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Open file (14.67 KB 326x278 born_to_save.jpg)
Defeating sexual desires Anonymous 11/04/2021 (Thu) 19:15:55 No.1789
Hello anons. My heart is somewhat heavy as I write this, I do not have anyone that I feel comfortable sharing this with so I am coming here under the cover of anonymity to exchange my thoughts and seek yours on this subject. Given that: Masturbation is a sin Sex outside of marriage is a sin Engaging in prostitution is a sin As a man I have a natural sex drive I would like help and advice on defeating my sexual desires without committing sin. If I abstain from masturbation, I can refrain from engaging in sexuality for around a period of a week with little difficulty. After that initial 1 week period, it starts to encompass my whole life. I have an erection when I wake up every morning, and I get more throughout the day, at least one an hour and more if I have to interact with any girl under 30. I pray for help in keeping the sexual thoughts away, but it feels like I'm fighting a losing battle and I will relapse at some point no matter what. The longest I've been able to abstain from anything sexual was when I was an atheist and I lasted around a year. After a period of a few months, paradoxically my whole life was concerned with sex, I was not having orgasms however the only thing I had on my mind every day was "I need to find a girl to have sex with" (which never worked), everything was secondary to that. It culminated with me getting cock-teased by a girl I was exchanging with for around a week, getting fed up when I realized I was just getting taken along for a ride then seeking the services of a prostitute, which broke my abstinence and made me lose my virginity, if that concept even exists for a man. I regret the choices I made. After this chapter in my life, I concluded that the healthiest thing to do was to masturbate once a month to get it out of my system and to be able to live my life without being entranced by sex all the time. Eventually I relapsed and was engaging with porn at least 10 times a week, until I found the faith which helped knock it back down to something more reasonable like 2-4 times a month. However, sin is sin and I would like to be fully rid of it. I know that the simplest answer is to marry a girl, whoever that does not appear to be possible for me (it appears that my fate is to be an incel which I've come to terms with), so it seems like I've come to an impasse. I can't masturbate without committing sin, and I don't have a way to relieve myself of those sexual desires legitimately. However, if I don't relieve myself of it, it quickly starts to take over my life (I had begun to call the action of masturbation "satiating the beast" in my head). I don't know what to do. I remember seeing this anon who castrated himself on old 8chan years ago and thought he had lost his mind then, though now every day I start to understand more and more why he wanted to be rid of his sexual desires. Additional question: Why did God give me (and other men) such a strong sex drive and at the same time put me and a lot of other men (40% of men under 30 reported no sex in the past year in a study around 2018 I believe and that was before the corona lockdowns which must have made that number shoot up even more) in an era where it is extremely difficult to rid yourself of this desire without committing sin?
Man, warm weather makes this whole thing much harder. Tight tank tops and everything.
there's a verse i vaguely remember. something about a dog returning to its own vomit, indicating the believer's status with the holy spirit. if this is a recurring issue, you might just have other problems. bigger ones. or maybe you're just not with the lord entirely.
I have a really weird sexual fetish that I thus far have failed to get rid of and I'm afraid it would negatively affect any spouse I may have. I don't think it's right for me to marry but at the same time I don't want to be alone forever and I don't have to discipline to be a monk. Please pray for my soul, Anons.
>>9380 You won't be alone forever. You will get rid of that fetish. You will be espoused whether to woman or to faith. All things are possible through the Lord Jesus Christ. >Then came the disciples to Jesus apart, and said, Why could not we cast him out? >And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you shall say unto this mountain, Remove from here to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. >But this kind goes not out but by prayer and fasting. Matthew 17:19-21
>be me walking in the streets >see all these girls wearing sking-tight pants or leggings >some belly-free >some with massive booba >some show cleavage >some with very short skirt or shorts >some very young >hard not to look >especially in the city center >some give me the look >don't fall into temptation >go to icon store >buy icon St. Michael the Archangel >go home >watch porn >decide not to masturbate >"please God forgive me and grant me strength to fight these temptations of the flesh" >"St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil" >go to sleep >lust goes away
>>10818 Idolatry.
>>10818 >booba >some very young >islam meme about abusing women I pray that you stop being cringe and disgusting, and that you hopefully develop past the mental age of 15.
>>1789 Useful book about marriage you should definitely read. It will have a lot of answers for a lot of questions. But it won't solve any problem in of itself. It will just give you clarity. You should read it all, but if you can't, read the why would someone remain single part. It's a very short read, big text.
