lord is near, it is near, and very speedy; the sound of the day of the Lord is made bitter and harsh. 15 A mighty day of wrath is that day, a day of affliction and distress, a day of desolation and destruction, a day of gloominess and darkness, a day of cloud and vapour, a day of the trumpet and cry against the strong cities, and against the high towers. And I will greatly afflict the men, and they shall walk as blind men, because they have sinned against the Lord" The Good News according to Matthew "And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other." First Letter of Paul to the Corinthians "Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality." The Book of Revelation "After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter. And immediately I was in the spirit: and, behold, a throne was set in heaven, and one sat on the throne." The Book of Revelation "And I saw the seven angels which stood before God; and to them were given seven trumpets."
Evolution is paganism. Simply looking at the Hindu myth of the ten avatars of Vishnu—the Dashavatara—will prove this. First the god Vishnu was a fish, and then a turtle, and then a boar, and then a man-beast, and then a dwarf, and then a man (and thereafter the man becomes more ‘civilized’). Ancient Greek pagan philosophy also has elements of Darwinism. Empedocles, who believed in vegetarianism, reincarnation and a cyclical universe driven by two forces of ‘Love’ and ‘Strife’, also believed that at certain periods disembodied organs and parts were assembled through the influence of Love, creating different creatures, which were then selected among by natural selection. Similarly, Anaximander believed that man once came out ofbl fish-like beings. Abiogenesis is no different than the idea of Zeus throwing a lightning bolt at a rock and creating humans from it. Speaking of Zeus, UFOs and aliens as ‘highly-evolved’ extraterrestrials is simply a modern ‘scientific’ recasting of pagan pantheons of ‘gods’ who come down and abduct women, spread spiritual wisdom, and live in the clouds. The ancient pagan myths of evolution and aliens have been combined with old heresies, such as chiliasm, and one merely has to look at movies to see how the idea of the aliens coming and visiting earth is framed as a sort of Luciferian ‘second coming’ of the pagan deities to earth.
My grandpa was a sea sponge and my distant relative is a carrot. Just straight Science™ facts. Bats are actually amazing all 1,200 species. From giant flying foxes to tiny bumble bee bats. Only one species drinks blood. Different abilities and appearances. And you know where they all evolved from? Bats. Yeah. They've got bat code. They do not have turtleshell code or whale code. They are bats of the bat kind. The modern world has been able to record instances of rapid speciation but we don't see nonsense and junk. And bats of course there's a bit in here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHRYnm_J4ts Monkey skulls can easily be turned into whatever the viewer wants. Plenty of monkey skulls today look similar to humans in fact many monkies today look similar to humans in general especially in the face but they are nothing like man, it wasn't that long ago bits of a Rhesus Macaque skull was promoted as another 'missing link' and drawn as another sasquatch. Once you go past the monkey world the connection completely falls apart to wherever the sasquatch evolved from. Evolutionist tout evidence as much as can fit in about a pickup truck or a bathtub and that's assuming it's all not fraudulent which given the history they don't deserve that assumption. Of all the fossil record, evolutionist hold on to scraps which they impose their imagination on. There would have been many many species of every kind including the ape, the monkey a great animal man would have shared Paradise with. THEY MAKE A MONKEY! RIGHT OUT OUTTA ME! IT MAKES FOR FUNKY BIOLOGY! I'M NOT THE KID OF SOME HOMINID! WHO COMES FROM A LIZARD! WHO'S MAMA WAS A FISH!
>>15936 Ape skulls are actually very different from human skulls once you start measuring them. A chimps skull for example is set at a heavy angle from upper lip to forehead where as human skulls are all 90 degree with only minor exception
>>16884 You know I can't leave you hanging if you keep bumping this my Lover. If you keep bumping I'm going to go bumper to bumper with you in our hearts. You know I can't leave the bumper hanging when Evolutionist are out there making fools of themselves. Great new video compilation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yydjnRmzC4 New article https://crev.info/2022/08/flower-explosion-blows-evo-cred/ And no one has posted about the JWST's results probably the biggest blow to evolutionist in a long time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYZZBprV60E I posted a comment here I think got shadow banned by youtube but in short: The JWST's main mission was to "see the origin of the universe" seriously that's what they constantly said because if the Big Bang and cosmic evolution was true they would have seen it. And what did they see instead? Nothing. They saw the same old thing, The same old galaxies. There is no Big Bang there is no "Cosmic evolution" and by the way to all your Christians who thought you were smart going along with the "7.8 billion years 11.7 billion years 18.5 billion years no 18.4 billion years." Turns out all those very precision scientific sounding dates where WRONG completely. No one even knows what they're going to do are they seriously going to add more billions of years and claim the Big Bang is still real despite STILL not having any evidence? There's much more to say but that is the very short summary.