>>1811 Multiplying in of itself is not fruitful. But it can be. Celibacy is superior to marriage. Even celibacy with lust might be better than a marriage with familial transgressions and godless kids. Whenever possible celibacy is best, but marriage is good also. Marriage is for the weak, celibacy for the strong.
>>10840 >Do not desire a multitude of useless children Somebody should explain this to all those godly niggers and spics with anchor and welfare babies.
>>10822 Very charitable of you, faggot.
>>2487 >Prostitution is always inevitable, and therefore shoud be allowed but regulated. Absolutely not. Whores should be stopped from holding that fiery anvil over our heads.
>>10818 Mohammadean shilling idolatry, like poetry. >>11039 >Whores should be stopped from holding that fiery anvil over our heads. >Stoning whores Ok achmed, this is not the 7th century grow up MudslimeIncel
>>7403 It obviously takes humility to confess your sins to anyone but that doesn't mean it's good to confess to evil faggots in fish hats.
>>11041 Take a chill pill my dude.
>>11060 That post was heretical though to be fair.
>>11040 Muslims don't have the monopoly on opposing prostitution. Sex is to be used to build families not to exploit people. Where tf did you grow up to have this kind of attitude?
Open file (86.21 KB 600x741 1646331669604.jpg)
I really, really wish there was a space on the internet for people like me to vent their frustrations with porn addiction. In theory, /christian/ sounds like a wonderful place, but it pains me to see how poisoned the tenants of this board are, not only by a very clear lack of social interaction, but by these sick perversions of what a Christian is, by people who don't read the bible. White supremacist/Nazis, weeb nerd fetishists, it's so depressing. The worst part of being here is that this is the only place that I could reconcile my years of absorbing internet and chan culture with my desire to grow as a Christian. The idea of going back and forth with people in the same pit I am in sounds like it could have some rehabilitative qualities, but like I said, in reality it's so poisoned that it's beyond anything helpful. I come here crossing my fingers that there might be a post or two that's made by a sensible person, who isn't completely far-gone and lost, or at the very least possesses a shred of self-awareness. Another demotivating thing is that I'm not really "in" chan culture. I started browsing /b/ in 2013/4 or so because I was a kid (adult now, no bans please) and because my unsupervised internet use led me to it. Passing mentions and internet legends of "4chan" from the normie web led me to start browsing, and I got suckered in. It was fairly innocent at the time, I went there because it was funny. I posted and participated in silly, sorta-wholesome threads where I'd roll and do silly things like make a sandwich out of grapefruit peels and a stick of butter. We would stay up late and create image collages for a dude who had a sad-looking Facebook profile after we saw nobody came to his birthday party. I actually, seriously have a few very fond, fun, and unironically sorta wholesome memories just being silly on 4chan. But once I got comfy doing the silly stuff, then came the exploration. Whoa, you mean there's an entire board dedicated to looking at boobies? How could I say no to that? Then it became a habit as I continued to divide my internet time between porn boards and hobby boards. /k/, /g/, /v/, /vr/, /tv/ became boards i would rotate between, slowly adopting the collective board culture. The thing is, if I really look at it as a whole, I really only ever used 4chan for humor, hobby info, and porn. I've personally never really been into anime, or Japanese/weeb culture. In fact, besides the porn, anime stuff is my limit. I find weebism/anime culture completely pathetic. I not only find the surface-level normie weebs who go into cons embarrassing, but also the turbo-wizard autists who deride those surface-level normies and talk and talk about whatever stupid, obscure, contrarian anime they watch that isn't "with" the normies. As a legit aspie it seriously upsets me that there are people in the same situation I'm in that are completely devoid of any self-awareness, or have no earthly idea of how to interact with a human being. I consider myself very, very lucky, because although there are some things about my brain and the way I think that I'm completely unable to change, I grew up with normal friends and parents that somehow, in a massive stroke of luck, did not fuck up and guided me towards social interaction with normal people. I also had a bit of help from social workers and such when I was young, and that probably helped a little too. I'm young, and I still have room to improve, and trust me when I say I am reaching out and overextending myself because it is very, very important to me that I don't grow up to be without the proper social skills to navigate the world like a real person. That has to be one of my biggest fears, that I'll forever be crippled by this affliction, I'll never be able to hold a job, I'll be one of those pathetic, sad people that manages a Dairy Queen at 40 years old. But the progress I've personally made by buckling down and just doing it has proven to me that that doesn't have to be the case. All I know is that it (being a pathetic, failed man in my later years) is still a possibility if I don't work hard to re-wire my brain. Fuck being "unique". There's nothing positive about having a predisposition to isolated behavior. There is not a single benefit to being antisocial. It sucks that I can be born this way, but at the end of the day, I am so thankful that I can see a way out of this. It's still unfair and demoralizing knowing that I have to work harder than everyone else to achieve normalcy, though, but the light at the end of that tunnel is all I need. But, this is all to say I hate the fact that I don't fit in anywhere, that there is no solution for me. I can't find any solace on chan-like communities, because at heart I really am an outsider, an outlier, a black sheep. I sorta, kinda belong here, I sorta, kinda don't at the same time. And, at the same time, I could never imagine going on Reddit for the same reasons. I completely abhor the community, the culture, everything about the samey-same hivemind mentality Reddit has. Maybe that's because I’ve been conditioned by being here, who knows. I do realize what i just said applies to chan communities. a hivemind of a different sort, but I hate that too. I'm in between this wholesome, non-offending Redditor normie kind of person, and a nuanced, autist chan-dweller. I don't fit in either place, but out of the two sorts of communities, the chans are my home, because I don't have a choice. So in theory, the solution to this sounds like I just need to get off the chans, and get outside. but it's always the porn that gets me back. Even if it's not on 4chan, even if it's on some other site, the kinds of pornography I'm into always lead me back here, because this place is probably where I grew into those types of porn anyway. Video game hentai, traps/gay stuff, etc. You all know the drill. I think being in this internet environment is conditioning me to stay here, to live on the internet. i'm convinced that's simply what keeps us here. we're vulnerable people with no outlet, and we're corralled into an anonymous group, but we treat it like a real group, and it slowly turns our worldview, our thoughts and perceptions, into a sick perversion of real social interaction. It's just like a sickness that compounds and gets exponentially worse, until it's too much to even bother measuring. No point in finding out how deep the hole is, you're never getting out, right? I can safely say i have been "addicted" to pornography since i was 11-12 years old. It started with looking at things on my PSP/3DS, then hiding things on the computer, then the phone, etc. I'm in my early-mid 20's now. To give you reference, I’m as much of a degenerate coomer as you could probably assume. Traps, loli, hentai, gay stuff, real porn, any combination of any of these things, really. Ever since about 12 years old, it's been a gradual increase into degeneracy. Being a 12 year old discovering sexuality was a very fun, new thing to do. Everyone probably remembers being that way, but it grew into something I didn't really want to control, if I ever had the will to in the first place. What used to be looking up hentai pics of Princess Peach on my 3ds, very, very quickly turned into spending 12 hours at a desk edging, ejaculating, deleting everything, and then doing the same thing 2 days later. I would download 10s of gigabytes of INDIVIDUALLY SELECTED pornographic images (probably a few MB each at the most) in a night, delete it, then start the cycle again. I'd download file managers for my collection, keep it for a few months, delete it, and then start again. I’m a sick degenerate, right? I've been masturbating at the very least once a day (sometimes 2, sometimes 6, sometimes 8, etc) for about 7 or 8 years. Not an exaggeration, I'm sure there were a few off-days, but you get it. Now, I have a girlfriend. I enjoy her company, and being with her is a big highlight of my week since, as it stands currently, I don't have too many friends. We're usually together 2/3 days of the week, usually midweek, or on weekends. I’ve also had various girlfriends ever since I was 16 or so. Like I said, I’m in my 20’s now. This is all to say, not ONCE have I had trouble getting it up for a girlfriend(except for my first few times, stage fright, we all get it), or having sex. Me and current gf have wilds amounts of sex (as 20somethings do). My point? Nofap, PIED, all of that shit? It is ENTIRELY mental. Not to say porn is good or not harmful, but this is to serve a larger point, that cop-out methods like nofap and the culture surrounding it are also harmful. I've been on the nofap board and it is full of desperate losers, not unlike the personality types I mentioned before, clinging onto an escapist fantasy that misses the point. There are truly people that believe it will make you more social, give you "normie powers", etc, etc, which still proves my point, that it's all mental. But the solution that lies in nofap is "fake it til you make it, placebo yourself, find a solution that SOUNDS LIKE it makes sense, and trick yourself into going through with it." Wanna know why it doesn't work? Because it's the wrong fucking