I really want a T-shirt that sounds "drought uncovers 113 million year old dinosaur footprints." Evolutionist have no idea what even 1 million years is. It reminds me of this https://www.icr.org/article/paddlefish-american "Threatened species? After 350 million years?" "Living fossil!" You really start to realise that videos like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiLllhFsQMg I saw the thumbnail for this and it just hit me, these are no different than LOTR deep lore videos. And I don't mean to be mean but in a genuine way. But some people really like the idea of this kind of world like you have the really big dinosaur fans. Ignoring the fact all the modern animal insect fish families have been found in the same layers but they like this idea of a fantasy world not getting down into the science and facts. I understand why the Director of the Zoological Museum of France said evolution was a fairy tale for grown ups. And it does though upset me, I don't care if Christians believe evolution or whatever. But it is my belief it has been the most harmful religion in the world in a very practical sense as well when you look at its document effects and history and its unashamed anti-God origins.
In the space of a month. Depression was thrown out the window and the Big Bang. For those that don't know the chemical imbalance serotonin theory is now considered wrong (something everyone on the "fringe" already knew) and it turns out there was never anything supporting the idea anyways. Great. And life moves on. One day everyone will be told there wasn't really a Jurassic Age and there was never any evidence to support the idea anyways it was invented by a anti-christian lawyer. And life will move on. We think we live in unique times. I assert to you this Lovers, "academia" is man's knowledge. Never place your faith (that is your trust) in man's knowledge. Does dinosaur tissue officially throw evolution in the trash? Yes. Did the JWST just disprove the Big Bang? Yes. "No no no no we just need a bit more time we'll get the evidence next telescope." Imagine being able to look back and time and see if Jesus really rose from the dead. Well we just looked back in time and we did not see your Big Bang God. And I'm sure they will teach these unscientific unproven anti-biblical concepts until the end of time or 200 years. The general narrative is always wrong no matter where in history. The idea of expert classes makes everyone stupid. "I'm sure the clergy knows what they're talking about we don't need the Bible for the common man! I trust the experts." and everyone's favourite https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGDbpg1nG8Y Don't trust college kids who have put themselves into debt to defend their religion. So you can look back and laugh at people in the past. I assure you: People will one day look back and laugh at you because you believed potatoes and sea horses had a common ancestor. And that as is said here all the oak trees in the world came from a dot of nothing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lhGtvAVpss Praise God for the creation. All God's saints said: Amen. "G-g-god would never forgive anyways!" uhhh yes he can. We don't earn the Holy Spirit. We don't justify ourselves. Our justification comes from the completed works of Jesus our righteousness based on what he did or didn't do. Galatians 2:16 says: yet we know that a person is not justified by works of the law but through faith in Jesus Christ, so we also have believed in Christ Jesus, in order to be justified by faith in Christ and not by works of the law, because by works of the law no one will be justified. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LICZLHrfL7M That chance to turn is always available right up until the last moment. When the thief on the cross turned to Jesus and said Lord remember me when you come into your Kingdom Jesus said to him verily I say to you tonight you will be with me in Paradise. He didn't have time to be baptised he didn't have time to do any good deeds he had time for one thing, faith in Christ. All over the world from Jews to Japanese they performed sacrifices for sins. Man knows sins and the responsibility to the creator. Not silly made up idols like Zeus and whatever the Hindus talk about, they don't really believe in these things. Hindus in fact admit often they believe in one God. The Romans didn't really believe in their "gods". Even Paul says they knew God. Sacrifice is bloody and horrible, the bloody and horrible reality of sin, which was made complete for the horrible acts we do is forgiven in the final bloody horrible sacrifice of the final lamb of God. Trust and believe in Jesus.
Dude. Bro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZRTX8iwHIQ Genesis Apologetics is getting hip with the college kids now. They pulled two kids right out of Starbucks. l33t.