solution. It's made up. A concoction by chanvirgins, for chanvirgins. The problem with that, is that the people who perpetuate the nofap stuff are in the same camp as the people who want to believe in it. Therefore, everyone is participating in a cyclical, delusional, self-serving fantasy that sounds appealing, but everyone is too stuck to realize it will never work. In short, what's worked with me is brute-forcing social interaction and most of all, self-discipline through genuine means. When I'm with my girlfriend, I talk to her and interact with her. I talk and interact with her family, her friends, her family's friends, etc. I'm connected to a lot of people because of her, and I have unique interactions with all of them that benefit my social ability. When I go out with my girlfriend, say I go to some event with her family, and socialize and actually talk to people for the weekend, and actually be a person instead of sitting in my room, and when I have (admittedly kind of vanilla) sex with the girl I love and cherish, spend time with her, watch movies and eat together... When I spend part of the week and most of the weekend doing that (which I do quite a lot now, since it's helping), I will, without fail, come back on my computer and be absolutely and utterly disgusted with what's in my downloads folder from the previous week of loneliness. Yet, there's a 50/50 chance that within the hour, I'll have my curiosity piqued, and almost as if some sort of routine, I'll masturbate. because that's what it is. Routine. I have begun the process of fixing my brain by being outgoing and social, interacting with someone I love, and talking to people, learning what it means to be normal and slowly shifting towards that. There is hope. But a roadblock in that is habit. I swear it's written into my brain, I don't know how much of that sort of stuff is pseudoscience, but I genuinely don't believe masturbating to porn for the last 8 years nearly every day HASN'T had some effect on my brain. I really, seriously figured it out though. I know how to quit this shit. There is a light at the end of MY tunnel, I've seen it, and it's a matter of doing it. But every time I try to help anyone else here I'm brought down. I want to shape places like this into real havens of support for the black sheep who have been altered by antisocial behavior and internet use, but those same people I want to help are ironically keeping me from helping. It's very very difficult for people like us, because sometimes we lack self-awareness and open-mindedness. At the end of the day, as much as I whine, I won't be able to change you if you don't accept that. That is why an open mind is a great first step. You are a person. You can be and think anything you want, and changing your mind in the grand scheme of things is completely arbitrary. I'm not talking about core personal tenets like Christianity, but I'm talking about things like "I'd never give up video games/anime!" You would be better off being someone who can change. Sticking yourself in a corner for the rest of your life is a pathetic, hellish existence. But, who knows. maybe I'm a glowie, or Jewish, or a psy-op, right? No. I truly have only good in my heart when I say everything I’ve said. These things have been in my head and my heart for a very long time, because I've seen how the internet transforms vulnerable people into sad reflections of what they could have been. It fills me with great sadness seeing that, and I would never wish that sort of life on anyone. You can fix your own life. there is an end to the seemingly never-ending descent into this sickness. That's what it is. I truly believe it. It's induced. Everyone has the same story. Got into porn at a young age, poor impulse control leads to more extreme and extreme content, usually ending with homosexual stuff/actual child pornography. There is no way that this same exact path is a coincidence. There is a pattern, maybe only among certain people, maybe not, but there is a pattern. I don't claim to know everything about the psychology of it like the nofap people do, and this is all anecdotal, but I seriously believe I have a good handle on how it works and affects, at the very least, a certain group of people. With all of that said, I want to sum it up, TL;DR, whatever. The thing I want YOU, yes, YOU READING THIS, to know, brother, is that there is an end. You can take radical action, right now, to preserve your precious, valuable time and life, and change it for the better. That action is getting outside. Talking to people, and failing, and being a weirdo sometimes. Staying out of your room, and going to a local Bible study, or creating one, even. Be a part of your church community. Help that old lady out. Go up to that guy drinking coffee alone. Ask him if he watches any movies, or plays any games, or what he likes to do. Go up to that cute girl, and chat about something. Get a girlfriend. Go to family reunions. Shed your old personality. The internet is gone. Anime is gone. Shed these things from your memory pool, and keep them away from any talk or discussion with anybody else, these are products of the internet, these are products of sitting inside your room all day, talking to nobody but strangers. I am a measurably better, more confident, outgoing, and successful person, not because of Nofap, not because I’m a Christian (it pains me [or maybe it doesn’t, I don’t know]to say I’m not one right now, I’ve been struggling for a long time), but because I have engaged in the real world, and I have seen how fulfilling it can be. Life on the internet is being stuck on a raft, with nobody on the Earth left to help you. It is fake, it’s a facade, it’s false happiness. It perverts your worldview. There is so much benefit to be had that will last you the rest of your life by connecting with people, and connecting with the world. I love talking to friends and family about how much I love looking at my telescope, or my love of nature. It’s easy to talk to people about it, because it’s such a universally wonderful thing to look up at a clear, blue sky on a warm summer day and just be in awe. To look at blowing, vibrantly-colored trees shedding their leaves. Take your interest pool out of this wolf’s den. There are some people who are able to handle the internet. We need to accept that maybe we aren’t able to. Detox. Whatever that means to you. Just do it, and don’t ever, ever look back. You are NOT here forever. There IS light at the end, and you CAN move towards it. You will be a much happier and fulfilled person by doing this. We are not designed to sit alone and trick our brains with fake interaction. That is damaging. I truly believe everything I said can co-exist with even strictest, strangest stretches of Christian thought. Universalist Unitarians (yes they are heretics) could agree with this, Catholics could agree with this. There is so much more I want to say about my personal troubles, beliefs, etc. but I don’t want to make this blogpost any longer than it needs to be. But, I’ll say that even though this is a huge post, it is EXACTLY as long as it needs to be. This post is riddled with curse words, a seemingly lackadaisical attitude towards Christianity, but like I said, I think we could all benefit from this. I believe I’m in a position to say something about this issue, because I understand it deeply, I’ve personally been through it, and I relate to the effects and symptoms other men like myself have told of. Remember, you are a fellow man. You are not an anon. An important thing to change about the way you see the internet, before you leave it for good, is that every post you interact with is another being that deserves respect and consideration. It’s also safe to assume we’re all men. That’s a good thing. We have commonality. We share experiences. We should never forget that when we talk to each other in this place. But, some of you might be ready. What do I say to YOU guys, then? Leave this place, once and for all. Stop enabling yourself to fall. Smash your computer. Give it away. Downsize. Don’t fall into the trap of living a limited, minimalist hermit life in the woods or in a van, but take out the cancer that is the internet, and don’t pretend like you can handle it until you know you don’t need it. If your right hand offends you, cut it off. Change everything about yourself, and never, ever look back. I’ll be waiting for you guys out there, and I’ll be welcoming you with open arms.
Open file (145.61 KB 1884x276 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11110 incredibly based and a good read.
>>11110 I want to add an addendum to the part of my post about going on 4chan for the first time, and slowly degrading into a worse person because of it. I started browsing because it was funny, it was innocent. 12 year old me was pretty weirded out by the weird porn and gore threads, the shitposts, the racism, whatever. But as I stayed in that place, I became used to and accustomed to those threads that neighbored the ones I frequented. I'd check out the next thread over in the catalog out of curiosity, even though I had no interest in seeing it. It dragged me down, piece by piece. That is what bad company will do, and 4chan is bad company. You think you can be your own person, and do your own thing, even if the ones you're around aren't quite the same, but at some point you will all middle out and be dragged to the lowest common denominator. Every single time. It's important we socialize and get out, we need that. But, pay very close attention to what I'm gonna say here. It is better to be alone and keep your morals and individuality, than to be among bad company and have everything good about you be ripped out, to become just another disgusting face in the crowd of an evil world. If you have to be alone, do it. Internet or real life, it's poison all the same to be in bad company. That is why it's so important to develop normal social skills, so you can discern between people that are good for you, and people that aren't Staying away from the internet is just one piece of the puzzle.
>>11114 well said.
Open file (42.83 KB 1200x900 Unamused.jpeg)
>>11110 You're reacting. The chans are toxic as a reflection of the larger corruption in society. Thinking you can just bounce from one to the other and find salvation in the switch is absurd, which makes me wonder about your Christianity. Regardless of 4chan, which I never use, society as we know it is Evil. It is Satanic. Walk accordingly.