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Drought reveals dinosaur footprints at surface level on Texas riverbed. https://www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/hidden-dinosaur-tracks-in-texas-emerge-during-drought/
Open file (17.99 MB 640x360 Drought Uncovers.webm)
Open file (1.33 MB 640x360 stratification.mp4)
>>17433 It really is a drought uncovers kind of day. Charles Lyell's theory no matter what cannot be thrown out because it's the basis of modern religion. During the Scopes Monkey Trial evolutionist said the lowest layers are obviously the oldest. Well that was until they started finding that the geological column they invented as a timeline of the Earth doesn't exist. There's no Jurassic period you can see in the Earth. So they say, well sometimes layers can slide onto other layers. They date the layers by the fossils to fit with their deep lore of the Earth with all its crazy nonsensical time periods. And layers that for example that would seem impossibly too high which need to be older they will be glad to say yes the layers were built up for many millions of years but then at the right time it began to weather-away at the perfect time millions of years ago to be revealed once again. Don't you know wind can build up layers and then tear them down duuuh. Regardless of everything. Think for a moment. 200 years ago, the early 1800s was a long time ago. Now a thousand years, wow. How about two thousand years. ten thousand. fifty. 100,000 that's an insane amount of time. 500,000 and then one million. That is unbelievable now do that hundreds of times over. Organic life has not been on this Earth that long, it's simply not true and is based solely on denying a global flood the thing every culture in the world says happened. And so taking the layers and saying there's no way a creature could be buried under the Earth without millions of years. Even without the flood we know that's not true. Because we have seem massive layers form in less than a few years from single events. Fledgling science is done without experiment. Real science has been done on the layers of the Earth first by a Frenchman. And many creationist have continued to do such experiments. Evolutionist will continue to ignore that what they hoped would be a geological column turned out to be an absolute mess of layers mostly sea life. Add to this no transitionary fossils. Trees running through layers, dinosaur soft tissues and all the rest of it. https://www.icr.org/article/fresh-fossil-squid-ink-160-million/ https://crev.info/2019/05/fools-gold-scenario/ https://creation.com/folded-rocks Of course this has been posted here. But this is how the layers formed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFST2C32hMQ
Open file (134.18 KB 1280x566 Steve.png)
Have enough of "Ancient ocean." "Space dust did it!" "Another mass extinction event!" "Living fossil!" "The animals then rafted." "After 4.6 millions years." The decimal numbers are always the worst because it's hard to imagine ignorance in that case. For how long has it been said the Universe is X.X billions of years old. Oh it turns out the very precise number was off by billions and billions of years and that's constant these are people throwing nonsense at you. "Oh surely don't be silly, these are experts, SCIENTISTS, smart respectable people are giving me my information, just like when I go up the ranks of politics I eventually find the smart people running things." I need that clip of the woman saying life is about looking up at the stars because we are all formed by star stuff. Does that sound familiar to you at all? Does that maybe raise eyebrows when people say they are made of stars and star dust is the great creator. Sound like oooh maybe worshipping the hosts of heaven worshipping the stars I don't know. Atheists really think we've reached the final age. No. We are just the same as we always have been and in the near future all your religion will be laughed at, it won't even be considered scientific because it never was scientific but academic. It doesn't follow the scientific standard it's a theory. "It's no good my simple chum, you must understand religion evolves over time such as Christianity it actually came from such and such and was developed during such cultures." But of course evolution has never evolved. Never changed. Everything you believe didn't come from a certain time with a certain agenda and has had to constantly change to fit with the evidence it's totally different. "Well science is always changing we just go with what the facts are." ooh. absolutely, absolutely. Definitely. 100%, outta sight in the pocket, groovy mama. Even for Christians they struggle to really actually accept that God designed and created they want a naturalistic way for water to get on the Earth it needs to be explained it can't just be God. That's dumb because when I was growing up media said that country hicks are dumb and they say "God did it" all the time but I'm smart and with it I explain things. Evolution was done by God! Such is the effect of a world today.
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HO HO HO. Once again just in time to save the thread! Really beating a dead horse at this point. BEFORE an evolutionist starts talking to you about "your grandaddy was a fish" and fish to fishermen. Ask them to explain how life began how about have a starting point for your religion. Nine hour series destroying Abiogenesis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKLgQzWhO4Q Or the simple Discovery Science series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlmgFFBBopM Why dinosaurs aren't buried with humans (even though they're buried with millions of modern animals anyways) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDK0r88Y70M Kent Hovind gives up on evangelism and resorts to just making fun of evolutionist now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJDqae83RTo The Coconino Sandstone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drm0KD0i-js https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSbSy2dBURk Organic programming. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbfK8D8pp5Y Sleeping beauty added to evolutionist fairy tails https://creation.com/sleeping-beauty-bacteria Crev.info has articles about antarctic forests. All people agree the Earth was once totally tropical (Paradise). But I actually think for various reasons the Garden of Eden may be Antartica. The original top of the world, and it is elevated like Eden, the confusion is always over the river names which probably just got named again after Noah. It is sad what kids are being told. I backslid major this week, please pray for me to be kept out of Vanity Fair and remember my bonds.