>>11110 TL;DR Blogposting Faggot
>>11110 Interesting read, though I see many flaws in your reasoning, It sheds light on a very obvious problem that is, more often than not, overlooked. I'm not sure how exactly to word it, but summing it up as "the Internet" is a good way of putting it. It makes one shut him self in and be very bitter and judgemental (myself ofcourse included) where he views whatever he does on the Internet as srs bzns and shuns all the meatspace people because "I'm sure he's a normalfag", "What a capitalistic racist", "What a karen", etc. etc. All the communities have very different "doctrines", but in the end they're all the same, as you said yourself. Then there are the vices it enables, phones, laptops, computers enable at the whim of a hand and it takes much more will than it ever took Joseph in Gen:39 to resist lying with his master's wife. It plays into our subconcious in a hideous, intertwined way I don't know, neither do I care to know, how exactly it works. But the important thing is not to entagle your self in that box, step out of it and you'll see a weird pathetic abbomination that has no power over you. I tried to understand the box for years and became more and more corrupted as a result of it, only after I cut most of it (still in progress) I can see the very faint light you describe. Video games are bad, socializing on the Internet is bad, porn is bad, anime is bad, movies are bad, everything made in man's image is bad. I need to take my own advice most out of all, but I really feel like this thread is one of the last many Anons will see of the Internet and thus I also felt an urge to share it. I seriously consider joining a monastery and devoting myself to God and leaving all of this shit behind. I don't trust myself I'll be able to shade myself of all the bad (the vast majority) of the world. I also have bad socializing issues and I care too much what other people think of me. The Internet has caused this to an extent aswell. I don't want to be a part of the "normal" (read: sinful and ignorant) world of which I'm still a part of. The Internet offered a promissing escape from that, but it is just another face of Satan. I'm also very desperate, I don't want to moderate my sinful ways anymore, I want to cut them clearly. It's the only way. I hope and pray we all escape these awful ways, may the Lord have mercy on us, sinners. TL;DR gay blogposting, I know. >>11118 A very good point, one needs to cut of everything sinful. I think monasteries and total devotion to God is the only way, especially in these times.
>>11110 psyop cafeteria christian
>>11118 you're right, society at large is indeed evil. but, if i'm interpreting you saying "you can't bounce from one to the other" to mean "you can't bounce from the internet to real society and expect it to be any better", you're sort of right, but my point here is that for certain people, the internet is a net negative, simply because of the way it affects our ability to socialize as intended, and its use case turning from a tool to a living space. i agree, society at large is indeed vile and evil, but there are many places christians can make for themselves. bible studies at home and many churches are safe spaces for christians. i truly think the internet, especially a format like an anonymous imageboard, is patently detrimental to that goal, simply because of the implications the anonymity of the internet as a whole has on discussion. the internet only attracts people on the internet, and i also believe becoming familiar with using the internet can only trade off with your ability to socialize in the real world, at a certain point. effectively, this means that, on a scale from bad, to neutral, to positive, people who use the internet start off at a "neutral" stance and go downhill from there. there's a special sort of corruption that familiarity with internet culture breeds. tl;dr, this is all to say that you're completely right, but that the negatives of the internet, even strictly as a neutral tool, outweigh its benefits. diminishing returns and such. that's probably the best way to describe it. i truly believe the endgame of heavy internet usage is a net negative situation. universally. and to bring up what you said about my own christianity, you'd be right to do so. i've been struggling for quit a while. i was baptized about 2 years ago, but either i didn't take it seriously and the spirit left me, or i never really got the point in the first place, and never had the spirit. either way, i am trying to fix this and discover what being a christian truly means. >>11129 >flaws in my reasoning i don't know exactly what those would be, but as long as you got the core message, that's what's most important. keep in mind, this is someone who unfortunately fell from the faith. otherwise, reading your resonse gives me the impression you understood pretty well what i was putting out. except for one thing >I seriously consider joining a monastery and devoting myself to God and leaving all of this shit behind me that is one thing i was afraid of, and that's why i added on that bit about not becoming some live-in-the-woods hermit. doing that is the same thing. that's the easy way out. christians need to be in the world, as bad and evil as it is. that's precisely why they need to be in the world, in fact. god puts christians among the rest of us because he wants us all to be saved. you are not saving anyone but yourself by closing yourself off. maybe it's hypocritical for me to say, though. >>11145 i'm not a cafeteria christian, if you read the post, nor is it a "psyop". i probably wouldnt consider myself a christian as of now, it would just make a mockery out of the people who are real christians, and i admire you guys. i need to work on my faith first.
>>7415 You're lucky I can't do much more than tell you like it is. Perhaps I should give you the she-bear treatment as Elisha did to the forty children? Would you like that instead, you wimp? Are you gonna cry because God called the nation of Israel a whore repeatedly? >>7440 Are you calling the apostles pr*testants? For your sake, I hope not. >>7443 No one needs to hear about your business. The word indicates that to be saved, one must repent, be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Nowhere does it say "tell Pastor Smith what you did wrong", or any other man for that matter. What you do is between you and God (he sees all anyway, so there is no hiding your worst crimes). >>7445 >a little bit of name calling counts as swearing Grow up, pipsqueak. You must be one of those wimps who thinks he must turn the other cheek when he is attacked. Even a vegan holohoax "survivor" would steamroll you in a fair fight. You better recognize that living by false doctrine will net you no reward, and the bible says that you will not see the kingdom of heaven unless you take the necessary steps to be saved. I am saying this because the doctrines you follow (not just you, but other unsaved anons the world over) have a lot of blood on their hands and continually slander the name of God. >>7452 Hatred without reason? I hate c*tholicism and so does God. You wanna know what's going to happen to all popes and their orthodox butt buddies when all this on Earth is over? If the false prophet is cast into the Lake of Fire to be tormented with Satan forever, what then will be made of the popes and the c*tholic church who have murdered many in the name of a false doctrine? All of the art, cathedrals, wars fought, music written, holidays observed, all of it is a monumental waste of time and will be rewarded with death, so the bible says! If the righteousness of man is but filthy rags to God, what then is the worship of Mary and the diehard dedication to practicing false doctrine? You will be left speechless on the day of judgement unless you turn from your wickedness. If you truly loved the Lord, you would listen to his commandments and actually live holy. There is not one holy c*tholic in ALL of history, let alone a single living one today. A religion of backstabbers, extortioners, pedophiles, thieves, adulterers, hypocrites, liars, undesirables, worshipers of Satan. The lowest of the low and deserving of infamy, I would hate to see you go to hell just because you think you are doing what is right. c*tholicism is not Christianity and it never, ever, EVER will be.
>>11180 the world's least angry evangelical everyone
>>11110 Anon, this is a great post. On one point I wanted to disagree but your addendum >>11114 >It is better to be alone and keep your morals and individuality, than to be among bad company and have everything good about you be ripped out, to become just another disgusting face in the crowd of an evil world. fixed it. And, I have to add, I was very social, friendly and optimistic until my mid-20s, also coming out of a life of comsuming insane amounts of anime, TV shows, video games and surfing on chans. Yet, at the age of 24 I lost all my friends and good relations to people, it broke me and I realized you should never be too dependent on external factors and never lose your inner strength by compromizing with your morals and integrity. Anon, you are on a good path, but remember all can be taken away from you one day to the next and you will never get it back. Keep your inner strength, integrity and morals intact no matter the cost or what happens to you. Never depend and trust too much in man, who is a creature who also needs forgiveness like everybody else. You understand love and charity better than most Christians do, this is why you took the time to write this long post, giving us insight about the depths of depravity that wait for us if we don't swallow our ego. Yet, your love and charity need to be cemented with a faith and dedication to God because, if all falls apart in your life, the externals that stimulate you are missing, you will be empty, bitter and hollow. t. anon who is 27 now and knows that glowing love doesn't last forever without dedication and discipline
>>11150 >i don't know exactly what those would be By that I meant going from masturbation to sex before marriage, both are fornication. And employing yourself with other types of sin that are considered "normal". But I digress. I hope you find a path to the Faith again very soon. >hermit/monk How can someone who himself isn't saved save others? Who is more foolish a blind man acting as a leader or the people following him? I'm full of sin, and as I stated I don't believe I myself can get rid of it while being surrounded with the vices of modern day. I don't think I have the power to save anyone myself. Maybe I need to put more faith in God and let Him lead me, I try to do that, but there is always more room for improvement. I did not think about it this way, thanks for bringing that up, I'll give it more though. On the other hands Monks can still save others, because they're very activelly repenting and serving God, they can do Church services, sermons, public service, translating divine literature, etc. and it will actually have an effect. I believe Monks can save more people than I in my current state ever could.
>>11219 >god cant help you, only you can truth/happiness lies within Get thee behind me satan
>>11219 >>11253 >happiness
Open file (601.89 KB 240x215 1621626046569.gif)
>>11253 >satan >celibacy how retarded are you? a celibate male is so holy, demons cower before him.
>>11297 Satan doesn't want more white christian babies so of course he supports celibacy.