>>21120 >human tailbone as evidence of monkey to man I think this website is a bit out of date. Evolutionist don't even use this nonsense anymore. In fact evolutionist have largely given up at this point because there still isn't a single piece of evidence for their religion. Not one.
But I did want to come back here today to post the updated page I have: https://docdro.id/YZEWDOl It's great for giving to unsaved people who are spending all day watching internet videos, if they can take just a few minutes out of their day to hear the message. I've seen some results from it and I never posted it here. Has nothing to do with this thread, but I don't think anyone cares about this board so I post here you can look at it. I'd like help with it, but I'd need to find other christians to help, not /christian/ posters. I didn't post this for some reason when I was here last: https://crev.info/2022/09/dinosaur-skin-dazzles-scientists/ This might be one of the most interesting ones even more so than the Alberta find. It'll be cool when they dig it out. >>21151 I didn't notice that was the talkorgins website sorry, obviously everyone knows about it. It's the "earlychristianwritings.com" but for biology instead and it's just as bad. But as long as they use all the standard fancy terms and assume their religion is correct going on about all these made up eras and they snow job people. The evolutionists have had the same dirty bathtub full of all the supposed evidence for evolution while ignoring the real on the ground science and discoveries being done and especially removing carefully the things they don't like. Confuciusornis is not part of a "transitional fossil set from dinosaur to bird"... it's a bird, which lived in what is now China and according to evolution-world existed long before the great magical age of dinosaurs just like many non-extinct birds we find with dinosaurs. You have to literally know you're lying to write stuff like this and that's what's so disgusting because things have not changed since the early 1900s. And people have every right to keep bringing up the history of evolution religion because it hasn't changed. They still take 3 bone fragments and call it a transitional fossil, they still say "evolution is a fact because my professor believed it." And christians are free not to care, it really doesn't matter, except we know evolution-religion has done and continues to do massive damage to children and it's abusive to drill this into the heads of children knowing that it's being supported by at best rotting toothpicks. I hope everyone has a day of sorts. I recently got married and I just want everyone to know and please pray for our marriage. Preacher once said he wasn't sure if he loved Jesus more than his wife, which I thought was crazy to say. But I understand now.
>>21152 > It's the "earlychristianwritings.com" but for biology instead and it's just as bad. What's your issue with earlychristianwritings? Is it that it's 90% cringe gnosticist works?
>>21153 One simple problem is this, this one thing I say: According to the website at least half of the New Testament is pseudographical. And I recently posted about the New Testament timeline in the questions answers thread which you can read. The idea that Acts or Luke could have been written in 130 AD, the fact they even put that as a possibility... I hope whoever runs that website comes to reality. It's an anti-christian website, nay, worse, it is an "academic-christian" website, the kinds of people who want to take a "realistic naturalistic approach", behold these people speak great words: Let's be reasonable my fellow Christians, of course II Peter wasn't actually written by Peter, let's be reasonable now Jesus was a man of sorts and behold he spoke great things but let's try to figure out what really happened because the 30+ first century documents are all lies and me 2,000 years later shall uncover the mystery of what really happened because I went to university and I am a reasonable man and I'll tell you another thing I don't believe in that man Samson picking up a jawbone of an ass, I don't believe about that whole Adam and Eve thing, I don't believe about that whole global flood the most documented ancient event. I have posted my own NT timeline in the other thread, I don't know if I'll create a document full of all the reasoning for my timeline because it'd take forever to write it all out. But under no circumstance is 70 AD the earliest date for the letter of James. James died in 62 AD. What reason is the letter automatically pseudographical? I'll tell you why, because this person running the website wants people to doubt the Bible. The reasoning is very funny though because the idea is James sounds too Christian to have been written in the 40s AD. And yes I agree James is actually very Christian, people say James didn't understand that Jesus died for the forgiveness of man's sins and to some extent that's true, Paul had to better explain from the old testament what exactly Jesus accomplished which wasn't fully understood yet by James and Peter, but at the same time nowhere in the letter of James does it come off as truly traditionally Jewish of the time, James doesn't talk about animal sacrifice at the temple and he mentions how they were not going to be judged by the Torah but by the law of freedom/liberty. Pretty radical statements and therefore in the eyes of someone who thinks Jesus was just a regular rabbi this letter must be a later fake. Nonsense evidently of a high order as despite what has been said it's also true James simply didn't understand the Gospel message fully when he wrote his letter in 41 AD and if it was written in 100 AD as the website claims is possible it would not be anything like it is written as it is very low in understanding and Jesus-worship. And that's just James. You want to tell me II Timothy was written in 150 AD by some guy? II Timothy is so extensive and perfectly written to be just a real letter of Paul to Timothy, does the last chapter of II Timothy sound fake, for what reason is all this stuff there. But behold: Early christians were all apparently insane and evil and wicked and tricksters constantly writing fake letters about fake things out of thin air. It can't simply be that these letters are what they say they are and what early sources say they are. And the idea that late additions to the christian faith could have been added is ridiculous, that is that because for example Matthew and Luke make clear the coming destruction of Jerusalem therefore they were written after it, despite the fact John doesn't include the prophecy and everyone agrees was written later. That's a whole annoying topic, in fact as someone who is extremely invested in the timeline, the fact that Paul makes it clear Matthew was written and available during 50s AD I say this: that website is garbage and a perfect example of college-kid illness. Written by someone who doesn't want to admit the university course they took was a waste of time and money and all they did was learn how to parrot the ideas of people claiming to be so smart with titles.
>>21154 >>21157 He also has a massive page shilling for the Gospel of Thomas with user comments for every verse so you can take part in a circlejerk that thinks they have special knowledge that Jesus called himself wood.
>>21157 >Do not trust the wisdom of this world. Ok, I don't trust you.
Open file (6.21 MB 640x360 Doctrine.webm)
>>21169 Trust me about what? Everything thing in the Bible is true. All the documents are not pseudographical and evolution-religion is a lie. So if you want to disbelieve the Bible and believe the world of the devil go ahead. Think before you post next time, genuinely. Don't try to be clever and speak in catchwords try to think because this is not fun and games but life and death and lies against the one eternal truth. And that truth will make people like you rage and hate so long as you reject it.
Further, under no circumstances should you make a religion, should you be seeking to invent a truth, are you so arrogant that you'll figure it out? I don't want any ideas or beliefs in your stupid head, I want simple factual unshakable truth. Which is evident and obvious to all. There is no such thing as an atheists since God makes himself clear to all but they choose to ignore him. And so catchwords won't save you you'll be saying them all the way to eternal fire: "Why me go to Hell if better than other people!?" "But what am about other gods?" "You did bad thing before but now tell me how live!?" "Church did bad thing!" "I like a religion which is useful to ME!" "You say no trust world, but you live in world!" "Me no agree with you are 'theology'!" "God fault world bad." "God fault me bad." "World not so bad." "Me not so bad." And so on. Quite sick of having to hear it even just today. Some need to seriously grow up because this isn't a baby preschool time. The facts have been laid on the table. There's really nothing left to prove, there's nothing left to say. It's no longer a debate, it is an ultimatum: Yes or No. Personally I say yes, I would like eternal life and I am a sinner who deserves Hell so please forgive me through Jesus. Saying it now is easy. But most people in this world cannot say those simple words because of what God hates most, what is it? Pride. Going to Heaven doesn't mean being good it means being forgiven first and foremost, but you cannot be forgiven unless you want forgiveness in the first place because of only this; pride of self, hatred of God. Is anything else need to be found? What else do you need to know? Don't listen to the calvinists because it's not God's fault you are unredeemed, it's your own fault and you will know it forever that you kept rejecting truth, it was right there, not a secret, not some hidden knowledge but open in as much as it is open to everyone's personal opportunities. Why does this website randomly post before I finish writing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwJRN-RaLPQ
"Why doesn't God just forgive me!?" You reject God's saving grace, he's already called and offered it to you. How much do you want God to do, does he need to take over your free will as well? 99% of the work isn't enough? Your 1% you need to do is too much, you poor baby. You literally can't chew the bread of life that's forced into your mouth. "No no please I'm so stuffed of sin you know I'm not sure about this new food, I'm so corrupt and lost anyhow." These people reject the holy Spirit which is trying his best to lead them. I'm bothered today I had people listen and believe the good news, but they rejected it. Can you imagine that. Imagine accepting the truth as truth and simply rejecting it. These people give me constant pain with their foolishness and the hardness of their hearts. Then you show people evidences and proof of things it's the same response. Some people genuinely don't want eternal life with Jesus. I guess, it is how it is. It is painful because it is people I love as I love all people. Always think I'm done with this thread, see you soon though when maybe we find a live T-rex and evolutionist still remain in denial or whatever I don't know.
>>21184 Think before you post next time, genuinely. Don't try to be clever and speak in catchwords try to think because this is not fun and games but life and death and lies against the one eternal truth.

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