>>11299 Celibacy is good option if you can't get married, it's biblical. >Satan is mostly targeting white babies. Prove it, because everyone is feeling the effects of liberal debauchery on the family.
>>11299 >Satan doesn't want more white christian babies so thats why the majority of abortions are done on black children?
>>11302 >so thats why the majority of abortions are done on black children? If so then satan and are abortion are based
Open file (2.41 MB 320x242 kill it with fire.gif)
>>11299 >/pol/turd being retarded episode 765789988854333677999999999999999994444444444444444466875 its all so tiring
I have vivid sexual fantasies centered around women fainting or otherwise losing consciousness. Most of the fantasies center around rape, kidnapping, voyeurism and indecent exposure while unconscious. That said, I never watch porn videos and only fap once of twice a week at most. When I do, I rely entirely on my own imagination and upon memories of past experiences. At most, I'll use still images or written smutt for inspiration. Photos of women on stretchers are erotic to me in the extreme, and once I got an erection from reading a romantic abduction story from the 19th century in a public library. I've never told anyone about these fantasies IRL. In fact, I'm almost completely celibate by my own choice. All the women around me are simply too crass and promiscuous for me to find attractive. I like to think that I'm in a better shape than the typical pornhub user and in fact most posters on this board. Unfortunately I don't think complete celibacy is realistic for me and not everyone is really suited to live like a monk anyway. As long as I stay away from anime imageboards, hospitals, crime reports, girl's boarding schools and other sources of temptation I should be fine. What, if anything, should I be doing differently?
>>11305 >Abortion is good as long as it doesn't happen to my race What do you think will stop that from happening? >Satan is based You're a fool, i hope you're just being a retard, because you're parsing the spiritual entity worshiped by the elite to subvert you. You spiritual cuck. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbZ5OYBtIBg
>>11309 >What, if anything, should I be doing differently? Stop masturbating and phantasizing. Demons enter through imagination and leaving holes (weaknesses) in your personality. The after-effect of the male orgasm is equivalent to the female period. You soften your brain, poke holes into your soul on purpose. If you continue to do so God gives you over to a reprobate mind. I am the same that I am not attracted to most women since their dressing is crass and acting indecent. Though I am in a country where women dress slutty, they act decent and friendly, nonetheless, only the quiet and demure girls do it for me. It has been like that for years but my disdain for whorish (looking) women increased by actively pleading for the virtue and praying the rosary. You can also aggressively shout at the demon of lust: "Get away from me! In the name of Jesus, you have no power over me!" Hating the vice that disturbs you and hating evil things in general strengthens you in virtue.
>>11311 >>11305 >spiritual cuck. I find it ironic, christians calling satanists cucks.
>>11313 It's the other way around. When you revolt against God, you are cucking God and will reap what you sow, which is eternal death, lack of communion with God and hellfire.
>>11305 >>11313 this speaks for itself
>>11313 Why is it ironic? Nothing in the bible says to be a cuckold, it sounds like you just have a low opinion of Christians. Engaging in self destructive sins and debauchery would eventually lead to cuckolding.
>>11313 Christianity names the Jews as the enemy of mankind as well as giving true believers the ability to summon bears to kill foes forty at a time. Sounds like the opposite of cucked to me.
>>11429 >Christianity names the Jews as the enemy of mankind as well as giving true believers the ability to summon bears to kill foes forty at a time. Sounds like the opposite of cucked to me. i dont know if i should be laughing or crying here
>>11312 >The after-effect of the male orgasm is equivalent to the female period Did you get this idea from the book excerpts posted above? I can see the reasoning behind it but taking it literally seems disingenuous.
>>11480 It is not 1:1 like the female period, but the after-effects are similar but shorter. The excerpts reminded me of something I read in another books called Love & Orgasm. This book draws many equivalents and semi-parallels between the male and female sexual organs, but reading it can be disturbing if you are not ready for it. Not the Freudian things that are mentioned, but the overall picture of how much it makes sense. It is a lot of information to digest, as if initiative knowledge. Needless to mention it was written by a pycholojew. Nonetheless, it explained many things I could feel and knew already subconsciously, it just gave me the words to express what was in the darkness for so long. The male orgasm is called in French "Le petit mort", the little death, because man loses some of his life-essence and, ideally, shares it with a woman. You mustn't die (a little) for nothing, in the case of masturbation or sodomy.

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